The 30 Best Songs about Personal Branding

The 30 Best Songs about Personal Branding

The music you listen to says a lot about what kind of person you are and defines your Personal Brand

Did you know that the music you listen to determines your personality to a great extent and that there are songs about Personal Branding with lyrics that will make you work on your Personal Branding?

a recent study conducted by the University of Cambridgeconfirms that through the musical tastes of each person, we cánido get to know a multitude of personality traits, way of being and, therefore, get closer to know how we really are, only knowing the type of music we listen to.

In addition to analyzing this interesting study, today we will comment on what for me are the 30 best songs about Personal Brand of the music scene.

According to these studies, psychologists establish two clearly defined profiles:

profiles of empathic people They defined themselves as people with quite emotional solidity, tolerant and generally open-minded.

These traits are primarily associated with soft and melodic music stylessuch as blues, jazz and soul.

Within this category of empathy, there are also those who frequent country and pop, who have been defined as more extroverted people and with an intense popular life, although with few verbal skills.

To give you an iniciativa and analyze for a moment if your Personal Brand is in this category, you will surely feel something special when you hear great hits like “Hit The Road Jack” by Ray Hables, “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra, “Single Ladies” by the spectacular Beyoncé or “My Princess” by David Bisbal.

The systematic people They tend to be characterized by their rebelliousness, impulsiveness and continuous analysis of the rules that are imposed on them, either by society or the authorities.

They opt for more forceful and extremista rhythms and styles, such as classical music, hard rock and hip-hop.

These are people with a very personalized stamp on everything they do, high self-esteem, liberal and somewhat clueless.

This style is closely related to sporty people who, in their relationship with others, perro be said to “live and let live”.

If your Personal Brand is more or less systematic, songs as disparate as “Entrar Sandman” from metallica, “The Ninth Symphony” of the genius Beethoven or «Smoke Weed Everyday» by Snoop Dogg, they will make your hair stand on end and make you get up from the chair.

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That being said, I invite you to listen to this selection of songs about Personal Brandtotally in Spanish.

These songs will undoubtedly help you discover your own label and develop all the talents that you and only you have.

If you pay attention, as the articulo progresses, I am giving you clues so that you cánido discover and enhance your values ​​and talents with each and every one of the songs about Personal Brand, since with the previous study you will have been able to guess what type of person you tend to be based on the type of songs you listen to.

Now I am going to list 30 songs, which more than songs are jewels for the soul.

In them are hidden inspiring messages that I am sure will not leave you indifferent.

In addition, it will be the perfect complement to the lessons you already learned from my previous articulo, about The best movies to boost your Personal Brand.

I hope you like them.


The monothematic of the songs of today and always

At this point, I think the time has come to write in a few lines my personal opinion on the theme on which the music is based.

And yes, I orinan music in general, of all kinds and since the beginning of time.

One thing I perro’t understand is that Music has always been synonymous with “love”.

Haven’t you noticed that all the songs that come to mind right now are about love? When I say love, I orinan love in all its aspects: sticky love, platonic love, impossible love or perhaps heartbreak.

Why, when you read “heartbreak” did the word “Álex Ubago” immediately come to mind?… Well, let’s continue.

We agree that love is one of the primordial feelings of the human being, perhaps the most wonderful of all and is always present in our lives, although it is also sometimes treacherous or elusive.

What I cannot understand is why the imagination of artists does not go beyond this feeling and only talk about love.

Personally I think that in this life there are a multitude of feelings and experiences different from love and to which I cánido write a song.

Happiness, freedom, dreams, the difficulties of life, fear, the injustices of society, friendship, the past/future, living in the present, family,… are some of the examples that come to mind about the March.

All of these, linked to love of course, have a lot to do with building a solid and unbreakable Personal Brand.

Discover your full potential with the best 30 songs about Personal Branding

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1.- The Song of the Fool – Slippers

Among the huge repertoire of songs accumulated by the late group led by Dani Martín, I want to highlight “Zapatillas”.

Behind this fun song, we have the typical and uncomfortable situation that almost all of us have experienced in our adolescence when friends go out, especially boys: you arrive at the door of a nightclub and the doorman does not let you in because you are not dressed like a he wants you to go.

(I’m sorry for the frustrated face you’re making right now.)

Behind this anecdote hides the protagonist, who if you identify with the anecdote, it could perfectly well be you: a habitual person, with personality and without pretending to be liked by everyone, who far from following the most “top” trends of the moment , prefers to have their own style and way of dressing.

Tired of following rules that no one has ever written, but that everyone follows.

Those who stand out from the rest by following their own ideas are the ones who really come “dangerously” close to their Personal Brand.

And now, after listening to this song once more, analyze if you are following a path solely because it is fashionable and because the majority follow it or, on the contrary, you have the wheel of your Ferrari well gripped and ready to make wonderful things happen.

2.- Manuel Carrasco – Don’t stop dreaming

«There is a star inside you, I already know that you cannot see it.

There is so much light that it went out, in your pain it left”.

In these few words you perro summarize the message that this song offers us.

Sometimes it happens to us that we have so much hidden potential within us that we are terrifyingly afraid to unleash all that potential, to espectáculo it and share it with the rest of the world.

Contrary to what it might seem, we are more afraid of our talents than of our darkness.

she already said it Nelson Mandela in his inaugural address as President of South Africa.

3.- Axel – Celebrate life

This Argentine soloist and composer bases a large part of his repertoire on gratitude for life and the personal values ​​that we should instill in our children, so that they themselves perro build your personal brand from a young age.

“Think freely, help people and fight for whatever you want and be patient.” Phrases like this push us to have the freedom of ideas and while we find ourselves fighting for what we want to achieve, be patient, since sometimes life is not telling us “no”, but rather “it is not the time yet”.

In my opinion, he who is capable of being patient is capable of having everything he sets his mind to, and in the construction of an unmistakable Personal BrandPatience is a key aspecto.

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4.- The Outburst – Today everything is going to work out for me

Be certain that when you try something, if you are prepared and convinced that you deserve to achieve it, convince yourself that it does not have to go wrong.

If someone deserves what you have fought so hard for and put all your effort into, it is you.

Every morning when I get up, I do it with this clear iniciativa in my head, that the Sevillian artist Javier Lavandón, «Arrebato» gives us in the form of a song, among the dozens of songs about Personal Brand that he has in his repertoire:«…good luck has thrown my arm over my shoulder. And although I continue as always without a penny I don’t need a euro to smile.Give me your hand girl, because I’m sure that something good is going to happen to me, something big is going to happen to me”

My life has not been and is not easy, everything costs me twice as much as the rest.

Economically life so far I have not had any luck, but I am still convinced that with a Personal Brand as a wall that no one will ever tear down and always with a smile on your faceI am still convinced that something big is yet to come.

And no one will ever take that iniciativa away from me.

They don’t do it with you.

Do yourself that favor.

5.- Diego Torres – Color hope

Perhaps your current situation is not what you want and you want extraordinary things to happen around you, the ones you have always dreamed of and know you deserve.

Of all the songs about Personal Brand that cánido exist, “Hope color” invites you to see life in a different color, to jump into the pool of opportunities even if it is empty.

If you want to succeed in what you are passionate about, you have no choice but to try paths that others have not yet traveled.

It doesn’t matter if you fail.

Fall down, fail again, and when you fall again, get up one more time and try again.

all of it without following a equipo map.

Just following what your heart dictates.

«Knowing that it perro be done, wanting that it perro be done.Get rid of fears, get them out painting the face with hope color tempt the future with the heart.”

6.- Rosanna – Without fear

in my previous articulo on how to lose the fear of your first articuloI already gave you the guidelines to follow to make it play a vital role in your favor, change all your paradigms about it and you cánido feel, as Roxana says in this fabulous topic, that without fear you feel that luck accompanies you at all times .

I am not very much in favor of believing in luck.

Rather, I believe in the constancy of working hard day after day, but if your superstition makes you see it as a aspecto in your favor, embrace it as if there were no tomorrow and go ahead, it’s you, your Personal Brand and that smile that you should never miss.

7.- Edurne – It will be better

Sometimes everything that at first seemed rosy turns black and has no way out.

so much that you just want to throw in the towel and go home.

If you need to complejo turístico to songs about Personal Brand, what better than this one.

The beautiful Edurne will give you a possible strategy for those moments when everything turns against you: don’t be intimidated, stand up to it and tell life “here I am” and I’m not going to leave without achieving what I came for.

“It’s worth it and I perro fight If you want a fight here you will find it And I will win, and you will go»

8.- Luis Miguel – Dream

«…there will be no one to destroy of your soul the truthhave faith, it is very possibleif you are determined.”

The magic and mysteries surrounding dreams have always been linked to the concept of utopia.

Things that you want to have, do or get and that have made us believe that we should settle for having them locked up in the subconscious of the night.

Destroy now those borders and barriers that separate you from the realities that they told you only existed in your head and dream!… but awake.

Remember that the possibility of realizing a dream It’s what makes life interesting.

9.- Mónica Naranjo – I will survive

If we talk about songs about Personal Brand, “Sobreviviré” by Mónica Naranjo could not be missing, since it represents the excessive force made into a song.

Its high-pitched, gut-wrenching tones will make you get up out of your chair and face whatever comes your way, if you listen to it again after all these years.

However, behind this song of seemingly limitless strength, a fragile and vulnerable character is hidden.

That vulnerability is what will make you human and accessible., key factors for your Personal Brand to be truer.

There is nothing that smells more false and theatrical than a way of being inaccessible to anyone and untouchable.

We all have our weak points… Why not espectáculo them naturally?

«… and every dawn I collapse when I see the fucking reality there is not in the world, no no one more fragile than me.”

10.- Simio & Estopa – With the hand ‘raise’

Just as important is the concept of live the moment and the present that you have in front of you, how to close those doors from the past that continue to hurt you and do not benefit your Personal Brand at all.

Not closing those doors will only dirty your reputation and, if you are starting to build it, it will make it difficult for others to get to know you for who you are today and, above all, and even more important, for who you want to become tomorrow.

«On tiptoe to play, I’m going up a step writing another song, of stairs to heaven, I’m looking for a place to jump, that gives me wings to fly, ground-level reality.”

This becomes even more important because, as Mono sings to us in collaboration with the Estopa brothers, “The future hangs on a thread.”

The Personal Brand that you want to have in the near future will depend a lot on what you are doing today and how hard you are working to achieve it.

11.- Fito & Fitipaldis – The house through the roof

Within the list of songs on Personal Brand that I propose and that I hope you will increase with your comments and suggestions, this one by Fito & Fitipaldis makes me recommend that among the factors to take into account when doing Branding, is forgetting sometimes en línea and encourage sin conexión doing #NetWorking.

It will help you meet interesting people in your ámbito who cánido advise you to guide your brand around your primordial values ​​and you will make good contacts, with whom you cánido work in synergy and collaborate by sharing valuable content or even undertake an interesting project.

«School taught me little.

If it’s because of those books I never learn to:

and start the house on the roof.Good thing I was a bit of a rascal.Everything a witch taught me”

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12.- The Dynamic Duo – I will resist

As I commented with other previous songs, in that search for your own brand, which defines you perfectly and by which others perro clearly recognize you, you will come across many barriers, which will make you fall over and over again.

You won’t find an apparent way out and it will be hard for you to stay on your feet.

It will be then when you should stop to think about why you started and what led you to fight to get your own label.

The one that no one else has.

As El Dúo Dinámico instructs us in this song, which is a great classic from the 80s among the songs about Personal Brand, although there are times when you think that your dreams are breaking into pieces, you must rise again with more strength , fighting harder for what one day you started with the illusion of a small child.

Remember that even the greatest empires and brands, one day they also fell, but they rose with more strength.

A good example of this in the field of En línea Marketing is the case of the reference Vilma Núñez, who, as she admits in her interviews, at the beginning of her started a blog that failed… and now you just have to see where she is.

13.- Amaia Montero and El Canto del Desquiciado – It cánido be

We are clear that your Personal Brand is yours and only yours and that, although sometimes you need to rely on professional colleagues, teachers or even references, who will give you that essential advice that you were missing to strengthen the talents you already have, remember that the designer of your brand is only you.

The one who at 3 in the morning on a Saturday finds himself alone and in silence in front of the computer screen, finishing that articulo that you always wanted to write.

And meanwhile, the others are giving free rein to their excesses, between alcohol and meaningless parties.

Remember it, “You are born and live alone”, as he repeats to us over and over again “Could be”one of the many songs about Personal Brand and motivation that the group “El Canto del Ido” has.

In this case, accompanied by the beautiful voice of Amaia Montero.

14.- Pimpernel – You perro

Surely you would never have associated the Pimpinela duo with songs about Personal Brand.

However, we extract this lesser known song than some of his hits like “Forget me and turn around”.

In “Cánido”there is perhaps little to explain, it is enough to listen to the song, which is full of messages, where it is highlighted the power of our decisionsto succeed in the projects that we have in hand.

At first it will seem impossible, then difficult and after hard work and dedication, nothing will keep you from that dream that you want to achieve.

AND your Personal Brand will be your best tool.

15.- Juan Manuel Serrat – Today could be a great day

From among the large list of songs about Personal Branding, this may be the ideal one for you to put on right when you get up in the morning.

It invites you to plan that long day ahead of you to make the most of it.

A whole pill of motivation and energy.

You must receive the wonderful gift that is a new day as a new opportunity to succeed in that project on which you are so focused.

But yes, as Serrat tells us, take it as an unrepeatable “unique specimen”, because if you entrar the spiral that tomorrow will be another new day and you start postponing tasks, you will start wasting valuable opportunities.

16.- Il Estrella – Hero

There’s no hero like you.

And your Personal Brand will be the battle for which you will have to fight.

This search will not be easy, as we have discussed before.

However, try to follow the divide and conquer rule: see each day as a small battle that you must win.

The most important thing is that if one day things do not go as you wanted or planned, the battle will not be lost.

The war to achieve a powerful and true stamp of your own is like a long-distance race, made up of many small battles and where it is allowed to fall.

A real war where you are the hero and the prize, YOUR PERSONAL BRAND.

«do not give up that living is learning and there is nothing to fear if you believe in yourself”

17.- Gloria Estefan (and United Voices) – You cánido get there

At this point in life, you will have already realized that they are not going to give you anything.

Therefore you will have to take risks.

Risking who you are today to achieve who you want to become.

When we undertake or say yes to something, we are automatically saying no to a multitude of things.

You will have to assess precisely that, if you are able to leave behind all that ballast that is preventing you from moving forward and reaching high.

This is the song that motivated the athletes participating in the Atlanta ’96 Olympics and without a doubt, one of the most inspiring Personal Brand songs I’ve been able to enjoy so far.

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18.- Chambao – Little by little

It’s not worth walking just to walk.

Is better walk to grow

These words with which the people of Málaga from Chambao begin to explain the concept of life that they have and which I share.

Despite the motivational boost that you will surely have felt when reading the interpretation that perro be given to these songs about Personal Branding, I recommend that the application of personal tools and tricks to find your true stamp, never rush and go step by step.

Remember that there is no rush, the important thing is to find yourself.

19.- Álex Ubago – Don’t give up

Don’t stop looking for paths that have no end.

Always listen to your heart, it will guide you… And I’m not telling you, the “semi-disappeared from the map” Álex Ubago tells you.

It is obvious that although we cánido somehow predict the end of any project that we start, we perro intuit if it perro come to fruition or not.

The same happens with our Personal Brand.

Anything we do will determine the path that will follow that seal that you will leave on others.

It is possible that you cannot foresee it, but if so, ask, consult and find out.

Cánido ask for retroalimentación from referents in the matter or even relatives, who after all are the ones who know you best.

20.- Third Heaven – My last day

What would you do tomorrow if they told you it was going to be your last day? Surely your answer is that you would do everything you have dreamed of and you would go out there and give everything.

You would make tomorrow an unforgettable day, during which you make others take a pleasant memory of you.

That is precisely one of the key points, that you leave your stamp impregnated in each person and everything you do.

To do this you must leave those ghosts that hold you back in a room.

Make tomorrow a great day and above all, unforgettable.

21.- Joan Manuel Serrat and Sabina – Walker there is no path

More than song, soundtrack.

And more than soundtrack, poem to frame.

Full of positive messages and to stop and think, «Caminante no hay sendero» has a special place reserved among the songs about Personal Brand.

Especially motivating is the concept of making the way while walking.

If one day they told you that there was no written destiny in life and you were one of those who, like me, still follow that philosophy today, in the development of the Personal Brand you must follow this concept and create the path yourself.

«Walking makes a path.And when I look backyou cánido see the path that neverit has to be stepped on again »

22.- The Last of the Row – Sea Inside

Among the dozens of songs by the late group led by Manolo García, I would like to highlight a key phrase in “Mar adentro”.

I discovered it through the recommendation of the writer and psychologist Rafael Santandreu, in his book “Being happy in Alaska”:

«… there are no other worlds but there are other eyes»

And it is that when we go with everything to espectáculo what we are worth, determined to be able to succeed in what worries you and stirs you inside, we cánido make mistakes over and over again ad nauseam.

So much so that we will end up seeing everything black, believing that if we have built a Personal Brand, it is not possible to fail.

In this spiral of pessimism where we perro find ourselves involved, there is always a clear strategy: nothing will change what you have already done, but you perro change the point of view from which to focus the challenge again.

There are always other eyes with which to look at the problem.

23.- Juan Debel & Yerai Cortés – Of course I imagined you

Slowly plunging into that project that is so personal and difficult to master, such as our Personal Brand, is certainly quite a challenge.

And not for the fact of achieving it or not, but for doing it slowly, little by little, each day putting a little stone in the way.

With the patience and temperance that are necessary to not spoil everything by the desire to give everything at the beginning.

You must share all your knowledge, but dosing your values ​​and above all visualizing that goal you want to achieve and repeating to yourself: Of course I imagined you!I imagined you and I will continue to imagine you close to me throughout the process of searching for my own Personal Brand, until you receive the recognition and the fruits that you have sown from all the daily hard work you have done.

The ability to have the patience to slowly immerse yourself in what you are looking for and the magic of imagining that objective that is pursued so close to oneself, is reflected with excessive flamenco art and pinch by the young duo from Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Juan Debel & Yerai Cortésto whom I personally wish a future full of success.

24.- The Song of the Fool – You are Dumb

When I considered writing this list of songs about Personal Branding, the first one that came to mind was this one.

The story that Dani Martín and his family gives us In the vídeo clip that I leave you in this articulo, it perfectly reflects the life of a person without a Personal Brand, or at least with a false and meaningless brand, where the protagonist strives to appear to be a person who is not.

The end in these cases, as you perro imagine, is not the most desired.

25.- Thalía – Everything is possible

Within this song, which is also Olympic, I extract the message that everything, absolutely everything you equipo your mind to, is possible.

Although today you see it as impossible or far away, there is a primordial ingredient, sacrifice.

But this sacrifice is necessary to take it to the next level and do a little plus, a little more than you did yourself yesterday and more than others do.

The artist highlights the common mistake made by all those looking for their own Personal Brand, and it is conform.

Don’t settle for the brand you’re showcasing today, keep studying, networking, inventing amazing things, or doing absolutely whatever comes to your mind, but always improve yourself and treat yourself to being proud of the brand you represent today, compared to the one you’ve come across today. you had a while ago

26.- Willy Chirino – Pa’lante

If you were turning off with this articulo, get up and start dancing with this Cuban salsa, in which the great Willy Chirino encourages us to continue “pa’lante” before all the obstacles that we cánido find.

You may feel stuck and want to leave everything, because you think that nothing makes sense anymore and you cánido’t find that key that opens the door of your Personal Brand, which in turn opens the doors of hundreds of opportunities.

Remember that either to undertake or get to work for a serious agency or company, they will prefer those who have a solid Personal Brand.

Faced with this stagnation, always remember to go ahead and never stop to think if it was worth embarking on the search process.

Your brand is yours and it will always belong to you.

27.- Chambao – Free Path

If at this moment you find yourself lost and tired of following others, of following the rules that others try to impose on you and you want to undertake a “free way”where you and only you equipo the rules and say what must be done at all times, then you will be feeling the call of your Personal Brand.

You will be before the first step to get detached from those endless paths that others want you to follow.

Follow the instructions that “La Mari” gives you and trace your own free path.

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28.- El Langui (with La Excepcion and Swan Fyahbwoy) – I started

We change our style and go from chill flamenco to controversial Spanish rap, with the multifaceted “Langui”, an example of overcoming, reflects in his songs about Personal Brand that very thing, his brand.

A style of your own that you may like or not, but in each of her lyrics she says truths like temples.

In this song, he tells us about moments in his life where, if you are starting your path to succeed in your field of expertise, it will do you good to remember that when we start something, no one has resources and that nevertheless, we have to go out of our way and work twice as hard if it is necessary for someone who does have them.

With an overflowing illusion, there will be no one to stop you.

29.- Julio Iglesias – Fly high

As if you were a bird eager to eat the world, you must fly very, very high.

Equipo your sights as high as possible and never think about small goals, since as this classic advises us, “people shoot to kill when we fly very low.”

That’s how direct and clear the message is.

Take advantage of the wind, while it blows in your favor and you reap success.

However, when you fly low, recover quickly and aim for the highest again.

learn from the best who are already succeeding today.

30.- You play the last song

Dear friend, reader or, in general, dear objetivo audience: if you have been able to get here, it is because I have had you hooked on these songs about Personal Branding and that you were waiting for the latest, the most anticipated,… or with that song to put the finishing touch to this articulo with its own soundtrack.

On this occasion, I would like you to put this final touch.

Through a comment right here below, I propose that you include some of those songs about Personal Brand that you have always kept in your most intimate privacy, in your moments of reflection.

Let’s finish this list of 30 songs about Personal Branding together.

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 The 30 Best Songs about Personal Branding
  The 30 Best Songs about Personal Branding
  The 30 Best Songs about Personal Branding

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