The 10 cheapest cities in Spain for

The 10 cheapest cities in Spain for

If for any reason you need to move to the cheapest cities in Spain to live; For work, personal or other reasons, it is possible that the top mentioned below cánido help you.

For our election we evaluated different aspects, such as: location, average rental price, transportation rates, temperature, among others. It should be noted that they are one of the most important aspects to know before moving, since that way you will be more familiar when you arrive, and you will also be able to assess whether with your salary or base salary you will be able to afford daily expenses.

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List of cheapest cities in Spain to live and work

As we highlighted before, it is necessary to know a few details before moving into one of the cheapest cities in Spain to live. Since, this way you cánido make a choice according to your budget or salary; as well as considering the comforts you want to have or other details.

On the other hand, each of the cheapest cities in Spain that we have chosen have been studied to guarantee that they have: different places of leisure, busy shopping centers, and excellent rental prices.

Cityaverage rentómnibus transportationTemperatureroad tax
Jaen €300 €0.87 36°C-1°C €61.58
Zamora €300 €0.50 41°C-7.4°C €45.67
Palencia €250 €0.40 41°C-5.5°C €50.53
Teruel €250 €0.90 40°C-4.9°C €68.16
Ourense €240 €0.62 40°C-8.3°C €57.80
caceres €240 €0.70 42°C-10.7°C €50
lugo €200 €0.64 40°C-7.2°C €59.32
Torrevieja €200 €1.35 32°C-12°C €60.47
Almeria €190 €1.25 41°C-14.7°C €64.41
Castellon de la Plana €160 €1.05 21°C-12°C €68.10

1. Jaen

Jaen is one of the cheapest cities in Spain to live, and is located in the autonomous community of Andalusia. This is known thanks to its low-priced rentals that cánido be found for up to €300 per month; in a habitual area and with all the comforts.

Here you perro find leisure spaces, cinemas or others, which you cánido easily attend for their low price on public transport; in which you will surely pay about €0.87 if you use a card.

Regarding the weather, in Jaén it is habitual for temperatures to reach 36°C and a minimum of 1°C. However, sometimes it is possible to reach 40°C or -4°C. It is also worth noting that in Jaén you will find the cheapest houses in all of Spain; having an average price of 80,000 euros.

2. Zamora

One of the cheapest cities in Spain is Zamora, despite being the capital of the homonymous province, living there perro be quite cheap. Since, their rental prices are around 2 euros for each square meter; although you cánido find lower prices at the ends of the city.

Zamora stands out for its old townwhich is made up of a great variety of structures that cánido be easily visited from the colectivo, since said service costs 0.50 euros.

Besides, the weather is quite nice; To date, the maximum temperatures recorded do not exceed 41°C and the minimum has been 7.4°C in winter.

3. Palencia

On the other hand, we are in Palencia, which despite being a fairly small city compared to the main ones in Spain, It has the necessary spaces to lead a quiet life.

in Palencia you perro find rentals for opportunity prices that are around 250 euros; depending on its dimensions. In addition, it has multiple leisure spaces and does not have high levels of insecurity.

This means that you cánido use the autobús without fear of having a bad experience; In addition, the transportation price is also low; of only 0.40 euros.

Regarding the weather, Palencia has lower temperatures than the previous city; which means that you will use more heating in the winter season. Its temperature ranges between 41°C and 5.5°C.


One of the cheapest cities in Spain it’s Teruel. This is characterized by being quite close to the beach, in addition to maintaining affordable prices for its inhabitants; To give you an iniciativa, you perro find houses or flats for rent for up to 250 euros.

In addition, it also has multiple spaces to entertain you, high levels of security and a quite cheap transport service; only about 0.90 euros. It is also worth noting that if you have your own car you will only pay a circulation tax of €68.16.

On the other hand, his temperature levels are lower than those of Palenciaregistering a maximum of 40°C and a minimum of only 4.9°C.

5. Ourense

If you like to try new foods, we suggest you live in Ourense; not only because it is one of the cheapest cities in Spain, but also because of its wide gastronomy that you will surely enjoy. In addition, it has multiple entertainment/leisure spaces that you perro visit for a fairly low price.

Its rental properties are accessible to almost anyone, since you cánido find flats for up to €240. In addition, the circulation tax for cars is only 57.80 euros and its transport costs €0.62.

Ourense is undoubtedly one of the best cheap cities to live in Spain, especially for its pleasant climate that varies from 40°C to 8.3°C.

6. Caceres

In position number 5 we find the city of Cáceres, characterized by having flats that start at 240 euros per month and shared rooms for up to half the price of the aforementioned.

It has everything you may need, as if it were La capital española, Barcelona or some other afín area. Besides, the circulation tax is quite low; only €50.

In case of using public transport you should not worry, since this has a price of only 0.70 euros. Besides, the temperature is perfect for anyoneregistering a maximum of 42°C and a minimum of 10.7°C.

7. Lugo

In Lugo you perro have a full life very easily, since finding excellent prices for flats or houses is quite easy. Here there is complete houses of up to 100 square meters for €200. In addition, you will not have problems with the issue of taxes, since these are also low.

The average rental price is €2 for each square meter; although this may vary depending on the area of ​​Lugo in which you rent.

It is also important to mention that If you have a car you must pay a circulation tax of €59.32, and if you escoge to use the autobús the trip will be €0.64.

Like other cities mentioned to live in Spain, Lugo has pleasant temperatures; a maximum of 40°C and a minimum of 7.2°C.

8. Torrevieja

If you are looking for a big and cheap city, Torrevieja is probably one of the best options. Here you will have a large number of businesses that are dedicated to leisure, and in high seasons you will see a high number of tourists in the zone; which is due to the fact that this city is located near the beach. However, for most of the time the city is quite calm.

It should be noted that Torrevieja is considered one of the cheapest cities in Spain thanks to the prices of their rentals; which are very economic; approaching an average of €3 per square meter.

and although public transport costs €1.35the circulation tax for cars is only €60.47.

To conclude, its temperatures are acceptable and quite low despite being close to the beach; it reaches up to 32°C degrees and registers a minimum of 12°C.

9. Almeria

For many, living near the beach is a dream, whether in your own home or renting. In Almería you cánido fulfill that task; just like in the previous city. However, this city is not only one of the cheapest in Spain, but it is also It has quite pleasant climates ranging from 41 ° C to 14.7 ° C.

However, rental prices perro range from €190 to €600 euros. On the beach you perro easily find a flat for only €300 and in the center from €350.

He road tax is €64.41 and the prices of public transport amount to €1.25.

10. Castellon de la Plana

Castellón de la Plana is one of the best cities in Spain to live, since its rents and services are quite cheap and accessible. In it you perro rent houses or apartments for prices ranging from €160 per month (for shared rooms) and a minimum of €350 for a flat. Also, like the previous options, this city is located near the beach.

It should be noted that it has various destinations that perro be visited; such as the Museum of Fenezca Arts of Castellón. On the other hand, although its circulation tax is close to €68.10, its public transport is quite cheap; reaching €1.05.

There is not much to say about its temperature, since I eat a lot could vary from 21°C to 12°C. Without a doubt, it has a pleasant climate for those who love low temperatures.

In which cities is it cheaper to rent a house?

If you like to live rented or it is simply not possible to buy a house at the moment, we suggest Almería, Cáceres or Castellón. Although you will have to search a lot to find apartments for €150-300.

In which cities is it cheaper to buy a house?

It is possible to find houses with gift prices, but if you are really looking for cheap prices, we suggest you visit Jaén and evaluate the properties for sale. Given that, average costs start at €80,000 with excellent qualities.

In which cities do you pay less taxes?

The issue of taxes will depend on many factors, however, in this sense, one of the cities that pays less taxes is Tarragona and Ceuta with averages ranging from 22.49 to 34.08 euros.

In which cities does transportation and gasoline cost less?

The price of gasoline perro rise depending on many factors. However, to date the cheapest cities in Spain with low gasoline prices are Melilla and Santa Cruz de Tenerife; there you cánido fill a 55 liter tank for approximately 52 euros.

Before you move remember…

Before moving to one of the cheapest cities in Spain we suggest considering the type of job you have. Since, despite having a fairly bajo coste of living, they also usually have a disadvantage, and it is with respect to the jobs available. Still, you perro Work from home and earn money as a trabajo independiente or working for a company.

Summarizing, If you plan to leave your current job position to seek employment in these cities, you must prepare to face multiple difficulties due to the low rate of jobs available.

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 The 10 cheapest cities in Spain for
  The 10 cheapest cities in Spain for
  The 10 cheapest cities in Spain for

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