The 10 best ergonomic chairs for

The 10 best ergonomic chairs for

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused the work from home.

And today there are many people who find many advantages to the possibility of doing it at home, such as saving on travel or making it easier to reconcile work and family life.

Now, to work from home it is essential to take it seriously and not relax by the fact of not being in a company physically speaking.

And one of the aspects that must be taken care of the most is the work space, which must have a completely adequate chair to spend several hours in it.

That is why we have created this list with 10 especially ergonomic chairs for working remotely, take note!


Secretlab Chair

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Possibly it is noticed that it is our favorite, but I write these words from one and it is amazing.

First of all we have to highlight that Secretlab is a very prestigious brand in the gaming chair market, being synonymous with innovation and quality.

And from its offer we want to highlight the TITAN Black, which is completely valid for teleworking due to its ergonomics and is designed for users weighing up to 130 kg and 2 meters tall.

And it is that this is a chair that stands out precisely for certain characteristics such as its ample dimensions, resistant structure and the multitude of configuration options when sitting down.

In this case, the manufacturer has improved previous models by including 6 cm diameter wheels and a lumbar adjustment system.

Which undoubtedly makes this a top chair.

After testing it for months I cánido say that:

  • Keeps your back completely straight (and this is something that most often fail).
  • Fully adaptable to the person and configurable.

    Each part of the chair cánido be modified to your liking.

  • Holds all the weight you put on it, whether you have 130kg or 60kg.

    You perro choose by weight and height so that it does not remain small or large.

  • Carry a mini adaptable foam cushionThis is a 10 out of 10.
  • He lumbar adjustment is the best on the market.

    Avoid pain in the area and simulate the perfect posture.


FIXKIT ergonomic chair

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In this case we find a high quality and breathable chair, thanks to its backrest and headrest made of mesh.

Once again, ergonomics has been sought and it has been achieved, since this chair allows you to work comfortably in it for eight hours straight.

It stands out for its resistant materials and an important capacity to support a lot of weight.

Their armrests are made of high quality PU and has a height-adjustable mechanism.

Adding all this to its swivel wheels, we perro conclude that this chair is a very interesting option for working from home.



See price SONGMIS Racing

Although it is initially designed as a gaming chair, this is also a great choice if you are looking for a chair for remote work.

It is a high-end product, with polyurethane wheels that prevent the floor from being scratched, and a PU cover.

Its 100% ergonomic design allows a good position of the spine while sitting on it.

This chair also stands out for its stability and durability, with a 70 centimeter star base.

To which must be added that it has a mechanism to adjust the inclination that guarantees the comfort of the usuario even when he has to spend many hours in the chair.


Breathable CashOffice

See price CashOffice Breathable

Even for an inexpensive chair, it certainly performs very well for a number of reasons, including two: its backrest made of fully breathable mesh, and its firm seat.

It is also a padded but robust model at the same time, so it combines comfort and resistance.

Designed with a very comfortable and ergonomic shape, this chair allows you to carry out a full working day (eight hours) without any problem.

And it has a point in its favor on an aesthetic level, which is the possibility of choosing between several colors.


Intimate WM Heart

See price IntimaTe WM Heart

This chair is also noteworthy for its quality, comfort and ergonomics.

Its seat and backrest are designed with the usuario’s needs in mind at all times, and for this reason it has folding armrests that facilitate posture and rest during work breaks.

Its headrest is designed in such a way that the typical discomfort and tension that occurs in the neck are reduced when you spend many hours working sitting down.

And thanks to its metal base it is a particularly durable model, being able to support a great weight.

6.Offisam STELLA

See price Offisam Stella

This is a chair characterized by offering great comfort and very practical use at a very interesting price.

It is a 360º rotating seat with adjustable height, reclining backrest with two positions, fixed armrest and adjustable tension of the tilting mechanism.

Its structure is made of fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene, and the seat is made of high-density foam.

Thanks to your support of High-end technical mesh allows total breathabilityand also has a lumbar support that makes it a most ergonomic option.


Six Bros 0898H/2253

See SixBros price

If you are looking for one beautiful and elegant chair as well as ergonomic, this option is perfect for you.

It has a very careful design on an aesthetic level, but obviously if we have included it in our list it is for its comfort to work on it for hours.

For this, it has great armrests, adjustable height and up to 360º rotation.

Besides its compact structure adds plus comfort to the usuario.

For all these reasons, it is a piece that fits perfectly in any teleworking office.


Ergonomic Rotating Poptoy

See price Poptoy Rotating

This chair model for working at home stands out for its very classy design, thanks to its backrest made of black mesh.

But the most interesting thing is its comfort, thanks to its adjustable height and the fact that it has been designed with ergonomics in mind above all.

Also I know adapts perfectly to the curvature of the back, which is quite welcome when you have to spend a long day of work in a chair.

We have to emphasize that it is a chair taller than others, designed for people with a height of 1.70 meters or more.


INTEY breathable

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The materials chosen in the manufacture of this chair give it great resistance.

As is necessary in this type of chair, ergonomics has been the first thing that has been thought of, and for this reason it has a high density sponge cushion which makes it especially comfortable.

Its load capacity is extraordinary, and it is a very stable model thanks to its aluminum structure and its star base.

It is also a easy to install chair and with all the necessary parts when assembling it.


Offisam AURIGA

See price Offisam AURIGA

We close this list by going back to the Offisam brand to talk about this functional and ergonomic chair.

The seat and back tilt giving rise to a 90º angle.

It also has adjustable height and a breathable backing thanks to its technical mesh composition.

As their seat is made of high-density foam that does not deform, and the armrests are fixed.

Its chromed steel base gives it strength, but also a distinguished design.

Any of these chairs is very valid for working at home, although you have to look at specific aspects that will determine which is the best option for each usuario.

And you, have you made your choice yet?

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 The 10 best ergonomic chairs for
  The 10 best ergonomic chairs for
  The 10 best ergonomic chairs for

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