The 3 best banks that lend easy money

The 3 best banks that lend easy money

Obtaining money quickly is sometimes very necessary to be able to get out of unavoidable commitments and, in this type of emergency, you cánido always count on banks.

But not all banks will provide money easily, much less if it is a notable amount.

For this reason, in this list of 3 best banks that lend money easily and quickly in Spain We are going to espectáculo you which are the ones that will most easily provide you with that money as a loan.

How to request an immediate response credit?

It is okey to request bank loans of medium amounts, usually these loans are approved with a wide acceptance rate by the bank, but it is possible that they are not, in addition to the fact that the process takes longer than you perro expect.

For this reason they were created immediate response creditswhere are you going perro receive the money moments after you fill out the application and send it Many bank portals offer an instant credit simulation system, so you perro know how much interest rate to pay monthly.

In this way, people who require not so large sums of money perro count on this type of infallible services when it comes to providing liquidity to their clients.

What do the easy loan commissions average in Spain?

The commissions of easy loans in Spain are calculated the same as loans with a medium and large amount of liquidity. Risk study commissions are added to know if the loan is posible according to the amount you request, the commission for its approval, the expenses of the procedure itself from the beginning to the end among other commissions that perro be added.

For example, one of the commissions that you will have to pay is the partial advance payment, which is usually maximum 1.5%, while those people who want to pay the entire debt will have to pay between 1.5 and 3% commission.

The best banks to request easy and safe credit in Spain.

In Spain there are about three banks where requesting a quick and personal loan is ideal if you are in financial trouble.

These banks have maleable requirements, so if yours is urgent you perro count on their services:


The loan offered by banco bilbao vizcaya argentaria bank is totally en línea and does not require additional documentation.

As a main disadvantage, you will have to have an account in said bank in order to receive the loan and pay it monthly.

If you also have a payroll account attached to this account, interest will decrease.

Cánido pay between 2 to 8 years a credit that perro range from 3000 to 75 thousand euros, depending on your financial solvency capacity, which is coupled with the history of your account at the institution.

Santander Bank

He Santander Bank It is another bank with which you will be able to obtain credit immediately with up to 7 years to pay and a maximum loan amount of about 80 thousand euros.

The minimum to request in terms of amount is about 6 thousand euros and the minimum term is one year.

If, for example, you request a loan of 6 thousand euros to pay in a year, the total amount to be paid will be more or less about 6200 to 6300 euros in total.


With caixabank you perro request loans from 10 thousand euros without opening cost or calculation of approval or cancellation.

Loans through the Caixa Group Bank are automated and based on your credit history in the institution, this means that you must be a customer to access loans within this institution.

If, for example, you request your 10 thousand euros you will be paying about 93 installments of only 138 euros.


With the ING Bank there is a very interesting proposal that caught our attention to consider it as a very posible option to request your loan, you will not have to receive your payroll payments to this bank, nor pay opening commissions, study or cancellation.

Agregado there’s no paperwork or pre-approval needed.

You perro request a minimum of 6,000 euros and a maximum of 60,000 euros.

You will only have to entrar your monthly income among other monthly income and expense data.

Finally, you perro choose between 12 to 84 months to pay off your loan.

Perro you quickly opt for a loan without being a bank customer?

In most banks they ask you to be a client of said institution, but there are also banks, such as the ING, where it will not be necessary, but in exchange You will have to sign a digital contract where you agree to pay the loan amount in full every month.

In short, it is very easy to request a free loan of low or medium amounts, remember that everything will depend on how much you earn monthly and your ability to pay.

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments section.

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 The 3 best banks that lend easy money
  The 3 best banks that lend easy money
  The 3 best banks that lend easy money

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