The 17 best pages to earn money with

The 17 best pages to earn money with

currently exist many options on the Internet to generate income.

Working from home has become the preferred option for those who prefer to spend more time at home for various reasons: family, commuting, investing time better, among others.

Today we bring you one of the oldest ways to earn money en línea, the polls.

For some time there have been companies that offer money in exchange for completing surveys en línea.

It is not a method with which you are going to become a millionaire but it will help you to get an plus at the end of the month.

Given their ease of use, these survey pages are highly demanded and there are many people taking advantage of them, so you will have to be very attentive to the page to take advantage of any of the surveys.

Top 17 Highest Paying Paid Survey Pages

The number of survey pages on the web is impressive.

But you must have a lot be careful which one you escoge to useAlways look for referrals so you don’t risk wasting your time on something where you cánido’t earn any rewards.

For this we have listed the more reliable and better paid after having tried them.


ySense (ClixSense)

ySense it’s a great company known years ago for being one of the best PTC of the world.

He recently switched to paid surveys, including other ways to earn money and best of all, they cánido be done from any country.

  • Payment when exceeding $10.
  • You cánido earn money for perform tasks, complete surveys and affiliates.
  • Carry paying over 13 years without any problem involved, it is a very reliable company and offers a referral system.
  • Offers well-known means of payment such as Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer and cards to redeem on Amazon and Steam.
  • The platform is in english but the surveys in Spanish.
  • The supply of surveys is greater in the United States and Europe, compared to those in Latin America.

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With swagbucks perro make money in different ways, mainly with surveys.

You’ll earn points that you cánido then exchange for money, coupons, gift cards, and other en línea rewards.

Carry paying since 2007 and it perro also be used from Latin America (including Venezuela, Colombia and México).

Options to earn money:

  • Doing surveys.
  • Using the cash back systemwhere for each purchase they return x amount of money.
  • Discover section, where new offers, surveys and systems to earn money will appear.
  • Playinganother fun way to earn plus.

He main payment method is Paypal and more or less 900 SB points (from the platform) are equal to 5 euros (or $6).

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It is also one of the best known by freelancers.

She also pays with points redeemable for cash or en línea rewards.

Depending on the country you select you will get many surveys to generate more money.

  • Available in virtually all countriesincluding Spain, Colombia, México, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Paraguay, the United States, Panama, among others.
  • He registration is free and they do not ask for too much personal information.
  • Spanish LanguageEnglish and others.
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Skrill, Western Union, MoneyGram and Amazon gift cards.
  • The average duration of surveys is in 5-10 minutes.
  • The average salary of the surveys is €1.
  • survey platform pretty reliable.
  • They pay fast and have had no problems in recent years.

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Toluna Influencers

Toluna gives you the opportunity to earn money in different ways, although its main strength is the polls.

Both the page and its aplicación are pretty easy to use and registering will take you little time.

  • It has more than 13 million affiliates between the platform and its aplicación.
  • You cánido get more points by creating content, voting and even playing.
  • You perro participate in contests with 500 points and win up to 2000 euros.
  • It has a presence in the US, Portugal, México, Argentina, Chile, Spain and Colombia.
  • 1 level referral system that allows the use of platforms such as TradeTracker or Daisycon, increasing your earnings.
  • Reliable company that pays on time.

Your payments are made through Paypal or through gift cards from various virtual stores, such as Amazon, Apple Store, Nike, Spotify and others.

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GreenPanthera is another of the best websites for taking surveys, which makes intermediary between companies and users who want to earn money with paid surveys.

Usuario opinions on certain topics are worth a lot and that’s why Greenpanthera pays you to give them.

  • Every day between 3 and 5 new surveys are available to do (which from our experience are quite a few).
  • Payments perro be withdraw by Paypal.
  • Each payment cánido be withdrawn at exceed $30.
  • The average earnings per survey is $1 (or a little less $0.80).
  • exist referral levels (10% for each profit that the guests have).
  • the platform and surveys are in spanish.
  • allowed countries: Spain, Brazil, Argentina, México Colombia, Chile, United States, Peru, Panama, Paraguay, Venezuela and some European countries.
  • For each new usuario that registers, $5 is given.

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Lifepoints is another survey company with more than 5 million users spread all over the world and has been working closely with its users for more than a decade.

The biggest advantage of lifepoints is that you always have surveys available.

Vía dirección de correo electrónico you will receive many notifications of new surveys.

  • The points earned cánido be exchanged for money in Paypal either gift cards from Amazon, Ikea, Corte Inglés, Mediamarkt and iTunes.
  • available countries: Spain, Argentina, Brazil, México, USA, Colombia and Portugal.

    Depending on the country you will receive more or less surveys.

  • Registration is completely free (agregado there is a recent promotion that gives you some points for getting started).
  • About 500 points are €4-5.
  • He minimum payment it is easy to reach.

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Another great page that gives you the opportunity to earn plus money providing your opinion about products and services, through different modalities that give it a little more versatility compared to other afín pages.

It has been active since 2012 and works with the traditional points system that you cánido later exchange for money or prizes.

  • Available only for Spain.
  • registration is easyfree and fast.
  • Are needed 13 thousand points minimum, equivalent to 10 euros, to be able to collect.
  • The minimum goal is easy to achieve.
  • You perro earn money in several ways: Completing surveys, referral system, product testing, help the community and secret visits to stores.
  • Perro redeem points for money through Paypal or Amazon gift cards.

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This is one of the oldest and most recognized of the ámbito, which has recently gone from being the leading company in countries europeans to expand all over the worldcounting among its clients giants such as Google plus or Coke.

  • It has 2.3 million members active, and an average of 1800 new users per day.
  • Is available in more than 70 countries in local languages, including Venezuela, México, Peru, Guatemala, Spain, Argentina, and many more.
  • Good availability of surveys: 1000 annual surveys on average.
  • Fácil referral system.
  • It has a mobile application.
  • Collection from 1000 points equivalent to 10 euros.
  • Payments through Paypal and Skrill.

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Platform based in the United Kingdom that has more than 5 million users registered, which has managed to maintain an excellent reputation since its inception in the year 2000.

Available in Spain, México, Argentina and Colombia, it stands out for its fácil and manageable interfazits good remuneration for the survey carried out and for granting payment vouchers.

  • Unlimited referral system of 1 level only.
  • You perro request payments starting at $25 (3000 points).
  • With YouGov Safe you win rewards in exchange for your history on uso contínuo platforms.
  • Payments are made through the Paypal platform or you perro opt for Amazon gift cards.

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Google plus Opinion Rewards

Google plus Opinion Rewards is a aplicación for mobile deviceswhich will allow you to obtain rewards in exchange for participating and answering the surveys generated through the Google plus Surveys tool.

Its registration and use is fácil, just enough install it on mobileentrar a few data and immediately we cánido start answering surveys.

  • Present in more than 30 countries including Spain, México, Chile and Brazil.
  • Surveys are based on your consumption, search and browsing habits.
  • You will receive local surveys based on your visited places.

His method of collecting rewards is completely different: you accumulate credits in the Play Store for aplicación purchases, games and subscription payments.

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Opinion Center

Behind this platform is a company with about 25 years of experience in market research, which speaks highly of its seriousness and reliability. It is one of the pages that pays the most per survey carried out, and its minimum withdrawal amount is quite low, just 2.5 euros.

  • Aplicación available for Android and iOS.
  • Available only for Spain.
  • Surveys generally take 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Affiliate system through Daisycon to earn additional points.
  • Quarterly raffles of up to 1250 euros.
  • You perro redeem your points and claim payment through Paypal, Virtual Mastercard, or Amazon and Apple Store gift cards.

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Give your opinion and win

Spanish platform that rewards users with up to 5 euros for giving your opinion about products and services.

Your registration only takes a couple of minutes and it’s completely free.

You do not need to be constantly checking the platform, since the notifications of new polls arrive at your correo electrónico.

  • Only accessible from Spain.
  • Surveys are generally 3-5 minutes long, maximum 25 minutes.
  • To register you need to be at least 16 years old.
  • Secure and almost immediate payments.
  • To be able to withdraw payments a minimum of 15 euros is needed.

Opine y Gane carries out its payments only in the form of gift cards for stores like Amazon, El Corte Inglés, Zalando, movie tiques and others.

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MOBROG offers rewards between 0.5 to 3 euros just by answering their surveys.

It has been active and paying without problems since 2015 and is available in a variety of countriesamong which we cánido mention Spain, Argentina, México, Venezuela and Brazil.

  • Easy, fast and totally free registration.
  • It is not difficult to reach the minimum payment of 5 euros.
  • Both the website and the mobile aplicación are easy and comfortable to use.
  • Your payment will not take more than 90 minutes to become effective.
  • Issue payment vouchers.

There are two options offered by MOBROG for the collection of winnings: through Paypal and Skrill.

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We Are Testers

The philosophy of this platform is reward you in exchange for your valuable contributionafter having completed activities in one of its three different types of test to give your opinion on products, websites or physical stores.

Manages a scoring system based on WATcoins and WATios: the first ones you cánido exchange for money and prizes, and the second ones raise the level of your account allowing you to access more and better surveys.

  • Minimum payments from 10.7 WATcoins (10 euros).
  • With the application you cánido entrar the localized test, carried out directly in the physical store.
  • Fácil and quick surveys to carry out.
  • Its profile filter is more efficient.
  • Good availability of surveys according to the profile you have.
  • You perro withdraw your remuneration by Paypal, or if you prefer, claim Amazon gift cards.

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15.Poll Pay

Excellent mobile application, available on both Android and iOS, that gives you the opportunity to win money and gift cards in exchange for answering surveys.

  • Reliable and responsible platform in payments, Highly rated on the Play Store.
  • Accessible in a large number of countries, including Spain and Latin American countries.
  • Excellent referral system through invitation code.
  • Minimum amount for withdrawal of 10.5 dollars.
  • Almost instant payment.
  • consumes little space and few mobile resources.
  • Cash withdrawals vía PayPal or in the form of gift cards for Amazon, Apple Store, Spotify and more.

And best of all, even if you don’t complete a survey, or are inactive, you still earn a small percentage.

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The options to earn money from your mobile are not that varied, but among those that exist, AttaPoll stands out for its ease of useits reliability and its minimum withdrawal amount, just 2.5 euros.

  • Aplicación totally free and without ads.
  • Easy to use.
  • Available on Google plus Play and the Aplicación Store.
  • Fácil registration with your dirección de correo electrónico and phone number.
  • Referral system generously rewarded.

Like many other platforms, you cánido withdraw what you have harvested through PayPal, or as gift cards in en línea stores.

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A true veteran in the campo, she has been paying her users since 2006 and today she continues being one of the favourites, Available in several countries and with payments directly to PayPal or bank transfer.

  • Point system that awards 1000 to 3000 points per survey.
  • Accessible to countries like Spain, Argentina, Venezuela, México and Colombia
  • Estimated time of 5 to 25 minutes per survey.
  • Platform reliable and safewith 16 years of solid presence.
  • Good flow of surveys.
  • Good earnings for your referral system.
  • All your payments are made through PayPal.

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How do paid surveys work?

These companies give a few points or a amount in euros/dollars for just answering a few questions.

They are usually opinions about a brand or product, your time is remunerated just by giving them some opinion.

There are many sites that ask you for a plus or deposit before starting, but be careful with it.

There is no page you should invest in, surveys are totally free.

What you will find is an option that will allow you to increase your income a little more: by sharing your profile backlink with other people and inviting them to register, you will earn commissions for such referrals.

These pages not only have surveys, they have many other options.

Watch vídeos, download applications, play games, register on other pages… There are many tasks to be done that have a certain value that little by little you will be able to exchange for your cash.

You just need to invest the time in it.

Advantages of en línea paid accounts

  • I work from home: one more way to earn money from the Internet.

    You will not get rich but it serves to get an plus a month.

  • reliability: a very old and reliable system, where major product brands pay people like us to take surveys.
  • Payment Methods: These websites offer different payment methods, among the well-known ones are Paypal and bank transfer.
  • multi-device: although there are specific aplicaciones for Android and iPhone, today’s websites are responsive so we cánido do them from any device (PC, mobile or tablet) without leaving our eyes.
  • It’s free: It is something that you have to know well.

    The surveys are always free, nothing to pay in advance or to register.

How much money perro you earn with paid surveys?

The ease of being an en línea job brings with it the condition of the investment of time.

There are surveys that last very little and are clearly paid lower and others that last longer (around 20 minutes), and are paid much better.

To achieve a decent income per day you must dedicate, in a nutshell, all the time you have to gradually reach a high amount.

The payments are usually through PayPalAlthough many portals have expanded their payment options to other platforms such as bank transfer, Payoneer, Skrill and even cryptocurrencies.

Consejos after our experience to earn more

  1. Our survey profile must be as complete as possible and, above all, all the information has to be correct.

    It doesn’t have to be 100% real, since with a more attractive profile, you will receive more surveys.

  2. You have to be attentive to the daily surveys because there will be days when you cánido only complete three or four surveys, but other days we cánido complete even more than ten surveys.

    Everything will depend on the time we dedicate to it and the way to complete each survey.

  3. Take a good look at the answers because there are questions that perro be misleading.

    A wrong answer cánido get you kicked out.

    Therefore, you have to complete the surveys correctly, otherwise we will be wasting time.

What is the best paid survey page to earn money?

Among so many options, choosing your favorites may seem complicated, but in fact, there are platforms that stand out for being much more profitable and with greater opportunities for good profitsand without a doubt this position is occupied by not one but three of those mentioned above: ySense, Swagbucks and Google plus Opinion Rewards.

These three platforms are positioned as which better pay nowthanks to your good frequency of surveys and their excellent remuneration for every completed survey, so if you’re just starting out and want to play it safe, any of them is your best option.

How do paid survey pages pay?

The payment method used by these pages will depend not only on each platform, but also on the country from which we register.

Among the most common we have:

  • Payments through platforms such as PayPal (the most frequent), Revolut, or Skrill.
  • Bank transfers.
  • Cómputo in en línea store accounts like Play Store, Aplicación store and others.
  • Gift cards in en línea and physical stores (Amazon, Spotify, Nike, Zelendo, etcétera.).
  • discount vouchers.
  • Movie tiques and special coupons.

Before registering on any of the pages, make sure you understand very well what is your payment methodthat will avoid confusion, disappointment and possible delays when it comes to claiming your winnings.

It is also advisable that take your time to create an account in payment platforms, such as PayPal, for example, and verify it properly, so that you do not have any setbacks when making the payment and you cánido dispose of your money without any problem.

Opinions: are paid surveys reliable and real or a scam?

The millions of users that are part of these platforms, and the time that each of them has been active generating surveys, working hand in hand with large companies and multinational companies, in addition to the positive comments on specialized websites, are living proof of make money answering surveys It is a safe, reliable and quite profitable bet.

The important thing is that you always make sure to join platforms with a good reputation among freelancers who are engaged in this activity.

Here we have given you a list of the best platforms to earn money through surveys, and we guarantee that all of them they are totally legit and pay without fault to its participants.

Finally, you should always keep in mind that the profitability of this activity will totally depend on time that you dedicate; the more surveys carried out correctly, the more points or more money you accumulate on the platforms, and greater profits you will have when claiming your payments.

Remember: Put a price on your time and value it to the maximum to get the most out of it. there are infinity of jobs to do from home that you cánido choose

We hope you liked our article The 17 best pages to earn money with
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 The 17 best pages to earn money with
  The 17 best pages to earn money with
  The 17 best pages to earn money with

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