The 28 best companies to invest in

The 28 best companies to invest in

When that moment arrives in which our curiosity piques us and we begin to investigate companies where to invest, thousands of doubts arise.

If you are a newbie to trading, we recommend the long-term investments and head, inform you well, learn and when the time comes to put that money that we have left over.

But remember, if you are thinking of making intraday investments, forget about earning money, because it cánido become a lottery.

In this article, in addition to some consejos for investing in the long term, we are going to discuss the companies that work best and are safer for us the strategy of earning money in a few years.

As recommendation before startingyou cánido use the trader eToro for its simplicity and ease when investing.

It also allows you to use a test account to use fictitious money and test how it would go.

What are the 28 most profitable stocks?

Below you will find a mixture of companies of all kinds, from banks and real estate, to technology, oil, food companies, among other.

All that we consider the best for you to consider when investing.


One of the best companies in the IT ámbito to invest in it is without a doubt IBM.

It is a United States company listed on the NYSE depósito exchange and is also one of the main participants in the Dow Jones index.

Because of its participation in the Dow Jones, connoisseurs know that it is a highly prestigious company, in which it is worth investing.

Since, in addition to being one of the largest exponents in the market in terms of computer hardware and programa, it also offers additional services such as hosting on the Internet, among others.

Its performance over the last 4 decades has been exceptional, so we know that it is a company in which every shareholder must invest; especially at this time, since it is resuming an upward trend, in addition to being quite far from its registered historical maximum.


On the other hand, Tencent Holding Limited is also an excellent option to consider for investment.

Since, despite being a company of Chinese origin, the technological multinational is one of the largest digital products and services companies or even videogames.

This is not counting the fact that they have other highly recognized companies under their mandate, such as Riot Games, Aurora Studios, Funcom, Epic Games, Ubisoft, Supercell, among others.

Not to mention about each of the subsidiaries it owns, we cánido say that add more than 15 studios bought and founded; many of them with great successes.

Therefore, we perro easily deduce that it is one of the best companies in which you cánido invest, since you perro also see an excellent performance in its performance on the depósito market.

3.Electronic Arts

Entering the vídeo game campo we have Electronic Arts; an American company that creates and develops games for computers and consoles.

It should be noted that has a huge number of locations around the United States, as well as in various countries; where Canada, Sweden, South Korea, China, Spain and England stand out.

In addition to this, it has multiple subsidiaries, where it is located: EA Sports, EA Maxis, EA Games, among others.

Is a excellent option to consider taking into account that the gaming industry is taking more and more ground and public globally.

In fact, its various installments have marked the market, such as Need For Speed, Medal of Honor, among others.

Without a doubt, it is an excellent alternative to invest, since it also maintains an excellent performance in the current market.


Like NVIDIA, AMD is a company that is responsible for manufacturing microprocessors and components to develop computer graphics chips and afín products for society’s consumption.

However, we have classified it in this top for the excellent performance and improvement they have had in recent years; Here we cover everything from the bag campo to the quality of its products.

On the other hand, I would like to point out that AMD has undoubtedly proven to be an excellent option in terms of value for money..

Since, really, its parts perro be purchased for up to 30% less than those of its competitors, and it is not for nothing, but the quality of its components is almost at the same level as NVIDIA or Intel.

Regarding its performance in the market, during the last 5 years we have noticed how AMD has given an arduous battle to its main competitors; Intel and NVIDIA.

This has caused its shares to entrar a bullish rally on the depósito market, and the best thing is that you still have time to invest in it, especially if you plan to do it in the long term.


Mastercard is not one of the most important companies on the depósito market for nothing of stocks of the NYSE.

This has proven its worth as a financial company over multiple consecutive years, standing out primarily for its debit, credit, prepaid, gift card services, and much more.

However, we place it in this top because it is not only a company with excellent performance on the depósito market.

The real reason is simply that it is a company with a visión for the future; something that others lack.

In this sense, we do emphasis on his support for cryptocurrenciesblockchain technology and the like.

We perro even say thatThis adoption by cryptos has been very helpful in gaining acceptance from a number of more investors..

In fact, we perro see in the total charts of Mastercad its capitalization during the last 5 years has increased in an exceptional way; And I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it continued like this.



The commodities industry is undoubtedly one of the best options to invest, but leaving metals such as gold and silver aside, we find oil; one of the most demanded products globally.

And among the most prestigious oil companies we have ConocoPhillips, which after its merger in 2002 began to have a great impact on the market.

Considering that oil is one of the most demanded raw materials globally, we cánido easily intuit that this type of company has a great future, and visualizing the total graph of the performance of its actions, we perro also notice it.

However, it is important to consider that the price of oil has always been one of the most volatile when there are financial crises; if we talk about only commodities, of course.

Thus, the price of a barrel and crude oil will always be a key aspect to determine the course of the company in the market.

In summary, if you will invest in this company you should take it into account.


One of the largest oil companies in the United States, and which recently had its shares shoot up due to the recent price hike, is EXXON.

We are talking about a company that has been in the market for more than a century; Its foundation was exactly in the year 1870.

Since its launch on the market, it has shown to have solid movements, which is why it is undoubtedly one of the best options to consider in this campo.

However, we must remember that, like Conoco, it is also influenced by oil prices and afín factors, and is something to consider when investing in it.



We could not leave Nike aside in this top, since it is one of the most important companies in the design, manufacture and sale of all kinds of sports equipment.

And that, furthermore, it has always had a magnificent performance in the depósito market; even in the worst financial crises.

For this, and more reasons, we could not forget this giant, which in addition to representing the United States by its foundation, is found around the world, and has marked a presence in a series of sporting events of great prestige.

You should know that by investing in this giant you will also be doing so in various other subsidiaries, such as Converse, RTFKT Inc., Nike Cortez, among others.

9.AT&T Inc.

AT&X is one of the best companies to invest in the telecommunications ámbito, since in addition to having a presence, initially in the USA, it also has it in a wide list of other countries.

For this reason, it is not surprising that its market capitalization hovers over $170.81 billion.

On the other hand, evaluating the statistics of the AT&T depósito market, we perro see that crises do not represent a problem for the company, and that it has managed to cope with them despite everything.

Still, it’s important to consider more factors when investing in AT&T, such as the fact that is the owner of a large number of televisión-related subsidiaries.

In his list you perro find large media, such as: CNN and its various channels, HBO, TNT and its channels, Warner Bros, HTV, Cinemax, DirecTV, among others.


Santander Bank

The financial campo is a safe bet to invest due to the economic context in which we find ourselves.

Specifically, Banco Santander is a company that has recently carried out digitization policies, risk reduction (with costs included) and a good geographical diversification of its business activity.

Other banks in our country that would not be a bad iniciativa to invest either are BBVA (due to dividend yield) and Bankia (due to its merger with Banco Mare Nostrum).


Pharma Mar

The pharmaceutical campo perro also be a great proposal because it is a ámbito recognized as countercyclical.

Pharma Mar is considered a good company because it cánido hold up well in the long term and with a good dividend strategyin addition to the fact that it has a very significant upward trend (greater than 50% at the time of signing these lines and according to various analysts), it is the largest of all the Spanish shares listed on the Depósito Market.

In addition, it is a ámbito, along with food, which is conducive to diversify geographically and cross to the Atlantic and exit European equitiessince they are basic consumption sectors.

So, Why the pharmaceutical campo yes and the food campo no? For two main reasons: the first because of the increase in life expectancy and the second because of the progressive aging of the population in developed countries.

A good company that is listed in New York is Bristol-Myers, while in Europe, the company Bayer stands out without a doubt, which we will talk about later.


Total is a French oil company.

At the moment, it offers a revaluation potential of very close to 30%, up to €19.

You also have to add a attractive dividend yield of more than 6%.

Despite the unfavorable economic situation in Europe in recent years, the results of this company have been in line and even above estimates.

Keeps accounts strong in both revenue and profit thanks to careful control, according to Andrés Aragoneses, an analyst at Singular Bank.

The experts point out that its high cash generation remains strong, with a total cash of 30,000 million euros, which means that its solvency would be guaranteed in a medium-long term.


Gathered Techniques

Técnicas Reunidas is a company of engineering, design and construction of industrial and energy facilities.

Its technical data is very good.

It has significant revaluation potential, the share is at its lowest price after suffering a 30% drop, however, it has marked a clear support and an upward regrowth is expected.

As long as the energy campo is strong, the company will be able to maintain and recover its previous price.

Due to the drop in the price suffered, This security offers one of the highest dividend yields in the IBEX 35.

Companies in the energy ámbito have undergone a strong revaluation and it is a cyclical ámbito.

However, there is still a good stretch to the upside, with moments of momentum and others of correction.

It is recommended to wait for the correction after this impulse and invest in shares of energy companies, such as Tullow Oil, BP, Galp or Natural Gas.

On the other hand, to overweight companies in sectors parallel to energy, that is, that depend on it, but are later, as would be the case with Técnicas Reunidas, a Dutch share of global maritime services such as Royal Boskails Westminster is recommended.


Today, Volkswagen is the car manufacturer with the Euro Stoxx 50 value cheaper in terms of estimated twelve-month PER (5.9 times).

It offers a revaluation potential of almost 20%, up to €204 per share.

However, there are other brands, such as Bernstein, that go up to €220.

The depósito has lagged behind this year on the depósito market and the 86% of firms that follow the company advise buying shares.

In addition, it also maintains investments in different very interesting companies, such as Audi or Traton (trucks).

What the experts value most is the diversification of their portfolio, both geographically and in terms of product.


Carrefour is one of the food companies that has suffered a great decline, however, it is considered a good option to invest in your recovery.

It is trading at a PER 2020 of 11.9 times, compared to 22 times in the ámbito, and offers a revaluation potential of close to 20% up to €19.

It must also be taken into account that during these years it has been a leader in en línea commerce in Spain.



PayPal is considered one of the best options to invest because it is the company that has democratized en línea payment in recent years, not only because it is considered the leading company in its market, but also because it is one of the companies that is generating the most expectations due to its possibilities in the medium and long term.

Besides, They do not fail as investment experts either.

Its growth in recent months is a guarantee that cánido put you in control of the customer experience.


Goal (Fb)

Misión, also known as Fb formerly, is one of the leading companies in the popular ámbitostanding out with various of its communication platforms, such as: Fb, Instagram, WhatsApp, and in the future perhaps the Metaverse.

This company is an amazing choice due to the fact that has huge databases of its users, which has great value in the industry.

In addition, they have been able to take advantage of it very well to increase their price in the market.

Although we cannot forget either, that They are developing next-generation technology for what would become the Metaverse; It is a fairly large project, but one that could undoubtedly be led by this company in the long term.



It seemed like it was impossible Twitter It could grow bigger, and yet it does.

It’s a company run by Jack Dorsey.

Despite having gone through several bumps lately due to receiving criticism for false accounts and cyberbullying, economic experts say that it is good growth in the medium term.


Alphabet (google plus)

In this table of options we could not leave one of the largest aside; That’s right, we’re talking about Google plus.

Without a doubt, is one of the brightest companies in the technology ámbitosince in addition to giving us one of the best search engines globally, it has also made life easier for us with its various products.

Since its launch, up to the present date, Google plus has maintained excellent performance on the depósito market; setting an upward trend that seems unstoppable.

However, the only drawback to him is that his shares are trading for more than 2,600 US dollars; which could become a problem for the smallest investors.


Everytime that Manzana launches a new product, it is a sure success and, above all, company growth and expansion.

This makes her an infallible choice, not only because of her devices, but also for being visionaries of our lives and create new needs.


You may think that Microsoft is losing strength, however, the reality is totally different.

Bill Gates’ expert company in technology and communication currently has Satya Nadella as director ejecutivo and is positioning itself as a good competition for other companies in the campo such as Amazon, Apple or Google plus.

This strength is being achieved, above all, by her new bet: artificial intelligence.

This makes it a good iniciativa to invest in a company like this for years to come.


Alibaba is the giant of chinese y también-commerce.

Last year it already debuted on the Hong Kong Depósito Exchange, being the most important IPO of the year, although it has been listed on the New York Depósito Exchange since 2014.

The moment it went public in New York, its shares began to rise exponentially, reaching a recent all-time high of $240.

Like Amazon, Alibaba has hardly felt the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the markets and is still on a very strong upward trend.

It differs from Amazon because Alibaba shares are undervalued.

Despite the trade war between the United States and China that influenced Alibaba’s share prices, it did not last long thanks to its development strategies and the many partnerships developed by the company.

Since then, the company has not stopped breaking revenue recordsIn fact, in 2019, the company increased its annual turnover by more than 50%.

They are expanding more and more and establishing new partnerships, in especial with Russia to establish itself in Europe and take on its US contrincante Amazon.

Everything indicates that Alibaba is a good option to buy shares in the coming years.


The Bezos giant does not fail in any list of specialized media as a very good investment option. Amazon has revolutionized the world of shopping and has already reached a moment of assured growth, but also, a safe value in relation to technology: delivery with drones, smart homes, and even artificial intelligence, like its big bet: Alexa.

Amazon officially became the second US company to reach a market capitalization of $1 trillion.

This data perro already make us think that it is more than enough to be a very good competitor for the 2020 investor portfolio.

In recent years, Amazon’s depósito has only risen and the coronavirus crisis has made it even better as lockdown measures boosted en línea commerce.

Amazon started trading in 1997 at $18 per share and is now over $3,000.

In addition, Amazon has gradually expanded its business and launched a platform of uso contínuo Own: Amazon Prime Vídeo.

However, we must not forget that there are still some uncertainties surrounding Amazon’s business, such as accusations of monopoly that could lead the Donald Trump Administration to impose stricter regulatory measures.


Tesla is the largest motor company for electric cars, energy storage and del sol panels.

Therefore, it is an option that cannot be missing from the portfolio of intelligent advisors.

Its owner is Elon Musk, who sHe usually brings to fruition all the companies he is in charge of and that they tend to be very witty.

The growth in the last few years have been despiadado and better years are coming for Tesla.


nvidia is a company known for graphic processing whose depósito market possibilities are only growing, according to experts.

Despite the fact that a few months ago Nvidia had small problems, its position in current sectors such as vídeo games, automatic cars and Big Data ensure its long-term leadership.


Celgene Corporation is one of the largest biotech companies in the world.

Its market capitalization is 77 billion dollars, as of today.

In 2018, clinical failure, regulatory rejections, and investor disappointment led to more than $50,000 in losses, but he is recovering very well.

27.Bank of America

Bank of America is the second largest company in the portfolio of the Warren Buffett investment brand of 2020.

Today it has more than 66 million customers in the United States alone and is one of the leading banks in the campo.

After the 2008 crisis, Bank of America began to recover in 2011 thanks to its director ejecutivo, Brian Moynihan, who managed to restructure the bank and reorient it to traditional banking activities while applying a cost reduction policy.

Since that upward trend it has not stopped rising, especially in 2016, but also until today, which has reached an all-time high, around 35 dollars, although the coronavirus crisis plunged the price back to 18 dollars.

However, on July 7, 2020, it had already exceeded $23.

Currently, all banks in the United States receive the full backing from the Federal Reserve, which helps long-term profitability and offsets the margin squeezes banks have been suffering from low rate policy.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus crisis means that rates will stay low for longer.

However, this shouldn’t stop Bank of America from continuing to turn a profit.

In conclusion, we cánido say that Bank of America could be a candidate for the list of the best shares of 2020 with a potential to return to its last high, at $35.



iberdrola is the third most valuable company on the IBEX35, behind Inditex and Banco Santander.

It accumulated a revaluation on the depósito market of almost 60% between March 2019 and March 2020, which positioned it in the second value of the main index of the Spanish Depósito Market that rose the most, behind Cellnex.

After the coronavirus crisis, Iberdrola is in the values ​​called «defensive» of the IBEX35 because it belongs to the safe haven campo, that is, resists well the ups and downs of the market caused by economic crisesgeopolitical tensions or fluctuations in the price of oil.

This company has three global business lines: networks, generation and commercial and renewable.

For the next few years, the company plans to concentrate investment in the grid and renewable businesses as they are regulated businesses or with long-term contracts.

In turn, they also contribute to the fight against climate change.

Betting on renewable energy is a success According to many analysts, because decarbonization will trigger interest in clean energy and the companies with the greatest presence in the ámbito.

It should also be noted that the energy campo, unlike the banking campo, is reaping huge benefits from the very low rate policy of central banks, since you cánido access very cheap credits.

If the global economic crisis caused by the coronavirus drags on for much longer, interest rates will likely remain low, stimulating economic growth.

Here we end the recommendations on the best companies to invest in for the long term. you cánido start with a practice account with eToro trader which is fácil and easy to use.

Companies we would NO longer invest in long term

Although they were on the previous list, for various reasons we no longer like them so much to make a long-term investment.

It does not orinan that they are not good companies, but that for our part we are committed to others with a better track record.

  • Bayern
  • Melia Hotels
  • Merlin Properties
  • Nokia

Why is it better to invest in stocks for the long term?

The famous question has come to you about whether it is better to invest short or long-term.

Here are seven reasons why we believe it is better to invest in the long term, instead of in the short term:

  1. When investing in the short term, many purchase and sale operations are carried outa fact that implies pay more for commissions, and if you make a profit, you also pay more taxes.

    In the long run, it perro be unprofitable for us and therefore, one of the advantages of investing in the long term is that you disminuye commissions and taxes and, therefore, improve the final profitability.

  2. With long term investment it’s harder to be wrong Because fewer decisions are made.
  3. In case of making a mistake, there is more time to correct itespecially with the entry into the market, since it is difficult to know when it is a good moment to do it.
  4. When we invest in the short term we entrar and leave the market continuously, and while you are not in it, You do not receive dividends from company shares nor the interest on debt securities.

    With long-term investment you cánido receive dividends and interest, and above all their reinvestment, which positively influences the final earnings.

  5. He effect of compound interest It is one of the key points to be successful in investing, and to take full advantage of it, the only condition is to do it in the long term.
  6. By investing for the long term, the average return becomes much more stable.

    However, in the shorter periods, there is uncertainty about the final profitability.

    In other words, the longer you are in the market, the more likely that the average annual return on your investment will be more favourable.

  7. Making a long-term investment is very fácil.

    you just need define objectives and establish an investment strategy long-term.

    From there, it is simply a commitment to follow the market plan and keep the portfolio invested at all times.

    In short, investing for the long term requires less work and effort than any other investment alternative.

Once we are clear that we want to invest in the long term, let us know what are the best options to do so.

We hope you liked our article The 28 best companies to invest in
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 The 28 best companies to invest in
  The 28 best companies to invest in
  The 28 best companies to invest in

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