The 10 best sites to sell letters of

The 10 best sites to sell letters of

Do you own some Pokémon cards and want to sell them? Well, you should know that there are many resources that you cánido use to sell them and get a good amount of money for them. However, it is worth bearing in mind that letters they are valued according to their rarity, edition, state of conservation and market demand. Therefore, when a good offer appears, it is recommended that you take it, since its estimate may vary from one moment to the next.

Now, having this point clear, we have brought you a list with best sites to sell pokemon cards. In addition, we will give you some advice that will allow you to know the real value of your cards at the moment you escoge to sell them.

Where perro you buy and sell Pokémon cards?

Although selling your cards to someone near you may be easier because you’ll receive the cash, the best place to sell Pokémon cards is en línea. This is because, en línea marketplaces have a broader reach where you will find different opportunities to obtain a greater profit. Next, we will point you to the best websites to buy and sell Pokémon cards.


eBay is rated as one of the best en línea marketplaces as it has positioned itself as the number one to sell Pokémon cards. This site has a variety of features, security and access to major buyers. In addition, as a seller you cánido rest assured that in the event of a dispute, eBay will support you and act as an intermediary.

Some of the advantages of selling on this platform are:

  • Larger number of potential national and international buyers.
  • Yoeasy to use interfaz so you perro photograph, detalla and number each of the cards.
  • option of Promote your ad to get more reach.
  • guarantee of authenticity for cards valued at an amount over $250.

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2. Mercari

If you’re looking for another place to sell your Pokemon cards en línea, Mercari is a good option. This is because it has good tools that allow sellers to achieve a better price for their collection. To do this, it is enough to equipo the price of your cards a little higher than the market value. Afterwards, Mercari will be in charge of lowering the price until one of the buyers decides.

It is important to mention that, with the floor price function is considered as a protection before the drop in the sale of the collection for a value with which the seller is not satisfied. However, if the list reaches its minimum point and a sale has not been reached with possible buyers, you have the option to delete the publication and reanalyze the real value of your Pokémon cards.

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There are technological applications dedicated solely to the sale of stickers, and that’s where TCGplayer comes in. It refers to a playing card market known for its aplicación easy to use and have a price guide that allows experts and beginners properly value their Pokémon cards. Similarly, it provides access to thousands of buyers and has a system afín to that of eBay.

On the other hand, one of its most outstanding characteristics is that it allows a Free shipping on purchases over $35.

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4. Pokémon card sales groups on Fb

On Fb you perro find groups for the sale of Pokémon collections. It is undoubtedly considered one of the best sites, since, has low seller fees and high purchase intentions. For its part, its best benefit is the personal contact between the interested parties. In addition, direct message conversations and comments may lead to the exchange or sale of cards that may not be found posted on larger sites.

Some advantages that these groups provide you are:

  • conversations in real time allow to disminuye confusion and improve the exchange of images or information of the letters.
  • The market value is as agreed by those involved, unless otherwise stipulated.
  • High purchase intention on the part of group members.

5. Troll and Toad

In case you are willing to accept less money to avoid the work of photographing, describing and numbering each of the Pokemon, Troll and Toad cards, this is your ideal option.

This site allows sellers to make a shopping list with their collection. Afterwards, Troll and Toad will point out the quantity of a especial card they are looking for, along with their cash offer. When the list is finished, the cards will be sent to the headquarters where their condition and quantity will be examined, to then issue the payment within 5 days.

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6.Card Market

Card Market is a site for the sale of pokemon cards quickly and easily. All you have to do is register and clic on the option to sell cards, there you will be asked for a complete list that will allow you to generate an automatic search.

On the other hand, as a seller you cánido equipo the price and they point you to averages of afín cards that have already been sold. In addition, you will need to rate your collection using the page rating guideline, this will make it easier to finalize possible negotiations.

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7. Card Carvern

This is a Pokemon marketplace that specializes in selling PTCGO codes. It refers to the cards that have a code, and if they are not exchanged, they perro be sold through this website. Regarding its system, it is easy to use, in it you cánido sell individual cards, code cards and other special Pokémon packages.

He sales process is carried out by correo electrónicoand although it is not the same as the other options, it allows you to obtain a good amount for codes that you will not use.

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8.CCG Castle

Another alternative to sell your collection of Pokémon cards en línea through PayPal or credit, is CCG Castle. To carry out the process, You just have to register and promote your collectionsHowever, one disadvantage is that the site does not cover shipping costs, therefore, these will be borne by you.

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9. Sell2BBNovelties

Sell2BBNovelties is a platform that allows you to sell Pokémon trading cards and collectibles at a very good price. Now, it currently has two different options to promote your letters. First of all, sell an individual card after referencing the price comparing it with the current price list or searching for it within the platform. In second place, sell the complete collection of pokemon wholesale.

On the other hand, it is important to note that the letters must be in mint condition to be eligible in a sale. So, they cannot have marks, wrinkles, scratches, or any damage. Also, they must be in the regular version for the United States.

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10. Dave and Adam

Dave and Adam is another of the most habitual trading card vendors out there to date. If you want to start the process, You just have to entrar your page and see the cards that are eligible for sale. Similarly, this site pays sellers vía PayPal, check or cash within 48 hours of receiving the cards. Besides, you cánido opt for a $25 gift card if you manage to sell more than $500 worth of collectibles.

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Consejos and what you should know before selling a Pokémon card

If you have doubts about how to sell your pokemon cards en línea, and you don’t know where to start. Don’t worry! Next, we will point out some sales consejos that you should know and that will make your life simpler. Remember, that obtaining an adequate price for your letters will depend on the way in which you organize yourself.

Separate the collection

It is ideal that before beginning the process, separate each of the cards according to the damage or wear they haveSince it is unlikely that you will be able to sell one that is in poor condition.

Sort the cards according to the game

Any of the web pages that want to acquire your Pokémon collection needs to know what game each of your cards are in. This is so, since some games, such as first edition cards, are more valuable due to their age, since they are currently not in print.

Sort the cards according to their rarity

When you have the cards grouped by edition or equipo, it is important that orders in stacks according to their rarity. That is, you must place them in reverse holographic cards, holographic stacks, uncommon, rare and common.

Sort the cards according to their condition

It’s primordial rate your pokemon cards before you perro sell them, so you have an iniciativa of ​​what your PSA score is. To do this, you perro use a PSA guide that allows you to carry out this process. Whereas, if you are an expert seller or have a lot of first edition rare cards in perfect condition, it is valid that look for a professional classifier Let him check your collection.

Although it perro be expensive and time consuming, if your cards are worth a lot of money you will need to get a legitimate PSA rating in order for you to generate more income.

Check the prices

After you get the rating of the entire collection of Pokemon you want to sell, you should check the prices on reputable websites. You just have to record each of your cards and the corresponding price in the spreadsheet that you will use when you sell them in the store.

end of sale

If you already know the grades and approximate prices of each of your letters It’s time to sell them! Also, having your own price base will be useful if you sell the collection in person, to prevent scams and you cánido check the value when you want to conclude a negotiation.

Selling your Pokémon collection over the internet is now possible. However, as a last piece of advice, it is important that you consider the option of sell the cards yourself before sending them to a store. Although it cánido be really tempting to get money right away, you are likely to lose a portion of your winnings.

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 The 10 best sites to sell letters of
  The 10 best sites to sell letters of
  The 10 best sites to sell letters of

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