The 12 most sold products by

The 12 most sold products by

Surely you have ever thought about starting your own business on the Internet, and so generate income without having to leave your home.

So, why haven’t you done it yet? Why haven’t you taken the step to start a profitable venture, and become your own boss?

I know what the answer is: because you have many doubts.

To begin with, surely you think that you should invest a lot of money in creating your business; You will need to buy many products, pay a high price to have a website or an en línea store, invest in advertising…

maybe you think you should be computer literate and know how to design a web page to achieve it.

What if I tell you that to start selling en línea you don’t need to spend a penny in making a virtual store or in advertising? And that you don’t need to know ANYTHING about web design?

The Internet has made many tasks easier. and sales is one of them, without a doubt.

Today, anyone cánido create an en línea business with hardly any money, and only knowing how to use a computer. It’s easier than you perro imagine!

Therefore, in this guide I am going to teach you everything you need to know to achieve it: from which products are the most sold for you to be more successful, even how to start your en línea store and advertise it without investing any of your money.

are you ready for become your own boss? Then keep reading!

What will you find in this article?

The 12 elementos that sell the most en línea

▶ What is the best way to sell en línea?

▶ How to start an en línea business: 5 easy steps

▶ How do I sell en línea for free?

▶ How to advertise for free on the Internet

The 12 elementos what is sold the most en línea

1. women’s clothing

What woman doesn’t love having her armario full of new clothes? We all love it!

That’s why women’s clothing is One of the most sold elementos en línea.

Women are often up to date with the latest fashions and trends, so consumption does not depend on a specific time.

There are even those who still do not need more clothes, they shop to look different every day.

On the web pages it is possible to see the measurements of each of the garments.

Which prevents them from having to go to the store to try it on.

Just by reading the descriptions you will be able to know what your size is and make your purchase without further complication.

Here you cánido sell everything: shirts with sleeves, sleeveless, evening dresses, wedding dresses, tejanos, skirts, etcétera.

And not just for women… Men shop too! Of course, never in the same proportion as women, but they certainly like to look good too.

So if you’re thinking of start an en línea clothing businessI will give you a recommendation: since there are an endless number of garments that you cánido sell, it is best that you choose a specific one and focus on that ámbito.

That is, it sells only shirts or vaqueros and shorts. What suits you best and what you like best.

Then, when you have already built a client portfolio, you could Try new clothes to surprise them.


Clothes for children

The little ones in the house also lead one of the top positions.

From the clothes of his first days of life, to that of his first years of age.

On the Internet you perro sell everything for them. Today parents prefer to do it this way and thus avoid spending hours in stores with their little ones.

So if you were planning to sell children’s clothing, it’s a good iniciativa.

But I also have a piece of advice for you: nowadays the competition is high, so also you should focus on a more specific campo.

For example: could you sell newborn clothes or on the contrary, for children 5 years and older.

you could also sell clothing for special occasionsswimwear, sleepwear, daily wear, shoes and accessories etcétera.

In addition, you will have to be creative so that the parents they prefer you over any other seller.

3. Technological equipment of all kinds

Currently, technology is more present than ever in all the activities we do.

Therefore, the consumption of all this equipment increases every day, thanks to the updates and improvements that they make our life so much simpler.

here you perro sell: refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, televisions, monitors, computers of all kinds, etcétera.

However, teléfonos inteligentes top the list of the best-selling technological equipment.

And is that, who does not like have the latest phone released on the market? If you plan to sell technological equipment, it is best that you get a reliable supplier and that offers you the best prices.

so you perro get benefits and at the same time, avoid legal problems.

4. Accessories for technological equipment

As I already mentioned in the previous point, technological equipment is part of our daily life and their care should be a priority for you.

That’s why accessories for them too They are among the best sellers.

For example, could you sell cases for teléfonos inteligentes or laptops that protect them against any blow.

Or also you perro sell: cables to recharge batteries, headphones, mounts to use while drivingetcétera.

But remember, just like with electronic equipment, inquire about providers that best suit your budget and the quality you want to offer.

Choose the one that allows you buy at a good price so that you also get your profits.

5. Shoes

The shoes are the obsession of many women… and men too.

There is a lot of variety, so here you should also select if you are going to sell a specific shoe or if you are going to have variety in your future en línea store.

I recommend that you start with a specific shoe and then include more styles.

For example: Perro you sell sports shoes?party shoes, heels, sandals, slippers or just shoes for the little ones in the house.

To increase sales you must specify sizes and measurements of each of the models.

I also recommend that convert the sizes or numbers of your country to equivalents in other countries.

So your customers cánido know which one is ideal for them and they will not abandon the purchase because they don’t know which one to buy.

6. Sports articles and supplements

Every day more people choose Change your eating habits for healthier ones.

To lead a healthy life, these people should not only eat better, but also go to a gym to start exercising their bodies.

That is why sports products are necessary for many people who have even been adopting a healthier lifestyle for years.

For example, you could sell sportswear This includes different elementos: shirts, bras, shorts, tights (or leggings), pants, shoes for different sports, socks and more.

you might as well sell necessary implements to do the exercises, such as dumbbells, rubber bands, balls, ropes and even watches that count calories to optimize the results of your buyers.

You could sell specific elementos for a single sport or sell the elementos that interest you the most.

7. Used clothing and other used elementos

Used clothing (but always in good condition) is sold a lot on the Internet.

Many times we buy something, we use it once and then, we forget about its existence.

It may also happen that you bought a garment for a special occasion or have a garment that It is too big or too small.

O well, your son’s clothes that no longer fit him or your wife, who is already tired of wearing the same shirts to work.

The solution is: sell it and recover a part of the investment. With the money you receive you could buy a garment from the new collection or save some plus money.

you could too sell old elementos that you find at home and thus free up some space, such as: books, paintings and furniture.

As long as what you are going to sell is in good condition, it will be easy to get someone interested.

8. Beauty products and perfumes

Women have always been par excellence, buyers of products that guarantee the care of your skin and its beauty.

And nowadays men do it too, so the market has grown.

Therefore, the sale of these products (which are always necessary) could bring you big profits.

In this point the options are many: creams for hair or beard, for the body, for the face, anti-aging creams, exfoliants, makeup and much more.

Every day the products of this world They offer many more benefits. Therefore, if you start selling them your income will be quite constant.

The perfumes are also a good iniciativa...

We all like to smell good!

In addition to the fact that they are always a good option to get out of trouble when it comes to give a gift to a special person.

9. Books

Books have always been a excellent investment, since they not only educate you about any topic that you cánido think of, but they are also an excellent option when making a gift.

In addition, there is a great variety of books that you cánido offer.

I give you some examples: cooking and recipes, child care, meditation, personal motivation, business, financemathematics, technology, fashion, decoration and other books by famous authors.

Books will never stop being a trend, you will always have someone willing to buy.

10. Vídeo game

Vídeo games are the perfect gift for a boy or girl since several years ago.

But today, things have changed and even adults are fanes of this type of game.

This world has adapted to please everyone’s tastes.

From princesses and cowboys games for the little ones, even famous board games that have been brought to the screens.

So if you plan to sell vídeo games you have many options to choose from.

you might as well sell games you no longer use and take advantage of them to buy new ones.

eleven. Handmade and personalized products

The world is full of creative and tasteful people that are not yet disclosed.

So if you are one of them or know someone who has made excellent designs, do not hesitate to sell them en línea.

The products that you perro do with your own hands there are many: shirts, sweaters, pants, skirts, bags, wallets, notebooks, comics, mugs and any product that your client asks for.

They are usually in high demand as they are unique products.

To achieve this, I will give you the best pages and I will even teach you how to create your own en línea business with just 5 steps.

Do not hesitate to make your creativity a business and sell your products around the world.

12. pet products

Our pets are considered another member of the family, something like another son.

That is why their care and well-being is of great importance to their owners.

pets too need their own elementossuch as: beds, necklaces, food, toys, bath products and more.

Could you sell custom necklaces with their names and a contact number with their owners.

The latter are very useful since in the event that the pet is lost, whoever gets it will be able to contact his family to return it where it belongs.

Or you could get a provider and resell what you have bought.

Which is the better way to sell en línea?

The best way It will depend on your budget and knowledge. If you don’t have money, it’s best to create a Fb page or use a digital marketplace.

But if you have some budget, a good iniciativa would be to use a platform like Wix to start your en línea store.

What may be the best way for a person, it may not be the best way for you.

All businesses are different, so you should find the one that suits you and help you earn money as soon as possible.

To give you an iniciativa, here I leave you the best options so you cánido sell everything you want.

1. Create a Fb page

Fb is a popular network that serves everything and millions of people navigate it every day.

Having so many people using Fb makes it an excellent option for you to publicize your products and get people interested in buying them.

To do it you must Create a seguidor page on Fb. Go to the settings section and there, press “editar page”.

Then, you will see a section that says “Templates”, clic it, then press “editar” and finally, press “purchases”.

Once there, you cánido editar the tabs and your future store on Fb as you like.

For editar other options from your store: go back to the configuration section.

Make sure your store is active and aparente to other users. Detalla what you are going to sell in it and add photos of the products.

The photos must be of good quality. where the details of the product are observed.

Detalla them in the legend, including their color and size.

Finally, you must determine what payment methods you will accept.

If you do not have a Paypal account yet, I recommend that you create one so that you cánido manage your customer payments with ease.

O well, you could accept bank transfers, which are widely used today.

2. Sell ​​through your Instagram account

Instagram is a completely visual network, which makes it a great option for sell your products on it.

The first thing you should take into account is the profile that you are going to espectáculo. Your profile photo could be the logotipo of the brand or the name of the store specifically, that is easy to read and identify for your potential customers.

Then, You will have to take care of your biography.

There you must write the name of the store or brand, a short description of what you are going to sell and a correo electrónico or phone number so they cánido contact you.

If you have a blog or website, you could include the backlink in the same bio, as well as indicate that prices and orders are requested by private message.

Take photos of the products What do you plan to sell? You cánido do it yourself or with a photographer and models using what you offer.

Start posting the photos with a short description.

In the case of being a piece of clothing or shoes, make sure put the size and measurements. This way you will avoid answering the same question hundreds of times.

It is important that answer quickly comments and private messages.

If the customer doesn’t get a response, they will probably look for another option.

3. Use Etsy, Ebay and MercadoLibre

Digital markets, also known as “marketplaces” are already established web pages for the purpose of selling products.

The first thing you should do is Create an account on the platform of your choice.

Among the best known options are: Amazon, Ebay, Mercado Libre.

And now Fb.

However, There are others if you want to sell something more specific.

For example: on Etsy you cánido sell your handmade products

The advantage of selling through one of these platforms is that You don’t need to worry about advertising.

In general They are already known pageswith customers who usually use them to buy everything.

However, they will keep a commission for every sale you make on it, which could disminuye your earnings.

4. Don’t know how to make an en línea store? Try Wix!

It often happens that since we do not have the necessary knowledge, we think that we are not we perro have our own en línea store. But it’s not like that.

Even when You don’t know anything about design and you have a low budget… There is always a solution.

If this is your case, the best option is use Wix. A platform that helps you create your own en línea store.

By simply entering the page through the Internet, you will be able to create your account with your dirección de correo electrónico or backlink it to a popular network you already have.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to Choose the template that you like the most and editar it.

Then, add the products you are going to sellpayment methods and all the information of interest to anyone who visits your page.

The truth is that create your own en línea store It has never been so easy… And cheap!

>> How to Create an En línea Store With Wix <

5. WooCommerce: the most professional solution

If you have a budget that is not so limited and you also have design knowledge, the The best way to sell en línea for you will be WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is a tool that WordPress offers you so that create your own en línea store

and it does transforming your website or blog that you already had.

Of course, you must have your own hosting.

If it is free, you will not be able to install WooCommerce on it.

If you already have it, the first thing you should do is install it in the “Plugins” section from the WordPress dashboard.

Once downloaded, you cánido start add the products you are going to sell, along with their taxes and shipping prices.

But that’s not all, this complemento offers you many advantages afín to those of WordPress.

For example: you will have the integrated popular networksyou perro use all its positioning tools (SEO) and choose between the various themes.

If you have already used WordPress you will feel at home.

If, on the other hand, you are new to this world… Don’t worry, in a matter of days you will have become an expert.

How to do an en línea business: 5 easy steps

To make your own business en línea you must follow 5 fácil steps: identify what you want to sell, study your product (and your competition as well), find suppliers, create your en línea store and advertise it.

If you thought creating your own en línea business was impossible, I’ll prove you wrong.

The truth is that yes it is possible and much easier than you thought.

With effort and perseverance everything cánido be achieved.

First things first, you must know what product you are going to sell to be able to do your business en línea.

exist thousands of options from which you cánido build a business.

Clothes, shoes, products made by yourself or purchased from a supplier, electronics, beauty products, etcétera.

While it is true that they are all useful, You cánido’t sell everything. Or at least it wouldn’t be a good option if you’re just starting out.

I recommend you to choose specific products or a single product you know.

And I tell you that you should know it since that way you cánido answer the doubts of the clients.

If you sell a product that you know nothing about, it will be much more difficult and it will take more time for you to learn about it and you manage to transmit that knowledge to potential buyers.

It is good that know its use and that of its accessories (if you have them), where they sell them, how they advertise them, etcétera.

In addition, knowing what products you are going to sell will help you choose the design of your page and Determine what strategies you will use to advertise.

Once you have identified what you want to sell, you should study it. And by studying it, I orinan that you verify that it really covers a need and that people are going to buy it.

Surely you will ask yourself: and how do i get to know my customers if I don’t know who they are?

you must go collecting information to know their tastes, ages, economic situation and most importantly: if they really need what you are going to sell.

And not only that, but they perro also buy it.

Then, you should study your competition, to those who sell the same as you.

It is not about spying on them, nor about copying their strategies.

It is about comparing their prices, seeing what strategies they have used (and if they have served) to make themselves known and most importantly: What do they have that you don’t?

By knowing that, you will be able to work on the advantages that you are going to offer. What am I going to offer that my competition does not have? That is the question you should ask yourself!

Could be: better quality for a higher pricelower quality but lower price, more practical and easy to use, etcétera.

Choose the one that suits your pocket and the money you want to earn

Your en línea store will depend on the study you have done on your product and your potential customers.

Of all the platforms you perro use, you should find the one that suits both of you.

For example: if your possible clients are more likely to use popular networks, do not hesitate to Create your en línea store on Fb or Instagram.

you might as well use Wix, if you are not yet an expert in web page design and you have a low budget.

Or WooCommerce, which is ideal if you have used WordPress before and have a sufficient budget.

Once you’ve decided, you’re ready to start publish the products that you have decided before.

Be sure to place the best products in the part superior. In general, those are the ones that attract the most attention from the people who entrar web pages.

Then you must install shopping cartchoose the payment methods that you will receive and how you will make the shipments.

Remember that the more payment methods you choose, You will have a better oportunidad of selling.

Finally: Make it easy to use! Don’t make the mistake of having a super complicated page, this will only make customers abandon the purchase.

If in your case, you will manufacture the products yourself, you cánido skip this step.

But if you are going to buy them from a supplier, then sell them and make your own money, I will give you 2 consejos that you should not ignore.

The first, investigate about the suppliers and select the ones that best fit what you are going to offer.

For example: if you are looking for something cheap, you better select those who offer lower quality for a lower price.

Stay with several options, this way you ensure a plan B or C in the event that A does not work.

The second consejo, do not choose the first provider you get. Before, ask other people who have already used their services to verify that it is trustworthy and that the product is really what it offers.

If in the same way, it has not been what you expected, you will have other options that may work.

Advertising it is escencial if you want people to know of your new en línea business.

Although it is true that there are many ways to do it, You should choose the one that best suits your customers.

procure send them the information through the means they always use.

For example: if your potential clients often use popular networks, do not hesitate to do it there.

Articulo photos and vídeos about your new business, so your friends and followers will find out.

Another option is: pay a website to espectáculo your banners or popup windows.

If you choose this last option, make sure that page relates to yours.

If you do it on a car page and you are going to sell beauty products, those interested in cars they will not be interested in beauty products.

Therefore, you would lose money and you would not be able to make your page known.

If you don’t have a budget, later I will give you 5 options for you to advertise for free on the Internet.

whatAs I do to sell en línea for free?

For sell en línea without spending a penny You have several options: through popular networks, uploading vídeos on YouTube, using digital markets or “marketplaces”, having a blog and using Google plus tools.

Popular media, in case you didn’t know, they have many functions. Beyond posting photos and vídeos of what you do on a daily basis, you could use them to sell for free en línea.

As I mentioned to you before, Fb and Instagram are very good options. You only have to create an account and place photos of what you are going to sell.

procure put a contact number or correo electrónico so they cánido ask you questions and requests.

If, on the other hand, you already have an en línea store, Put the backlink in your bio. So those who are interested will automatically visit your page and buy through it.

While it is true, Youtube is another popular network, as well as Fb and Instagram.

But I’ve put it aside, because I will explain two ways to sell for free on this network.

As you know, on Youtube millions of vídeos are uploaded every day and in it there are many channels with millions of subscribers.

So if you have your own channel, don’t hesitate to talk about what you sell in your vídeos.

You could dedicate an exclusive vídeo, where leave the backlink to your en línea store or to your Fb or Instagram account where you have added the photos of the products.

So your subscribers You cánido go directly to the backlink and buy.

The second option is offer one of your products in exchange for another estrella de youtube’s advertising.

But BEWARE: you cánido’t choose any estrella de youtube.

It must be one that have the same interests as you.

Otherwise, your subscribers will not be interested in buying your product.

weblogs are also ideal to sell for free en línea. Your readers follow you because they identify with you and trust you.

And this is an advantage when it comes to selling.

If you sell or recommend a product, they will probably want to buy it.

So if you don’t have one yet, I recommend you use WordPress or Google plus Blogger to create it.

in them you cánido create and manage your own blogadd photos, vídeos, backlinks, contact information so they perro communicate with you.

I recommend you to do not publish all images in posts or only in them.

If you do that, as you make more posts products will scroll down and probably people don’t see them.

Is better than equipo it up as a catalog, so whenever they entrar they will be able to see it.

Then, if you don’t have it yet, create a Paypal account.

They they will give you the code to paste it on your blog and you cánido receive payments through them.

Finally you will have to take care of the shipment.

If it is a physical product, investigate which route is best for your pocket.

If it’s digital, you won’t have to deal with this step.

Google plus is used for endless activities and to sell for free too!

Although It is not one of the most used methods For those who want to sell en línea, you must know it.

Google plus Sites is the Google plus tool to create web pages. There you must log in with your Google plus account and start designing it.

Perro insert the images of the products you want to sell and then add the Paypal code so that users cánido make the payment.

Don’t worry about the Paypal code, it is very easy to create. Once you have your account there, entrar the configuration section to design the payment button.

Over there you will place the price of the product, shipping and taxes. Finally, it will give you a code that you must paste into your Google plus Sites and save the page.

You will be able to vea the product and the button that they must press to make the payment of their purchase.

How to do free advertising en línea: 5 ways

Internet offers you free alternatives to advertise such as: having your own blog, using your popular networks, doing advertising exchanges, posting advertisements or being part of related forums.

So if you don’t have thousands of dollars to campaign, don’t worry, I will give you 5 options. With them you will make your brand known and you will begin to attract hundreds of customers.

1. Having a blog or your own website

As you will have noticed throughout the article, a blog or website it is completely necessary.

Not only to sell, but also to advertise and make yourself known.

If you don’t advertise, how do you expect people find out what you sell or do? Start making posts to get subscribers and engage with them.

This way you will create a bond of trust and when you advertise your product, They won’t hesitate to buy it.

Discuss with them the utility and benefits What would it bring to your life if you acquired it?

Do the same as you get new subscribers and ask them to share it if they found it useful or liked it. And finally, if possible, articulo photos of them enjoying their purchase.

2. Using your popular networks

Popular networks they are excellent allies when it comes to free advertising on the Internet.

You are allowed get to know your followers and keep in touch with them at any time of day.

If you are looking to advertise on them, the best ways to do so are: Fb, Instagram and Youtube.

On Fb you cánido create your own page where you articulo quality photos with detailed descriptions of what you offer.

Ask your friends and family to share the posts.

So are your friends they will find out and share if they liked it.

On Instagram you should do the same.

You cánido try vídeos, stories or Boomerangs to draw the attention of your followers.

and in the same way you perro do it with youtube, through vídeos on your own channel.

The key is that you publish quality content and at a good time.

You don’t want to make one of your best posts and have no one see it because you posted it while they were sleeping.

Be sure to articulo at the correct timesthose where people use their mobile.

3. Doing publicity exchanges

advertising exchanges They usually work very well today.

The first thing you should do is inquire about other vendors or companies, related to your market.

Then reach out to those who have the most followers and interactions.

The more followers and interactions you have, the greater the chances of making yourself known.

You could propose to advertise both products together or that place the backlink of your page on theirs and vice versa.

So both win and you begin to create alliances that could be of use to you in the future.

4. Posting classified ads

Classified ads are a good option if you have empty pockets and want to make yourself known.

There are many pages of classified ads.

However, some of the best known worldwide They are Olx and Vivastreet.

Similarly, I recommend that Look for the most used in your country. They are very afín to the yellow pages or classified section in newspapers.

But being on the Internet, you have many more possibilities that people know you.

Most of these pages They do not charge anything for posting on them.

So all you have to do is take care of make a good announcement and for you to achieve it, I leave you these 3 steps.

First: articulo a quality photo.

The second: put the right price.

Third: write a good title and a good description.

With these consejos there is no doubt that you will make yourself known and multiply your sales.

5. Join related forums

Related forums are also useful if your goal is advertise for free.

The first thing you should do before participating in one of them is to find one (or several) that relates to your product or what you are going to offer. This way you will make those who participate in the forum feel interested and read you.

Then you must articulo a little text that includes your name, the backlink of your page and if possible, a short description.

you might as well make relevant comments or answer other people’s.

Always try to make valuable comments, that transmit content of interest for those who read it.

Only then will you get Grab their attention and convert them into potential customers.

If you thought that selling en línea was impossible, here I have taught you that it is not, and that you have many different methods to achieve it without spending a single penny.

It does not matter that you do not have a large amount of money to invest: there will always be a choice that suits you and that will make you successful as an en línea seller.

And you, What products would you like to start selling en línea? Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think.

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 The 12 most sold products by
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