The 10 thoughts that convert poverty

The 10 thoughts that convert poverty

Did you know that there are certain values ​​or principles that, when they become part of your daily life, perro turn wealth into poverty?

As you read And it is that, when you understand that your current situation depends on your actions, decisions and actions, you begin to look for those secrets, that are in your hands, and that allow you to build wealth.

In this article I am going to share the 10 key thoughts of the richest people in the worldwhich once were implemented, will change their lives forever.

The secret values ​​of the richest men in the world:

So, as we mentioned in our Rich Mind ebook, wealth is nothing more than the result of the thoughts that you harbor in your mind.

It is the thoughts, and the principles that govern your life, which determine your actions, and the latter, which shape your current life.

Do you want to change your financial situation? I invite you to review your thoughts, those mental habits that lead you to make the same decisions as always, and have you in a current situation that probably does not make you feel proud.

If you want to change your poverty for wealth, or if you want to learn how to be a millionaire, I invite you to review the following thoughts and start implementing them in your day to day.



If you feel that you are not able to master your finances, to correctly manage your income or manage your expenses, you will not be mentally prepared to build wealth.

Remember that confidence is not about selfishness, or feeling that you know everything, on the contrary, it is a matter of giving importance to personal finances in your life, and wanting to improve your knowledge and training in this area with the aim of make better decisions.



Frugality is a value related to wealth because it espectáculos that you are not someone impulsive or emotional to make decisions with your money.

Some constant behaviors; such as saving money, spending less, and sticking to a budget, are evidence of good financial values.

With frugality we are not talking about living in need, or restricting yourself excessively.

Rather, it’s about living in such a way that you don’t have to keep up with your neighbors, or make financial decisions out of peer pressure.



Until you take responsibility for your actions and decisions, you will never be rich.

It is impossible for you to achieve financial independence by blaming others for what happens in your life.

if really you want to improve your financial situation You must opt ​​for this type of wealth values, and accept the role of your actions and the importance of the decisions you make.

The invitation is that you stop assuming that luck plays a primordial role in your financial results, and start taking ownership of your reality.

4. Popular indifference

When you are indifferent to popular pressures, and you don’t have to buy what your neighbors have, or take on expensive debt to espectáculo others that you are “making it”, you cánido use your money in the areas that do contribute to your wealth.

Remember that all your decisions have a hidden cost; The money you use to keep up with your neighbors is the money you are not using to invest in your future.

So ask yourself how much pressure you feel to live up to others, and how you perro correct these decisions that affect your personal finances.



How focused are you when undertaking a project or when carrying out an activity? Your level of concentration and focus influence your level of wealth.

If you are very dispersed, it will be difficult for you to focus on a single project, and for it to genera the results you are expecting.

Undoubtedly, this value influences your level of financial independence.

Ask yourself the following question and answer yourself honestly: are you able to focus on small, detailed tasks until they are completed without getting distracted?



The value of planning espectáculos that you are a person who not only thinks about the present, but also has the ability to project yourself into the future.

Planning involves setting goals, saving, building an emergency fund, investing your money, and being prepared for future needs.

With this we are not talking about stopping living your present or enjoying yourself, but rather having the ability to postpone your tastes, to reserve for tomorrow and have a cómputo against what you do today, and the hidden cost of these decisions towards the future. .


Long-term visión

Personally, this is the value responsible for the most influential wealth of all. If you are not able to think in months and years, you will hardly build your wealth.

Remember that wealth is the result of good financial decisions over time.

So it takes a mindset of years, not days, to achieve these results.

If you are someone who seeks immediate gratificationIf you want everything now, and you are not able to have the patience to let the projects evolve, it will be difficult for you to reach your financial goals.

Remember that in the short term you cánido earn money, but wealth occurs in the long term.


Low risk aversion

Do you like risk? Are you willing to make risky decisions?

When we talk about risk, people often confuse risk with impulsive, unthought decisions, hoping that luck is in their favor.

Low risk aversion is a value responsible for wealth when the decisions that are made are calculated, the possible losses are estimated and the estimated profits are also very clear.

When we look at risk in this way, we understand why the richest people on the planet get the returns they do, and why well-calculated risk, beyond being an emotional decision, is more of a well-done analysis of probabilities.

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Thinking things differently will lead you to build your wealth. When you give yourself the task of thinking about different things, you open yourself up to new possibilities and business opportunities.

As Steve Jobs puts it in one of his sentences, if you want to change the world you must think differently.

When you are creative, when you allow yourself to think outside the box and try new things, you will not only have different results, but you will gain a unique experience.

Remember that, to be a millionaire, you will have to take risks (value number 8) and at the same time, venture out to try new things, make mistakes and try again.



When things don’t go your way, do you try again or just give up? This value of resilience is a unique characteristic of the world’s richest people.

Most likely, your first attempt did not turn out as expected, the second time the same, and even on a third attempt.

As Jack Ma puts it, today may be difficult, tomorrow will be much more difficult, but the day after tomorrow will be beautiful.

Most people die tomorrow night.

It would be recommendable that, in a next attempt, either with a business iniciativa, project or new goal in your life, you develop resilience in your life, have a long-term visión, be willing to be wrong, to do things differently and take responsibility for your reality.

If you apply these values ​​of millionaires, surely your economic situation will improve, your personal and professional life will rise and you will have a very different visión of your projects.

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 The 10 thoughts that convert poverty
  The 10 thoughts that convert poverty
  The 10 thoughts that convert poverty

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