The 11 best jobs for young people

The 11 best jobs for young people

Being young and adolescent is not easy: You want to travel with your friends, go to concerts, buy your own clothes, music, etcétera…

But the way the economy is today, maybe your parents perro’t give you the necessary money for all those things you want to do.

A good solution, apart from looking for work abroad, is to look for a job that do not take many hours so that you perro continue studying, and that at the same time allows you to get an plus for be independent of your parents.

Here you have 11 jobs for young people what perro you start without experienceand that they are ideal for your age.

11 jobs to find your first job

1. work for your parents

One of the most habitual ways for young people to find their first job is help parents to do some tasks.

you cánido clean the house instead of your mother doing it, watering the plants, Go shopping, or wash your father’s car.

The salary will not be much, but This type of work gives flexibility to do them whenever you want and mezcle them with others outside your home; In addition, you will gain experience for when you become independent!

2. You like children?

If so, babysitting is usually a good way to earn money if you are young.

Summer is the ideal time to find this type of work because parents often need someone to take care of their children all day while they are away from home working.

Would you like to babysit but Cánido’t find anyone to hire you? By clicking on the backlink below we will espectáculo you how you perro obtain such a long list of clients that you will have to say no to many!

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When you stop working for your first family, Ask them to write a letter of recommendation for you.

In this way it will be easier to get another family to hire you if you already have a recommendation from your previous job. Although you will need to like children!

3. Pet sitting

Although this may not be a very conventional job, you cánido take care of other people’s pets (your neighbors, for example) to earn plus money easily if you like animals

find out who is going on vacation or you are simply going to be away from home for several hours, and offer to take care of his favorite pet during the day or while your vacation lasts.

4. If you have a vocation as a teacher, give private classes

This is one of the best ways to earn money being young and having your first job if you are especially good at a school subject.

you cánido do it from 3 different ways:

  • If you are excellent in all kinds of subjectsyou perro work as child support teacher who have difficulties at school by helping them with their daily homework and preparing them for exams of all the subjects they learn in their school.
  • If you are particularly good at something specificdedicate yourself to give private classes of that single subject. Children in general tend to have a harder time learning math or science, or English or another language.
  • If you know how to play an instrument (such as piano, guitar, violin, etcétera.), offers private classes of it.

To make it easier for you to be hired, stick posters around your neighborhood announcing you with your phone number and/or dirección de correo electrónico, or make little cards and hand them out at the exits of schools or music conservatories if you want to teach an instrument.Start with low fees, for example about $5 an hour; it is better to have 4 customers that pay that price than to have only one that you charge $10 to.

5. Earn money being supportive

if you know any elderly person needing help to take the groceries home, fix the computer, or other jobs, you perro ask to do this in exchange for a small incentive and thus have a first job.

try to keep a good relationship with that person; remember that they probably feel lonely and like to spend time with younger people around them.

The better they feel with you, the more chances there will be of getting paid more for your services.

Where to get your first job without getting scammed!

To get your first job put a little ad in a newspaper in your city or on a job website to take care of children, give private classes, etcétera.

When you go to a new place to look for work, Go accompanied by your parents or someone else.

It may not be the most ideal, but There are people who may try to take advantage of you. and it is best to be prepared with the help of an adult.

It’s not something to worry about, but it is better to be forewarned.

How to make money en línea if you are young

If you prefer your first job to be from the comfort of your home, Here are some ideas to earn money en línea.

1. Create a blog or YouTube channel

Weblogs with quality content cánido make money putting ads of affiliates in them.

Look for companies that want to advertise on your blogput small banners of advertising on the sides or backlinks to their pages, and every time someone clicks on them, you will get a commission for it.

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There are different methods: Some advertisers pay for each clic that is made, and others usually pay if the person who has clicked on their advertising makes a purchase on their website.

With this you perro earn a lot of money if you put your mind to it, but make sure that the content you write be of quality and try to update your blog as often as possible so that your readers come more frequently and thus generate more visits.

In Youtubeif your vídeos are funny or have a large audience, you cánido also make money with them; if you have many subscribers and/or visitsYouTube espectáculos an ad before each vídeo and you receive a portion of the earnings generated by that ad.

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maybe at first you have to invest in a good camera, a vídeo editing program, and know how you perro reach the largest number of viewers, but worth it for the gains what you will receive later

2. Make crafts and sell them

Why don’t you try selling things you make for free like friendship braceletshandmade earrings, or wool scarves?

If you have talent with your hands and you like crafts, sell them en línea in places like etsy either ebay; but remember: you must be over 18 years old or, if you are a minor, register under the supervision of your parents.

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At Christmas, you perro make specific decorations as centerpieces with candles and pine needles, mistletoe tied with a red bow and some bells, and sell them as limited editions to be able to increase the price of these elementos a little and thus earn plus money.

remember to have them ready for november since people usually buy them to decorate their homes throughout the month of December.

3. Are you passionate about the world of photography?

If so and you have a decent camera, sell images taken by you of landscapes or curious places on the Internet.

You don’t usually make a lot of money out of this, but it’s a fun way to earn plus pay while you develop a hábito.

You perro go to a photo developing store and that they print physical copies for you to sell (with or without frames), or also sell digital copies so that the person who buys them cánido use them however they want.

4. Take en línea surveys

Wouldn’t it be great if all the time you’re on the computer you get paid? Look for places that accept young people (there are websites where only adults perro participate) to conduct surveys about products or services.

There are many businesses dedicated to manufacturing elementos for young people like you and that they are waiting for you to give them your opinion about them.

For starting to make money with surveys follow these 3 steps:

  • Clic here
  • Register on the survey pages that apply in your country
  • Check your dirección de correo electrónico to take your first survey and earn money

5. Earn money with your Móvil inteligente

If you have such a phone, search aplicaciones in which they ask you to do small tasks in exchange for paying you for it.

The pay for many of these jobs isn’t much, but the tasks are usually ridiculously fácil and fast (see a 10-second ad, take a photo in front of a certain store).

If you are a minor, make sure the program accepts people under 18 years of age.

6. Earn money by reading your dirección de correo electrónico!

There are web pages where just for receiving correos electrónicos with advertising and clic on them, you cánido earn money. They don’t usually pay much, but open your correo electrónico and clic on these correos electrónicos It won’t take you more than 15 seconds every time you do it.

If you have many friends, you cánido convince them to sign up on those websites through your affiliate backlink.

So, you will earn a small commission on their earnings for clicking on the correos electrónicos they receive.

What was your first job? What do you think of these job opportunities for young people?

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 The 11 best jobs for young people
  The 11 best jobs for young people
  The 11 best jobs for young people

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