The 19 Best Planning Aplicaciones

The 19 Best Planning Aplicaciones

Planning a trip cánido be exciting, but also stressful, especially when it comes to keeping track of all the information related to the trip.

One effective solution is to use a trip planning aplicación, which cánido help you organize your reservations, confirmations, and travel inspiration in one place.

In this Gigonway guide, you will find a list of the best trip planning aplicaciones on the market, from itinerary planning aplicaciones to road trip planning aplicaciones.

Wanderlog: The Best Overall Trip Planning Aplicación

We truly believe that Wanderlog is the best overall travel itinerary planning aplicación on the market.

Wanderlog allows you to plan detailed day-by-day itineraries, import all your trip information, and search for activity suggestions.

It’s also perfect for group travelers and those traveling vía a variety of transportation methods, from flying to taking a road trip.

You perro use Wanderlog in the browser or download the aplicación for iOS and Android.

Wanderlog is 100% free to use, and this free version offers access to almost all features of the aplicaciones.

There is an upgrade option, Wanderlog Pro, which offers additional benefits with a one-week free trial.

Wanderlog Features

Activity suggestions and access to pre-created trips

You cánido search third-party websites and add things to do to your itinerary from en línea guides, such as Tripadvisor or Google plus Trips.

Wanderlog also offers activity suggestions, and you perro view trips created by other users for inspiration.

Storage and organization of travel information

Using Wanderlog, you perro manually add travel information or automatically import reservations, bookings, and other correo electrónico confirmations by syncing with Gmail.

This travel information includes flight information, ómnibus or train reservations, accommodation details, car rental confirmations, and more.

You cánido also add expenses for places and elementos on your itinerary, and manage your total budget.

Creation of itineraries

As you upload travel information and add activities you want to do on your trip, a day-by-day itinerary will be created.

This itinerary is incredibly easy to editar, and you perro add aprecies to each stop.

If you don’t need a daily itinerary and want more flexibility in your plans, you perro simply create lists, for example a list of things to do or restoranes to try.

Access to the maps

When you add stops to your itinerary or lists, they will be displayed on a map.

The map feature makes it easy to see where all the attractions you want to visit are located, allowing you to plan the most efficient itinerary.

road trip planning

Wanderlog now offers the ability to plan road trips! You cánido add start and end destinations, agregado unlimited stops along the way, and your road trip route will be displayed on interactive maps.

It’s very easy to rearrange these plans, and you perro even use our “Road Trip Optimizer” to generate the most efficient route.

The total time and distance of your road trip will also be displayed.

group collaboration

Wanderlog makes collaborating with others in your travel group a breeze! You cánido easily collaborate with others traveling with you simply by adding your correo electrónico to your trip.

Alternatively, you cánido share a backlink to the itinerary.

Once this is done, everyone in your group cánido collaborate on plans in real time.

Added features of Wanderlog Pro

  • Sin conexión access to itineraries and maps
  • Exporting maps to Google plus Maps
  • Automatic analysis of travel confirmations in Gmail
  • Road trip route optimization

Who is Wanderlog for?

Wanderlog is the best trip planning aplicación for every type of traveler.

From solo travelers to groups, and from the highly organized traveler to those who simply need a place to store information and activity suggestions.

Wanderlog also has a very usuario-friendly interfaz, and best of all, it’s free to use!

Who is not Wanderlog for?

Wanderlog is ideal for all travelers! Whether you want to organize your trip details, find a variety of activities to enjoy on your trip, or collaborate with other travelers, the Wanderlog trip planning aplicación won’t let you down.

Does Wanderlog sound like the travel itinerary planner for you? Download the aplicación today!

Roadtrippers: The Best Road Trip Planning Aplicación:

Image courtesy of Roadtrippers vía Apple Aplicación Store

If you are looking for road trip planning aplicaciones, Roadtrippers is one of the best options out there! This application is created exclusively for those who travel by car.

It not only maps out the best routes to follow, but also offers suggestions for things to do along the way.

Roadtrippers cánido be used en línea and through their iPhone and Android aplicación.

Roadtrippers offers a free basic version and a paid version called RoadTrippers Agregado, which costs $29.99 per year.

Road Trippers Features

Custom route maps

Roadtrippers calculate the best route for you.

Simply entrar the start and end destination of your road trip, agregado any stops along the way if applicable.

You perro choose the fastest route or ask Roadtrippers to suggest additional stops along the way.

Suggestions for activities and attractions

As just mentioned, Roadtrippers offers suggestions for things to do along your road trip route.

These suggestions include activities to try and attractions to visit, as well as suggestions for restoranes and lodging.

Gas Cost Estimates

Once you have a route mapped, Roadtrippers provides an estimate of the total cost of gasoline.

This feature is ideal for those operating on a limited budget.


Roadtrippers also help guide you once you start your journey with in-aplicación navigation.

This feature allows you to stay within the aplicación instead of switching to another navigation aplicación, such as Google plus Maps.

Roadtrippers Agregado Added Features

  • sin conexión maps
  • Collaboration features, which allow multiple travelers to be added to the road trip itinerary
  • Live traffic updates
  • Roadtrippers travel panthers special promotions such as hotel discounts
  • dark mode
  • No in-aplicación ads

Who is Roadtrippers for?

As the name suggests, Roadtrippers is ideal for people planning road trips.

The aplicación is useful for all kinds of road trip travelers, from those looking for a quick route from A to B to those looking to visit a variety of attractions along a multi-city route.

Who is not RoadTrippers for?

This aplicación is not optimal for those planning different types of travel experiences.

For example, if you fly into a city and then want recommendations for tourist attractions, this is not the aplicación for you.

You also miss out on features without a paid account, so if you want to benefit from all the features of a travel aplicación for free, you might not be interested in RoadTrippers.

TripIt: The best trip planning aplicación for organizing travel information

Image courtesy of Tripit vía Apple Aplicación Store

TripIt is one of the relatively well-known itinerary planning aplicaciones that stores all your trip details like transportation and accommodation information in one place.

TripIt cánido be used vía web browser or an aplicación for iOS or Android.

TripIt has a free version of the aplicación, with limited features, and a paid version called TripIt Pro.

You perro also purchase TripIt for PCs, which is geared toward business travelers.

TripIt Pro – $49 per year with a 30-day free trial

Trip It Teams: starts at $29 a month for one to ten users

TripIt Features

Creation of itineraries

TripIt allows you to upload your travel information in one place.

Things you perro upload include flight details, hotel reservations, and activity reservations.

You cánido manually upload the information or correo electrónico it to TripIt.

Added TripIt Pro Features

  • Transportation Rate Trackers
  • Check-in reminders
  • flight updates
  • Information about promotion
  • Airport Security Wait Time Updates
  • Loyalty / Rewards Program Point Tracker
  • Baggage Claim Location Notification
  • interactive maps
  • Ability to share plans with others
  • Features to add documents to your itinerary, such as photos or PDFs

Who is TripIt for?

This is a great aplicación for those who just want to store and organize all the information they already have related to a trip in one place, and have access to this information on their phone.

It is also very easy to use.

Those who also want trip-related notifications in one place will appreciate the features that TripIt Pro offers.

Who is TripIt not for?

TripIt is a pretty basic itinerary planner.

Also, TripIt does not offer suggestions for things to do in the city you are visiting.

These drawbacks orinan that TripIt is better for those who just want to store all their travel information in one place.

If you’re looking for an aplicación that offers travel suggestions, such as activities to try or landmarks to visit, this isn’t the aplicación for you.

Travelers looking for a free travel itinerary aplicación probably won’t be interested in TripIt either.

Read our in-depth guide on TripIt

Polarsteps: The best trip planning aplicación to document your trip

Image courtesy of Polarsteps vía Apple Aplicación Store

Polarsteps allows you to document your entire trip, along with creating itineraries.

This travel aplicación cánido be used in the browser or through an aplicación and is one of the best free travel planning aplicaciones as you perro access all the features at no cost.

You perro pay for a printed travel book with photos and aprecies related to your trip.

These books start at about $40 for a 24 page book.

Polarsteps Features

Creation of travel itineraries

You perro create a travel itinerary and add as many stops as you like.

These stops include different cities, countries, and landmarks/places of interest.

A map showing each stop will also be generated.

Adding Images, Vídeos and Aprecies

For each stop added, you cánido also upload images, vídeos, and a description of the place.

This feature is ideal for those looking to document their adventure and makes Polarsteps something of a digital travel scrapbook.

Access to previously created trips

You cánido follow other users (as you would on popular networks) and access their pre-created trips.

This is the only discovery feature in the aplicación to help you find additional places to visit.

Sharing Features

It’s easy to share rides with other people, like friends and family.

You perro add followers to your ride, allowing them to see everything you’re up to.

Multiple people, however, cannot editar and add to a trip from different accounts.

Who is Polarsteps for?

Polarsteps is recommended for those who want to document their entire trip with pictures, aprecies, and the like.

It’s also perfect for those taking long, multi-city trips, though it cánido also be used by those taking shorter trips.

Who is Polarsteps not for?

This aplicación is not recommended for those looking to create an itinerary that simply keeps all their travel information in one place.

If you don’t want to document your journey through pictures, aprecies, and vídeos, it’s probably not worth using Polarsteps.

The aplicación isn’t ideal for those looking for activity suggestions either, you cánido tap into others’ journeys for ideas, but Polarsteps won’t offer simplified activity suggestions.

Lonely Planet Guides: The best alternative to printed travel guides

Image courtesy of Lonely Planet vía Apple Aplicación Store

Lonely Planet is an extremely well-known travel guide brand.

They recently launched an aplicación, Lonely Planet Guides, which is fast becoming one of the best trip planning aplicaciones.

Lonely Planet Guides offers attractions and landmark suggestions for more than 1,000 cities.

You perro also access vídeos, curated collections, and phrasebooks.

Lonely Planet Guides is accessible through an aplicación for iOS and Android.

There is a free version, but it is very basic, so paying a subscription is necessary in most cases.

Lonely Planet Guides prices are as follows:

  • One month: $4.99
  • Six months: $21.99 (or $3.67 a month)
  • One year: $39.99 (or $3.33 a month)

Features of Lonely Planet Guides

Information about places of interest

You have access to information on landmarks and attractions for most cities in the aplicación.

This feature is great for discovery and allows you to find the best things to see and do in the city you are visiting.

If you don’t have a paid subscription, you cánido only access information about four places of interest per month.

Custom maps and wish lists

If you discover places of interest that you want to visit, you cánido add them to a map and/or wish list.

Once in the city, you cánido open your map to easily see where all the attractions you want to visit are located.

Without a paid plan, you perro only add four locations to your map each month.

curated collections

Access to pre-built collections of things to do is available.

These are often ranked, for example, the best markets or restoranes to visit.

Possibility to buy tours and other tiques

If you discover an attraction you want to visit or a tour you want to try, you perro buy tiques through a third party right in the aplicación.

Added Paid Subscription Features

  • Vídeos
  • Access to conversation manuals for 19 languages
  • 360 degree immersive experiences

Who is Lonely Planet Guides for?

The Lonely Planet Guides aplicación is ideal for those looking for a digital alternative to traditional printed travel guides.

It’s also a good option for those who are going on a multi-city trip, as you have access to information for thousands of cities around the world, all from your phone.

Who is Lonely Planet Guides not for?

Lonely Planet Guides is not recommended for travelers looking for free trip planning aplicaciones.

It’s also not the best option for those looking to create comprehensive itineraries that include transportation and accommodation information, as well as places they plan to visit.

ViaHero: The best trip planning aplicación for those who want to explore like a local

Image courtesy of ViaHero vía Apple Aplicación Store

ViaHero is a travel planning aplicación with a difference.

Instead of planning your itinerary yourself, locals in the area (called “Heroes”) will create a personalized itinerary and guide for you.

Understandably, this comes at a cost.

You will be charged $40 per itinerary planning day, and the maximum paid for a guide is usually $125.

Destinations covered include cities in North America, Central and South America, Asia, and Europe.

ViaHero Features

Creation of personalized guides

After highlighting the types of activities and attractions that interest you, your “Hero” will create an itinerary and guide.

A custom map

You’ll also have access to a custom map that features each location mentioned in your guide.

Booking of activities and other travel arrangements

If things on your itinerary need a reservation (and the reservation doesn’t requires payment in advance), your local “hero” will make these arrangements for you.

Ability to communicate with your “hero”

You perro contact your «hero» local at any time before and during your trip.

This feature allows you to request changes to your itinerary and ask questions if necessary as you explore the city.

Who is ViaHero for?

ViaHero is one of the best travel planning aplicaciones for those who have limited time to plan their own trip, agregado a decent budget for someone else to do it for them.

It’s also a great option for those who like to explore off the beaten path and get recommendations from the locals instead of visiting tourist spots.

Who is ViaHero not for?

Due to cost, ViaHero is not a good choice for those traveling on a budget.

It may also not be a great option for those who are visiting a city for the first time and want to see the most habitual monuments and attractions.

Being a newer service, only “heroes” from a limited number of cities are available at this time.

If you’re visiting an area without a local “hero,” you won’t be able to use the service.

Tripadvisor: The Best Trip Planning Aplicación For Those Who Love Reviews

Image courtesy of Tripadvisor vía Apple Aplicación Store

Tripadvisor is another itinerary planning aplicación that is well known to most of the travelers.

Along with a browser version, Tripadvisor has a convenient aplicación that perro help you with everything from booking accommodation to discovering places to visit.

Tripadvisor is free to use and has information for almost every city in the world.

Tripadvisor will provide you with an overview of the city you are looking for, along with recommendations for hotels, restoranes, and activities.

Best of all, all suggestions include comments from travelers who have visited.

Tripadvisor Features

Things to Do

Tripadvisor suggests a variety of places to visit and activities to try in the destination you are visiting.

Along with searching in the “Things to Do” section, you cánido search for specific landmarks and attractions to learn more about them.

Whichever way you search, you’ll also have access to reviews from travelers who have visited the landmark or attraction or tried the activity.


You perro also access lugar de comidas suggestions for the destinations you’re going to.

Once again, the opinions of those who have dined at each establishment are available.

You cánido also select categories, such as types of cuisine, to narrow your search.

Many restoranes also offer the option to book through Tripadvisor.


Are you looking for accommodation to stay? TripAdvisor has you covered! Simply entrar the dates you need accommodation for, the number of guests, and other filters like budget, if applicable, to see hotel results.

You cánido then go directly to the hotel’s website from Tripadvisor or view deals from hotel booking sites like

Maps and itinerary lists

When you find activities you want to try, landmarks you want to visit, and restoranes you want to dine at, you cánido add them to a map and list.

By adding these things to a map, you perro easily see where everything you want to do is located and develop daily plans.

Unfortunately, you cannot create an de hoy daily itinerary through Tripadvisor.

Who is Tripadvisor for?

This aplicación is great for learning more about attractions, landmarks, restoranes, and accommodation through reviews.

If you like to hear opinions from real travelers before committing to plans, you’ll appreciate Tripadvisor.

It also has amazing discovery features, making Tripadvisor great for travelers looking for suggestions on things to do in the places they’re visiting.

Who is Tripadvisor not for?

Tripadvisor is not ideal for planning daily itineraries.

While you cánido create maps and lists of all the places you want to go, these cannot be separated into individual days.

That perro be frustrating for travelers, especially if you’re going on a multi-day or week-long trip.

It is recommended that you use Tripadvisor to access reviews and mezcle this research with a comprehensive travel itinerary planner such as Wanderlog.

Other itinerary planning aplicaciones to consider

While we ranked the above five as the best trip planning aplicaciones on the market, the following eight aplicaciones are also worth checking out!


GEOVEA allows you to plan trips, store details such as flight and accommodation information, and search for activity suggestions.

This travel planning programa also has budgeting features.

You cánido estimate the cost of the activities included in the itinerary to see the total cost of your trip.

While you perro use the company’s website on your phone, there’s no aplicación.

The estándar version of the programa is free, but it comes with limitations.

To get full access to the aplicación, you need to purchase a subscription that starts at $29.99/year.


Hipherd is one of the best free trip planning aplicaciones for those looking for a place to store travel inspiration.

It allows you to save a variety of travel content you find on the web, such as travel articles, vídeos, and other information about the destinations you want to visit.

Just like with Pinterest, you perro create “boards” to organize content by destination or other categories.

You perro also view the collections of other users.

You perro also create maps that espectáculo all the attractions you want to visit.

Best of all, Hipherd costs nothing to use.


Inspirock is free travel itinerary planning programa that creates daily itineraries for you based on the data you entrar.

Once a list of suggested places to visit has been generated, you perro editar the itinerary to remove and add activities.

You cánido also access accommodation suggestions, car and flight deals, and booking backlinks.


Jubel is one of the best itinerary planning aplicaciones for those looking to discover new destinations.

You start by answering a questionnaire to highlight likes, dislikes and other travel preferences.

A personalized itinerary to a surprise destination is then created for you.

There is a cost for this service, as Jubel users need a travel budget of at least $1,500 for a solo traveler trip or $1,100/per traveler for multi-person trips.


Pilot is one of the free trip planning aplicaciones that is perfect for travelers who want to create group itineraries.

You perro add travel information, such as flight reservations, to your en línea account, along with adding the activities you’ll do each day to an itinerary.

It’s also easy to collaborate on a group travel itinerary.

As mentioned, Pilot is free to use, but there is no mobile aplicación, so you have to use the programa in the browser.


Portico is another recommended aplicación for planning itineraries, organizing travel information, and finding activity suggestions.

Travel confirmation correos electrónicos (transportation reservations, accommodation reservations, etcétera.) perro be added manually or simply emailed to Portico to be added to your account.

You perro also search for travel inspiration in the aplicación and add places you want to visit to itineraries and lists.

Portico is free and cánido be used in the browser or through an iOS aplicación.


Tripscout is one of the best trip planning aplicaciones for travel inspiration and high-quality travel content.

You perro search a variety of content in the aplicación to get information about new destinations and attractions.

If you discover things you’d like to do and places you’d like to go, you perro add them to lists, itineraries, and maps to start planning your next adventure! Tripscout is also always free to use.


Tripsy is another organization-focused itinerary planning aplicación.

This aplicación stores travel information, such as flight confirmations and other transportation information, lugar de comidas reservations, and the like.

You cánido also receive notifications, for example, related to the status of your flight, and you perro easily share your itinerary with friends and family.

You perro integrate your plans with third party maps and calendars and you cánido send dirección de correo electrónico confirmations as well as manually add them.

Tripsy has a free and paid Pro version that offers additional benefits, including unlimited itineraries.

The best travel aplicaciones for flights and hotels

Do you need transportation or accommodation offers? These four trip planning aplicaciones are here to help!

snap travel

Snaptravel offers incredible deals on flights and hotels.

Simply entrar your travel dates and destination(s), and you’ll be served a selection of personalized offers.

Customers benefit from 30-50% rate and fee reductions, and Snaptravel is free to use.


Going, formerly known as Scott’s Cheap Flights, offers users amazing flight deals from their local airport.

You will receive offer correos electrónicos every day with rate reductions of up to 90% off applied.

Scott’s Cheap Flights offers a free version and paid options, which allow you to receive business and first class offers and add multiple departure airports.

Dollar Flight Club

Dollar Flight Club is another company that offers great discounts on flights.

Entrar your departure airport at check-in and a daily dirección de correo electrónico will be sent to you with great deals to a variety of destinations.

There is a free version, but this only offers access to 20% of the offers.

For best results, upgrade to Premium ($69/year) or Premium Agregado ($99/year).

Users cánido expect to save 60-90% on flights, however, you do not have the option to get deals for specific destinations.


Roma2Rio offers a variety of transportation options that work with your trip and perro be booked through the aplicación.

This free aplicación cánido espectáculo you flights, rental cars, autobuses, and trains that will get you from one point to another on your itinerary.

While Rome2Rio is not a deal-based aplicación, you perro also benefit from cheaper transportation fares by using the aplicación.

You perro also find accommodation and activity suggestions through Rome2Rio, but you perro’t create itineraries.

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 The 19 Best Planning Aplicaciones
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