The 12 best aplicaciones to invest in the depósito market and

The 12 best aplicaciones to invest in the depósito market and

Invest in the depósito market It is a very attractive option for people who are interested in making operations to try to multiply their money. However, it is necessary to have a series of instruments to carry out this type of transaction.

Therefore, this time we are going to tell you what are the best depósito investing aplicaciones which are in operation at the moment.

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1. Etoro

Etoro It is a platform for investing in the depósito market that is quite intuitive, and with a very easy-to-use interfaz. Therefore, it is a good option both for those who have knowledge of the depósito market and for those who are beginners. In fact, it’s a aplicación very fashionable at the moment.

In Etoro you perro invest in Stocks and ETFs, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities vía CDFs, etcétera. All this in a safe way and with the possibility of receiving notifications about market events, free access to analyzes carried out by experts, etcétera.

From Etoro it should also be noted that it is quite innovative compared to conventional brokerssince it is aimed precisely at people who are starting out in the depósito market.

Etoro: Play Store | aplicación store

Disclaimer: 78% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you cánido afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

2. turn

In the case of Degiro it is better to have some experience to handle the application. It stands out for being a cheap broker (which charges very low commissions), and is especially useful for investing in shares on the depósito market.

This connected to most markets, and it works quite well. However, it is not the best option to do forex or invest in futures, for example.

Degiro: Play Store | aplicación store


XTB is a broker with a long history, and it is also one of the leading CDF and FX brokers of the entire planet. Its application gives the usuario the possibility of accessing different financial markets, to operate through various instruments.

Specifically, XTB is an ideal application for investing in forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, ETFs, and stocks. It has several awardsand is audited by financial authorities such as the CNMV and the KNF, among others.

XTB: Play Store | aplicación store

4. Infobag

To manage Infobolsa you must have some training in the depósito market. It is an application focused on long-term investmentwhich gives the necessary information to monitor the financial markets.

Infobolsa is a good depósito market simulator for Android and IOSand some of its contents are world reference indices, currencies, values, risk premiums or interest rates.

By paying a certain amount, some additional features of this aplicación cánido be accessed. However, it is also possible get a great performance out of its free version.

Infobag: Play Store | aplicación store


This is a very suitable application for people who are starting out in the world of investments. This regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Regulatory Authority.

Agregado 500 is a contract for difference (CDF) provider, offering thousands of instruments. Some of the options available to you are investing in raw materials, stocks, cryptocurrencies, etcétera. It also has price alert serviceswhich are very interesting for sizing the limits to make a good investment.

Agregado500: Play Store | aplicación store

6.Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is a great aplicación for monitor financial marketsand thus be aware of all the news that occurs in them.

In this application you cánido receive news and advice in real time to invest money. It also allows us to create our own portfolio of securities, with a greater or lesser level of risk.

Yahoo Finance: Play Store | aplicación store


One of the best information services when it comes to investing in securities it is Bloomberg. This application allows you to keep abreast of everything that happens in the financial field, to make the right decisions.

Another of its emplees is to add the values ​​that you want to follow, and access comparative graphs of their evolution. Investors with more experience have at their disposal the tool Bloomberg Anywherewhich allows, among other functions, to establish alerts of the values ​​followed.

Bloomberg: Play Store | aplicación store

8.Ninety Nine

Ninety Nine is a very habitual depósito investing aplicación among young people. This registered with the CNMV, so it is a very safe option. To which must be added that it offers protection guarantees to retail investors, and that it has separate accounts from the accounts of its clients.

It is also a very easy-to-use application, which allows you to have all the necessary information to make investment decisions minimizing risk.

Ninety Nine: Play Store | aplicación store

9.Real Time Depósito Tracker

In this case we are talking about an application oriented to US depósito marketso it really is a good alternative for those who are interested in investing abroad.

Real Time Depósito Tracker gives the option to create alerts in real time, various lists, etcétera. It should also be noted that it allows multi value multiple controlsomething that other applications to invest in the depósito market do not usually offer.

Real Time Depósito Tracker: Play Store | aplicación store

10. Stocktweets

Stockwits is a great option for those looking for a site to discuss depósito market investments. And it is really a forum in which experienced investors meet to see how the market works, its evolution and opportunities.

From what we just discussed, beginners may not espectáculo much interest in this Stockwits. However, they should keep in mind that it is a perfect place to get expert opinionswithout having to do a search in the press and popular networks.

Stocktwits: Play Store | aplicación store


Revolut is not an application to invest in the depósito market itself, but rather a en línea bank. However, it allows you to have a bank account and make investments in the depósito market.

It is a completely mobile bank, and the truth is that it has revealed itself as a very useful solution for those who are interested in investing in the depósito market.

Revolut: Play Store | aplicación store

12. ForexTB

This application is designed for investing in shares and exchange-traded index funds, foreign exchange markets, cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and contract for difference (CDF). Its use is very fácil, and has many training tools (articles, tutorials, y también-books, etcétera.).

ForexTB guides the usuario about the risks of operating with CDFs, since it espectáculos the level of losses of the operators in relation to the profits. Another important advantage is that it separates the investor’s money from that of the company.

ForexTB: Play Store | aplicación store

You already know what the best depósito investing aplicaciones currently available. What are you waiting for to try them?

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 The 12 best aplicaciones to invest in the depósito market and
  The 12 best aplicaciones to invest in the depósito market and
  The 12 best aplicaciones to invest in the depósito market and

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