The 25 questions you perro ask your

The 25 questions you perro ask your

People facing a job interview are often very concerned about the questions recruiters will ask.

However, they do not always realize that it is also important to know what is there to ask the time has come.

Therefore, in this articulo we are going to tell you what are the questions that you cánido do the interviewer when you do a job interview.

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Has the position been created now, or is it a vacancy?

If you ask this question, you will be showing yourself as a restless person, who want to know more about that place where you cánido get to work.

Something that will look quite positive in the interview.


What is the vacancy due to?

This is related to the above.

If they tell you it’s a vacancy, and you ask why the position is free, you will espectáculo that you like to discover even more things about the position you cánido get to occupy.


How has this position evolved?

As we said before, it is important that they see interest on your part in knowing more about the position in which you could start working.

And one way to do it is to ask how the position has evolved: which people have occupied it, what have been their tasksetcétera.


What is teamwork like in this company?

Companies are interested in people who work well in a team.

Therefore, if you espectáculo interest in this topic in the interview, you will win something in your favor.


What is the salary for this job position? Is that the base salary?

It is evident that the salary that will be earned in a job matters, No one cánido say the opposite.

Something different is that you prefer to earn a little less and be in a more comfortable position.

But regardless of this, the interviewer will understand that you want to know how much you are going to earn.


How many days of vacation and personal business would correspond to me?

As with the salary, any worker is also interested in knowing what they are vacations and personal business days that will correspond to entering a company.

Remember that according to the Workers’ Statute, vacations must be a minimum of 30 calendar days.

This condition perro be improved through the collective agreement, but never worsen.

Regarding the days of personal affairs, this law does not say anything, so it will be necessary to abide by what the collective agreement says in its case, or failing that, what has been agreed with the company.


Perro you increase your salary over time?

Just as you want to know how much you will earn in a job, it is important to know if there are chances of earning more in the future.


Does the company have daycare?

This question it may not be important to you if you don’t have small children, or if you do not plan to have them in the short term.

But in case you do find yourself in one of these situations, it is habitual that you want to know if the company has a daycare.


Does the job involve traveling to other cities?

Each person has their own circumstances, and therefore it is essential to know if when accepting a new job, it will be necessary to travel.

The recruiter will understand.

But if it’s not an inconvenience for you, explain to him that you have no problem in this regardand that you just want to know.


What responsibilities does the position entail?

If this has been made clear enough in the offer, you may not need to ask.

But in case you have any doubts, do not stay with her and ask what you will have to do at work if they hire you Be suspicious if the answer to this question is not too clear.


Are the projects currently carried out by the company afín to the previous ones?

By asking the interviewer this question, you are giving him to understand that You have been interested in the projects that the company has carried out in the past.

And that will be something that will please you.


What would be the first project that I would take charge of in the company?

Once they have answered the previous question, it would be good if you showed your interest in knowing what would be your first task within the organization.


Does the company pay for training courses for employees?

Many companies are concerned that your workers have the best possible training when performing their tasks.

Therefore, it is a good iniciativa to ask if that company pays for employee training.


Is there the possibility of working from home?

Since the Covid-19 pandemic was declared, he telecommuting It is an option more present than ever.

Hence, it is logical that you want to know if the company in which you are being interviewed contemplates this option.


What is the most positive thing about working in this company?

This question may be a bit direct, but it will actually help you learn more about the values ​​and spirit of the company.

And also, you will espectáculo that you are a person who, although he is initially interested in the position, will only be fully interested if it really seems like a good opportunity.


How is the work environment in this company?

Nobody likes to work in a place where there are problems between colleagues, or between colleagues and superiors, etcétera.

Therefore, it is totally logical that you want to know what climate is breathed in the company.


What could I do to accomplish my tasks better?

Any company would love to be asked this question by applicants to work for it, since it espectáculos the interest in being a good workercommit and get involved with the work.


What are the prospects for the company in the short and medium term?

What you are making clear by asking this question is that Are you concerned about the objectives of the company?, and that you look to the future in that sense.

So, do not hesitate to take an interest in this topic.


What requirements must an ideal candidate meet for this position?

With the answer to this question you will obtain the necessary information to know if you are a good candidate for the articulo.

And by the way, you will espectáculo your interest in being one.


What is the hierarchy of this company?

Asking this will make the recruiter see that You know that in all companies there are higher positions, and that this is something that you are going to take into account.

In other words, basically it is a espectáculo of respect.


What challenges does the position present?

Just as you want to know the good things about the job, it is natural that you also want to know the other part, which is the most negative.

Do not hesitate to ask what the challenges of the position may be.


How does the company assess success?

Discover What parameters does the company use to assess success? It will help you to know how you could carve out a better professional future in it.

And also, if you agree with his way of analyzing this aspect.


Is there anything else I should know that we haven’t discussed yet?

This question is quite intelligent, since what you convey with it is that you do not want absolutely nothing to remain in the inkwell During the Interview.


Perro I give you any more information before you make a decision?

It’s an act of kindness on your part.

offer to answer any questions that may remain with the interviewer.

Once again, you confirm that you want no loose ends left.


When will I hear from you again?

Asking this will espectáculo that you are very interested in the position, and that you are waiting to know if they have finally selected you to join the company.

A brilliant ending to the interview from you.

Is it useful to ask your interviewer questions?

YeahAsk questions during a job interview it is very useful.

Keep in mind that not everyone dares to do them, so you will make a difference and espectáculo yourself as an applicant with concerns.

And also, by asking questions to the recruiter you cánido get a lot of information of interest to you, that you might not have before that moment and that will be useful to you in the future.

As you have seen, there is a large number of questions to ask the recruiter during a job interview.

As is evident, the interview is done to you, so you cannot spend all your time asking questions yourself.

Simply select the questions that are most interesting to you, or take advantage when the subject you are dealing with in the interview is appropriate to raise some of these questions.

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 The 25 questions you perro ask your
  The 25 questions you perro ask your
  The 25 questions you perro ask your

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