The 10 most powerful millionaires in México and

The 10 most powerful millionaires in México and

The success stories of México’s millionaires who top the list Forbes they are really inspiring and amazing.

According to this prestigious specialized magazine, the fortunes of the 10 most important millionaires in the country are counted in billions of dollars.

As if that were not enough, their assets have experienced a significant increase in the last year, despite all the financial challenges that the pandemic has brought.

Undoubtedly, these businessmen have known how to manage to continue fattening their bank accounts over time.

Most successful millionaires in México:

Today you will meet the 10 millionaires from México who have succeeded in the business and business world in this Latin American country.

They have left legacies in companies and marked important changes through their decisions.

Below we will tell you who they are and how they managed to amass their billion-dollar fortunes from their innovative business ideas.

These are their stories:

1.Carlos Slim

This renowned Mexican businessman heads the list of the biggest millionaires of 2021 prepared by the magazine Forbes.

Throughout his business career, he has managed to promote highly profitable and successful projects in the financial, energy, industrial, mining and telecommunications areas.

At the moment, his fortune is valued at almost $63 billion dollars and most of his income comes from his flagship company: Mobile America.

In fact, this telecommunications company is considered the most solid and powerful in all of Latin America.

Carlos Slim, who is an engineer by profession, took advantage of the economic crisis that hit México in the 80’s, to make large investments.

His winning strategy consisted of buying several companies, despite the fact that the capital flight that was taking place in the nation had no precedent.

And right now he is not only the richest businessman in the country, but he is the 14th wealthiest man in the world.

2. German Larrea Mancha Velasco

At 67 years of age, Germán Larrea occupies the second position on the list of the most powerful millionaires in México in 2021.

Its business activities are linked to the entertainment, transportation, mining, and infrastructure sectors.

His credit has more than $25 billion dollars, according to updated figures from Forbes.

Larrea executive directs the renowned México Group, which is the largest mining company in the entire Mexican Republic.

And not only that, it is also considered the fifth largest copper producer on the planet.

It should be noted that throughout his business life he has presided over important companies, such as the Mexican Railway Group or the National Bank of México.

3. Ricardo Salinas

He is the current president of the Salinas Groupwhich is made up of financial services, transportation, telecommunications, entertainment and media companies.

His rise to success began when he bought a federally privatized media package, which later became televisión Aztec.

Since 1993 he has not stopped working and undertaking with Conjunto Elektra, Italika, Telecosmo, and GS Motors(the largest Chinese vehicle manufacturer in the country).

According Bloomberg, Ricardo Salinas Pliego’s net worth amounts to $15.7 billion dollars; becoming one of the main millionaires in México.

4. Alberto Bailleres

This Mexican businessman and economist is another of the great millionaire minds of this Latin American country.

His most successful conglomerate, known as bal group, it is related to mining, insurance, finance, metallurgy and trade.

Additionally, it is one of the largest shareholders of GNP Seguros, from Palacio de Hierro and of the Penoles Group.

Currently, he occupies fourth place on the list of millionaires in México for 2021, since his fortune exceeds $10 billion dollars.

5. Juan Beckmann Vidal

He is one of the most influential Latino millionaires of all time, and this is attributed to the fact that he owns 70% of the successful tequila company, Jose Cuervo.

His success story goes back to the 70’s, when this Mexican visionary decided to take control of this company.

Today he is known worldwide as “the tequila magnate”, since the company is the largest producer of this drink worldwide.

In addition, the portfolio of this company includes more than 30 alcoholic beverages that are marketed in México and in many other countries.

The famous “Casa José Cuervo” has been in existence for more than 200 years and has been in charge of the Beckmann family for 11 generations.

According to Forbes, The fortune of the Mexican Juan Beckmann Vidal is valued at $7.1 billion dollars.

6. Maria Asuncion Aramburuzabala

Within the top of the most influential millionaires in México, this successful Mexican businesswoman also appears.

Aramburuzabala is considered the first woman to be part of the list Forbes, taking into consideration that his fortune is $5.6 billion dollars.

This entrepreneur is very talented, and this has allowed her to make a name for herself in the investment world.

presides tresaliaa large private equity firm, as well as Abilia, a real estate company that has developed millions of square meters in the Mexican Republic.

Additionally, he has extensive experience in the beer campo, since his grandfather was the co-founder of Model group (the largest brewery in the country).

7. Arango Brothers

The seventh position is made up of several millionaires from México; specifically by the Arango brothers.

Their skills, talents, abilities and business experiences have allowed them to amass a fortune of at least $4.3 billion dollars.

Although this success story laid its foundations in 1991, after selling a self-service store franchise to Walmart.

That operation left some $5 billion dollars for the Arango brothers: Jerónimo, Plácido and Manuel.

Although the first two have already passed away, while they were alive they managed to found the Figure Group, and its success was so resounding that it managed to cover large chains such as Superlove.

8. Servitje Montull family

This family is also made up of millionaires from México who have not stopped inflating their assets in recent decades.

His forays into business date back to 1954, and today this powerful family unit owns more than a third of the shares of the Bimbo group.

Daniel Servitje Montull has served as the General Directivo of said food group since 1997. At the same time, his sister, Marinela Servitje, has achieved great success in the popular and cultural campo of the country.

Currently, the fortune of this family exceeds $3.5 billion dollars. This means a variation of 38.1%, since in 2020 it was $2.6 trillion dollars.

9. Antonio del Valle Ruiz

Antonio del Valle Ruiz is also one of the most powerful and respected millionaires in México in recent times.

At 82 years old, he has managed to promote large-scale projects in the financial, chemical and construction areas.

He is at the head of Kaluz Group, which includes companies such as Elementia, Orbia and the BX+ Financial Group.

He has a fortune of more than $3 billion dollars and is the owner of Mexichem (the largest plastic pipe manufacturer on this continent).

For this Mexican businessman, everything goes back to 1992, when he managed to establish the Bital Financial Group, which eventually became HSBC.

10. Robinson Bours Family

This family group is made up of very successful entrepreneurs, as they have managed to promote one of the most powerful poultry companies in the country.

According Forbeshis fortune is $3 trillion dollars, and is anchored to the exponential and pronounced growth of his flagship companies: Bachoco and Megacable.

At the moment, only one of the three brothers lives, Francisco Robinson Bours Castelo, and therefore, he is the one who heads both companies.

Its activities are directly linked to the food and telecommunications sectors, and both owe their great heritage to them.

Specifically, the Mexican millionaires that make up this family conglomerate have been widely recognized in this country.

The stories of Mexican millionaires that inspire

The stories of the greatest millionaires in México that you have just met are truly inspiring.

In addition, they are a faithful example that hard work has its rewards, and that you should never underestimate a good business iniciativa.

In short, these businessmen and entrepreneurs of Mexican origin have managed to make a name for themselves in many sectors of the country, thanks to their efforts and their enormous desire to excel.

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 The 10 most powerful millionaires in México and
  The 10 most powerful millionaires in México and
  The 10 most powerful millionaires in México and

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