The 10 most successful investors of all

The 10 most successful investors of all

Knowing the history of the best investors of all time could motivate you to work with more strength, commitment and intelligence to achieve your financial independence.

It is true that entrepreneurship requires courage and that investments are never without risk, but if you study the lives of most successful investors in the world you could gain great knowledge and even replicate some of their successes.

Furthermore, despite the fact that each investor has a different profile, it is common to find certain similarities between them, such as a passion for business or solid financial learning.

If you consider that you also possess these attributes, it is very likely that the life stories of the best investors of all time will be exciting and inspiring.

Great Investors in History You Should Know:

Today you will meet the 10 best investors in history.

We will tell you what their career has been and how they managed to amass great fortunes.

In addition, we will introduce you to the investment strategies that allowed them to generate billions of dollars over time.

Without a doubt, you are millionaire minds they have a lot to teach you, especially since the legacy they have built is incalculable.

1.Warren Buffett

We inaugurate this list of the best investors of all time with the king of long-term investments: Warren Bufé.

Today, his investment portfolio includes companies such as Wells Fargo, American Express, Goldman Sachs, Apple, Coca-Cola, either JPMorgan Chase & Co.

The biggest investment strategy of Warren Buffett is known worldwide as “Value Investing”, which consists of making value investments in solid, long-term companies.

This great investor is characterized by investing in those companies that have large intangible assets, such as their brand or their management team.

His beginnings as an investor go back to the 50’s.

In fact, between 1950 and 1956 this renowned economist managed to increase his capital from $9,800 to $140,000 dollars.

It should also be noted that from 1952 he began to work with Benjamin Grahamanother of the best investors of all time.

They were both analyzing depósito market reports full-time and practicing their winning tactic: the value investing.

It is undeniable that that partnership had a huge impact on Warren and changed his life forever.

Currently, his net worth is estimated at $104.8 billion, according to a recent report by the magazine Forbes, and its largest investments are focused on consumer companies, insurance companies and the media.

His biggest advice to future investors is to invest in businesses that they understand, that are profitable and that generate a lot of cash flow.

2.Benjamin Graham

This investor was known as “the father of value investinga methodology that he gladly led together with Warren Bufé.

He spent a lot of time analyzing the financial status of some companies that were available on the depósito market.

For this great investor it was very important that the price of a share was lower than its intrinsic value, since this showed that he had a certain margin of safety and that it was convenient to invest in it.

Recommended books:

Benjamin Graham He was a pioneer in equity investments, and today his contributions are widely used and leveraged by the largest fund managers on the planet.

He is also the author of “The Smart Investor” which is considered the “bible” of investments in the depósito Exchange.

His most powerful recommendation was always the same: buy trading stocks below their price/earnings ratio.

3.John Marks Templeton

One of the greatest financiers and philanthropists of all time, Templeton’s investment style was based on global investment funds.

His rise to success began when he received a $10,000 loan and turned it into $40,000.

After giving life to Templeton Growth Fund began to take advantage of extremely million-dollar business opportunities, especially when making investments in Japan during World War II.

His most sincere recommendation was this: keep an open mind and use primordial analysis when investing, so that the returns are real.

In 1999 he was considered the “best global depósito picker of the 21st century”, according to the prestigious magazine Money.

4.Peter Lynch

The American businessman, Peter Lynch, also graces this list of the best investors of all time.

His style is all about growth and recovery; and his fortune began to take shape by working in the fund Fidelity Magellan; one of the most trusted and respected in the world.

There he worked as a manager, and thanks to his enormous talent for profitable business and finance, he had the fund’s return double that of the S&P 500 Index for many years.

In fact, Lynch managed to make this fund the most profitable on the planet.

And throughout his successful career as an investor he has managed to grow his assets from $18 million to $14 billion.

Your key to success is to thoroughly research stocks before investing in them, while also double-checking the numbers for each company.

5.David Dreman

His contrarian investing style allowed him to become one of the greatest investors of all time.

His best investment was in the health care ámbito, to the point that his investment portfolio encompasses a large percentage of the financial reserves of health care.

He is a true believer that psychology profoundly affects the quality of investments, especially since at some point in his history he lost 75% of his net worth.

This mastermind originally from Canada also founded the Dreman Value Managementa successful investment firm.

According Insider Monkey, currently his net worth averages $5.5 billion.


George Soros

Historically, the best investment made by this great investor was the result of trading low, or going short (“shorts”), to the pound sterling in 1992.

In fact, short speculation is his main investment strategy.

Soros has been characterized by invest money in bonds and currencies with tremendous success.

A curious fact that you should know about this character is that he is known worldwide as the “man who broke the Bank of England” during the famous “Black Wednesday”.

His extensive experience in business led him to found the Quantum Fundand thanks to his impeccable management, he managed to achieve an average annual return of 30%

According to estimates of Celebrity Net Worthhis net worth is around $9 billion.


Philip Arthur Fisher

Fisher could not be missing from this list of the best investors of all time, since their long-term depósito investments amassed a great fortune.

Until now his best investment was made in Motorola, specifically in the year 1955, and since then he specialized in buying shares in many technology companies that were booming.

He was also very successful in buying large companies at “fair prices”, and by identifying valuable investment opportunities in the depósito market.

His career as an investor was filled with success, and through his money management company, Fisher & Co.helped many customers to become millionaires.

In his opinion, he needed to invest in companies with high capital that offered him a high profit margin and a high return.

8.Charlie Munger

Munger is not only known for being the partner of Warren Bufé, but also for being the vice president of Berkshire Hathaway (This owns all the shares of many American business groups).

Since he ventured into the financial markets, at the beginning of his professional growth, he realized that he had a great future as an investor.

And that was how he was encouraged to create an investment company that allowed him to manage thousands of dollars from his clients, while offering them extraordinary returns.

charlie munger also chaired the Westco Financial Corporation for many years, and currently it serves as one of the main subsidiaries of Berkshire Hathaway.

9.John Bogle

The fact that Bogle is considered one of the greatest investors of all time is attributed to the role he played in “democratizing investing.”

In essence, John “Jack” Bogle managed to open up the investment market in the depósito Exchange for small investors, and in general, for anyone who wants to invest money.

He also created passive investing, which is based on investing in indexes, rather than individual stocks (and then held for the long term).

His investment model gave life to “Bogleheads”, a community of investors who advocate low-cost investments that are able to replicate market results, without having to closely monitor them.

10.John Neff

Neff is also considered to be one of the best Investors Of All Time, since when managing the Vanguard Windsor Fund carried out a fácil investment strategy focused on companies with a low price/earnings ratio.

During his rise to success as an investor, he made sure to avoid companies that were prone to cyclical downturns, and focused on those that offered great strength.

In his opinion, it is very prudent to sell at the very moment in which the investment criteria deteriorate, or when the price of the shares has already met all his expectations.

Millionaire investors and visionaries:

These large investors achieved transcendental milestones in the depósito market, and in addition, have demonstrated a high level of Financial intelligence.

Some of them have already died and many others are still active, but they all have something in common: they equipo historical precedents in the world of finance and promoted investment strategies capable of generating billions of dollars.

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 The 10 most successful investors of all
  The 10 most successful investors of all
  The 10 most successful investors of all

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