The 17 Best Laptops for Students and

The 17 Best Laptops for Students and

Are you still in doubt about how to choose the best notebook, according to your own needs and current budget? Whether you are a university student or working as a freelancer in a 2.0 profession, it is clear that you need to have a competitive and solvent IT team.


ASUS ZenBook 14 UX431FL-AM049T – 14″ FullHD Notebook (Intel Core i7-10510U, 16gigas de memoria, 512GB SSD, GeForce MX250-2GB, Windows 10) Utopia Blue Metal – Spanish QWERTY Keyboard

Apple 2019 MacBook Pro (16-inch, 16gigas de memoria, 512GB Storage) – Space Gray

MSI GF75 Thin 9SC-039XES – 17.3″ FHD Notebook (Intel Core i7-9750H, 16 gigas de memoria, 512 GB SSD, Nvidia GTX1650-4GB, without Operating System) – Spanish QWERTY Keyboard

My favorite



ASUS ZenBook 14 UX431FL-AM049T – 14″ FullHD Notebook (Intel Core i7-10510U, 16gigas de memoria, 512GB SSD, GeForce MX250-2GB, Windows 10) Utopia Blue Metal – Spanish QWERTY Keyboard



Apple 2019 MacBook Pro (16-inch, 16gigas de memoria, 512GB Storage) – Space Gray



MSI GF75 Thin 9SC-039XES – 17.3″ FHD Notebook (Intel Core i7-9750H, 16 gigas de memoria, 512 GB SSD, Nvidia GTX1650-4GB, without Operating System) – Spanish QWERTY Keyboard

And it is that, every time the time comes to renew them, we are assailed by an avalanche of doubts related to their characteristics: SSD hard drives, RAM, ultrabooks, convertibles, 7XXX generation processors, Windows or Mac, etcétera.

All these benefits choke us and, in the end, we end up buying the first one that the clerk advises us of the shopping center on duty, which basically is usually the one for which he/she will take a higher commission for his/her sale…


What should I take into account when choosing a notebook?

When facing the purchase of a computer that facilitates certain tasks in the preparation and delivery of work for the institute or university, the same doubts always arise:

I buy a notebook with which to study at home, the library and in class? Should I buy a desktop computer better just for the study room at home?

I prefer a powerful RAM and SSD hard drive for higher speed? Should I buy a computer with a more powerful graphics card (in case, in addition to studying, we need to play en línea)?

All of them make us think that certain basic computer skills to make an objective analysis of what is best for us, with respect to the utility that we intend to give it.

Therefore, taking into account that The quality – price of a notebook for the study is given by the power of each of its componentsI have prepared a list with the 17 best laptops for freelancers, entrepreneurs in general and for all those young people who need to have a computer with certain guarantees.

All this with the sole purpose of helping you choose more consciously and that the one you choose meets your requirements and the realistic use that you are going to give it in your day to day.

These are the 17 Best Laptops for Students and Freelancers

Next, I have compiled a list of the equipment that, from my point of view and/or my own experience, have enough characteristics to be used by the majority of freelancers and students.

Evidently, As for the prices, you must assess yourself which one suits you within your budget.

In general, if you are a student and have not yet made the “leap” into the world of work, your budget will be less than that of a self-employed worker.

In any case, you have selected a great variety to choose from:

ASUS ZenBook 14 UX (the notebook I use)

We are talking about a notebook with a 14-inch full HD IPS screen, so you cánido already get an iniciativa of ​​how your presentations cánido be viewed with that screen.

As I tell you in the title, it is the computer that I currently use for about 1 year. and I cánido tell you that its operation is impeccable from the first day.

He processor is i7 10th generation, the RAM is 16GB and a ssd hard drivewhich gives it greater agility in the multitasking that the work of an En línea Marketing Consultant requires, as is my case.

Management of corporate weblogs

Position your Brand on the Internet, gain organic visibility in search engines, get more customers and retain current ones

In addition to this, it has a battery with more than 12 hours of autonomywhich makes it an ideal notebook for freelancers to attend any Digital Marketing Congress, which usually last a full day.

• New Apple MacBook Pro 16″

Definitely, bet on this “monster” of technology It is a more than guaranteed bet and, more than an expense, I would consider it a long-term investment.

And it is that, buying Apple equipment guarantees you to be able to get the most out of your productivity, whether you are a student who periodically has to do school work, or in the case of projects in which we are autonomous.

It has a processor 9th generation 6-core Intel Core i716″ retina screen and ultra-fast SSD, among other benefits.

• New Apple MacBook 12″

Again, we are before a safe and classic Apple betboth for entrepreneurs and students who require a powerful notebook that never fails them, even in critical situations.

I orinan those occasions when we have to presenting a project to a client or important workin the case of the youngest of the house and we need the maximum benefits.

• Lenovo Yoga S730

This model once again exceeds the €1,000 barrier, but all the professionals I know who use it are delighted with it, speaking wonders of all its features.

Characteristics? 13″ screen, latest generation processor, 8 or 16Gigabytes RAM, hard drive to choose from 128Gigabytes to 2TB, weight of 1.23kg, etcétera.

The battery has a maximum autonomy of 12 hours and its name comes from the fact that it has fantastic ergonomics to work with and is super quiet.

• HP Pavilion x360 convertible touch

On this occasion, I have chosen from this list of laptops for students one of the best convertible type, which you cánido fold down in its entirety (360º).

With which, you will also have a tablet ready for any occasion where you require economy of space and a totally professional touch device.

•Microsoft Surface Notebook 2

The second generation of this model of Microsoft Surface has a latest generation processor, whose RAM memory is 8Gigabytes, more than enough for this powerful machine.

The weight is 1.25kg, perfectly acceptable when taking it with you.

This model may be the best option for many freelancers or commercials, if they do not need large technical resources for their work, since it also has a battery of about 12 hours, optimal throughout the day.

• Dell XPS 13

It is a very complete computer equipment: with 13.3 inches, an 8th generation processor and that works tremendously well in all environments, both student and professional.

The battery cánido last up to 21 hours, full HD screen, 4 or 16Gigabytes RAM, weighs 1.3kg and a 256Gigabytes SSD hard drive capacity.

With Amazon you perro comfortably pay for it in 24 months

It is a magnificent work tool for the vast majority of freelancers and students, who you cánido finance from Amazon in up to 24 months and so be able to afford it comfortably.

• ASUS ROG Strix

This powerful equipment has a graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX1650 4GBideal if in addition to being a student you are a seguidor of gaming.

In addition, its backlit keyboard gives it a agregado of attractiveness, making it one of the ASUS “pearls” for freelancers and students who also want to play en línea in their free time.

•MSI Modern 14

Among the wide range of laptops available from the well-known brand MSI, I have decided to recommend this Modern 14, and that way you have a cheaper option than the rest.

It is 180º foldable, so that you cánido share your screen with the rest of your work team or classmates, if you wish.

• MacBook Air 13

No products found

This is the classic Apple notebook that you have been able to see influencers and other leaders in the en línea world that, after the arrival of new models with better features, now you have it lowered for less than a thousand euros.

And it is that, his Intel Core i7 processor and its 8 GB of RAM They ensure optimal performance for any type of task you assign it.

• Acer Aspire

I want to end this list with a €800 notebook model that would meet the needs of those who do not use a computer for vídeos, games, graphics… Graphic designers, architects, jugadores… abstain.

For the rest it cánido be a good option.

To finish I want to start with the bad thing about this Realizar, the battery lasts a maximum of 7 hours, that does not even reach half a day for the autonomous, so it is certain that you will have to move with the charger for your computer (agregado the wait until charge the battery).

Another drawback is its weight.

This device is 2.2kg, which may not seem like much, but you kick around the city all day carrying 2.2kg on your back and then tell me.

And there are no more bad things.

It is a large model, 15.6 inches, latest generation dual-core processor; 8Gigabytes RAM and 1Terabytes hard drive.

And as I said at the beginning, all this for €800 I think it’s not bad for a freelancer or a student to take it into account when finding the best notebook for him.

• Huawei MateBook X Pro

Huawei has created a true jewel of computing, with this ideal notebook for students who want to have access to their programs, tools and school work at the clic of a button.

Also, if you are a digital nomad and, for work reasons, you need to always carry it with you and be connected 24/7, it is also ideal, weighing only 1.33kg.

• CHUWI AeroBook 13.3

No products found

Both for studying and for work, “Tablet PCs” are very fashionable today, that is, laptops for students with the possibility of becoming tabletas depending on the occasion.

And that is precisely one of the advantages of this new Chuwi brand, which also integrates an extreme thinness and never seen before in their line of computers.

• MSI GF75 Thin 9SC-039XES

On this occasion, my recommendation has its strong point having a graphics card GeForce GTX 1650 4GB GDDR5 which is capable of supporting design programs such as AutoCAD and CATIA V5/6, which requires special power.

In addition, its screen is somewhat larger than the rest of the best laptops for students on this list, with 17.3″ FHD that, together with its Intel i7 processor, there is no doubt that it had to be among the most “TOP”.

• HP 14-cm0002ns

It has been among Amazon’s best sellers for several months.

And it is not surprising, since despite being the most “humble” of those that I recommend in this top, it will cost you less than €300 quite a bargain!

Despite the fact that it “only” has 4gigas de memoria, it has an SSD hard drive, which will prevent you from getting hung up on practically any of your tasks.

• Acer Predator PH315 Helios 300

It belongs to the ACER “jugadores” range which, for my taste, has everything to be considered one of the best quality-price laptops.

And it is that the €1,000 that it costs are amply justified, with a processor Intel Core i7-8750H of 8gigas de memoria, together with its graphics Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB.

And why not say so? It is one of the most aesthetically beautiful on this list.

• Toshiba “Porsche Edition” (Convertible)

Toshiba Porsche Book Design A 13.3-Inch Touchscreen Convertible 2in1 Notebook (Intel Core i7-7500U, 16gigas de memoria, 512GB SSD, Intel HD Graphics 620, Windows 10 Pro)

  • processor: core i7-7500u, 4m cache, base frequency: 2.70 ghz,…
  • Touch screen, 360 degrees convertible with a stainless steel hinge…
  • 13.3-inch uncompromising 3K QHD+ IPS screen quality
  • Windows 10 Pro makes the Porsche design book Once a…

A precious team with a special appeal, which is also convertible 2 in 1so you perro turn it into a tablet with a very practical stylus.

The brand Toshiba is always synonymous with quality and durability for several years, backed by its intel core i7 processor-7500U.

Main features that a student notebook should have

As I have already mentioned when introducing you to any of them, within each team there are a series of key elements that could modify its benefits (and price):

1) Hard Drive

This component is of great relevance in the purchase of computer equipment, since it is supposed to be the computer internal memory (ROM).

That is, it is in charge of storing all the information on the computer (whether it is turned on or not).

Normally, it is recommended to purchase one with a minimum capacity about 500 GB and that, if possible, be of a solid type (SSD), since access to the information contained in it is much faster than conventional ones, something that is appreciated when you are looking for a quality notebook for students and freelancers and that save you time from daily work.

And anyway, you will always have the option of saving the rest of the data and relevant information on an external hard drive.

» I recommend you review these discounts:

2) RAM memory

RAM is a critical component when it comes to finding the best notebook for the freelancer or student.

Depending on this aspecto you will have a “fast” or “slow” computer.

That’s why I don’t leave many options here: do not buy anything below 8Gigabytes.

And if the use that you are going to give it will be intensive or you work with “heavy” programs, you should think about 16Gigabytes.

But for ordinary mortals, 8GB of RAM will be more than enough for them to be able to work without the computer “thinking” at each keystroke.

3) Processor

Another of the essential characteristics that must be taken into account when choosing the best notebook for students is the processor, since depending on the generation to which it belongs, it will give you more or less speed of use.

Its main function is to receive the information and give an immediate and appropriate response and, so that you have something clearer about its usual nomenclature, it is given by a code such as this:

In the example of the image, we would be facing a team from the 9th generation (2019).

In the case of those manufactured already in 2020, this encryption would be of the type “10XXX«.

Certainly, this is a component that is constantly evolving.

If you buy an i5xxx notebook, for example, you will be buying a processor several generations below the current one.

This does not necessarily orinan that it is a bad processor, that it has to give you problems, that the programs do not work, etcétera.

In fact, there is many 7th generation processors that work great and are worth more than 8th generation (especially since the price of the latest generation is always more expensive than previous generations).

4) Graphics card

The graphics card is of great importance, especially in the case of laptops for students studying technical, science or engineering studiesas was my especial case at the time.

This is because, if so, it is likely that you should use design programa such as AutoCAD, CATIA V5/V6 or afín, where you cannot afford poor quality images and renderings, something that will obviously negatively affect your projects.

5) USB AND HDMI connections

Other characteristics to consider when choosing a good computer are have at least 2 USB ports.

Similarly, if you want to be able to connect your notebook to a televisión it is essential that it contains an HDMI port.

6) Operating System

It represents the “digital base” on which you will work in your day to day.

The most prominent are: Windows, Mac and Linux (although the latter less common commercially speaking).

Mac and Windows are characterized by containing closed programa; while Linux is free programa.

Which one do I recommend you use? This will depend on the use that you are going to give the equipment:

Although it is not a fixed rule, if you are a student, with a moderately powerful Windows it could be worth it; but if you are a freelancer who plays programs for creating and editing Web pages, vídeos, etcétera., the ideal is that you invest in a Mac notebook from Apple.

What other benefits should you value?

The capacity of the notebook in terms of storage, speed, port entries are some of them.

However, there are other factors that, in the end, you should weigh:

” Screen size

Screen sizes are measured in inches and range from 11″ to 17.3″.

There are laptops on the market that fall outside of this range, but this is habitual.

If you use the computer for a short time, a small 11-inch screen would not be a bad thing.

It could be said that the more hours you have to spend working with it, the bigger the screen should be. I would recommend a 15.6-inch screen.

In addition, IPS FHD technology provides you with a much higher quality of visión on the screen from all angles.

For the issue of resolution we would have to talk about HD, full HD, 4k… Let’s go back to before: a graphic designer, a photography student, a gamer, etcétera., will need the best possible image quality.

They will notice the difference between a high-definition screen of another “normalita”, for the rest of us mortals almost any quality of those that are now manufactured would be worth it, because it is a lot.

you cánido too connect an external display to your notebookwhen you are in your own office and do not have to go with him on a trip.

I personally use this one:

” The weight

If it is a notebook, you are supposed to carry it with you on a large number of occasions.

So the issue of weight is important.

Logically, the smaller the size of the notebook, the less it should weigh.

There are 1kg and up to 3kg.

Normally, almost all models weigh around 1.5kg, which is a perfectly acceptable weight for all of us, even if we carry the notebook on our shoulders for much of our day.

” Battery duration

It is not a minor issue, since its duration will depend on whether you have to carry the cables for recharging or stop working while it is charging.

In this of the batteries begins to have a lot of variety.

There are them integrated, they cannot be changed; there are those that perro be changed even with the computer on, there are those that load in the blink of an eye…

]The ideal would be a battery with at least six cells to last about 7 hours.

This way you make sure you have the computer available throughout the day.[/su_quote

Aunque hay que tener en cuenta que las baterías no duran siempre lo mismo, porque según los recursos que estés utilizando gastarás más o menos batería.

Por ejemplo, los diseñadores gráficos sí que tendrán que buscar un portátil con una buena batería o con la posibilidad de cambiarla, porque sus programas (ya seas estudiante de diseño o estés trabajando en eso, consumen mucha más cantidad que un simple procesador de textos o una hoja de cálculo).


Y hasta aquí ha llegado este completo repaso por los factores a valorar para comprar un portátil, tanto si eres estudiante de instituto, universitario como si, en cambio, trabajas por cuenta propia y necesitas llevarte «el trabajo a cuestas».

¿Cuál es para ti el mejor portátil calidad- precio del mercado en la actualidad para este tipo de personas y profesionales?

Imagen principal | Shutterstock

Espero tu opinión, para que entre todos podamos ayudar a todo aquel que quiera invertir en un equipo potente y con garantías de cumplir con sus objetivos.


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 The 17 Best Laptops for Students and
  The 17 Best Laptops for Students and
  The 17 Best Laptops for Students and

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