The 10 highest paying college majors

The 10 highest paying college majors

Like many other sectors, university degrees and the tarea market have been presenting a series of important changes due to the great technological advances of recent years.

This market, in constant renewal, requires more and more professionals with university degrees of the future, trained to meet the new guidelines given by scientific and technological innovation.

So, it is essential that young people take this aspect into consideration in order to choose a university degree that ensures their future job success.

The university careers of the future vs. traditional races

There are many traditional university degrees that still have a very good job future, since they are essential for our society.

Accounting, medicine or law are basic and essential professions, however, highest paying college majors they are guided to meet the demands that have arisen and will continue to arise with technological advances.

These university careers are adapted to the popular demand for professionals in new technological and communication fields that other careers cannot cover.

This is how the arrival of these new college majorsallows young people to have more options to choose what university career they want to study, a decision that turns out to be quite complicated for many of them.

In the following article, we will espectáculo you some of the most significant aspects to choose a profession, as well as the highest paying college majors and the university careers of the future that will make a difference in the tarea market.

The importance of knowing how to choose between so many university degrees:

When we escoge to embark on the adventure of studying a university degree, there are many doubts that cánido cross our minds.

Questions arise like, is this really what I like? Am I qualified to face this challenge? These types of doubts are a natural part of the process.

So, what aspects should you take into account when choosing among so many university careers? There are different aspects that are included in the choice of your profession.

The vocation, the field of work and knowing what the highest paying college majors are the main factors that are taken into account when choosing a profession.

However, there are others of great importance to consider such as: individual abilities, interests and the perspective of professional development.

What university degree to study:

Vocational guidance experts explain that the professional choice process must be carried out in different stages, and that this, in very few cases, arises spontaneously.

Therefore, it is essential that young people have a guide that helps them determine if their tastes, abilities and interests correspond to the career they want to study.

Unfortunately, many people choose a career because their parents want them to study it or because they think it will be easy to study, and in most cases they are wrong.

Among the most essential aspects that you should take into account when choosing a university degree include:

Know your strengths and weaknesses:

Knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are will make it easier to determine which college majors you are best suited for.

Analyze your likes and interests:

It is important that the career you choose is guided by your tastes and interests, in this way you will always feel motivated.

If your only motivation is to pursue the highest paying college majors, you may not be passionate about what you do with your life.

Investigate more about the practice of the profession:

Not everything is as it seems, each profession has a way of being practiced and it is imperative that you determine if the one you are choosing is to your liking.

In other words, it is not only about knowing what subjects you will study at the university, but also knowing what the lifestyle of the profession that interests you is like.

Know about its difficulty and duration:

Each race implies a challenge, therefore, it is essential that you know before starting what the difficulty and preparation time of the profession you want to carry out are.

Know about the tarea field:

This is one of the most significant aspects, since the work field of the career you choose will determine your opportunities to work and perform in the profession you have chosen.

In this sense, it is essential to investigate in depth what the curriculum of the career we plan to select is like and what its field of work is really like.

It is very important that you do not stay only with habitual information, since the university degree that you escoge to choose will govern many aspects of your life and will determine what life project you will have for a long time.

What are the highest paying college majors?

Every career has its different work area and complexity, so each one will have a different percentage of monetary remuneration.

In Latin America and Spain there are university degrees that are better paid than others, and this is due to the demand of professionals for the development and maintenance of both the industries and the popular stability of the country.

Among the highest paid university degrees in Spain and Latin America are:

Spain (highest annual salaries according to Infojobs/Esade):

  • Orthodontist/implantologist: €70,718
  • Engineering project manager: €63,680
  • IT Directivo: €50,113
  • Company directivo: €49,727
  • Commercial real estate: €48,413
  • Dentist: €46,979
  • Financial directivo: €45,077
  • Computer architect: €44,486
  • Sales manager: €44,083
  • SAP consultant: €40,594

Latin America (highest annual salaries according to the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness)

  • Physics: $24,059
  • Finance, banking and insurance: $20,259
  • Transportation services: $20,259
  • History and archeology: $18,754
  • Public Health: $16,656
  • Earth and atmospheric sciences: $15,775
  • Statistics: $15,517
  • Mining and extraction: $15,163
  • Medicine: $15,145

In this way, we perro vea that in both continents the work activity is very different, therefore, the most sought-after careers focus on very different areas in each of them.

Because Latin America includes different countries, you cánido find different variations of the list that we have presented above, however, highest paying college majors in this continent they are generally focused on the careers exhibited there.

The Top 10 of the university careers of the future

The technological revolution, the web and the ease of accessing information have transformed and become a benchmark for the professional market.

Even today there are different ways to earn money en línea that did not exist before, jobs that you cánido do from home or that simply require an Internet connection to be carried out.

Today, beyond choosing higher-paying college majors, young people consider other essential factors unlike past generations.

This generation of young entrepreneurs seeks experience in various fields of scientific and creative innovation, disruptive thinking that has directly influenced popular demand.

That is why the university careers of the future they are guided to the growth of the individual and to the development of a new society where technology and communication are of great importance.

Taking this analysis into account, we present you with a top 10 of the university degrees with the greatest demand in the coming years.

10. Programa developer

These are responsible for the creation, maintenance and improvement of new systems that automate a large number of processes through the design of programs and applications that are so important today.

Virtually all sectors of our society will benefit from the work of these information and computing professionals.

9. Content creator

The importance of these professionals is increasing, since they are in charge of supplying the Internet with valuable content, giving greater relevance to all communication and information technologies.

Among them are web editors, digital influencers and popular communicators.

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8. Distance educator

Education, so necessary to form our society, has broken the barriers of the classroom and face-to-face learning: today distance education has become even more relevant.

That is why en línea teachers have armed themselves with the virtual class model to create a new paradigm of education without borders.

There are many teachers with en línea jobs, where modern language classes head a long list of en línea courses, workshops, programs and preparation that have taken on increasing popularity these days.

7. Specialized professional entrenador

Coaching has been another way that instruction and the development of new learning have taken, this time focused on the evolution of the individual in various areas of their professional or personal life.

We perro find personal or spiritual growth coaches who seek to develop intra and interpersonal intelligence.

As well as specialized trainers in an area, where you help develop people’s skills in a specific field.

While this is a profession, you generally need to have the knowledge and experience that a college degree gives you.

6. Personal fitness instructor

Healthy lifestyles that range from a healthy diet to a daily exercise program according to the needs of each individual, have become a trend in recent years and their popularity continues to grow.

Therefore, having an experienced personal trainer will be an importante resource for the tarea market in the future.

5. Environmental engineer

Global warming and the drastic changes that the environment has undergone are the reason why these types of university degrees are increasingly required.

Companies are seeking to generate significant changes in order to recover and protect various ecosystems, and for this, they require people trained in this type of university degree.

Within this group also fit the specialists in renewable energies that seek to design alternative resources that do not genere damage to the environment.

4. Information security specialist

The issue of digital security is a constant concern for many companies or institutions. This professional is responsible for ensuring that sensitive information is not stolen, and that no private system is invaded.

This profession is part of the group of higher-paid university degrees due to the high demand for these professionals.

3. Big data analyst/consultant

This is a professional in charge of analyzing all the information that circulates on the web related to a especial system, taking into account all those aspects that perro benefit companies, institutions or organizations and influence their growth.

Growing markets such as cryptocurrencies increasingly require the presence of this professional.

2. Digital Marketing Specialist

Marketing and advertising have undergone severe changes in their dynamics that seek not only to increase the sales of a product, brand or company, but also to really connect with the needs of their consumers, creating an unbreakable bond that directly influences their culture and lifestyle.

Therefore, this professional has become one of the most valued today and will continue to be so in the future.

1. Manager and accounting or financial adviser

Accounting consultancy is an old career that has been able to reinvent itself and is ready to face the challenges of the new times.

With the growing number of entrepreneurs who venture into various markets, the presence of this professional has become a necessity and the secret elabora for success in many small, medium and large industries.

The highest paying college majors in the United States

Finally, we want to share with you The 10 highest paying college majors in the United States according to data from the Bureau of Tarea Statistics of this country.

Within this list, it stands out that most of the best-paid university careers are in the field of medicine.

If you are considering a scholarship, or taking an en línea master’s degree in this country, this list of professions will be of great help to you.

Sales administration:

A sales manager is in charge of leading teams and sales representatives. They not only equipo sales targets, but analyze data, train their teams and generate strategies to motivate them.

The income will depend a lot on the industry where you are. On average, the annual salary is $130,400.

An important aspecto is the issue of commissions, since this cánido increase your income.

Financial administration:

The financial management of a company ensures that there is money to maintain, invest and grow a business. The greater your level of depth in a specific area, the better your income will be.

The average annual salary is $134,330 dollars

The big problem with a career in law lies in the cost of education. However, litigation and representation of individuals and corporations will always be good business.

A very important aspecto to take into consideration is that the number of graduates is usually greater than the job offer, which makes it difficult to get a job.

The median annual salary is $136,260.

Aeronautical engineer, pilot or co-pilot:

Although this is one of the highest paying college majors, a pilot faces a stressful environment, with great risks and complications.

Additionally, there is great competition due to the new low-cost airlines, which has affected the benefits of these professionals.

His estimated income per year is $136,400.

Digital marketing:

Digital marketing is a $62 billion industry. This is why this career is in great demand in the United States, Latin America and Spain.

The duties of a marketing professional include:

  • Estimate demand for products and services created by organizations
  • Develop pricing strategies that maximize business profits
  • Ensure the satisfaction of end customers through value propositions.

In short, business promotion, both physical and digital, will continue to be a primordial coger of its growth strategy.

The average salary for this professional is $140,660 per year.

Systems and IT engineers:

The world of en línea business has been growing in recent years. The growth of information stored in the cloud, agregado the development of programa and applications, has created a strong demand for this knowledge.

An IT manager may be earning an average of $141,000 per year.

This without including the en línea work that perro be done in different fields. Today the vast majority of companies and businesses need to be present en línea, and for this they need an engineer with computer science knowledge.

Managers in engineering and architecture areas:

The boom in the construction of real estate projects and investments has increased the demand for this type of professional. Not only in the managerial part, but in areas of design and administration of works.

Median salary is $141,650. Unfortunately, its projected growth for 10 years is barely 2%.

Petroleum engineer:

The main function of a petroleum engineer is to design and develop methodologies to extract oil and gas below the surface of the earth.

Although oil prices have been declining in international markets, the median salary for this career is $149,590. Growth is expected to be 10% in 2024.


Unlike other races higher-paid university students, the projected growth in the income of these professionals is the highest, with 18% by 2024.

His average salary for a dentist is 172,350while an orthodontist, who has specialized in treating certain diseases, has an income of $221,390.


Different specialized fields such as internists, surgeons, anesthesiologists have different income levels depending on their level of experience and further studies.

The median salary is $196,520.

In the case of internists, they have a wide field of action since diseases or injuries to escencial organs are treated without surgery, which guarantees the demand for their work.

The growth of income from this career is projected at 14% by 2024. Finally, here is a list of other income according to their specialization in medicine:

  • Psychiatrist: $193,680
  • OB/GYN: $222,400
  • Surgeon: $247,520
  • Anesthesiologist: $258,100

In short, medicine is one of the highest paying university degrees in the United States, and in much of the world.

Why is it important to choose a college major that you really like?

Our professional success is intrinsically related to the sense of well-being and fulfillment that we perro obtain from what we do.

We live in a time where learning how to be happy is no longer considered an inaccessible desire, but a commitment to ourselves; so when we talk about work, employment or trade, it is difficult not to remember the habitual phrase of Confucius:

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”

Many people are passionate about communication, art or the world of the Internet, but consider that choosing a career related to this will not be very lucrative. Nothing is further from reality.

New technologies and the nascent society that is being built around us offer thousands of job opportunities like never before seen in another era.

With each discovery and new needs that arise every day, we find an opportunity in the job market, where perhaps none existed before.

Therefore, our advice is that you are not afraid to study what you like, a university degree of the future that may sound unknown to many, will probably be a great business opportunity to achieve the professional and personal success that you have been longing for.

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 The 10 highest paying college majors
  The 10 highest paying college majors
  The 10 highest paying college majors

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