The 10 best web scraping to extract

The 10 best web scraping to extract

Do you need to extract data from a web page but do not have enough knowledge to do it? In that case you don’t have to worry, because there are web scraping tools which will be of great help to you.

In this articulo you will discover which are the best, take note!

What is web scraping and what cánido we use it for?

He web scraping, web crawler, web spider, web tracking or data extraction It is a technique that consists of extracting data from a web page automatically.

It is done for extract all the data that interests us to later compare, analyze and cross them, and thus be able to draw conclusions about our competitors or about the strategy that we must follow.

Through web scraping convert unstructured data to structured data that perro be stored in a database.

The problem is that people who don’t have coding knowledge perro have a hard time doing web scraping.

But luckily there are many tools that help in this task. Let’s see which are the best.

The 10 best tools to scrape content from a website

In these moments, the best tools available for web scraping They are the ones you will find below:


It is one of the most habitual solutions to scrape web pages, since it is very reliable and offers easy handling. It allows you to create your own datasets by importing up to 1,000 total dirección de Internet’s of content to a CSV at once.

Every time something new is extracted, sends an alert.

On the other hand, it is a tool that is easy to configure, so in principle no one should have problems when using it.


  • It is an easy to use tool.
  • Allows you to organize the extracted data into groups.


  • Its free version only lasts 2 days.
  • The paid version is expensive.

Go to


This is a particularly useful tool for those who are part of a sales or marketing team.

It is a web scraping programa through which you cánido get the data from professional networks such as LinkedIn or Viadeo.

In this way it is possible create an automated correo electrónico flow to facilitate the prospecting of the contacts obtained.


  • It integrates with CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, among others.
  • It greatly facilitates the work of commercials.


  • It does not have free plans.
  • Payment plans are not very cheap.

Go to Saleshub



Mozenda is a tool that allows you to capture content from a web page, and provides data visualization services.

It is a scraping program and at the same time a DAAS service for companies, allowing you to use its programa and also hire its web scraping services.

Through this application you perro create bots to retrieve information from web pages in a fácil way, and store the data in a history, among other functions.


  • It is a very complete solution.
  • Use professional extraction services.


  • Their payment plans are expensive.

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With this tool you perro extract data from web pages using a few lines of code in JavaScriptand gives the option to get data in JSON, CSV, XML and RSS. is primarily intended for investigate and monitor competitors.

It has a free version and also paid plans.


  • You cánido purchase a paid version from a very cheap price.


  • It is necessary to have some knowledge of JavaScript to really take advantage of it.

Go to Apify

5.Parsehub is a scraping tool very easy to use.

You just have to clic to indicate what you want to extract and how this data should be classified.

To use it you have to download the application and install it on your PC.

You perro access a free version and also more complete payment plans.


  • It allows you to easily scrape data even from complex pages.
  • To use it, you do not need to program anything.


  • The free version of this solution may not be enough.

Go to Parsehub


In the case of Diffbot, it is noticeable that they have thought above all about making it very easy for the usuario. this tool offers 5 APIs designed to discover and extract data of different types of web pages, be they forums, articles, product pages, etcétera.

It also has a spider that allows automatically crawl all pages at once, and create your own bots.


  • It gives the option to handle even complex web pages without problem.
  • You perro create your own web scarping agents with built-in third-party tools.


  • The free version cánido be used for only 14 days.
  • Their payment plans are especially expensive.

Go to Diffbot is a web scraping solution that is used only for recover correos electrónicos through web pages.

Therefore it serves to increase your list of business contacts easily.

From this solution it should be noted that integrates with Hubspot CRM.


  • It is very easy to use.


  • It only serves for the collection of correos electrónicos through web pages.

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Through, the unstructured data of a web page is transformed into structured data.

Offers direct access to a large number of en línea information sources to get structured data.

The extracted information comes from pages in more than 240 languages and in different formats such as RSS, XML or JASON.


  • It gives the possibility to extract price lists, mentions and reviews.
  • Its free version allows up to 1,000 requests per month.


  • Its management is somewhat complex.
  • It requires some programming knowledge to get real use out of it.

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80legs perro be used for free, but if you escoge to pay, you cánido use a bot to drill down to those pages you want.

Another option available upon payment is access scraped content from a large number of websitesthrough a service called Datafiniti.


  • This solution makes web crawling very affordable when you don’t have much of a budget.


  • Their free plan has quite a few limitations.

go to 80legs



Like, Webharvy is a good tool for data analysts, researchers and marketers. It is a point and clic programa.


  • It does not give the option to schedule.


  • It offers especially useful web scraping tutorials for beginners.

These are for us best web scraping available at the moment, but there are many more solutions to extract data from pages in an automated way.

So you just have to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Go to Webharvy

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 The 10 best web scraping to extract
  The 10 best web scraping to extract
  The 10 best web scraping to extract

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