The 10 best franchises in Venezuela

The 10 best franchises in Venezuela

In recent years, this country has presented some socioeconomic problems, various factors have hit its population hard and the industrial campo. This has caused its residents to look for ways to start new business and so power increase your sources of income. Many dedicate their time to new part-time jobs, others seek to bring new ideas to market and focus on creating new concepts.

If you want to undertake and are looking for a way to start a business, we perro give you an iniciativa: Invest in a franchise. It is an excellent model that has aroused the interest of various businessmen, both national and foreign. But, do you know this style of business? Here you have the best franchises in Venezuela, profitable and low investment that you perro get in the market.

What are the most profitable Venezuelan franchises?

You must first know what a franchise consists of. This type of activity is generally responsible for marketing products and services, where the owner or franchisor of the brand, gives you the right to another person to work under your name and business system. If you want to invest in a franchise, take into account certain aspects such as: the legal framework of the company, the benefits you perro obtain and the requirements you need.

In Venezuela you perro find a large number of franchises, which cover various sectors of the economyIt is a good option if you are looking to entrar the business world. Here we espectáculo you some of them.

1. Perfumes Factory

This company was launched on the market in 2003. With its wide range of products dedicated to the personal care and aesthetics, managing to position itself among the favorites of consumers. This franchise already has a presence in Venezuela, as well as other Latin American countries.

Being creditor of this franchise, the company offers a clear profitability and rapid return on capital. Here we espectáculo you what they offer their franchisees:

  • You perro make use of the brand and the different training programs.
  • Elaboration of the project and plans of the store.
  • Inventory of raw material, advertising, uniforms, among others.

2. The Original Shakes

Between the most important ice cream franchises in the country, you will find “Milkshakes”. They started with a small store that grew in popularity, today it has various offices in countries such as the United States, Spain, Chile and Venezuela.

You perro study the possibility of acquiring a franchise from this prestigious company. which gives you the following:

  • Constant staff training.
  • Economic independence.
  • Growth in the business field.
  • Approximate return of 2 years.


This frozen yogur business increased its growth considerably in recent years, and was listed as one of the best franchises. They have a franchisee assistance team, in charge of advice, support and assistance. You perro get their stores in various shopping centers in the country.

To be a creditor of a Freshberry you must take into account some aspects.

  • Franchises are granted for a period of 20 years.
  • The initial investment ranges from $170,000.
  • You must have knowledge and experience in business management.

4. Tequechongos

This company is dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of food products, such as tequeño and other typical Venezuelan foods. His brand is well known and habitual in the country.

Although this business has had a great growth, it is considered as a low investment franchise. Its scope has allowed it to implement new sales strategies, channels and products, adapting to the market in a controlled manner. The requirements for franchisees are very fácil:

  • The population that must circulate through the store must be on average: 2,000 people a month.
  • The franchisee must be: dynamic, proactive, organized and independent.
  • The premises must have 9 square meters.
  • Staff training is 2 weeks.
  • You perro expand to any part of the country.
  • You must locate the premises in areas of high traffic of people.

5. Saas Pharmacies

With offices in all the states of the country, this network of pharmacies leads a large part of the pharmaceutical ámbito. Its establishments, products and the professional quality of its workers have kept this company constantly growing and updating.

Here you cánido find two business models, the medium and the autonomous. Known as CASA SAAS, which consists of a store of about 560 square meters With a self-service system, these will provide different products and assistance from recognized brands.

If you want to be a franchisee you must have a profile:

  • Your age must be between 25 and 50 years old.
  • Be a professional, with higher education studies or a trader.
  • You must be willing to follow the rules and guidelines of the franchise.
  • Espectáculo leadership skills, initiative, decision making and customer service.
  • Willingness to perform popular activities.

6. Prosein

This multinational company has been operating in the country for more than 37 years, with extensive experience in design and construction of spaces. His professionals provide personalized advice, as well They have a wide range of products. National and international.

Although it started in Venezuela, this company is also active in countries like Colombia and the United States. A coger of this company is to offer a product that is easy to acquire for the consumer, granting competitive prices and payment facilities. If you want to be part of his group of franchisees, you cánido write to him through his website and fill out his form.

7. Domino’s Pizza

Belonging to the food industry, it is a distinguished company and specialist in the preparation and pizza making and fast food. Since its founding in 1960 in Michigan (USA), it has expanded its chain of restoranes to more than 89 countries around the world.

Its 14,500 stores guarantee a good franchise option, in Venezuela they currently have several stores in different states of the country. You cánido visit their website to check the process of franchise assignment and the requirements you need, we also advance some requirements.

  • A $30,000 entry.
  • The contract is for 10 years.
  • You must locate a local of 180 m².
  • It has to be in a place with a minimum population of 300,000 inhabitants.

8.Burger King

Who does not know Burger King? This fast food chain is one of the most famous. Creator of the famous Whopper, it is a network of restoranes found in more than 74 countries and that daily serve approximately 11.4 million people. is the second burger company biggest in the world. It is mainly characterized by:

  • Its line of products is of high quality and flavor.
  • Their hamburger meat is made on the grill.
  • Accessible prices.
  • The service they offer is excellent.

To have a Burger King franchise you must comply with a requested profile by the company, experience and a stipulated place for its construction. You will have advisors throughout the process who They will give you the best recommendations. Although we do warn you that it is not a cheap investment, but it is very safe.

9. Neos Advisors

If you have doubts and do not know how the business world works, you cánido go to Neos Aconsejes. This company will give you the tools and advice so that you use a stable business model that lasts over time.

It is always recommended that an expert accompany you in the growth and development of your businessthat cánido help you create a massification system through better practices. Neos Aconsejes will be able to guide you in some of the following topics.

  • Franchise development.
  • Equipo brand keys.
  • Create training and support programs for the franchisee.
  • expansion plans.
  • Organizational structures.

10. KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC is another leading company in the fast food industry, in 1930 it was founded in Kentucky (USA) by Colonel Harland Sanders. After 22 years of operation, its first franchise was born in the United States. From this moment on, it has not stopped growing, reaching more than 145 countries.

For being obviously a internationally renowned companyyour franchise investment is somewhat expensive, reaching 1.4 million dollars, likewise the potential franchisee must have Business experience and English proficiency. If you’re looking to get into the business, KFC It is a clear and excellent option if you meet the requirements and the amount of investment.

How much investment do you need to equipo up a franchise in Venezuela?

investment for this type of business cánido vary significantly. Depending on the campo of the company, we perro get a franchise starting at $4,000, although most companies usually have a price between $50,000 and $80,000.

As we mentioned, this investment goes hand in hand with some factors such as: the value of the brand, if you need a store, advertising support, remodeling costs, to name a few. Therefore, it is essential that do a market assessment to know the profile of your possible business.

remember there is economic sectors that require less investment. You perro choose one franchise that need small premisesyour acquisition margin should be lower.

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 The 10 best franchises in Venezuela
  The 10 best franchises in Venezuela
  The 10 best franchises in Venezuela

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