The 23 highest paying jobs in energy

The 23 highest paying jobs in energy

The world runs on energy.

Without it, we would have a hard time powering our vehicles, healthcare instruments, homes, and many other necessary tools and devices.

There are many career paths for those who are interested in the energy campo, and some pay better than others.

If the iniciativa of ​​working with traditional or renewable energy excites you, there are some high-paying energy jobs to consider.

In this guide, I’ll explore the highest paying jobs in energy, how much money you cánido make, and much more.

Let’s get started!

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Highest Paying Jobs in Energy

Below are some of the highest paying jobs in energy.

If you have a passion for keeping the world running or the renewable energy industry, some of these jobs might be perfect for you!

Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace engineers work with things in the sky, like spacecraft, proyectos, and satellites.

Some highly trained experts even work as wind turbine service technicians.

You may work in manufacturing, research, design, or analysis, and you may work for a government agency or private ámbito corporation.

To be successful in this role, you need to understand how the world around you works in terms of engineering.

A wind power engineer, for example, will need to understand physics, mathematics, computer programming, chemistry, and other important subjects.

You need at least a bachelor’s degree to be an engineer in this field, and expanding your knowledge with more education perro help you be even more successful.

He Average wage for an aerospace engineer it is about $122,000.

It’s a career that comes with a lot of work, but it’s perfect for someone who loves the sky and wants to understand how it works.

Also, energy companies are always looking to hire more aerospace engineers, so there is always demand.

Do you want to earn even more money? Check out these jobs that pay $1000 an hour!

Petroleum engineer

A petroleum engineer operates in the oil and gas industry.

They find oil and gas underground and help with the extraction process.

There are many ways to extract oil from the ground, and a petroleum engineer will work to find the best extraction method for a especial site.

There are still plenty of opportunities for petroleum engineers, even as the world shifts to clean energy.

To be successful in this role, you need to understand the ins and outs of the oil and gas industry.

Knowing how big energy companies operate will also be beneficial, and you should be comfortable with research and willing to work with a team to solve a problem.

You will need at least a bachelor’s degree to get a job in petroleum engineering.

However, this is a job that comes with a lot of on-the-job training.

He Average wage for a petroleum engineer it is about $137,000.

It’s a lucrative energy career, and through your work you perro help people heat their homes, fuel their cars, etcétera.

atmospheric scientist

An atmospheric scientist is a career that few people have heard of, but it is certainly an interesting one.

These people research and analyze both weather and climate to help make national defense systems work.

They cánido also advise renewable energy companies that specialize in the collection and storage of wind energy.

To be successful in this part of the energy industry, you need to know about the weather and how the atmosphere works.

You will also need to understand physics, engineering, and mathematics.

An atmospheric scientist typically has a bachelor’s degree or higher in meteorology, and typically holds degrees in other physical sciences.

He Average income for an atmospheric scientist it is $94,000, which is above average compared to salaries for other jobs in the energy ámbito.

Environmental engineer

One of the best ways to help the world is to work as an environmental engineer in the energy industry.

These people are well versed in various sciences and find solutions to complex environmental problems.

Environmental engineers often work with waste disposal, air pollution, and other environmental hazards.

In this role you get to help the environment, it pays handsomely to do, making it one of the highest paying jobs in energy.

To be an environmental engineer, you need to understand the world around you.

Like many other energy jobs, this one requires knowledge of soil, biology, and chemistry.

Most environmental engineers have at least a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering.

With a more advanced degree, you have a better oportunidad of landing one of the highest paying jobs in energy.

He Average wage for an environmental engineer it’s $96,820, making this role a good career for anyone interested in helping the environment and getting paid well.

Wind Farm Project Manager

If you’ve been past windmill fields, there’s a small oportunidad you’ve seen a wind farm site manager at work.

One of the most sought after renewable energy jobs, in this role you will be in charge of a wind farm, ensuring that it works properly to provide the renewable energy that the world needs.

If a career in the renewable energy ámbito seems right for you, try your hand at renewable energy management as a wind farm site manager.

To truly thrive in this role, you must have excellent management skills.

You must be a leader, one who is excellent with time management.

You will often need experience to land this career, as many companies will require several years working in this industry, and you must possess at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

He Average income For a wind farm manager it is $97,500, making it a tremendous job opportunity in the energy field.

Civil engineer

Civil engineers work with renewable energy to create beneficial infrastructure projects.

When a city or town wants to build energy efficient buildings, bridges, roads, tunnels and dams, civil engineers are involved.

This is an ideal career for those who enjoy construction, but also value energy efficiency.

If you want to work in the renewable energy industry as a civil engineer, you need to understand math and physics.

You also need to be an excellent team player, as there is a lot of collaboration in this arena.

To land this type of renewable energy job, you need a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or a afín field.

The average salary for a civil engineer is around $88,500 – But there are plenty of jobs that pay $200k or more for this position.

In this role, you cánido help a local community while enjoying one of the highest paying jobs in energy.

And if you’re involved in some big-budget renewable energy jobs and projects, you could earn well over seven figures by the end of the year.

Civil engineer is also a great job that pays for travel and housing because you will be moving from project to project.

Del sol Project Developer

A del sol project developer is a specialist in del sol energy systems, one who knows the ins and outs of del sol installations.

As del sol power plants become increasingly common, del sol energy workers are in greater demand than ever.

They work with a variety of professionals to create and lay the foundation for a future del sol farm.

They help customers determine which del sol energy system is best, and serve as a valuable backlink between engineers, the construction team, and del sol energy production companies.

This is one of the highest paying renewable energy jobs and a good career path for those with a passion for energy. del sol.

If you want to be a del sol project developer, you need to be a team player and an excellent communicator.

Most del sol project developers have a bachelor’s degree or higher in engineering or a related field.

You will need a few years of experience before you cánido be competent in this role; Gaining experience as a del sol power plant operator could be very helpful.

He Average income for a del sol project developer it’s $99,631, but those with more experience cánido sometimes make $300k a year or more.

In this role, you perro bring clean energy to people through del sol panels and get paid six figures to do it, which explains why this is one of the most sought after jobs in energy.

Renewable Energy Consultant

A renewable energy consultant is a professional that companies bring in when they are interested in changing the type of energy they regularly consume.

They explain renewable energy systems to customers in an effort to help them understand what being in the stabling process might look like.

If the client performs the installation, the consultant will play an important role in its maintenance.

If you want to be a renewable energy consultant, you need to be good at communication, as this role cánido be afín to a sales position.

Customers will trust you to guide them as they search for alternative sources of renewable energy.

Most renewable energy consultants have a bachelor’s degree in environmental science or a related science.

He Average wage for a renewable energy consultant it is $100,000.

The more sales you make in a year, the more money you will earn.

In this role, you will promote energy efficiency and help businesses switch to green power generation, such as del sol power, wind power, and hydropower.

Financial Analyst

When someone thinks of “higher paying jobs in energy,” a financial analyst probably doesn’t immediately come to mind, but these professionals play a valuable role in the energy campo.

They help power companies find good investment opportunities, and cánido also provide useful services when a power plant, for example, wants to rely more on renewable energy.

If you want to be a financial analyst, you need to be an expert in research and communication.

Most financial analysts have a bachelor’s degree in finance or economics.

You perro choose to work for yourself or operate on behalf of a financial planning firm, one that specifically caters to the energy industry.

He Average income for a financial analyst it is $83,660, making it one of the highest paying energy careers you perro find.

It takes a lot of work to be a financial analyst, but through your work in the energy ámbito you cánido help numerous companies and individuals, which explains why this is one of the highest paying jobs in energy.

power lineman

We’ve all seen power lines overhead, but who installs them?

Well, if you want to earn a lot of money in the energy ámbito, you cánido be one of the professionals who install power lines for a living.

These people don’t just install the lines; They maintain and repair them when necessary as well.

If you want to be a power lineman, you have to be good with your hands and good with heights.

Most power linemen only have a high school education, since most of what they need to know is learned on the job.

If you want to fill one of the highest paying jobs in energy and avoid spending on a college degree, become a power lineman.

He Average wage for an electric power lineman it is $62,936.

And if you work for a good company, you cánido get attractive benefits in addition to salary.


If you love the earth, being a geoscientist could be a great career for you.

These individuals study the earth, as they monitor its structure and the natural processes that occur below the surface.

The information they discover helps them understand the history of the earth, and they also know where the rich veins of natural resources lie beneath the earth’s crust.

You need to love the earth to be a geoscientist, and you need to be able to work with a team.

Strong research skills are a must, and most geoscientists have a bachelor’s degree in geology or better.

Degrees in chemistry, biology, and physics perro also help you land a job as a geoscientist.

He Average income for a geoscientist it is $83,680.

In this line of work, you cánido spend a lot of time outdoors, and the research you do cánido help companies tap into veins of natural resources that haven’t yet been fully utilized.

derrick operator

A drilling operator is one of the most sought after jobs in energy.

While you’ve most likely never heard of this job, they use a variety of tools to drill into the ground and extract oil.

A derrick operator must ensure that his tools work smoothly while submerged in the mud, and they must be able to penetrate hard surfaces with ease.

A derrick operator will make sure the vibrations are habitual and check the output of his tools.

You need to be vigilant to be a successful drill operator and you will only need a high school education.

He will work alongside petroleum engineers and learn how to properly operate and monitor the escencial machinery on an oil rig.

He Average wage for a drill operator it is $47,000.

This is one of the highest paying energy jobs for those who have some education and minimal experience.

Industrial Engineer

Industrial engineers are a escencial part of the energy ámbito.

They create the systems that seamlessly bring workers, materials, machines, energy and information together.

They are always trying to find solutions to problems that appear in all industries, and usually these solutions are innovative tools or machines.

You must have a variety of engineering skills and experience to be successful in this role, such as working well in a team and communicating effectively.

Most industrial engineers have at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering, but some have more advanced degrees.

You don’t need more than that, but experience and a master’s degree could help you land a lucrative position.

He Average income for an industrial engineer it is $70,737.

But if you’re working for innovative wind power sites or a next-generation del sol power plant, you could earn much more.

Del sol Site Advisor

A del sol site consultant is another critical position in the del sol industry.

They will be brought in during the creation of a new del sol site to determine how much power cánido be harvested from the site before it has been built.

They will learn the best possible design for del sol panels and work alongside del sol power plant operators to create a truly efficient and effective del sol power plant.

You must be an excellent analyst and communicator to be an effective del sol site advisor.

The job involves a lot of documenting and talking to people, so if you’re looking for a job where you work alone, this might not be for you.

Most del sol site evaluators earn degrees and certifications that are directly related to their work.

It is not always necessary to pursue a higher education to be successful in this energy work.

He Average wage For a Del sol Site Consultant it’s $70,123, but how much you’ll earn will vary from year to year based on the amount of demand for del sol power in your area.

IT and Information Systems Manager

A computer and information systems manager is a technology-based job, and these professionals play a critical role in the energy ámbito.

They take information from a computer system and organize it so that it perro be analyzed and used for later.

They will also recommend updates and changes so that the company’s computer and IT systems cánido be the best they perro be.

You must be comfortable with computers and an excellent problem solver to be a computer and information systems administrator.

Most people in this career have at least a bachelor’s degree, but this is not always necessary.

Certificates related to computer science and information technology and computer programming will also be helpful.

Possessing an advanced degree will help you land a variety of satisfying renewable energy jobs.

He Average wage for a computer and information systems manager it is $159,010, making it one of the highest paying jobs in energy.

It’s a niche position, and companies need a quality person to handle their critical information on the computer.

As a computer and information systems manager, you essentially have the entire company in your hands.

Architecture Manager

An architectural manager will use their architectural and engineering skills and knowledge to ensure that a construction project stays on track.

They know energy efficient ways to build and will make sure a structure is up to code.

In short, they are responsible for ensuring that energy efficient structures are truly energy efficient and built to last.

As an architecture manager, it is essential to have strong communication skills.

You need to see a problem from a million miles away and address it before it gets worse.

Most architectural managers have a bachelor’s degree in architecture or engineering and many may also have managerial experience under their belt.

The median salary for an architecture manager is $119,555, making it one of the highest paying jobs in energy.

If you cánido solve a variety of architectural problems, you will be well compensated for your effort.

Nuclear engineer

Nuclear power is a powerful but dangerous energy.

A nuclear engineer is in chaResearch and develop ways to harvest nuclear energy.

They may work in the healthcare ámbito, industry or as an operator of a nuclear power plant.

You need to work well under pressure to be a good nuclear engineer.

Additionally, you must be able to communicate well with others and be able to effectively document findings.

Most nuclear engineers have at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering, but some will have a master’s or doctorate.

He Average income for a nuclear engineer it is $120,380.

However, you perro earn well above average if your work is high-risk and complicated, making it one of the highest-paying jobs in energy.

Agricultural engineer

Most of the food in the country comes from farmers and agronomists working on critical agricultural problems to determine the best possible solutions.

They may work on the efficiency of machinery, product processing, facility structure and management, and other elements that affect the efficiency of a farming system.

You must love working outside to be a successful agricultural engineer and you must be proficient with math, science, and planning.

Most agricultural engineers have at least a bachelor’s degree, and this is another one of those positions where you learn on the job.

With a master’s degree, you increase your chances of landing a lucrative job.

He Average wage for an agronomist it is $82,640.

If you perro handle farming problems, you will receive an excellent income for your work.


Chemicals are very important in the energy campo.

They perro work with oil and natural gas to determine ways to make this energy cleaner.

They are always looking for ways to get the most out of the fuel we depend on, often working for renewable energy companies to ensure a better environment for tomorrow.

You will spend a lot of time alone as a chemist, which some people may prefer.

You must be an excellent researcher and you must be able to work in a team.

The more you cánido discover and report, the better.

Most chemists have at least a bachelor’s degree, although a master’s degree perro be incredibly useful in this field.

He Average income for a chemist in the energy field it is $90,000, making it one of the highest paying energy jobs available.

How much you earn largely depends on how valuable the work is.

In other words, if you are working in renewable energy, you are likely to earn more, since governments subsidize companies that study and develop renewable energy.

Sales representative

Sales representatives are present in almost every industry.

In the energy campo, a sales representative will be in charge of selling energy products to interested companies.

They need to make sure they have all the necessary information, because without it they won’t be able to convince people to buy their products or systems.

You must have excellent communication skills to be a sales representative.

You should also have an open and welcoming personality that will attract potential buyers.

Most sales representatives have at least a high school education.

Some pursue higher education, but most jump straight into sales as soon as possible.

He Average wage For a sales rep in energy it’s $85,382, but because some of your income is commission based, the more you cánido sell, the more you cánido earn.

This is excellent energy work for those who love to engage with others.

scientific researcher

If you like to investigate, you will excel as a research scientist.

These people conduct experiments in labs and in the field, and the information they collect benefits the energy industry in a number of ways.

Don’t mind spending time in a lab alone? You will do well as a research scientist.

You must be autonomous and eager to explore the world.

Most research scientists have at least a bachelor’s degree in environmental science, chemistry, or a afín discipline.

He Average wage for a scientific researcher it’s $79,211, but how much you make depends largely on how valuable the research you’re doing is to the industry.

Photovoltaic del sol installer

Some professionals monitor del sol farms, while others deliver the necessary materials to the site.

If you want to install the panels, you should consider becoming a del sol PV installer.

These.People know the ins and outs of installing del sol panels, and are sought after by homeowners and businesses.

You have to be good with your hands to succeed in this role.

You’ll also need excellent communication skills to ensure the panels go in the right places.

Most del sol PV installers have a high school diploma, and this is one of those jobs where on-the-job training is escencial.

He Average wage for a del sol photovoltaic installer it is $76,236.

This is one of the best power jobs for those with only a high school diploma.

Technician in Services and Environmental Protection

If you hate pollution, you should become an environmental protection and service technician.

These professionals are committed to fighting pollution wherever it exists, and are essentially stewards of the environment, often working alongside renewable energy companies.

You must have excellent investigative skills to be an Environmental Protection and Services Technician.

Most environmental protection and service technicians have a bachelor’s degree in environmental science or a afín discipline.

He Average wage for a service technician and environmental protection is $79,860, so while it may not be one of the highest paying jobs on the list, it doesn’t require an advanced degree to get started.

Essentially, you get paid to clean up the outdoors, which means this is a win-win job for those who love nature.

Final Thoughts on the Highest Paying Energy Jobs

There are many energy jobs that pay a lot of money between renewable energy jobs and oil and gas jobs.

The highest paying jobs in energy will often require a bachelor’s degree at the minimum, but there are some that you perro start with just a high school diploma.

Most of the highest paying jobs tend to be in the engineering field, but there are several others outside of this field.

Whether you want to work as a del sol energy technician or in chemical engineering, there are many high-paying jobs in energy to consider.

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 The 23 highest paying jobs in energy
  The 23 highest paying jobs in energy
  The 23 highest paying jobs in energy

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