The 14 best games to earn money in

The 14 best games to earn money in

It is already more than known that doing something as entertaining as playing you perro generate real plus income and improve your economy a little.

While there are many aplicaciones and platforms that reward you with gift cards and discounts, there are also those that they pay cash.

In case you have one verified Paypal accountSo get ready to take advantage of it.

Today you will learn about the best games to earn money directly to your Paypal account.

What are the best games that pay by Paypal?

A fácil search on the Internet will espectáculo you hundreds and hundreds of options to earn money and withdraw it directly to your Paypal account.

We recently talked about aplicaciones to earn money on Paypalhowever, today we focus on games.

The thing with this is that not everyone is what they seem. some are not 100% reliable and they don’t even have to do with games.

We have made this selection for you with the safest options:

1.GAMEE Prizes

Another great aplicación for earn income while entertaining and have fun playing one of the games it brings.

One of its positive aspects is the wide variety of games that it brings, also accompanied by entertaining challenges and new games that are added with each update.

The way to earn money with this application is based on getting tiques either by playing, inviting friends, raising your account level or participating in roulette.

Then you perro take those tiques and participate in the daily, weekly and monthly drawings, where you perro earn cash and other prizes.

android ios



A platform that has quite a long history and is best known for the paid surveys.

Additionally, Swagbucks offers users a equipo of options through which they cánido earn moneysuch as:

  • web search
  • vídeo viewing
  • Offers and tasks en línea

And of course, it has games.

The platform has a whole section for games, which you perro play for free and get paid for completed sessions.

The minimum to be able to withdraw your money on this platform is 5 dollars.

Go to Swagbucks


Quickrewards is one of those sites known as GPT (get paid to) in which you will be rewarded for performing various tasks.

As main characteristics we perro mention that its registration is free, pay in 24 hours after applying and does not have a payment threshold, which is pretty good.

Now, what options do you have to earn money with this platform?

One of them is participate in various games trivia style or in a portal where you will find games with various themes and genres.

Surely you will find one that is to your liking and with which you cánido entertain yourself while earning plus money.

Additionally, you perro complete other activities such as watching vídeos, completing surveys, receiving correos electrónicos, and more.

Go to Quickrewards


Initially, MyPoints seems to be focused on earning money in exchange for participating in surveys, using discount coupons or watching vídeos.

But this platform also gives you the option of participate in fun games with themes ranging from WWE characters to Looney Tunes.

In addition, this platform is in partnership with Swagbucks, so both invite you to join the other and double your chances of get a good profit. It has a good rewards scheme and has a welcome plusbut in return, its minimum payment is a little higher than other options.

Go to MyPoints

5.Brain Battle

If you are a seguidor of math challenges then this is the perfect aplicación for you.

Brain battle is an entertaining application that has distributed good prizes among the jugadores who manage to overcome its challenges and win the contests.

One of its advantages is that it is completely free to winwhich implies that:

  • You don’t pay for the aplicación
  • No in-aplicación purchases
  • No need to pay for special features

For each successful game session, you earn tiques that you perro use to participate in juicy raffles or change directly for cash.

Best of all, the developers of this aplicación have more than 40 different game applications in which you perro use the same account and increase your oportunidad of winning tiques.

android ios

6.Big Time

Do you remember that in the previous application we mentioned that he has a few sisters? Well this is one of them.

Inside the aplicación you will find fun minigames among which are puzzle, shooter, adventure and more.

For your participation and good performance you will win tiques, multipliers and special prizes.

Then you perro redeem the tiques obtained for cash deposited directly to your Paypal account.

You cánido also save them and participate in raffles or bet them in their slots to get big prizes.

You cánido get additional tiques by doing plus tasks like watching vídeos or through the referral system.

android ios


Wealth Words

Do you think you’re good enough with words? So then take advantage of your ability getting great prizes with Wealth Words.

This application, also available en línea, consists of a large number of crosswords, challenges and puzzle based on words.

The application allows you to play for free and access prizes if you manage to win each challenge.

On the other hand, you cánido acquire tokens and register in paid contests in which you cánido compete for better rewards.

Go to Wealth Words


We are now going with an application designed for mobile devices with which you perro earn money in exchange for performing some tasks. Among them is the option to download and play habitual games while earning credits that later you cánido exchange for cash.

Their minimum amount to withdraw payments is $2, which is not a very high sum.

A strong point of the aplicación is that daily provides you with a to-do list what includes:

  • surveys.
  • Advertisements.
  • Vídeos .
  • Test and review aplicaciones.
  • Follow accounts in RRSS.

Of course, keep in mind that they charge you a certain commission when making withdrawals through Paypal.

Outside of this, it is a good option to receive money for complete tasks from your móvil.

Go to Appnana

9.Money Aplicación

Money aplicación is very afín to other listed aplicaciones.

Its purpose is to know the opinion of the public about products and applications, so you must complete tasks such as:

  • Comment on products.
  • Watch vídeos.
  • Verify the presence of products in certain stores.
  • Test services and websites.

And of course, try and play games.

A big point in its favor is that you don’t have to redeem tiques, coupons, vouchers, gift cards or anything like that.

What you get for completing the tasks is legitimate money deposited directly to your account, without the need for exchanges, raffles or contests of any kind.



Until now we have seen applications and games focused on completing tasks or playing time in exchange for rewards, but now it is something different, the games to earn money on ordenador.

RuneScape is an MMORPG that today has million active accounts playing and harvesting valuable gold with which to get good profits.

While the game is not originally intended to generate income for its jugadores, the importance of gold in its internal economy has created a whole market external and real in which gold is exchanged for payments in cryptos and cash.

You just have to learn its mechanics, know how to collect more gold in less time and then entrar the market and find a good buyer.

Go to RuneScape


Let’s go back to the points system in exchange for tasks with this platform that asks you to complete tasks to access various rewards.

Although it looks afín to other afín options, AppKarma has a couple of sections in which you have a wide variety of recommended games and aplicaciones that you must download and play for points.

You perro also get points for referrals, having a VIP program for influencers and streamers.

In the same way, you will be rewarded for watching vídeos or earning achievements and badges with each task completed.

You perro redeem the points then for gift cards or money that you perro transfer to your Paypal account.



Make Money (Current)

Another application for mobile devices that gives you points in exchange for doing certain activities, but wait, it has a different touch.

Of course it has games or to be more specific it asks you try aplicaciones and games from Android and Apple stores.

But, in addition, it includes the following options to accumulate points:

  • Listen to music
  • Complete surveys
  • Watching vídeos
  • Validate offers
  • daily access

And of course, it has a referral system.

This aplicación will not ask you to pay or invest anything at all, so you will be able to access all its functions and options from the beginning.

android ios


Cash’em All

Another interesting application to generate income while you play.

Unlike others, this one is completely focused on games.

More specifically, it focuses entirely on the modality of recommendations.

The aplicación takes care of providing you with a list of games from the Play Store that you must install and play.

You will then earn a number of points for each game installed, increasing as you play each game longer.

Here there are no additional options, except the referral system, and the only thing to do is select games, install and play them. You should keep in mind that withdrawals are made starting at $0.5but you cannot withdraw any amount, but you have a series of options that go from 0.5 to 20 dollars.



Coin Pop

Let’s finish our list with another application focused 100% on games.

Coin Pop grants bonuses and rewards to all enthusiasts who want to dedicate themselves to play different games offered for download.

It is available without restrictions all over the world, and of course, Allows you to withdraw prizes in the form of cash by Paypal.

The operation is quite fácil and does not hide any tricks.

You simply install the aplicación, register and choose a game from among all those listed.

Like previous aplicaciones, every minute of play gives you coins that you cánido later exchange for gift cards and real money.


How much perro you earn by playing?

The amount to win with these games or platforms will depend, in the first place, on what the platform itself offers.

As we have seen, there are those who pay directly, those that allow you to accumulate points or coins and change that you perro accumulate tiques to participate in raffles.

Secondly, you must have that the payments received depend on the time you dedicate to each aplicación and how well you do.

Remember that it’s not just going in and playing on most of them.

You also have to win, compete against other jugadores and earn achievements.

Now, to give you an iniciativa, your winnings cánido range from a couple of tens to a few hundred dollars a month.

The ones that offer you the most rewards are the aplicaciones with sweepstakes, For example, where you cánido win thousands if you’re the lucky one, but the odds are pretty low.

Opinions: Are these games that pay for Paypal reliable and worth it?

If what you are looking for is to become a millionaire and live solely from this as a source of income, then we must tell you that it is not possible.

Or at least it is not an easy task that cánido be carried out by anyone and requires certain “tricks” To make it work.

But for the rest, this type of applications, well managed, cánido become an alternate source of income that allows you to vent a little.

The next thing you should be wondering is if you really These aplicaciones are reliable. Here we must be honest with you and tell you that your best guarantee is ratings and opinions of the rest of the users, as well as the active time that the aplicación or platform has.

A good number of positive opinions, or a long journey since the start of activities, are good indicators that the platform complies and pays its users.

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 The 14 best games to earn money in
  The 14 best games to earn money in
  The 14 best games to earn money in

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