The 16 most profitable businesses to equipo up in

The 16 most profitable businesses to equipo up in

If you live in a town, a small city, or are thinking of moving, it is likely that you also have in mind the iniciativa of start and start your own businessin order to generate some plus income and why not? Become independent and start your own brand or franchise.

That is why today we will talk about the most profitable businesses with little investment to equipo up in small townsso that you cánido guide yourself and get a better iniciativa about the different options available to carry out your goal of undertaking.

1. Teleworking

The first option that we bring you is one that lately enjoys enormous popularity and its main advantage is that no big investment needed, nor premises or special equipment; just your mobile, PC and a good internet connection

Today there are many companies that use the I work from homerequesting personnel to work in different activities that go from service of customer service and technical supportto en línea assistants, process supervisor and even programming and development.


Another booming activity is delivery and parcel services, highly recommended if you have your own vehicle and you have good knowledge of your locality.

You perro start working for en línea stores, fast food establishments, supplies or businesses of all kinds that require sending and receiving merchandise.

Also, from there you cánido start build your own standalone service to expand your offer to other niches, such as package delivery, for example.

3. Transport service

One of the basic needs in any city or town, however small they may be, is to move from one place to another for work, business or recreation for which, transport services are always an activity in demand and that represents a safe option for start a venture.

You perro start little by little with your own vehicle, such as a taxi for example, and then go scaling and diversifying the service towards personnel transportation, individual trips, tourist routes, among others.

4. Food business

This is another excellent business opportunity, since who does not like to enjoy a good coffee, a good meal, or enjoy a good dessert? Here the options are very diverse:

  • Restoranes.
  • Food Trucks.
  • pizzerias.
  • Sale of typical food.
  • ice cream parlors
  • Cafeterias etcétera.

If your town has great tourist potentialthis is undoubtedly an option to consider, especially the one related to typical dishes of your region.

5. Local producer

This is about take advantage of your skills as a craftsman or producer of goods and inputs, and to take advantage of the characteristic productive potential of the area in which you live, especially if there are typical products or skills that distinguish said locality.

The options in this section range from the cultivation of agricultural products and the food processing or artisan drinks, to the production of furniture, handicrafts, cleaning products, clothing and footwear, being able to propose as a goal, reach the export of products to other regions.

6. Accommodation

It consists of offering a house that you own or a room for accommodate people for a certain timewhich is especially profitable if we are talking about a tourist site or a common transit location for travelers.

We cánido rely on en línea services such as Airbnb or popular networks like Fb, thus offering a different alternative to hotels that perro be very atractive to those who require this service.

7. Tourism

Rural areas always have their own especial charm, and many towns are located in places that give them a great tourist potentialwhich we perro take advantage of to start our business.

Within tourism you will have wide variety of options that will depend on the characteristics of the region (if it is coastal, mountainous, type of climate, etcétera.) and on the elements of the town (history, monuments, architecture), being able to develop activities such as:

  • Tours of historical sites or monuments.
  • Tourist routes.
  • Climbing.
  • Withdrawals.
  • Extreme sports (paragliding, windsurfing, bicicross, among others).

8. Electronics and telecommunications

you perro too entrar the world of technology offering services for the sale and repair of mobile phones, tabletas, PCs and laptops, as well as internet and telephone services and network installation, taking advantage of the boom of new technologies and the scope of telecommunications today.

9. Gym

At present, the tendency to adopt healthy lifestyles is very fashionable, among which the execution of physical activity regularly, so this may be an ideal option if your town or region abounds in exercise enthusiasts.

You should keep in mind that a well-equipped gym requires a strong investment, and that in case you do not have a large budget, you have other options with which to start. For example, you cánido get certified in some of the many training systems or brands and start as a personal trainer to attract customers as your business grows.


The bars are usually crowded placeswhere people go to have a couple of drinks and chat with friends, do business or enjoy a good drink alone.

Regardless of the size of the town, a bar with good drinks, great prices and a nice atmosphere it will attract customers and become a gold mine, agregado you cánido increase its profitability if you offer additional services such as live music or karaoke.

11. Nursery

No matter what town or city you are in, there will undoubtedly be children or babies, and along with them parents who need childcare of trust for your children, while they go to their work or other activities.

Perro start in your own homeOr, get hold of a more suitable location. The important thing is that you make sure you have everything you need to care for the children and adapt the space for such a project, in order to provide a safe and fun-filled place for the little ones.

12. Supply

Something that definitely cannot be missing, and is typical of small towns, is a good supply assortment of a wide variety of essential elementos in the daily life of its inhabitants, from food to cleaning products and household elementos, to which they cánido go and make all their purchases at a good price and with comfort.

This is an excellent proposal if you have the necessary capital to start it, and you will be more successful the better the quality and variety of the products offered, bringing to the town elementos that are not easily available in the region.

13. Offices

Great option if you are health professional. One of the basic needs in every population is to take care of their health and stay healthy, therefore, it is an excellent iniciativa to open a small doctor’s office in specialties such as:

  • General medicine.
  • Pediatrics.
  • Odontology.
  • Psychology/psychiatry.
  • Gynecology/obstetrics.

And in general, of any other specialty, as long as you duly inform yourself of what are the real care needs required in what will be your area of ​​influence.

14. Bakeries, greengrocers, butchers, etcétera.

Here we are going to focus on covering the most basic needs of populationand according to existing competition and demand, it is a good business opportunity to open a small store and engage in some of the much-needed activities in every town, such as:

  • Bakery.
  • Fruit store.
  • Butcher shop.
  • delicatessen
  • Pharmacy.
  • Distribution of drinking water.

Any of these perro give good results if you try provide excellent service and good quality productsthus managing to make a place for you to cover the great demand that these types of establishments have.

15. En línea business

In the age of the internet, earn money through en línea activities It is another of the most habitual activities among those who want to generate income with a minimum initial investment and working from the comfort of their home.

Among the options to start an en línea business we have some such as en línea stores, dropshipping and affiliate marketing as the most recommended. On the other hand, there is also the possibility of Start your career as a Freelancerthrough which you cánido fully exploit your skills and knowledge, and offer services such as:

The possibilities as a Freelancer are almost endless, and it all depends on what services you perro offer and how you manage to position yourself in the network.

16. Equipo up a franchise

An excellent opportunity to start a business in which you will not have to invest large sums or start completely from scratch, consists of using the experience and support that an already established brand cánido offer you through the riding model profitable franchises.

This modality allows you “rent” or hire the business model and the production rights of a specific product or service, with the company owning the supply manager training, equipment, supplies, advertising and everything necessary for the business to remain 100% operational. Here you will have to choose between options such as:

  • Fast food.
  • Cosmetics and beauty.
  • Hostelry.
  • Telephony.
  • Clothes shops.
  • Supply chains.

And many others, remembering to always take into account when choosing, what is the market niche in your locality that is most profitable to start a new business.

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 The 16 most profitable businesses to equipo up in
  The 16 most profitable businesses to equipo up in
  The 16 most profitable businesses to equipo up in

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