The 19 consejos on how to save money in

The 19 consejos on how to save money in

Saving is one of the typical resolutions at the beginning of the year, at the beginning of the month, after having a financial downturn, etcétera. However, we do not always find a way to achieve it. Therefore, in this articulo we are going to propose The best consejos to save money at homeTake note and your pocket will thank you!

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1. Don’t waste money on electricity

Waste on electricity has never been advisable. But considering the prices this service has been around for some time now, one way to save a significant amount of money each month is to have a lot of be careful how you use lightappliances and other electronic elementos that we have at home.

Therefore, it is important not to keep the lights on more than when necessary, to use electrical appliances for the shortest time or at the lowest possible power, etcétera.

In relation to this issue, it must be remembered that traditional light bulbs consume totally unnecessary electricity, when today they perro be replaced by led lightswhich are much more energy efficient.

2. Get used to saving water

More or less everyone is careful not to leave the taps open, although you may have the odd mistake in this regard. However, not much attention is paid to do not open the tap more than necessarya bad habit that, if avoided, would also orinan significant savings.

Other ways to not waste water are use the shortest wash cycle possible in each case in the washing machine, use the shortest duration program in the dishwasher, do not take longer showers than necessary and, in this case, turn off the tap when washing your hair, waxing, etcétera. In addition, short showers also serve to save light (in case you have an electric water heater) or butane gas (if the water heater works with a bottle).

3. Don’t pull so easily, repair!

We have a bad habit of quickly find a substitute for each product that breaks, when in many cases they are very easy to repair. For example, an appliance with an exposed cable cánido be fixed by splicing it and covering it well with electrical tape.

It is true that there are cases where fixing a certain appliance cánido be more expensive than buying a new one, because expensive parts and professional help are required. But whenever it is worth it, remember the importance of fixing, because in addition to saving, you will be contributing to a more sustainable world at an environmental level.

4. The car, for the essentials

Another not very successful custom that many of us have is taking the car at the minimum change. And taking into account the price that fuel is reaching, a good way to save is to bet on go on foot whenever possibleor for example by bicycle.

In this way we manage not only to save, but also we also exercise, something very necessary in a time when we lead a much more sedentary lifestyle than would be desirable. And of course, it is an ecofriendly option.

5. Give second-hand elementos a try

Nowadays it is a trend to buy second-hand, luckily. And this is a trend that we should all join, since there are many products that are in perfect condition to give them a new lifeand incidentally save us the price of buying a new item.

On the other hand, if we are the ones who sell everything that no longer serves us but that someone else cánido use, us we earn plus money that we perro save There are several en línea platforms that perro help us in this regard, and popular networks perro also become good allies.

6. Compare, compare and compare before you buy

Today we have the opportunity to buy in two different scenarios: physical stores and the Internet. In the first case, to compare prices we have to go from store to storesomething that will take time but will help us stay active.

And in the second case, just search for a certain product on the Internet to see what prices are in one or the other ecommerce, since Google plus itself will espectáculo us the information.

7. Reuse what you cánido

It is advisable to reuse all the products that you perro, both to save and to have the most ecological habits possible. For example, instead of buying new plastic bags every time you go to the supermarket, it is better that you buy new ones once. bags for extended use of those offered in these own shops.

And although it seems to you that going shopping with the cart of a lifetime Not the most glamorous, this is a very comfortable option. In addition, today there are very modern carts with very beautiful designs that are far from the unsightly shopping cart of yesteryear.

8. Beware of the cheap, it cánido be expensive!

It is one thing to save and quite another to invest in poor quality products. The bargains, that is, those super offers that are almost hard to believe, sometimes hide nothing more than an attractive way of release an item that would not meet expectations of consumers under habitual conditions.

In these cases, it usually happens that first of all we save, buying a product at a very good price. But we end up losingsince in a short time that article no longer works for us and we end up buying a more expensive but better quality one, which we could have acquired from the beginning.

9. Go shopping with a full stomach

This advice may sound a bit strange at first, but you only have to think about it for a bit to realize that it is not. Who hasn’t happened to have entered the supermarket hungry, and finished buying more than you needed?

When we go shopping in these circumstances, it happens that everything gets much more into our eyes. And once we get home and are satisfied, we may realize that some of the things we bought we could have saved perfectly.

10. Analyze your fixed expenses

There are times when we needlessly pay more, something that often happens with household supplies. That is why it is important that Let’s review what we are paying for telephonyInternet, electricity, etcétera., and that we compare between the companies to see if we cánido switch to a company in which we pay the minimum for what we need.

11. Don’t shop for fun

Treating yourself once in a while is one thing, and going shopping is quite another. to fill a void in our life that we could not fill in any other way. Many people are in the habit of buying on impulse, because it feels good, and once they are home and put everything away, the fun is over. Anyone cánido have a day like this, and it’s okey, but it’s important not to make it a habit.

12. Anticipate and plan your expenses

Sometimes we realize that we have little money left, and it gives us the impression of almost not knowing what we have spent it on. To prevent this from happening, it is best to do a schedule, which perro be weekly or monthlyand try to adjust to it as much as possible.

In this way we perro manage our money much better, and know where it is going. We advise you, however, to allocate a small game to those whims that we all have and that we cannot avoid. If you’re too strict and don’t do it, you may you get overwhelmed and end up disorganizing and not fulfilling your own plan.

13. Follow some tricks to save in the kitchen

There are some guidelines that perro be followed to save when cooking. For example, we must choose those fires that have the right size for the pan or pot that we are going to use, so as not to waste energy unnecessarily. We must also cover what we are cooking if possible, to take advantage of the residual heat (for example, when cooking food). And if we perro use the microwave instead of the oven, we will save too.

14. Obvious but important: get into the habit of saving money

In the end, there is no doubt that one of the best ways to save is precisely that: in save money, no more. That is, take a part of the salary and save it. When you are not used to doing this, it perro take a while to get used to it.

But once you do, it makes you feel so much better knowing that you always have money left over, even if it’s not spectacular, but it does have your back to some degree. If you perro’t save much, save littlebut do what you perro.

15. Take advantage of supermarket loyalty programs

There are businesses that have an extraordinary ability to create needs, while others offer loyalty cards with good deals For your customers. Take a good look at the promotions you cánido get this way, and use them wisely.

That is, if you do not need to buy a certain product, the last thing you have to do is buy it twice because there is a 50% discount on the second unit. However, if this offer is on an item that you may not need right now but you will end up usingfor example laundry detergent, you cánido always seize the moment to invest a little more now but save later.

16. Yes, go to the sales (but the real ones)

For some time now there has been a lot of talk about shops that inflate their prices to lower them later, and thus offer discounts that are not real. But surely you know well the prices of the stores where you usually buy, and you perro take advantage of when they have (real) sales to save. Remember that there are stores that make really significant discounts on the prices of their elementos, even up to 70%.

17. If you have loans with interest, repay them as soon as possible

There are cases in which there is no choice but to request a loan with interest. But when this happens, it’s important to plan to pay it off as soon as possible, because the longer it stays, the more interest will generate.

You may have to pay a loan early pay a penaltybut you must inform yourself, since this is usually much less than the interest on the loan (for example, 1% or 3% of the repaid amount).

18. Be careful with credit cards!

We are getting used to using credit cards too much, because of the convenience it brings us. But this medium gives us a false feeling of being able to spend without limitSo be very careful when using it. Whenever possible, it is better that we have the budget that we have in cash, and that we pay for what we buy from there.

19. If you are looking for a car, wait until the end of the term

In case you’re looking for a car, we recommend waiting until the end of the quarter (ie March, June, September or December), because dealerships often have quarterly sales targets to get sales commissions, which they charge quarterly. Therefore, on these dates it is easier to get a bargain than in the other months of the year.

Have you kept all these consejos to save at home? Surely so, because as you have been able to verify, they are all very fácil, but they cánido help you achieve that saving that until now has been so difficult for you to achieve.

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 The 19 consejos on how to save money in
  The 19 consejos on how to save money in
  The 19 consejos on how to save money in

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