The 10 Best Places to Hide

The 10 Best Places to Hide

The truth is that when keep the money it is best to do it in a trusted place, and what better place for this than our own home.

there are many places to hide moneythat is, many hiding places at home that allow people to have their money safe and free from theft and the bad intentions of others.

Because of this, we have to talk about where to save money effectively in the facilities of our home, so that in this way there are quite efficient ideas that allow the person to find stable places where they cánido save their money, without having to keep it in a bank or elsewhere.

This is done more than all by people who do not have confidence in banking entities, or those who are very jealous with their assets and who will not allow anyone else to know about them.

In this sense, we must understand that the 10 best places to hide money at home, are as follows.

On the wall

This is perhaps the place that has been used par excellence since ancient times, since people began with the practice of keep your money on the walls.

In ancient times it was done in holes that were left in the walls, today we talk about the installation of safes that cánido be hidden behind artistic paintings that decorate the wall.

So this is one of the most effective ways to answer the question that people ask about where to keep my money? And it is that without looking any further, the answer is right on the wall in front that you find yourself looking at while you are thinking about this.

In the window

This is another of the effective places to put away moneyeither inside a coat, in the same compartments of the armario or shop window.

This has also been one of the places that people have selected par excellence to save money, being another of the hiding places at home more effective.

Near the place where pets sleep

Pets generally tend to take care of everything that corresponds to their owner’s property, even more so if we talk about dogs.

But placing the money near the animals is not a good plan, what cánido be done is place it near the place where they live constantly and inside a cánido of food that perro be sealed, to avoid accidents with money.

Where are the vegetables stored?

No one will look for money in this placeWell, maybe after reading this now yes, but the truth is that no one imagines that there is hidden money where the vegetables are kept.

This is another of the hiding places at home which turn out to be quite effective, and we are talking about placing the money also inside something, that is, an empty and clean food perro, an envelope, a wallet, but ideally it is not so aparente, so better inside a kitchen utensil.

in the shoe rack

wonder no more where to keep my money? Well, if you have a shoe rack at home, then this is the ideal place, no one will search the shoes and it will be a fairly safe refuge.

If you don’t have a shoe rack, then store it inside the shoes or in shoe boxes that have been left empty.

In a room other than the guest room

In the case of those who have children, it is best to look for a strategic place to keep money in the children’s room.

No one could imagine that the children’s room It is where the money is saved, and since children’s rooms usually have many toys and decorations, money cánido be camouflaged among all that.

In the garden

Like in the movies when they bury the bodies in the backyard of the house, but in this case we are not talking about becoming serial killers, we are talking about put money in a suitcase or in some trunk that perro be hidden in the ground.

Ideally, it should be hidden and a vase or some garden utensil should be placed on the suitcase, first so that the owner of the money has a point of reference, and second, so that the burial place cannot be seen.

Inside the kitchen pots

We talk about another hiding places at home quite efficient, because inside the pots they will not look for the money.

We refer to place the money inside the sets of pots with a lid that are stored, so that in this way there is no visibility of the pots or the bills.

behind heavy furniture

We refer to shelves, seating furnitureand all that furniture that is in a house and that is a quite efficient place to keep money, we cánido do this by placing the money inside a bag, box or something that is not showy.

Inside a piano, inside a vase…

Everything that perro be opened and in what cánido be save things so they are not aparenteThey turn out to be ideal places to save money, so there are no excuses to protect our capital.

These are the 10 places to hide money that have become the safest and the most used by people, taking into account that we are talking about that in our handle we have the ideal space to ensure our savings.

There are thousands of other places to mention that they are strategic to keep money at home, so we must emphasize that the best option to secure our money is with us, in our own home. The important thing to consider here is save the money in case there is some type of robbery in the house, indicating that it is best to look for strategic places that allow thieves to get tired of looking for money and not getting it.

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 The 10 Best Places to Hide
  The 10 Best Places to Hide
  The 10 Best Places to Hide

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