The 21 best bots for trading

The 21 best bots for trading

Bots are part of the ongoing Artificial Intelligence revolution that is programmed to perform a specific task without involving any human effort. You perro find AI in every campo today, including the depósito market and cryptocurrencies. People have been using bots and algorithms to predict the market for years.

Similarly, there are bots that help traders maximize profits. Bots perro do a large number of calculations and implement strategies that are far beyond the reach of humans. Even a free crypto trading bot perro do wonders and make trading efficient.

In this Gigonway guide, we have compiled a list of the best cryptocurrency trading bots that will increase your profits and save you time.

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How do cryptocurrency trading bots work?

Trading robots work under the umbrella of AI and machine learning. With the help of an application programming interfaz, the bots collect all the relevant information using the smart technologies mentioned above. The purpose of using a free crypto trading bot is to predict future prices based on past price trends. The best crypto trading robot will predict a price that is close to the de hoy price of that cryptocurrency.

Among the many most common types of trading, the order is a limit order. Since these orders are filled at a rapid rate, any order from a bot results in a profit or loss. Sometimes a loss occurs because all the information is taken from en línea sources such as news articles, past business trends, etcétera. So if you are using an expensive crypto trading robot, it may take some time before you start making big profits.

The 21 Best Bots for Cryptocurrency Trading

Human beings have always used technology to increase productivity and perform complicated tasks. Trading involves a lot of precise numbers and calculations. An erroneous estimate perro result in a huge loss. This is where these bots come into the picture as they are less likely to make a mistake compared to humans. They also help you organize your actions and strategies. Let’s start our list.


HAL trading is one of the best trading bots for crypto that provides advanced automated strategies and indices designed by qualified professionals. The aplicación offers a single dashboard to keep track of all your trades. In addition, HAL provides you with a guide on how to manage your trades and develop strategies and make them work with your crypto. It works in support of an artificial programming interfaz to perform automatic operations without human intervention.

  • Automated trading strategies.
  • 30+ cryptographic support.
  • Coincidente with Binance, Kraken, FTX and Bitfinex.


Kryll leads an active trading community due to its intuitive drag and drop interfaz where a trader perro graphically design their strategies. On Kryll you cánido even articulo your winning trading strategies and earn a commission when a trader emplees his strategies.

  • Rental strategies are available for new traders.
  • The stop loss option helps to minimize losses.
  • Easy to use with the Kryll mobile aplicación to track everything at your fingertips.
  • No need to login to your business application with API integration.
  • Easy to design trading algorithm with drag and drop interfaz.


Gunbot is an easy to use trading robot famous in the market for its advanced features. It was launched in 2016 and has since proven its worth in the market with industry estándar trading indicators that meet the needs of both novice and experienced traders.

  • Easy to install with a 5 minute installation period that includes a fácil unzip.
  • Exchanges supported by Gunbot are more than 15.
  • A double feature that buys more cryptocurrencies after a sudden drop in prices to make up for your losses.
  • Reversal trades to accumulate more units of the quote currency as prices move down.
  • The trader perro create his trading strategies with the use of the tradingview complemento.


Margin was launched in 2014 and since then its fácil GUI with drag and drop features has built a good customer base with confidence. All you need is to download the aplicación through which you will be able to perform various trading strategies.

  • Visual trading – Drag and drop orders and view profits simply by hovering over your trade.
  • Easy to equipo up automatic trading strategy bots.
  • Create custom strategies with the python strategy editor.
  • The general usuario interfaz perro be configured according to individual needs.
  • Advanced features are available for institutional traders.

5. Botcrypto

Botcrypto is one of the free crypto trading bots with a drag and drop interfaz. But its free version does not support bots, that is, you are only allowed to make and import strategies. It is a strong contender in the 3 best cryptocurrency trading bots race.

  • Instant retroalimentación with 3 years of data to validate your trades.
  • Unlimited real-time simulations are available.
  • Free access to the artificial programming interfaz.
  • With the cheapest plan, you get 2 bots.
  • Price: €9.99 (Bronze), €29.99 (Silver), €59.99 (Gold).

6. Tradesanta

Tradesanta is one of the best cryptocurrency trading bots due to its fácil interfaz and cutting-edge features. It has been on the market for quite some time. It works on a cloud-based platform and has more than 2 million servers.

  • A variety of trading signals like Bollinger and Tradingview.
  • Function to copy the best trading strategy from bots.
  • The mobile aplicación version is also available to track trades 24/7.
  • Manage all your portfolios in one place with your free trading terminal.
  • Price: $13 (Basic), $23 (Advanced), $35 (Maximum).

7. eToro

eToro is a crypto trading platform that brings you the wisdom of a million investors. It allows you to trade cryptocurrencies, stocks, and ETFs. Etoro is where you perro discuss trading strategies and share ideas.

  • Buy and sell 60+ crypto assets.
  • CopyTrader allows you to copy the winning strategy of the best investors.
  • Option to select from a range of smart wallets.
  • Good customer service and help center support.
  • Option to invest in fractional shares.
  • Zero commission on long depósito position.

8. KuCoin Trading Bot

With one in four cryptocurrency traders using Kucoin and 20+ million investors registered with this aplicación, you are bound to have a great trading bot. It has the following features.

  • Customer service 24/7 to ask all your questions.
  • There is no exchange limit between Fiat and Crypto.
  • You perro start trading for as little as $1 to provide traders with hands-on experience.
  • The KuCoin aplicación is available for Android, iOS, and the Play Store.


Botsfolio is the best crypto trading bot for new or novice investors as the platform offers great security features to secure your trading investments when the market is down.

  • Active Trading – When you trade high-risk, high-reward trades, only a small part of your portfolio is used.
  • Basket of ready-made coins that are bought and sold according to market changes.
  • Risk tolerance perro be adjusted between 50 and 100%.
  • The crypto exchanges available on Botsfolio are Binance, Coinbase Pro and OKX.


Pionex is one of the best bots for cryptocurrency trading. It is coincidente with iOS and Android and is available for free. It offers amazing features like:

  • 16 free built-in trading bots.
  • Offers 99.99% uptime.
  • Daily trades at Pionex are 100 million+.
  • 379 coins available with only 0.05% trading fee.
  • Grid Trading Bot helps you buy low and sell high automatically 24/7.
  • Leveraged Grid Blot gives 5x leverage.
  • It allows traders to equipo a stop loss, trailing on a trade, and take profit through its Smart Trade terminal.
  • Spot-Futures Arbitrage bot makes sure that retail investors earn passive income with low risk.

11. Cryptohopper

Cryptohopper is a world-class automated crypto trading robot. It is a free crypto trading bot that you cánido use. It is coincidente with iOS and Android. Its features include:

  • It offers a usuario-friendly interfaz.
  • It helps you create trading algorithms easily.
  • Helps manage your entire portfolio from one place.
  • It allows you to trade for Litecoin, BTC, Ethereum and more.
  • It provides strategies and bot templates.
  • It keeps your data private and protects your account using secure protocols.
  • An easy setup process with no credit card information required to join.
  • To verify your strategy with zero financial risk, it allows you to trade on paper.
  • The subscription plan starts from $19 per month.


WunderTrading is one of the best cryptocurrency trading bots that allows you to start your trading journey by investing in cryptocurrency easily. It is coincidente with iOS and Android. It provides features such as:

  • It offers an easy and secure cryptocurrency portfolio tracking tool.
  • It helps traders manage multiple crypto exchange accounts, either manually or automatically.
  • It provides arbitrage operations that help traders take advantage of price differences in different markets.
  • Other features include Trailing stop, Swing trading, multiple take profit targets, move stop loss to breakeven, and DCA.
  • It helps create trading strategies that run automatically 24/7.
  • It allows users to copy other traders and professional bots in a few clicks for free through its copy trading feature.
  • It offers free trial and subscription plan starting at $9.95 per month.


HaasOnline is an advanced automated crypto trading bot that helps to backtest, develop and deploy high frequency crypto trading bots to as many cryptocurrency exchanges quickly. Its features include:

  • It includes HaasScript, which allows you to create complex automated trading algorithms and technical indicators, generate and interpret signals, and much more.
  • It keeps your codes and data private and secure.
  • Provides performance reports in real time.
  • You perro monitor your trading bots and market movements using custom dashboards.
  • Helps you create your technical analysis.
  • It offers 99.9% uptime and reduces risk with backtesting and simulated trading.
  • It offers a subscription plan starting at 0.011 BTC.


Bitsgap is one of the best bots for crypto trading that offers a smart way to automate your crypto trading. It offers amazing features like:

  • $300B trading volume and 500K traders worldwide.
  • It keeps your funds safe and offers fast trading servers.
  • You cánido connect your Exchange account using a secure API connection.
  • It allows you to view your trades through a chart.
  • 12 chart types and 100+ technical indicators for quick crypto research.
  • You perro access it without downloading it.
  • It offers 15+ supported exchanges and a fully automatic wallet.
  • 7-day free trial and subscription plan starting at $23 per month.

15. Trality

Trality is the best trading bot for crypto that helps you access high-quality crypto trading bots. Its features include:

  • It keeps your trading strategies end-to-end encrypted.
  • It helps your algorithms run reliably 24/7.
  • It keeps your funds safe on your exchange.
  • It provides up to 3x leverage and daily interest as low as 0.01%.
  • Offers selected predefined strategies.
  • Fastback test module and drag and drop graphical interfaz.
  • It offers free services along with plans starting at 9.99 euros.


Coinrule allows cryptocurrency traders to compete with algorithmic traders who are professionals. It is one of the best bots for crypto trading that offers features like:

  • Manage volatility and maximize profits.
  • Trigger actions when the market changes.
  • It offers a secure platform to send automated trading instructions to your favorite exchanges, including Binance, Kraken, Coinbase Pro, etcétera.
  • No codes required and it is beginner friendly.
  • It allows you to choose from 200+ rules or build your own.
  • It offers military-grade encryption and amazing customer service.
  • Available for free and offers plans starting at $29.9 per month.

17. 3 Commas

3Commas helps you grow your crypto investments using a feature-rich terminal and proven automated bots trading on 18+ top exchanges. It is a free crypto trading bot that offers features like:

  • Disminuye your average cost of acquisition and increase your profit margins on each transaction.
  • You cánido use DCA short bots to borrow and sell tokens at the current price and buy them back at a lower price.
  • SmartTrade and Terminal help you equipo up your trades in advance based on the triggers you specify.
  • Helps keep your investment in one place.
  • You perro use Grid bots to pick up cheaper tokens when they reach support levels and sell them when they are close to resistance levels.
  • It keeps your funds safe and your dashboards espectáculo you exactly how your trades are performing.
  • It offers free services along with subscription plans starting at $9.9 per month.


Shrimpy is one of the best cryptocurrency trading bots that manages your entire cryptocurrency portfolio in one place. It is the trusted portfolio management platform for over $1B in digital assets. Its characteristics are the following:

  • Track your performance and analyze the market.
  • You cánido securely connect your wallets and exchanges to manage your crypto assets.
  • It allows you to study trading strategies with its advanced portfolio backtesting.
  • Helps you optimize your portfolio by automating a crypto portfolio rebalancing strategy.
  • You perro backlink more than 25 exchanges and wallets.
  • The subscription plan starts at $15 per month.

19. CryptoHero

CryptoHero is a highly rated crypto trading bot. Due to the amazing features it offers, it is considered to be the best trading bot for crypto.

  • Keeps your business data private.
  • It offers automated trading 24/7.
  • The setup instructions are easy for the bot to do without writing code.
  • The ultra-fast backtest allows users to determine the effectiveness of strategies.
  • It provides a usuario-friendly interfaz.
  • It enables a one-clic view for digital assets across all connected crypto exchanges through portfolio management.
  • Along with the free services, it offers plans starting at $13.9 per month.


Quadency is one of the best bots for crypto trading that offers the following features.

  • Offers world-class security and crypto asset protection.
  • Trusted by over 100k users and provides a responsive support team.
  • Buy and sell leading cryptocurrencies with low fees and instant trading.
  • Build a crypto wallet that is easy to manage.
  • It makes sophisticated trading fácil, choose from habitual pre-built strategies.
  • It offers a free crypto trading bot.


Zignaly is a free crypto trading bot that allows you to build your strategies from scratch. It is coincidente with iOS and Android and provides various features that benefit users.

  • You perro trade unlimited currency pairs and positions.
  • It provides copy trading that allows users to copy trades from experienced traders.
  • It connects investors with leading digital asset managers so that users perro share the benefits.
  • He reviews each merchant to make sure they meet high estándares.
  • No monthly fees and no minimum investment.
  • It controls your assets and gives you the option to withdraw at any time.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best bots for crypto trading. As competition in the crypto market increases, traders find it easy to work with bots to improve their trading strategies. Many young investors are using a free crypto trading bot to get into the game.

This generation wants to automate everything and these bots are the best example of how AI, when used correctly, cánido make a world of difference.

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 The 21 best bots for trading
  The 21 best bots for trading
  The 21 best bots for trading

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