The 10 best platforms to create aplicaciones

The 10 best platforms to create aplicaciones

Would you like to create an application but you don’t know how to program? Don’t worry, there are currently various platforms that allow you to create applications without the need for advanced programming knowledge, the well-known platforms “No Code” (without code).

In this article, we will introduce you to the best platforms to create free aplicaciones without programming.

You will discover from platforms to create mobile applications to tools to create web pages or games without the need to write a single line of code.

Where perro you make applications for free without knowing programming?

Of course, the number of platforms “No Code” for create aplicaciones without programming is several tens (maybe hundreds of them).

Here we have brought you a selection with 10 quite interesting platforms that also offer the possibility of create aplicaciones 100% free.


First up on our list today is a platform that lets you create virtual assistants Alexa-style, without writing a single line of code.

With voiceflow you will be able to create from a complete wizard from scratch, to aplicaciones or skills 100% coincidente with Google plus Assistant or Alexa.

The learning curve is quite smooth, so you will be able to build fairly complex aplicaciones soon.

Besides, the editor will guide you as you add features and create the workflow for each voice script.

Although it has paid plans with advanced features, its free plan gives you the option to:

  • 2 assistants
  • 1 publisher
  • unlimited users
  • 1 workspace
  • Real-time collaboration and technical support.


AirTable It allows create database-centric applications from templates as easy to handle as spreadsheets.

This platform unites in one place the best of both worlds: the power in the data management of the relational databases, and the versatility and ease of use of the spreadsheets.

You cánido start your work from scratch, or choose a predefined template or application from its extensive library to make work even easier.

Also, you cánido use it for free with what you get:

  • unlimited databases
  • A maximum of 5 creators or publishers.
  • Unlimited read-only users
  • interfaz design
  • 1 extension for each base
  • 1200 records / 2 GB of space per database


If you want something more geared towards creation of web pages or applicationsso webflow is the right choice.

This No Code platform is capable of generating the code of your site or interactive web application in such a clean way that You will not have problems with browsers, devices or search engines.

The platform stands out for the great power and versatility that it has, together with its use intuitive and very visual. The 4 sections, Designer, CMS, Ecommerce and Publisher are integrated to guide you in the process of design, data integration, functionality and publication of the created product.

The great advantage of this platform over other afín ones is that you perro use it for free without any limitations.

You will have access to all tools and features, but you perro only publish under the domain.

4.Aplicación Inventor

It is now the turn of a development environment exclusive use for Androiddeveloped jointly between MIT and Google plus, we talk about AppInventor.

Its mission is to provide a easy to use and access toolso that anyone perro create mobile applications even without having any knowledge in programming.

Its editor is visual in style, working with a large number of blocks that represent certain actions.

Also, the same platform allows you to test applicationsstore them and track each project.

Being an open source platform, aimed at democratizing access to aplicación creation tools, its use is completely free.

You perro design, create and publish freely as many aplicaciones as you want



this platform tea allows you to create mobile aplicaciones in a very intuitive way.

is capable of generating native aplicaciones for Android and iOSand includes options for monetization of the application.

Its editor is very versatile and allows create aplicaciones from templates in just 4 steps, and as you gain experience you cánido even entrar code to create more advanced aplicaciones. Also, you perro implement push notifications, databases, audio and vídeo management, search bars and more.

Although it has paid plans, it has a free plan that allows you to create unlimited aplicaciones, with access and integration with Firebase for push notifications and usage analysis.

Of course, your aplicaciones will have the Mobincube intro and advertising, and you will not have access to the monetization and other advanced services.


Aplicaciones Geyser

Ease of use, variety of tools and access to many features.

This is part of what this platform offers to all its users.

AppGeyser is another No Code platform for the creation of aplicaciones for Android.

Among its advantages are:

  • Support for large amounts of content, such as RSS, YouTube Channels, or entire websites.
  • Predefined templates from which you perro create an aplicación in 3 steps.
  • Multiple monetization options.
  • Publication in the official store (Play Store).
  • Popular Media Integration
  • PUSH notifications.

One of the advantages is that it offers all these tools in a totally free. The strategy behind this is that you will then have to share part of the monetization generated by your aplicación with the platform.



Kodular It is another platform that will allow you develop aplicaciones for android mobiles without knowing how to program totally free.

Coincidente with any browser, all the work is done from its own web platform in a afín way to the previous options.

One of its advantages is that its work philosophy is much more modular, showing you a catalog of elements that you perro select and incorporating to shape your aplicación.

The platform has a free plan that includes:

  • Access to all aplicación creation features and functions.
  • Maximum of 10 projects per account.
  • Assets Size limited to 5 MB.
  • Limit of 5 extensions for each project.
  • Monetization shared with the platform, through Google plus Ads.


Thunkable it’s a tool designed for mobile developmentgenerating aplicaciones coincidente with Android and iOS with very little effort.

In a afín way to the previous one, it only emplees the drag and drop functions to build the application through modules or blocks with functions.

The applications created with this aplicación are characterized by quite an elegant design, fácil and intuitive, which will greatly facilitate its use by the end usuario.

It has emulation service and tests to check the operation of the application before its publication.

It perro be used for free in a strictly personal way, with which you perro create a personalized aplicación using all its unrestricted functions.

However, in order to publish, share or access services more advanced, you will have to pay for one of the plans offered by the company.



Continuing with the methodology “drag and drop”we present you now this platform which enables create aplicaciones for android and ios quickly.

In addition, it has a lots of cool features, such as:

  • It allows adding databases and interacting with them at all times.
  • You perro add APIs and integrate them with your application.
  • Construction by modules (graphics, lists, forms, buttons, etcétera.)
  • Navigation and automation options or configuration of functions.

Another of his strengths in his excellent database for management and control of registered users.

This will allow you to create exceptions, exclusive content, subscriptions and more.

The platform requires a subscription to access the entire catalog of functions, but have a free plansomething limited, perfect to start and develop your first projects.


We leave this one for last powerful platform which, thanks to its characteristics, is the most advanced on the list, but also the one with the highest learning curve.

On this platform you will have a powerful UI Builder which is accompanied by tools for the creation and administration of databases, usuario management and implementation of APIs.

allows the creation of web or mobile applications 100% functional and coincidente with all available technologies.

This will allow you to create applications that adapt to the client’s environment when displaying the information.

In its free plan, known as Springboard, you cánido enjoy features such as:

  • Access to all functions and tools.
  • Unlimited API calls
  • Unlimited PUSH notifications
  • 200 tables in databases
  • 1 GB storage for archivos
  • Basic security options.

Having come this far, we invite you to give a good review of each of the options that we have shown you, so that you perro choose the one that suits you best. best suits your needs.

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 The 10 best platforms to create aplicaciones
  The 10 best platforms to create aplicaciones
  The 10 best platforms to create aplicaciones

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