The 10 best pages to work from

The 10 best pages to work from

Working as a copywriter at home is currently something that many young people and adults do.

The demand for original content and new ideas only increases with the passing of the days, and new administradores de páginas web continually surge who hire people or freelancers to collaborate on their projects.

However, finding a job opportunity like this is only possible through specific pages and forums.

So today we will recommend you The 10 best pages to work as a copywriter at home.

Is it worth working as an en línea writer?

As mentioned before, work at home as a writer, it is of interest to many people around the world.

It is even considered one of the best paying remote jobs on the Internet, but is it really worth it? The answer is, that without a doubt, working as a writer perro give you more pros than consand among them the following stand out:

  • No location limits: you perro develop a job as a writer from any geographical location.

    This will help you carry out your work and generate income for it, even if you are traveling or even if you do not radica in the same country as your employer.

  • Maleable schedules: although the ideal is that all workers comply with a schedule, in the world of writing you cánido adjust your schedule to the most convenient for you and your daily tasks.

    The important thing is to meet the delivery deadlines that you have agreed with your customers.

  • Good earnings: the income will depend on the number of different reasons; from the number of words or the hours spent.

    In general, a writer in Spain perro earn from 700 euros, up to 1,500 or even more, per month; especially if it is an experienced person in the area.

  • Greater comfort: clearly, not many people are entusiastas of going to work in an office every day, living with other people and having a schedule for lunch.

    You will not see these limitations when working as an editor at home.

Where to look for work to earn money writing?

However, If you are interested in working as a copywriter at home, with the following pages you perro achieve it.

On most of the mentioned platforms, you will need to increase your reputation as a writer, in order to increase more revenue from content; objective that is easy to achieve if you are focused on making writing a permanent job.


In You perro work as a writer from home after creating an account as an author on your portal.

As you develop and complete projects with one of the page’s clients, you will be able to add more information to your portfolio.

What will make you be more recognized.

In addition, this portal allows you to increase visits to your profile and increase your job offers by purchasing a Pro or Elite account.

Nevertheless, you perro get these benefits if you invite 3 friends to register on the portal.

On the other hand, the most shameless thing is that you cánido start working with a free account and contact one client per day.

In addition, the page will only get 14% of the final amount of the work you do; the rest will be transferred to your bank account.



LinkedIn will give you a space in which you cánido create a presentation in which you demonstrate your work experience as editor; allowing other users, companies or businesses to know and contact your services if they need it.

Without a doubt, LinkedIn is one of the pages that you should take into account if you want to work as a writer.

Given that, allows you to have an international reachand receive job offers based on your skills and attitudes.

In our case, the Most of the writers we hire come from this platform.


Finally, we will recommend the page of textbroker; a writing platform that will allow you to create original content; of varied topics, without language limits and from anywhere in the world.

You only need to create an account as an author and start viewing the job offers that are published daily on the portal.

To conclude, it is important to mention that Based on a small examination that they carry out, the page will give you a rating that allows the client to know the quality of your content. or if you have experience writing; something that is really useful when bidding on an editorial ad.



In postedln You will have the opportunity to demonstrate your writing skills in each of the topics registered in your business portal.

In addition to allowing you to select the work schedule that best suits your needs, it also offers you the possibility of receiving your payment through a PayPal account; which certainly will allow you to receive money from any country in the world.

It is important to clarify that the minimum withdrawal is $30 and to entrar your editor portal it will be necessary to receive an invitation of Postedln.

To achieve this, you must request the invitation by completing a form with your data, sintetiza, LinkedIn profile or attaching the URLs of some of the pages for which you have worked.


twago, like other pages to work as a writer from home, offers the opportunity to find various job offers to perform; according to the experience of each content creator.

Although this page perro offer you a job opportunity to start in the world of newsrooms, it will be the experience, quality, and cost of your work that will make you stand out among other business proposals.

The operation of Twago is fácil, once you have entered its editor platform, the page will announce the job offers that are available; as well as the details and specifications requested by each of the clients.

Thence, You must send your proposal to the client’s correo electrónico.

Then, he will analyze and choose the right writer for the activity.


The employment dynamics used to work as a copywriter in low articulo it is very afín to others.

To start your work as a freelancer, it will be necessary to entrar your page through a business account.

When registering, you will need to provide your information, in addition to selecting the topics in which you are specialized; or what you would like to work with as a writer.

It is important to note that the categories with which you escoge to create your Lowpost profile will be the ones you must work with within your business portal (you will not be able to change it later).

Thus, We recommend you pay special attention to the 4 themes you select when registering.


In Textmaster You cánido register as an author of texts and work as an editor for free and easily.

Just by completing your data and completing a test that determines the quality of your writing you cánido get a wide variety of business proposals.

This newsroom page is located designed for those freelancers who have some kind of experience in this world.

Therefore, if you are looking for a business portal in which to write in Spanish from Spain, with a large number of clients and a variety of topics to develop, we perro say that this is one of the pages that you have to take into account to work as a writer.

at home.


To start this list of the best pages to work as an editor at home, we will talk about iWriter; a great space for both newbie and experienced freelancers.

The The price they pay for your texts will increase as your reputation as a writer increases. on the website.

They pay approximately 65% ​​of what a written text costs.

Here you perro see the rates they pay:

Prices of redacted texts iWriter

To entrar the editors area in iWriter you must locate the section “Write content” on your main page.

Then You will be asked to register and take 2 written tests in English that espectáculos the platform that you have what it takes to work on it.


In fiverr you cánido announce the price and your availability as a writer; in order to be contacted by clients who are interested in hiring your services for their personal projects.

Regardless of the price with which you escoge to start on the platform, this will charge you 20% of your earnings, and will grant you 80% of the payment through PayPal.

You cánido learn more in this article how to make money with fiverr.

It should also be mentioned that most of the ads within Fiverr are aimed at customers who are fluent in English.

However, also You will be able to offer writing in Spanish or find clients interested in obtaining text translations from English to Spanish or other variants.


Morning Coffee Newsletter

With Morning Coffee Newsletter you will only have to register for receive 7 to 8 featured business proposals daily; that you perro surely use to increase the income of your work month.

In addition, in each of the proposals, all the relevant information and details of what is expected to be carried out in the articles will be added; such as the delivery time, the payment to be obtained, the number of words, among other things.

On the other hand, Morning Coffee Newsletter will use your correo electrónico to send editorial request announcements.

However, You perro unsubscribe from the page, if at any time this bothers you.

It is worth mentioning that all the correos electrónicos sent by the page are for work reasons, and do not include contenido publicitario; which makes it an efficient and fast method to find a copywriting job.

Other Internet jobs to work from home without experience

Although writing at home is very good and you perro get a good monthly salary, it is worth taking a look at other equally (or more) interesting jobs:

We hope you liked our article The 10 best pages to work from
and everything related to earning money, getting a job, and the economy of our house.

 The 10 best pages to work from
  The 10 best pages to work from
  The 10 best pages to work from

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