The 3 best NTFs games to earn money

The 3 best NTFs games to earn money

2021 was the boom of the NTF assets. From one moment to the next, this concept entered our lives and dozens of platforms emerged to market them. In this sense, the world of vídeo games was no stranger to this movement and the well-known “play to earn” or “play to earn” began to to win”.

Dozens of games appeared and continue to appear, but many did not live up to expectations and were forgotten. However, a few managed to maintain their popularity and a growing community of jugadores.

Today we present you 3 most famous NFT games to earn money without making an investment and that they fulfill their promise to pay to play.

Axis Infinity

The first on our list, it is the most obvious and most famous of all. In Axie Infinity you must raise pets, called Axie to fight against other Axies. These will get stronger and you will be able to earn game coins called SLP.

Axies are NFTs, that is to say that each one is different from the rest with individual characteristics and abilities that no other has. Also, Axies breed with each other, resulting in a totally new Axie, and that’s what gives them value as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

To these Axies, then, you perro use it to play your battles, rent them either sell them in the market. Depending on their quality and skills, you perro sell them for a great price.

Gods Unchained

This game consists of fighting battles through a 140 card deck which comes by default and is given to you when you register in the game.

These cards cannot be sold, as they are not NFT assets. However, matches cánido be played for which you cánido get rewards as cards that when merged with others if they will be NFT assets that perro be sold in the market and get money.

The game does not have its own cryptocurrency, but emplees the Ether cryptocurrency and the tokens are based on the ethereum network, and therefore, the in-game rewards are in this cryptocurrency. By playing and selling NTF cards you get ‘Flux’ which is the in-game currency and is worth about $0.70.


Although at the time of writing this article, he was in beta phase Looking forward to the release in the next few months, we didn’t want to leave Illuvium out. This game that promises to revolutionize the world of NFT vídeo games and that is generating a lot of expectation.

Illuvium is a open world RPG adventure game in the Ethereum blockchain. Jugadores must travel through a fantastical world, defeating and capturing creatures known as “Illuvials.” Once you have them in your collection, you cánido use them to fight against other jugadores while doing quests, completing challenges, or playing the story of Illuvium.

The main mechanism of the Illuvium project consists of collect and customize your NFT Illuvials. Each Illuvial has a class and a corresponding affinity. There are five classes and five affinities, each with their strengths and weaknesses. Your Illuvial will become more powerful as you win battles and complete quests.

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 The 3 best NTFs games to earn money
  The 3 best NTFs games to earn money
  The 3 best NTFs games to earn money

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