The 15 Most Reliable Paid Surveys of

The 15 Most Reliable Paid Surveys of

Answering surveys on the internet is one of the oldest ways to make money en línea without leaving home.

However, it is also one of the most difficult, since there are unserious survey sites that do not make the corresponding payments, becoming a waste of time.

So you don’t waste time using survey sites that don’t pay, we bring you a list of the most reliable paid surveys in Spain.

We have prepared this article based on experiences using each of the sites that we detalla below, keep in mind that they are the best surveys in Spain.

Of course, to take advantage of these platforms you must dedicate time and effort.

What are paid surveys?

Paid surveys are a way to earn money en línea, all you have to do is answer the questions with your honest opinion.

Typically, these surveys are created based on market research from companies that pay for users to answer the questions.

For example, suppose a successful company wants to offer a new product, but before doing so it wants to predict how it will be received by users; then, one of the best options that the company has to make its prediction is ask users for their opinion who use their products.

It is feasible to say that paid surveys exist thanks to marketing studies and that, in addition, they are a tool that benefits: the companies that pay to carry them out, the people who answer and, obviously, the survey platforms themselves.

How do you earn money doing surveys in Spain?

It really is very fácil, first you have to register on one of the platforms to earn money with paid surveys that we detalla below.

Then, you must complete your profile so that the platform sends you the appropriate surveys for you, answer the surveys and get rewards.

Basically, this is how you earn money just by answering the questions in the surveys, of course, you must put a lot of effort into it, since for each survey you are not going to earn hundreds of euros.


Ysense, formerly known as ClixSense, is one of the longest running survey platforms on the internet.

Its foundation was in 2007 and since then it has been paying users for their dedication answering surveys.

It is not a secret that it is one of the best platforms of its kind, therefore it has millions of users around the world.

It recently changed its administration bringing other benefits, such is the case of PayPal withdrawals, which were not available for a while.

Start earning money at Ysense


It is another platform with many years on the internet, its foundation was in 2008.

Therefore, it is very reliable, since during all this time it has paid its users without any inconvenience.

It is not only a survey platform, but also the site has mini-tasks with which users generate points that perro be exchanged for real money (euros); the minimum withdrawal is only 5 euros, making it one of the most platforms that makes it easier for you to reach the minimum withdrawal.

Get started with Swagbucks


A survey platform that has been paying for more than 20 years, is currently one of the most important, especially in the field of marketing research.

It’s not just any poll panel, YouGov is very habitual because it has been named in press releases from important media, such is the case of The Times.

On this platform, you earn points by answering surveys.

When you have 3,000 points, you perro exchange them for 25 euros, which is the minimum withdrawal.

Get started with YouGov


A very good paid survey platform that has been operating since 2015, is of German origin and over time has been translated into other languages ​​for the ease of users.

Today it has more than three million registered users, and if you escoge to use it, you will be able to enjoy withdrawals to Skrill and Paypal.

The minimum withdrawal is 5 euros or 5 dollars, an amount that you perro easily reach by getting referrals; For each person who registers with your backlink you will earn 0.80 euros.

Getting started with Mobrog


It is another well-known survey platform, likewise, users for answering the questions in the surveys get rewards.

These rewards are points that are later changed for prizes, such as Gift Cards from various companies, for example, from Amazon.

One of the features that we should highlight about this en línea survey is that if you install its mobile application, you get more rewards.

It also has raffles where you cánido bet points and win much more money.

The only negative is that your minimum withdrawal is 35 euros.

Get started with Toluna

life point

Here you have another good option to generate plus money by answering surveys.

Lifepoint is reliable, since behind it is the company Lightspeed Research Limited that was founded decades ago (year 1946).

The surveys that you carry out will allow you to obtain Lifes, points that you will be able to exchange for euros, for every 600 Lifes you have you cánido claim 5 euros.

The money you accumulate cánido be withdrawn to PayPal or exchanged for Gift Cards from El Corte Inglés, Amazon, Ikea and even iTunes.

Get started with LifePoint


Myiyo is an en línea survey that we recommend you try, it stands out from the rest for the good rewards that its surveys give.

So you have an iniciativa, a single survey perro reward you with up to 3 euros, something you perro do in a few minutes.

Of course, keep in mind that this platform does not have surveys available all the time, as soon as a survey is available for you, it will notify you by dirección de correo electrónico.

The minimum withdrawal is from 20 euros and is made one month after you make the request.

Get started with Myiyo

With your permission

This is another platform that you cánido use to earn money, but not only by taking surveys, but you will also earn rewards for download aplicaciones or read messages.

Another of its features that call our attention is that you cánido withdraw the winnings by bank transfer, also using PayPal.

The minimum withdrawal is high, since you must have 30 euros to be able to withdraw, this amount is equivalent to 30 points that you obtain by doing the tasks available on the platform.

Start with Permission


Another en línea survey company that has been in operation for years, its foundation was made in 2011, behind it is Market Cube LLC, which is a very important marketing research company, mainly in the USA.

It stands out from other pollsters due to the fact that, at the time of registering and completing your profile rewards you with $2; the minimum withdrawal is from the 2500 points you get for answering surveys.

However, you cánido also withdraw with 1000 points if you are a higher level usuario.

Get started with Univox


Nicequest is another en línea survey that has been running for many years, it may be the oldest that we know of, since is working and paying since 2005.

It is distinguished from other afín platforms by the fact that not everyone cánido register on it, only those who are invited through a backlink cánido access Nicequest surveys.

Thanks to its usuario registration restriction, it has formed a community of serious and responsible people who are dedicated to properly completing each survey, sometimes the registrations are open, so you should be attentive to the main page.

Get started with Nicequest

opinion center

Opinion Center is a platform that belongs to one of the most important international survey companies, Dynata LLC.

Therefore, it is a very reliable en línea survey, what we like most about it is that you perro withdraw from 2.5 euros and up.

It is an amount that you cánido easily reach by redeeming 50 points that you earn by answering the surveys.

The amount you perro withdraw vía Amazon Gift Cards, itunes either Zalandoyou also have the possibility to use PayPal for your withdrawal.

Get started with Opinion Hub


Gaddin was a private club whose members are the who have access to the surveys, the only ones who could join this survey company were users who lived in France.

However, the company decided to expand and is allowing the registration of users from other countries.

The minimum withdrawal is €20, which cánido be deposited into PayPal or exchanged for gift cards.

In addition to surveys, you cánido use this site to do other tasks, such is the case of visit some websites, make recordsamong others.

Start with Gaddin


What we like the most about IsurveyWorld and what I’m sure you will like too, is that if you register, you get a welcome plus of 5 dollars.

It is very afín to the other pollsters that we have described here, but it stands out for that “juicy” welcome plus.

The minimum withdrawal is a bit high as you need to reach $25 to withdraw to your PayPal account.

This company has already been paying for several years, so it is considered one of the most reliable, do not hesitate to use it to generate plus income.

Get started with IsurveyWorld

Another serious en línea pollster is HinsterSurveys, it belongs to Dale Network, Inc., its surveys are about Applications, games, books, among other topics.

The minimum withdrawal is 25 euros.

For now the site is not fully translated, therefore, if you dare to use this platform, you must use a website translator or apply knowledge of the Anglo-Saxon language.

Get started with HinstersSurveys

Give your opinion and win

The renowned Opine y Gane could not be missing, another platform that has been running for decades and has shown with the passing of the years that it is trustworthy.

The minimum withdrawal amount is only $15, the only negative is that you cannot withdraw them vía PayPal, but through Zalando Gift Cards, Amazon either He English court.

In addition, in some countries it is possible to get movie tiques or Ticket Compliments.

Get started with Opinion and Earn

How perro we get our profits?

After laborious work on a reliable survey platform, the sweet moment of getting paid arrives.

But, many times that money is difficult to take advantage of, either because it is in a payment processor like PayPal or because it is Gift Cards, here we explain what to do to take advantage of your earnings.

If you have the money in PayPal, you don’t have a major problem if you are in Spain, since you perro go to places that accept this payment method and enjoy products and services.

If, on the other hand, your rewards for answering surveys are converted into Gift Cards, we recommend using AirTm.

Using AirTm you cánido change your gift cards For money from your country and directly to your bank account, you perro also do it with money from PayPal.

You should keep in mind that these transactions have their commission.

Our Opinion on reliable surveys in Spain

Each of the pollsters we detalla in It is reliable, yes, some have more trajectories than others, as well as some pay more.

You don’t have to worry about any scam that will make you waste time, each of the options you just saw is part of a prestigious list of reliable paid surveys; they are all paying daily so we recommend you use them and take advantage of them.

Of course, being reliable does not orinan that you are going to get rich, try to see each of these alternatives as a way to earn plus money.

So far our articulo, we hope you find it useful and that you generate a lot of money in any of the pollsters that we detalla, share our content to help more people.

We hope you liked our article The 15 Most Reliable Paid Surveys of
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 The 15 Most Reliable Paid Surveys of
  The 15 Most Reliable Paid Surveys of
  The 15 Most Reliable Paid Surveys of

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