The 13 best courses to create your own

The 13 best courses to create your own

do you dream of create your own blog to be able to work from home, but you have no iniciativa how to do it? The same thing happened to me 3 years ago when I decided to start my own blog.

I saw how some of my friends and classmates told me that they had opened their weblogs to talk about your favorite moviesof the trips they made, or even of their most personal things as if it were a diary.

I love writing and in fact it’s what I do now, so I said to myself: Maria, if the others have been able to do it, Why not you?

But the moment I entered Google plus and started looking for information to create my blog, I sank: that was not so easy as I thought.

In all the web pages that I found there was only very general information and the consejos were always the same: choose a design that is beautiful, write good content, reply to the comments of your visitors, promote it with some strategies.

I have been managing web pages, weblogs, and generating enough money that I need to live with them, and believe me, that’s not enough for a blog to take off and be successful.

The most important thing is to first create your blog, know how to handle it and manage it welland then you cánido start writing to attract visitors and, if you also want, monetize it.

So if you’re already tired of looking at tutorials on the internet and on YouTube that have only left you more confused and not knowing exactly what to do, don’t worry, because you are in the right place.

Here I am going to share The 13 best courses to create a blog with which you will learn to open your site on the Internet through step-by-step vídeo tutorials, easy to understand, and above all, having fun in the process.

I have taken some of these courses when I started, and they have been the only tutorials that have given me the knowledge that I really needed to create my weblogs successfully.

So if you also want to learn once and for all how to make your own blog and succeed with itkeep reading!

What will you find in this article?

Courses to create a blog in WordPress

Courses to create a profitable blog

Courses to create an en línea store on your blog

Courses to attract visitors to your blog

▶ Free courses to make a blog

Courses to create a blog in WordPress

1. Course to create a WordPress blog from scratch

This is the best course that I perro recommend to start creating your blog if you know absolutely NOTHING about weblogs, web pages, or how to configure them.

In fact, this is the first course i took to learn everything I know today about how to equipo up a blog, how to add images, write posts on it, and of course attract visitors to make money with it.

Starting from scratch is hard, especially when you know absolutely nothing about the subject, so it is habitual to want a course that tells you things to do Step by Step.

If you don’t have any prior knowledge about WordPress, then this course is the best for you.

In this course to create your WordPress blog from scratch you will see everything from the beginning:

  • How to create and editar your profile
  • As equipo up your blog from start to finish easily
  • As create an entry to start writing
  • How to add images and backlinks to your inputs (this is very important for make money with affiliate products)
  • How to install plugins and manage your templates

The WordPress configuration and everything that is its appearance, plugins, tools, among other details, it’s a bit complex at the beginning when you don’t know anything about this.

It was hard for me to know how I could upload a YouTube vídeo or how to put an image on my blog

However, you will learn all of this in this step-by-step course in an easy way. thanks to the vídeos it contains and where you perro perfectly see how to do it.

2. WordPress course for basic and intermediate level

This is another good course to create a WordPress blog from scratch, but aimed at people who already have little knowledge about the world of blogging (such as knowing what a complemento is, or how to create a new entry to publish it).

The advantage of this course is that it also starts from zero for all who are beginnersbut after that it goes further and deals with slightly more advanced concepts.

We cánido say that This is two courses in one: in the first part you have all the basic things about making a blog, and in the second he teaches you slightly more advanced techniques to improve it.

For that reason, This was the second course I took. because when I saw it I knew that it was going to allow me to refresh the basic knowledge that I had learned with the previous one, and then be able to sintetiza the new that they were going to teach me in a simpler way.

Here, after the basic part is finished, you start to see how to build a blog with WordPress.

For example, enabling comments, the theme that you cánido customize, how to equipo options and the interaction of users with the blog.

These things they are intermediate level and it’s good to have all the basics in mind when moving to this stage.

So it’s a good course if you don’t intend to leave half your learning and continue once.

3. WordPress course for newbies

The course has the same objective as the previous two and especially, because it also focuses on teaching beginners, but a big difference that I noticed when comparing them, is that WordPress for newbies is much simpler but above all, motivating.

if you’re looking for open a blogthe main purpose It must be to write your thoughts, ideas or simply information that you want to share with others.

Normally the courses focus too much on teaching you the technical, how a program works and do everything almost like a robot.

Different from the rest, this one also teaches you how to do everything you want, but in a more personal way and less overall.

Will you learn to publish articles? Yes, but you’ll also know how to customize the look from the start and make them more your own, less generic.

Also, this course it’s shorter but also more concise than the rest.

So if what you are looking for in addition to learning is also saving time, this may be your best option as a beginner.

courses for create a blog profitable

4. Course 7 keys to have a successful blog

We perro all create a blog when we learn how to do it. Trust me, anyone cánido.

Now, not because a thousand people believe one that guarantees that everyone will be successful and read by thousands or millions of people on the Internet.

Have a successful blog is not easy.

But in this course that I discovered about four months ago, There are 7 keys that will not only help you but with which you will also get your blog to skyrocket to fame.

In this course you will learn very important things such as:

  • What kind of themes and content they are the most successful
  • How to write good titles for your posts
  • As attract visitors and readers to your blog to grow fast
  • And the most important: how to monetize your blog and make money with it

This course offers you what you have been looking for so that your blog passes among the last in Google plus searches, to be on the first page of results.

And also, as I told you before, will teach you how to make money with your blog in a clear and direct way.

It does not matter if you know nothing on how to monetize your page: here you will learn it from scratch step by step.

Without a doubt, this is a highly recommended course if what you want is start generating income from home with your own blog.

5. How to live from a fashion blog

Among the most successful weblogs you will find on the Internet, those that deal with fashion and beauty They are the ones that always work best.

And no, they are not written nothing more for women. In fact, there are more and more men who also talk about these issues because it is a market that is still barely exploited, and it cánido generate a lot of money if you know how to exploit it well.

you don’t need to be not even someone who loves and goes out of his way for fashion: just having a good sense of it and liking a little writing about it.

However, not all fashion and beauty weblogs are successful and not all receive constant visitors.

So if you are thinking of immersing yourself in this world and creating a blog of this type, you will need some strategies and tricks to make it grow and succeed.

And in this course on how to make a living from a fashion blog, they will teach you precisely that: how to create your blog on this subject, and generate enough income to live off it.

Everything you need to know from improving your website, exactly what to write about and what readers are looking for the most Fashion in a blog, you will know it within this course.

Also, it’s not just about your blog, but that you also play with popular networks and thus make it successful.

6. How to monetize a blog without previous knowledge

Creating a blog is quite a challenge. so do not expect or get depressed that on the first try it does not turn out as you expect.

But, cánido you imagine a course that being a beginner allow you to make a professional blog?

According to Toni Herrera (the creator of this course) you cánido achieve it with these 5 keys and without having any prior experience or knowledge.

That is, you cánido do it even without even know what WordPress is or a blog.

Because? Because it explains these concepts to you super basic but at the same time, it teaches you everything you need to know in a more precise way.

But it is not a lesson to only know how to equipo up a blog, but so that you believe it and in turn, you are creating one that will almost certainly be successful.

This course, despite the fact that it is mainly aimed at beginners, touches on very interesting topics such as widgets, use FileZilla, among others.

So interesting that they were the ones who encouraged me to take it even when I already had prior knowledge and many things explained already knew them.

However, I also found a certain charm in going through the steps again and see the differences between a course that teaches you how to blog to one that teaches you the same, but with a view to making it successful.

So if you’re someone looking to grow and succeed, it is perfect for you even if you’ve been at it for a while.

Courses to create a En línea store on your blog

7. How to create an en línea store from scratch

Did you know that in a blog you cánido also open your own en línea store simply by installing a complemento called WooCommerce?

Well, that’s how it is: you just have to create your blog with WordPress, install WooCommerce, and that’s it, you will have your own virtual store Created in less than 5 minutes.

However, once this is done you will have to configure it, upload images, price your productsestablish your shipping methods…

But do not worry, This course will help you do all of that. and much more teaching you step by step how to achieve it through vídeo tutorials.

When you entrar this course you will see that in a few days you will have learned to create a virtual store in which you cánido literally sell anything.

This course focuses on teaching you how to create but above all, organize everything that a store carries.

You will learn things like:

  • As install WooCommerce on your WordPress blog
  • As create your first product (upload images, write a description, put a price…)
  • How to equipo up your payment methods (the way you want customers to pay you)
  • How to equipo shipping costs
  • And other important aspects like manage orderssend them, create discount coupons…

You know, all those details that stores have but that many courses fail to tell us and leave us to our good luck finding out and do it.

A store is not just about putting the products on a sales list and place a huge ad of “shoes, shirts and everything you want for sale”.

Remember that you must generate discount coupons, reports and orders.

And all that requires some guidance that is included here.

8. How to create an en línea store for beginners

This is a course afín to the previous one, only here, in addition to teaching you the most basic steps to create your en línea store on your WordPress blog with WooCommerce, it also they will espectáculo you slightly more advanced concepts.

In this way you will get a fully professional virtual store with which you will attract many customers to generate benefits.

It is the main reason why it caught my attention since it not only talks about WooCommerce as if you already know everything there is and cánido be of WordPress, but it espectáculos you how are they linked with each other.

Here, in addition to how to install WooCommerce, create your products, and configure your payment and shipping methods, You will also learn other things like:

  • create a menu exchange policies or return
  • Configure different specific payment methods such as PayPal for Latin America
  • Manage the categories, tags and attributes of each of your products
  • Do a nice moving menu for your main page with which to better promote your star products
  • View the status of orders, change the process they are in (received, in preparation, shipping, delivered) and put discount coupons

courses for attract visitors to your blog

9. How to position your blog in Google plus step by step

Have you ever heard of SEO? I listened to it everywhere I went and even more so if I entered a site that was about it or had something to do with it.

The truth is that I was going crazy from listening to it so much and know absolutely nothing.

The worst of the case is that I knew that it was very important if I wanted to open a blog and although at that moment I already had the basic and sufficient knowledge to open one, I was aware that I would not have many visits unless I did good SEO.

So what did I do? I got ready to finally start a course since usually Although I tried to learn it in a self-taught way, It was hard for me all the time.

I didn’t plan to do it in person (or in my dreams) so when looking for one en línea i came across this one.

The truth I had high expectations and it did not let me down when I started taking it.

I learned in a very short time what they were search Engines, the intention of the users and in general, how could I make them clic on mine instead of another blog.

It is a very complete course and the best: for starters.

I didn’t know anything either and it’s not impossible to start from now on, so feel free to try it and attract visitors to your blog just like I could with this course.

10. SEO course from scratch: earn money with your website

The concepts of applying SEO they are practically identical for any blog, but there are still several things that vary.

Google plus is huge and extensive, the truth is, I consider it infinite since in each millisecond new information is uploaded and we are not talking about one or two, but thousands or even millions.

So position yourself well in Google plus It’s like the secret to success.

Something I didn’t know is how important are the palabras clave, basic key tools and many other things that are not indicated in the courses.

For example, I had read in many places about Robots.txt but I never knew what it was or how I could use it to better position my website or in this case, my blog.

In this course they explain all these details and how cánido you position well your website from scratch.

That is to say, you don’t have to wait a while but at once with everything they teach you, you will be able to place it among the first results of Google plus.

They also espectáculo you how careful you should be with the policies and profit that WordPress brings you when it comes to positioning.

Free courses to make a blog

eleven. How to create a successful blog

This is a free course to create a blog which is not bad to start with if you don’t have any knowledge about this world.

it’s pretty basic giving you the notions you need to start at first, but with that you cánido start experimenting in this world of weblogs and try to create your own.

The best of this course is that it is extremely short (only 2 hours) and nicely sums up everything you need to know about creating it and making it a success.

Also, although you would normally think that with a free course you would waste your time, I was surprised that in just a little more than 2 hours I was able to complete it and understand it perfectly.

AND I was not disappointed the content.

Time is more valuable than money, so for me, it is important not to waste not a second in something that is not going to work or serve me for something profitable.

Contains 3 only vídeos in which you will learn the main thing to know how to create your blog in a summarized way.

12. How to create a professional website in WordPress

WordPress courses are the ones you will look for the most at the beginning, I am 100% sure of it.

Because? Because I did it too and it’s no use trying so hard to make your blog successful if you don’t even know how wordpress works

If you don’t have money to do a reversal of a course or some program that helps you in it, then this course will be your light to the top.

Despite being a free course is VERY complete and I loved the agenda since it starts from what WordPress itself is, to all its elements.

Now, your concern must also be that it will not cover everything, because that was where I, like you, I made a mistake.

Plugins, customization and creation of everything that you need in your blog.

The course at first glance looks long but the longest vídeo arrives up to about 20 minutes and the rest only takes about 2 or 3 of your time.

It is quite concise in all explanations and it does not result in the same thing over and over again.

13. Learn how to create your blog on

A completely free vídeo course on WordPress and all its components.

Afín to the previous one? Yes, but we all prefer some more than others, so being free, you perro try it and see which one you like best.

Personally, this brought me the surprise of the gift which I didn’t know and it was very useful later in the course but especially while I was creating my blog with WordPress.

In addition, it is not a fácil course to explain to you but not espectáculo you how it’s done.

In this one, they espectáculo you step by step how to really blog And what would the end result be like?

So by the end of the course you should be able to have put together one with each of the steps but placing your preferences in the configuration and customization of this.

And he explains that all you need are two fácil things: a domain and a hosting.

Which of these courses to create a blog are you going to take? Tell me in the comments the course you liked or chose the most.

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 The 13 best courses to create your own
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