The 10 best jobs from home by

The 10 best jobs from home by

Update March 26, 2023

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You get up every morning before the sun rises.

You prepare your breakfast, you shower and you dress in that uniform so uncomfortable that you have started to hate after so many years.

When you least realize it, it’s time to leave home; so you run to your car, or you arrive at the colectivo stop to head to your job in the middle of the wild traffic.

Every day is the same: you arrive at your position, you smile at a boss who doesn’t value you, you do the tasks that you are ordered to do, and you anxiously look at the clock wishing that the time has come to get out of there.

The problem is that every day is the same: get up early, go to work, look forward to your departure time, come home, spend some time with your family, and the next day, start over.

Why do you keep putting up with a job you don’t like, and in which they probably don’t pay you enough? I’m sure your answer is because you have to pay your bills and cover your needs.

However, also inside you you know there’s something else.

Would you love to have a job where you were your own boss, where you cánido escoge how many hours you want to work and how much you want to earn each month.

A site that allows you spend more time with your family without losing how your children grow, and where you could give them the life you have always dreamed of for them.

But perhaps until now you have not searched for anything like this because you were afraid to take the plunge, or simply because you don’t know how to do it.

If that’s your situation, you have come to the right placebecause here I am going to teach you everything you need to know to find a I work from home by Internet.

I am going to share with you the exact steps that I took to find a job from home, my best advice so you don’t fall for a scamand what are the best jobs in the en línea world for you.

So if you want to free yourself from a job that is suffocating you, keep reading!

As Work from home by Internet?

To work from home en línea, you only need your computer, your Internet connection, and your desire to start working to have a better life.

As in any new project, the first thing you should do is verify which are yours resourcesyour needs and what you want to achieve.

The resources cánido be at a personal level, all those skills that They will help you achieve successand the material resources that will be your work tools.

Regardless of your area of ​​knowledge, it is important to develop some skills for you to succeed in the Internet universe.

The most important ones are organization and planningprofessional update, troubleshooting and communication tools.

The organization and planning They will help you achieve your goals. With no space to share or answer to a manager, your workplace perro be as organized or messy as you want it to be.

However, remember that you are the most valuable asset of your own companyit is necessary to keep a archivo of documents, and be up to date with everything you receive in your dirección de correo electrónico inbox.

One of the great advantages of working from home en línea is that by being your own boss, you manage your own schedule.

But keep in mind that working at dawn or doing it intermittently it perro wear you down and you will have problems fulfilling the scheduled tasks or the goals you equipo.

Above all if you don’t concentrate enough and when you start working, you distract your attention with things at home, children, pets, dishes in the kitchen, the televisión control….

So my recommendations are, make sure you are aware of everything, pending activities and documents; the product of your tarea should always be so good that it makes you proud; create a structure when working, sit at your desk and maintain a regular schedule and without interruptions.

Also, as I said before, you are the most important asset of your organization so your biggest investment should be in youso your preparation and professional updating is essential.

The fact that you have many years of experience It does not orinan that you know absolutely everything about your job.

Working from home en línea perro be very competitive so you have to improve and have new knowledge and skills..

I suggest that you subscribe to Internet pages or weblogs that have up-to-date information on topics related to your work, and why not? take some classes to refresh knowledge It perro always be an interesting and enriching experience.

On the other hand, once you start working from home en línea, There will be problems that you must solve on your own.

You will not have the IT person to solve your technical or connection problems or to solve the jam in the printer, nor cánido you call the administrative assistant to follow up on debtors who are late in paying.

You are your main service provider, so you must provide solutionsDon’t give up in the face of problems.

Keep a creative and active attitudelearn to handle problems with your equipment, to give you a little clue, remember that there are tutorials on the web for everything, without exaggerating, for everything!

One of the disadvantages of the cybernetic age is the few means we have to make contact, understand and convince.

so your communication skills will be your key to entry to the world that will allow you to work from home en línea.

Make sure you are clear enough when you submit any information, and if you do not understand something or are not very clear, do not get carried away by possible interpretations always bet on asking the necessary questions to clarify all doubts.

Communication with the people you work for is also very important, since the only way they perro know the progress of your work or that you are actually working is from your reports.

So try report your progressdaily or weekly, as you consider most convenient for the activity you do.

Make sure you know and handle the en línea communication tools that are available beyond dirección de correo electrónico, such as calls, conferences and vídeo conferences by Hang Outs, Skype and other servers

How do I do to Search for a job by Internet?

After preparing your curriculum synthesis, you must job search pages on the internet using palabras clave in search engines like Google plus, Yahoo, Bing, LinkUp, Indeed, Simply Hired, Jobandtalent and Experteer.

Once you start submitting your proposals, prepare for interviews and keep trying.

If you’ve reached this point, you already know everything you need to get started, you already have a plan, and once you know your skills you have an iniciativa of ​​what you want to do, write, translate, transcribe, design… It’s time to get down to work. , but Where to start?

There is two possible paths start your own business or look for a source of employment from contractors who are looking for independent collaborators to make their projects a reality, and this last path is the ideal way to gain experience in the world of working from home en línea.

Start by building your Curriculum vitaemake sure it’s up to date, you’ll also need a cover letter to apply for most jobs.

Your sintetiza should contain both your academic and professional experiencethe skills you perro bring to a project, and your contact details.

It is recommended to send a PDF archivo that you must save with your name (For example: “María González Curriculum.pdf”) avoid using generic names.

Now this is very important, you Curriculum vitae and cover letter, they are not written in stoneIn fact, it is best to review and modify them for the individual proposals that you wish to send, to give them priority and highlight what makes you the best option for each especial project.

So, Let the search begin! Working from home on the Internet is entering the world’s job market, and the opportunities are numerous, but this does not orinan that it will be fast, you will have to dedicate time and be constant, try as many times as necessary until you achieve it.

You cánido start with your friends and make contacts through the popular networks, let them know that you are available and willing.

You need to make yourself aparente to people offering jobs en línea.

Emplees a Search Engine en línea, you perro start with palabras clave like “work at home”, “telecommuting” and “trabajo independiente”.

The search for “work at home” in the Google plus search engine generates about 9,370,000 results (0.33 seconds).

The palabras clave They may include the professional name of the activity you carry out, the titles, certifications or training you have obtained and your location by area or region.

There are also search engines tarea onlyIf you are looking for a site in English you cánido use LinkUp or Indeed.

backlink up searches for jobs only on company websites, so all options in the results will be current vacancies. Look for jobs on job boards, newspapers, associations, and company websites.

if you prefer sites in SpanishThere are also great options like Simply Hired, Jobandtalent, and Experteer.

simply hired Search for jobs on thousands of Web sites, job directories, newspapers and classifieds, associations, and popular media.

It then distributes those works on its website, its mobile application, its popular networks, and weblogs.

For its part, the company jobandtalet developed its own algorithm to find the perfect candidate from posted job opportunities.

Finally experter, is a high-level job search engine designed for managers and qualified professionals, offers job opportunities and facilitates confidential access to recruiters, the site promises access to exclusive offers.

There is a large market for job offers, and many websites They are specially created to help you work from home en línea, you perro find them in this article: The 8 best pages to find work from home.

Do not forget subscribe to alerts by dirección de correo electrónico or notifications offered by these websites.

Surely the fact that you cánido get hundreds and even thousands of job offers will raise your spirits, but do not waste time, the best thing is apply for jobs for which you have all the qualities.

Keep your eyes on your goal and invest all your efforts and resources in it.

You’ve already started applying, so it’s time to prepare for job interviewsin some cases it cánido only be a few questions by instant messaging, phone calls, vídeo conferences, or the resolution of some en línea tests.

They will surely make you questions to get to know you and know if you fit what they are looking for.

Here are some sample questions to prepare for:

  • What are your strenghts and weaknesses?
  • Why do you want this job?
  • Why should we choose you?
  • What has been your greatest professional achievement?
  • What is your dream job like?
  • What availability do you have? How many hours per day?
  • What is the amount you aspire to? (rates per hour, per word, per project, per week, per month…)
  • Do you have any question?

You should also prepare for Other questions that may seem out of place to you, but that have their purpose as What animal would you like to be? What are the steps to prepare a sandwich? Do you like coffee?

To prepare you to answer these questions when looking for a job from home en línea check the description from the job and make a list of the characteristics they are looking for.

Prepare the answers so that your characteristics and experiences match what they are looking for, and think about specific examples that you cánido give

have an answer about the reasons for those who want a job at home en línea and that make you good at work.

Do you remember that I already mentioned material resources? surely they will ask about your workspacetype of computer, Internet connection, and anything else you might need to get the job done.

If it is a company, I recommend you make a small recognition workreview the website, popular networks and the news where it is mentioned, learn about its products, services and general information.

As avoid scams When do I look for a job from home en línea?

In your job search, application and interview process, there may be some offers to work from home en línea that are very attractive but they are nothing more than hoaxes, scams or deceptive offers.

You have to be careful not to send money or merchandise and avoid giving your bank details.

There are different cybernetic ways in which you cánido be scammed and they are not necessarily looking to take your money directly, it happens regularly that they request the job before signing the contract and they disappear or disappear They refuse to make the payment.

Never do sample work, always submit your own models, or keep these demos really short.

If you cannot charge by the hour, when starting a project agree payment in stages or phases periodically.

Always check out the reputation of the person who hires you, check that the contact information, the information of incorporation or registration of the company and the location of its offices are true, this is important although not enough.

If they offer you a free service” To give continuity to the job application, I assure you that this service is never free and they will end up charging your account.

Never send money! Legitimate employers won’t charge you to start work or anything else, they won’t charge fees or commissions upfront, you won’t have to pay for equipment, tools, or work supplies, or ask you to receive or ship merchandise of any kind.

if you get any dirección de correo electrónico offering a job unsolicited or from a page you are not subscribed to, delete it immediately, these correos electrónicos usually offer jobs where you do not need experience or great skills, and offer a lot of money, they are clearly a hoax.

Protect your banking, private and confidential information, never give detailed information about your bank details, license number, personal identification number, names of your relatives, popular security number, it does not matter if they are requested in person, by correo electrónico or by telephone.

Finally, a recommendation that will help you in all cases to avoid these deceptions, if it’s too good to be true, it’s not trueIt is not about being cynical, of course you will find the job of your dreams, but realistically, with effort, dedication and based on your skills and abilities.

10 en línea jobs what cánido you do at home

1. virtual assistant

In this job you will put into practice all skills that I mentioned before, organization and planning, professional development, problem solving and communication techniques.

If you have administrative experienceIf you are an accountant, salesperson or technician working as a personal assistant, administrative assistant or office manager, you perro work from home en línea for different clients doing afín work.

virtual assistants give administrative support to one or several companies by telephone and Internet, carrying out activities such as keeping an agenda, scheduling appointments, entering data into a system, making telephone calls, planning trips and managing correos electrónicos.

Rates perro vary wildly, but are usually between $10 and $15 per hour.

2. call center

Most of the large companies hire agents all over the worldeven in those locations where they do not have physical offices or operations centers.

These companies usually offer a pre training so that you know their processes and products.

The activities carried out in this job have to do with the contact with customers or users, receive and process orders, handle claims, make sales, offer products, provide technical support, and resolve doubts.

In many cases, you could have commission or goal achievement earnings, and generate between $8 and $18 per hour.

3. editing and proofreading

This type of work requires a lot of knowledge of grammar of a language.

It is often requested to be your native language.

Be detailed bordering on perfection, it’s a skill that will make you the right candidate for this job.

The edition and the proofreading (there is no exact translation in Spanish), requires the revision and correction spelling and writing, texts, articles, books, websites and weblogs.

It’s not just correcting them but making sure that they understand each other very good.

The rates of the professionals who carry out this activity perro be between $25 and $60 per hour.

4. Write, compose.

This is one of the ways to work from home en línea that has the largest number of variations and tarea camps.

The most basic concept does not need much explanation, it is simply write to earn money.

Companies or contractors will ask you to write about… really, any topic.

They are going to equipo a number of words and what they expect from the content.

Whoever writes must have the creativity to do it in an entertaining and gain reader’s attention and the approval of the person who hires you.

You cánido be a writer of scientific papers, short stories, weblogs, editorials, advertising, reviews, web pages, forums, popular networks, articles, scripts, practically anything that allows more than 60 characters.

One of the great advantages of being a writer is that you perro do it at the time you want and from anywhere in the world, the rates vary as much as the modalities and contents and perro range from $10 to $200 per hour.

5. Entrar data (Data entry)

The purpose of this job is load, process or delete data errors in a system that cánido be letters, numbers or symbols.

Does not require specialized knowledgesimply the data must be written correctly.

There are a variety of activities that involve data entryfor example: Copy PDF or JPG documents to Microsoft Word or Excel archivos, find errors in a database and delete them, fill out spreadsheets, configure formats, among others.

The income that cánido be received when working from home en línea with data entry ranges from between $3 and $12 per hour.

6. popular media manager

If you work or have experience developing advertising or marketing strategies for a company, this is the job for you.

The work of an Internet community manager goes beyond managing the various company profiles.

Its reason for being is boost the brandmake it known and that it be in contact with each individual who has access to the Internet from the most distant and hidden point of the planet.

The Internet Community Manager, create strategies and the rules for advertising the brand.

On the other hand, the job of the popular media manager is related to brand advertising but focuses on create content for publication, following the rules of the Internet Community Manager.

Internet community managers and popular media managers who work as freelancers from home on the Internet generate between $9 and $15 per hour.

7. voice talent

Working from home impersonating scripts, narratives or characters perro be very fun and exciting.

But it is one of the jobs that requires more creativitypractice, experience, budget and talent.

It is not enough to have a nice voice, you must have the ability to be heard naturally, and make it part of the character

Breathe properly, take the necessary pauses, pronounce correctly and avoid ambient sounds.

If you want to dedicate yourself to this job, keep in mind that you will need a budget for professional recording equipment, training, demos, marketing…

Although it may be a part-time job, keep in mind that clients may make last-minute requests and will sometimes send “emergency” revisions and projects to any time of the day

It is not easy to know the rates for the recordings because they will depend on how long they are, the number of words, the content, the purpose, the use that will be given; may have as wide a margin as between $100 and $2500 per project.

8. Translation

With the globalization of large companies, the demand for translators It has increased much more than you cánido imagine.

Especially from those people who speak rare languages.

The most requested languages ​​from the most important, are the English, French, GermanMandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Italian and Romanian.

The activities that are requested cánido be the translation of archivos and documents, conversations, interviews and conference calls.

The average salary is $10 to $25 per hourmuch higher fees are paid by large corporations.

9. Transcription

As with data logging, audio transcription no knowledge needed or experience previous.

What will make you really good at this job is speed with which you perro write the text.

In this sense, the transcription agencies will ask you to carry out a typing evaluation.

To see how fast you perro type.

It will be very useful if you drive technical languages such as medical, legal or financial terms, since these are the areas with the greatest demand.

Likewise, it is desirable that you have a good command of the Gramatical rules and spelling, you cánido also help with some programa specially designed for transcribing.

The activity to be carried out consists of receive a archivo audio or vídeo, and transcribe your contentyou perro do this in a textual way, even reproducing environmental sounds or editing and improving the content to make it understandable.

There are sites that work as agents for getting transcription jobs, including TranscribeAnywhere, TranscribeMe, and Quicktate.

And the earnings perro be up to $25 per hour or more.

10. en línea tutor

With the growth and acceptance of the en línea education, this job is practically a safe bet.

If you have experience and sufficient accreditation in some area of ​​knowledge.

The sciences are the areas that have the highest demand and remuneration.

You perro function as an en línea tutor for an institution, for a student who wants tutorials or also with someone who needs to know more about a specific topic.

Also, could you give language classes en línea to students or to corporations.

If you dedicate yourself to being a tutor, teacher or teacher working from home en línea you could earn from $12 to $35 per hour.

eleven. other

There are many other possibilities of generate income from home over the Internet, which is not literally understood as a job.

One of the most lucrative, but equally risky, is the investment in digital assetsthrough en línea exchange platforms.

These platforms work like virtual wallets and provide updated information on the asset market.

You perro buy currencies, cryptocurrencies, precious minerals, company shares and follow the market to know when sell or buy in order to make profit.

There are also many websites that offer the possibility of generating income by completing surveys, clicking on advertisements, solving captchas or posting ads on popular networks such as Fb.

These other ways do not require prior knowledge in any area, the gain is very long term and many are deceptive, so it is recommended to do some in-depth research on the company you want to try.

If you have entrepreneurial qualities, create your own blog or website and monetizing it is also a great long-term option.

Are you ready to find the job you imagined? Tell me below what is the ideal job for you, I would like to know how your experience has been.

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