The 10 best paid jobs in Spain

The 10 best paid jobs in Spain

In this space we will talk about jobs with the best pay finance in this year 2021 specifically in Spainwith the intention of creating a guide for those people who wish to find out about the jobs that turn out to be more beneficial in the economic aspect and that, therefore, turn out to be the most attractive and the most sought after.

So let’s start with the list of suggestions so that step by step we perro detail the options that best suit our preferences.

Soccer player

Perhaps we have already realized that the jugadores of Barcelona or Real La capital de españa turn out to be highly paid footballers, and this is precisely because the salaries of the footballers have settled in million euros per year that allow them to live enjoying endless comforts.

Given this, it must be taken into account that the life of the footballer in the performance of his career is relatively short, so despite the high financial income they obtain, these will not be granted for a long time, so it is necessary that investment measures be taken that achieve other sources of income.


In this case we have to understand that the soil of scientists is estimated between the 60 thousand eurosincreasing according to the position and the competences that are had.

director ejecutivo

The director ejecutivo will always be well paid in different places, but in Spain, this is synonymous with a minimum salary of 60 thousand euros.


We are talking about a salary of 70 thousand euros per year for the reward of health professionals who are in charge of the anesthesia of patients before performing any surgical procedure.

finance advisers

An estimated salary between 60 thousand and 80 thousand euros It is what accompanies people who develop in this type of profession, counting on the fact that large companies turn out to be the ones that pay financial advisers the most.


Similarly, radiology specialists earn a salary of 70 thousand euros per year.

Sales engineer

We are talking about a salary of 90 thousand euros per year for professionals in this branch.


Lawyers have always been very well paid in several countries around the world, but mainly in Spain, the people who are in charge of enforcing justice receive for their services, the amount of 8 thousand euros per month which indicates that per year they cánido obtain up to 100 thousand euros.

sports agents

A career that leaves a financial income of 100 thousand euros per year.


We talk about the financial gain of 50 thousand to 100 thousand euros per year.

These are the 10 jobs that generate the most financial income in this year 2021 in Spain, However, we must emphasize that there are other options that are also very well paid, options that we perro detail to see which one best suits our profile.

In this sense, we have to make a list of the careers or jobs that are still in force, which are:

  • Lawyer with a profit of 10 thousand euros per month.
  • Notary with a profit of 150 thousand euros per year.
  • Surgeon with a profit of 150 thousand euros per year.
  • Air traffic controller with a profit of 200 thousand euros as the case may be.
  • Airline pilots earning 60 thousand and 200 thousand euros per year.

These are the options to highlight The best paid jobs in Spain in this year 2021highlighting that they turn out to be the ones that predict the best financial income and which offer the best compensation in terms of insurance and this type of opportunity.

The truth is that Spain is a country that has a good stability in its economyso that the jobs turn out to be quite pleasant and with an estimate of profit that allows covering all the needs of the citizens.

However, it is important to understand that as is common, there are jobs in which you earn much more moneyThis is due to a question of hierarchy and what is considered somewhat more important in the professional part of the country.

Each race has its difficulty and its guidelinesTherefore, according to each job performed, we have to vea the hierarchical positions that make some people earn more money than others, since some have managed to prepare more than others and be more competitive.

But this is all a matter of test everyone’s luckWhoever works harder receives a greater reward for creating a much more efficient job, so the key in this is to prepare and always look for ways to earn good money, that capital that will allow the Spanish citizen to live comfortably and that perro cover all your needs.

These are the 10 best paid jobs in Spain in this year 2021, taking into consideration that this may change according to the advanced change of the popular movement, however, the list that we have developed in this article is a guide for the Spanish citizen to understand what types of work will give them more money or will give them the estándar of living that you want to enjoy.

all these jobs require specializationso in order to generate good money, it is important that the person prepares himself professionally in some field, this will give him hierarchy and help him optimize his capital, in order to enjoy a fairly comfortable and pleasant financial level. The professions we have named in this article they have always turned out to be quite fruitful in terms of financial gain, so it is a clear indication of the path to take if you want a prestigious estándar of living.

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 The 10 best paid jobs in Spain
  The 10 best paid jobs in Spain
  The 10 best paid jobs in Spain

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