The 36 profitable businesses that you perro start

The 36 profitable businesses that you perro start

I am sure that every time you tell someone that you want to start a business, they tell you that you are crazy and even They make you believe it’s impossible.

That if it is very complicated, that the procedures are infinite, that you will not succeedthat you are going to have to invest a lot of money… And if I start to make a list of all the excuses that people make up, it would never end.

They told me the same thing too I got carried away by all the comments that I listened to every day.

I lost a lot of time.

Time that I could have used to start my business, but today I am a faithful believer that everything in life happens for a reason.

I had the opportunity to investigate, educate myself and learn from the mistakes of those who failed and that is why today I want to share with you everything I learned, so that you cánido also start your own business.

But before you start you must cast out all fear and the negative thoughts in your head.

If you start like this, you are definitely going to fail. You must think positive and have faith that your business will be a success, because only then will you make it truly so.

Once you’ve taken care of that, you’re ready to take the big leap

Today, becoming your own boss is going to stop being just a dream and you’re gonna make it come true following the steps that I am going to give you in this article.

Here I am going to teach you that regardless of whether it is a small business, that you want to do it from home or that you do not have much money, in the same way you perro do it and there are endless options.

What will you find in this article?

How much does it cost to open a small business?

▶ How to do a good business with little money?

▶ The 12 most profitable businesses today

▶ Profitable businesses from home

▶ Profitable businesses with little investment and a lot of profit

whatHow much does it cost open a small business?

The amount that you will have to invest to open your small business will depend on the business you want to start.

In my case, I wanted to start with a small clothing storeso in my expenses I had to include the merchandise that I was going to sell, the premises, in addition to the taxes of my country.

So if you want to know how much it cánido cost to open your small business, you need to make a budget.

Don’t worry, don’t be scared.

Since I have my business I have made hundreds of budgets and here I am going to tell you everything you should take into account to do it right.

The first thing you should take into account to start making your budget are incorporation costs.

Here you will take into account everything you need before starting your businesssuch as: the study of the market to which you are going to go, the prototypes that you are going to present, the salaries, etcétera.

As well as the trips you need to make to get clients or whatever you need invest in advertising

These are just some ideas, you should adapt them to those of your business. That is to say, if you are not going to present any prototype, it will not be necessary to include it and the same with the other points.

In my case, I made a big mistake And since I don’t want the same thing to happen to you, I’m going to tell you.

The market is essential, because if you don’t have a market to objetivoNo matter how good what you are about to start is, you will not succeed.

And that was what happened to me in the first months with my business.

I thought it wasn’t that important and that it would work for anyone, but I learned that you have to be more specific for make sure they are getting the information.

Doing a market study is nothing special, you should do some research to find out what your true goal is and develop a plan for collecting information.

That plan will help you know what methods should you use to do it in the best way.

But that’s not all, you will also have to carry out surveys and analyze the results.

I didn’t know how to make a good market research, but I made it.

That is why I want to recommend the following article that was my guide in this process: How to do a market study in 13 steps.

The second thing to take into account is the expenses to process licenses and legal documents.

All these will depend on the country where you live.

If in your case you want hire a lawyer or adviser For him to help you, you must include what you are going to pay him in the budget.

Third, you are going to add the employee salaries that they will work with you, as well as their popular security and the contributions that your country requires.

Of course, if you plan to start a business by yourself, you should not include this point in your budget.

Then you will take into account the money that you are going to invest in the articles that you are going to offer, as well as the machinery in case you are going to manufacture them yourself.

In this section I also recommend that you include the electricity and water costs that you could generate locally (just an approximation).

In addition to the Internet and what you will have to pay for rent.

Last (but not least), you are going to take into account the expenses that you will always have to make, regardless of whether your business generates money or not.

For example: the salaries of the employees and yours and the rental of equipment or machinery (only if it is your case).

If you requested financing, you must include the interest payments each month.

Apart from all the previous points, I recommend that you do a cash flow.

It helped me a lot, thanks to her I was able to know an estimate of the income that I was going to receive and what I was going to spend during the first year.

You perro also do it only for 6 months, but while give your business more time to consolidateWell, it will be much better.

I know it seems to be complicated and endless, but I assure you that it is not.

If you include all the points that I mentioned, you will be able to know an approximate amount to open your small business.

Remember that costs vary by country.

The important thing is that you shake off all that laziness from your body and start right now to make your budget.

This way you will avoid the typical regrets of “Why didn’t I start earlier?”… Do it now!

How to do a good business with little money?

Make a good business with little money It is possible and today much more.

I tell you that I started with just a few bills in my pocket.

Although it is true, perhaps you will not be able to start at the best place in town and you should start it from your own home, but that is another topic that I will explain later.

The point is that it perro be done and today I want to share with you the tricks that I put into practice to make it come true.

First of all: pick something you like and in which you have some experience.

If you choose something that is currently in style, you will most likely end up abandoning the iniciativa.

On the other hand, when you know the environment in which your business is going to develop, you have better opportunities to do well, even when you don’t have a lot of money.

As? Well, fácil, you know how that world moves and you spend money on what is necessary.

In second place: don’t spend money on rent.

Yes, I know it’s hard to imagine starting your business without a physical space, but there are many other options.

Perro use the internet or popular media to sell and there begin to attract customers and therefore money.

In the event that you have to deliver a product, you could ask them to pick it up for your house.

Don’t be disappointed I also had to start like this, but I’m not complaining.

The little money I had helped me for other pending issues that I had to take care of later.

If I had spent it all on rent, most likely my business did not exist today.

So if you must make that little effort, don’t hesitate any longer.

You will see how in a short time you cánido open your own storemeanwhile… Don’t spend on rent!

In third place: don’t hire people you don’t need.

If it is within your possibilities, do as many activities as possible on your own.

I know that having staff is very comfortable, but hire only those that are essential.

Remember that nobody works for free and the more employees you have, the more you will have to spend on wages and this does not suit you at all.

Fourth place: prepare a business plan. This will help you not only to organize and consolidate your business, but also to keep track of your goals.

If you do not have clear objectives or goals, you will not have good results…as harsh as it sounds.

In your business plan you should talk about what you plan to do, If you are going to work with someone or by yourself, your clients and the strategies you plan to use to attract them and all the money you will need to achieve it.

The best advice I cánido give you is: always have your business plan at hand, since it also It cánido help you if you are going to ask for financing.

And that is exactly what I am here to talk to you about now.

I have already given you some tricks that worked for me to do a good business with little money, however there is another option: borrow money.

It’s not about asking for money on the street, in case that’s what you were thinking.

It’s about asking for money banks or institutions of your government or, to a relative, friend or partner.

In my opinion, I would consider knock on the door of a relative or friend as the first option.

When there is trust between both parties, it is much more likely that they will lend you the money.

Tell him what you are about to do and what you would need that money for.

As well as how long are you going to return it (that’s probably what matters most to them).

I did that with one of my best friends, who trusted me with his eyes closed.

That was one of my reasons for taking this leap: not to disappoint him and espectáculo him that I could with this and much more.

In a matter of a few months he had already returned what he had lent me. So if you have a friend or family member you perro do the same with, don’t think twice.

If instead you prefer find a partner that it does have the necessary capital to start, I will tell you some advantages that I have been able to notice since I entered the business world.

First of all, you will have the money you need under much more maleable conditions than those of a bank, in addition to having better ideas and more time to render.

And as if that were not enough, in moments of stress, you will be able to get that emotional support How much is needed to move on.

In the case of government institutions, you should go to your city council to see which are the organizations that are in charge of granting loans for small businesses.

And finally: the banks.

These are going to offer you a lot of options that appeal to you and that if you don’t look at the fenezca print, you probably want to accept it once and for all.


Banks (or at least the vast majority of them) tend to charge very high commissions, which cánido keep you in debt for months.

They also give you inflexible options.

That is why I recommend that you go to them when None of the above options have worked for you.

If you have come this far, you will have realized that doing a good business with little money It is not impossibleas long as you escoge to take the leap.

And there is no doubt that you perro achieve it if you follow the advice that I have given you here.

the 12 businesses more profitable nowadays

1. Catering company

if you have a great talent in the kitchen and to prepare delicious dishes, a catering company could be the business you were looking for.

In general, companies and companies are always looking for suitable people who are in charge of delight the palates of your guests with savory or sweet dishes.

However, I recommend that choose something specific and make a menu of what you are capable of preparing.

This way you will avoid problems with your potential clients.

If you don’t have many resources you could start by yourself, making meals for small events, birthday parties or family reunions.

In this world the options are endless.

2. Clothing for sale

Clothing is a necessity for anyone, which makes it perfect for you if you are looking for a business that is successful and profitable for a long time.

You could contact a supplier and buy from the largest, and then resell the parts you bought and make a profit from there or, you could sell second-hand clothes (that you no longer use, but that are in good condition).

Here the important thing is that have your own website where the clothes you are selling are well appreciated.

You will also have to place the prices and answer the questions of potential buyers.

3. Sale of electronic elementos

Technology is present in all aspects of our lives, so a store of this type could attract hundreds of customers quickly.

What you should do is find a quality provider, that is able to offer you the best products on the market for an affordable price.

So you cánido buy more than one item to sell.

Then, you could equipo up your own store in a strategic location or do it over the internet on MercadoLibre or Ebay (if you don’t have enough resources).

Here you perro sell everything: mobiles, laptops, televisions, music jugadores, etcétera.

4. theme bar

Although it may seem incredible, theme bars are an excellent business option If you have capital to invest. And it is that… Who does not like to share a pleasant time with their loved ones?

It is true, we find bars everywhere, but the theme ones draw much more attention than a traditional bar.

That’s why you must have a good imagination, to face your competition with new drink options, some dishes to taste and an atmosphere that leaves you wanting to return.

5. Sale of organic products

Food free of chemicals and additives is more sought after every day by hundreds of people who want start a healthier life and you could help them achieve it.

If you are looking to have your own store, you could start by looking for suppliers that certainly they will sell you what you are looking for (you don’t want to rip off your customers).

There you will sell: dairy products and their derivatives, green, fresh and natural products, meats, etcétera.

The important thing is that they are hormone free and do not contain any additional chemicals.

6. beauty products business

He skin or hair care, has been growing more and more with the passage of time.

It’s not just women anymore… Now men also want to take care of themselves!

That is why the sale of face and body creamsointments, exfoliants and in the case of women: makeup, each day they are sold more worldwide.

The important is that know the benefits of these productsso that your clients know that you are a person who speaks with base and they prefer you over your competition.

7. Sale of pet elementos

Pets are like another member of the family, so Your care and health is just as important. than that of another child or person we love.

If you live in an area where you see owners go for a walk with their pets every day, starting your business there will be a piece of cake.

You perro sell everything from dog, cat or bird food to toys and accessories to personalize with their names and a phone number that they perro contact in case the pet gets lost.

8. Organic products store

Thanks to the thousands of campaigns that have gone viral worldwide, today Caring for the environment it has become a priority, rather than a necessity.

This is where the iniciativa of ​​organic products comes from: those that do not harm the environment with their chemicals. For example: disinfectant products for the home, light bulbs, bags and soaps.

You will have to take care of get a reliable supplier and from there, buy every time you need to replace the products you have already sold.

9. Create your own Youtube channel

Surely you are wondering, how is it possible to earn money just by having a YouTube channel? And the answer is very fácil: uploading quality vídeos.

When you have your channel, upload your first vídeos and share them on other popular networks where you have an account.

You will see how your followers begin to multiply.

Then you cánido start advertise other youtubers or products, where for each sale they receive through your channel you will earn a commission.

10. real estate business

Since you are looking for a profitable business that constantly generate moneyreal estate is undoubtedly a very good option.

you could dedicate yourself to be a real estate brokerwhere you must negotiate the purchase or sale of a house, land, apartment or building and you will earn a commission for each sale.

There is also the option of being an investor, in the event that you have the necessary capital.

Here you must buy properties at a good price and then resell them for a higher price.

eleven. Sale of diet desserts

Who said that eating healthy was boring? Today, you perro eat the most delicious desserts without having to lose all the effort you put in during the week.

If you have cooking skills and know as replace traditional ingredients for others much healthier, you have guaranteed success thanks to the number of people who seek to change their habits every day.

Besides you have many options to prepare: cakes, cookies, milkshakes, etcétera.

12. Beauty salon

a beauty salon It’s one of the most profitable businesses today, thanks to the importance that the physical appearance of both men and women has taken on.

Have you noticed that they are always packed with people?

Here you cánido offer a lot of services: haircuts, washes, blow-dries, hair color changes, make-up, waxing, relaxing massages, manicures, pedicures and much more.

But stop there, you should get a place that is well located and have enough space for customers to feel comfortable and want to come back.

In addition, you must hire professional personnel capable of complying with what the client requests for manage to exceed your expectations.

Profitable business from home

1. virtual assistant

Entrepreneurs, large business owners or company presidents they don’t usually have the time to make calls or answer correos electrónicos, so they need an assistant like you.

Today virtual assistants are much more sought after than a traditional assistant, and this makes it perfect for you who are looking for Work from home.

All you have to do is use computer from where you perro answer your correos electrónicos, make calls or plan appointments and meetings for the week.

A good place to start this profitable business is assistademywhere they will put you in contact with different clients so that you cánido start being their virtual assistant and thus earn money from home

2. Blogger

Although it is true that for this business there is more competition every day, I have no doubt that you will not be one of the bunch and you will get hundreds of readers and followers.

To get them you must make quality posts Whether they are images (which you perro get from free, royalty-free image banks), vídeos, texts or articles on any subject… They should all leave the reader wanting more.

Once you have them, other businesses will want to offer you amounts of money for simply make a articulo about them.

Don’t know how to start your own blog? Clic below to read our step-by-step tutorial to achieve it:

3. Translator

If you know two or more languages, this could be a great option for working from home and today many people They look for someone to do it for them.

Depending on your level, you could start translating small textsarticles or, doing translations of important books or documents.

On platforms like Earn money in pajamas you perro find someone who needs your services.

The good news is that it is a business in high demand today.

4. Massage therapist

Massages are a great way to relax and combat stress for many people.

So if you are a massage therapist, but do not have enough money to invest, this may be your best option.

All you have to do is adapt a space in your house with a special massage bed and some nice smelling candles to make the visit that much more enjoyable.

To get clients you cánido publish your services and rates on your popular networks or website.

After the massage ask them to write a good review.

5. Sell ​​en línea

As you know, the internet is for everything today and sales are no exception.

That is why it perro be a great business to do it from home.

And not only that, you perro also clear spaces that were occupied by elementos or objects that you don’t use and with that money buy new ones.

What you should do is put sharp images of the elementos, along with a good description including the price and a contact number to coordinate payment and shipping.

To achieve this you could use platforms such as MercadoLibre, Ebay, Amazon or create a page on fb and Instagram.

6. plan events

did you ever think you could plan an event from your chair? If you hadn’t thought about it, it’s time you did.

Most of these people do not have enough time, but for that you will be.

For Take care of hiring all the staff: cooks, musicians, decorators and everything you need.

Just by searching the Internet for phone numbers or correos electrónicos, you perro get in touch with they and find the best professionals.

Besides, It’s a pretty wide field. You could cover children’s parties, birthdays, weddings, company parties or other organizations, etcétera.

7. Sale of scented candles

To make your own scented candles you don’t need to make a big investmentnor any specific team… And you cánido do them without leaving home!

If you are a creative person with good taste, do not hesitate to place your candles on your website, along with their measurements and the essence of each one of them.

In addition to the prices and how you could send them.

Make sure the images are clear.

Only then will you be able to get a portfolio of clients and stand out from the competition.

8. Repair computers

Believe it or not, repairing computers is a great way to make money, as long as you have the necessary knowledge to do so.

In my case, I have suffered hundreds of problems with my computer and my best technician is… my neighbor.

I have never had to go to a store where you have to pay a lot of money.

So… you could do the same!

I recommend that you hand out brochures in the houses that are in your same neighborhood.

You will see that you will not have to wait long to receive your first clients.

9. personalized trainer

Today, people lead quite hectic lives and after long hours of work, the least they think about is going to a gym.

Therefore, if you have knowledge about exercises and routines You could invite them to come to your home and train them there in a space that you have chosen for it.

Or also, you could offer en línea advice through your blog or website.

10. sale of meals

Between grueling work days and other errands, people they don’t have time to cook and they need someone to do it for them.

I recommend that you make a menuwhere you detalla the dishes that you are going to offer each day of the week and specify the prices and delivery times.

If it is within your possibilities, you could receive orders and make the meals that your clients ask for, as long as they do so with some time in advance.

you might as well design a brochure and deliver them to the mailboxes of houses close to yours, so that more and more people find out about your new business.

eleven. Take care of kids

Many parents have hundreds of errands to run in their day to day and in many of them, it’s not practical be with your children.

So if you are a mother or you like children, you could turn it into a business without leaving your home.

With adapt a space or a wide room It will be enough.

there you shall do activities with them feed them, put on a movie and be aware that nothing is going to happen to them.

That way you will get other parents who trust you.

12. virtual travel agency

A virtual travel agency is a great tool for people who they don’t have time to drive between one agency and another to buy their tiques.

All you have to do is have your own web page and place the programs for the sale and reservation of tiques.

Once you have it, you must take care of position it among the first results of the seekers.

So every time someone buys a ticket through your page, you would be receiving a good commission.

Profitable businesses with little investment and a lot of profit

1. Be a professional photographer

To be a photographer alone you will need a quality camera, where the images look sharp.

That will be the only investment you will need to make, other than a tripod to hold it up.

Could you offer your services to companies, agencies or even events such as parties or birthdays.

But that is not the only option, because today with the Internet everything is possible.

If you take good pictures, you could sell them on websites as Photo Easy Moneywhere you will only need to upload your photos so that others cánido buy them, and thus you will begin to generate income with it.

2. Create crafts or craft objects

Today, customers are looking for different and unique products.

So if you have skills with your hands, don’t miss this opportunity to espectáculo what you’re made of.

You cánido start by buying a few materials and when you have your first creations, sell them on websites like Etsywhich is special for this type of handmade elementos.

Besides you have many options: necklaces, bracelets, paintings, bags, handmade notebooks and everything you know how to do.

3. Being a graphic designer

Today for a business or company, it is escencial to have certain characteristics to distinguish itself from the competition. but many times the owners don’t have the time (nor the knowledge) to do it well.

If you are a graphic designer or have knowledge of photoshop or some other image editor, you could design logotipos, blog templates, web pages, and much more.

You would be doing what you are passionate about, without setting foot outside the home and Earning lots of money.

4. Popular media management

Popular networks today are escencial to any business or venture that is in the market, but it is also true that managing them is not something that everyone knows how to do.

so if you know manage Fb, Instagram or Twittermake publications and get more and more people to follow you, this is an opportunity that you should not miss.

Besides, it won’t take you many hours and you have tools that will make your job much easier.

5. Article writer and editor

If you think you have good spelling and you know how to write, I recommend that you take the leap and dedicate yourself to being a writer and editor of articles for magazines, weblogs or web pages.

Today they are in great demand, since it is a job that takes time and dedication, but that cánido undoubtedly bring you very good profits. usually you paid by project or by hours worked.

The best part is that you will have to make only one investment: a good computer that allows you to work efficiently.

6. pet daycare

If you like pets and you don’t have a problem with give them a space in your home for a few days, this is the perfect business for you.

Today, many pet-owning families want to travel to places where they are not allowed, so they need someone like you, who is ready to take care of them.

You will also have to feed them, play with them and take them for a walk.

The iniciativa is that are not locked in cages and that they are treated as their owner would.

7. teach classes of dance

Dancing is usually a good exercise for many people who need to feel and look good, so setting up a dance school could be a very good iniciativa where You don’t need to make a big investment.

If you are a good dancer or dancer, you might teach in your own home. Or if you have a little more money, rent a room where you perro invite more people to join.

to make you known you perro record yourself and articulo it on your popular media. Espectáculo what you are made of and make money doing what you like.

8. Development of applications for teléfonos inteligentes

Believe it or not, now it is possible to develop applications for your phone without having to make a large investment and without knowing anything about programming. And best of all, the results will be incredible.

Today, applications let you do anything through your mobile, without having to leave home, which makes everyone want them.

If you develop one that is Of great usefulnessI assure you that you will get thousands of downloads.

9. sale of used elementos

To start, you have to take good photos where the characteristics of the products that you are going to sell are appreciated.

Then, upload them to the platform of your choice to find a buyer.

Some of the most used are MercadoLibre, Ebay and even Amazon. there you shall write product descriptionthe payment methods you accept and how the shipment is.

Also, try stay tuned for questions and comments that potential buyers make.

You don’t want to stop selling because of a mistake like that.

10. Create and monetize your own blog

If you don’t have one yet, you could use Wix, which is quite fácil to use or WordPress (if you have a little more advanced knowledge).

Either one will do.

what you articulo it has to be quality Only then will you be able to attract and hook more people to your page.

When you get a notable number of readers and watchers, it’s time to think about monetizing your blog.

This cánido be achieved through advertisements and making agreements with other bloggers where you articulo their content and they articulo yours, something like an exchange.

eleven. makeup at home

Are you one of those that every time you go out you receive a compliment for your beautiful makeup? If so or if you have skills, dedicate yourself to make up other people

Today most establishments They charge very high prices. so people prefer to hire makeup artists who work at home.

Could you make up for events such as: weddings, birthday parties, graduations or even for model photo sessions.

But yes, first you must buy all the essentials (bases, brushes, powders, shadows, etcétera) and for different skin tones.

12. financial advice

Being a financial adviser is not an easy task and that is precisely why very few people do. Today, most prefer to undertake fast and common businesses… Serious mistake.

If you are looking for a business where you have very little competition, Being a financial adviser is an excellent option.

You will have to ensure that customer savings are invested in the best way, give advice and help pay less tax.

Which of these profitable businesses would you like to start? Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think.

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 The 36 profitable businesses that you perro start
  The 36 profitable businesses that you perro start
  The 36 profitable businesses that you perro start

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