The 10 best aplicaciones to earn money

The 10 best aplicaciones to earn money

Surely, right now you are reading these words from your cell phone; and is that the use of mobile devices is increasing.

So if you spend all your time glued to this device why not take advantage of it and use it to earn money with mobile?

Companies and their advertisers are not stupid, and they know that the Internet and cell phones are potential resources for promote your products.

For this reason, more and more applications appear every day for teléfonos inteligentes with which you perro earn money easily and relatively fast.

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Do you want to know what these are? aplicaciones for earn money with mobile? Keep reading!

1. Aplicación Trailers

This application will give you money for watching vídeos and downloading some applications to your cell phone (it is only necessary to download and open them, being able to uninstall them later).

The points are redeemable for prizes and money, and the minimum payment is only $0.50.

The only drawback? It’s in English; but even if you don’t know this language, it will be very easy for you to handle.

Payment is through PayPal.

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2. tapporo

Like Aplicación Trailers, this aplicación allows earn money with mobile through watching vídeos and installing applications, although the minimum charge is $5 and, although the aplicaciones is also in English, the offers that appear they are in spanish.

It is also charged through PayPal, but in TappOro there is a referral program in which they will give you points for each of them.



This aplicaciones It is funnier and more original than the previous two.

you will earn money browsing, playing and doing your shopping through your cell phone, although here the minimum charge is higher ($10).

It works with PayPal, is in Spanish, and has up to 12 levels of referrals.



Its operation is to download aplicaciones, watch vídeos, complete surveys, invite friends and play games to get points that you perro redeem for money later.

It is also in English, the minimum charge is only $2.5 through PayPal, and it also has a referral program.


Tap Cash Rewards

you also win downloading others aplicaciones, watching vídeos, inviting people… but the rewards are – in addition to money in PayPal – gift cards for Amazon.

It is English and you perro withdraw the money from just $2.



This is a different method from the others to earn money with mobile; this aplicaciones serves to perform FREE sports betsis in Spanish, and money cánido be collected when a minimum of €20 is reached.

The payment of money is through PayPal, but they also have prizes such as consoles, televisionstabletas, cell phones, etcétera., and has a referral program.


Free Gift Cards

Probably one of the aplicaciones in which the minimum charge is lower, this being only $1. money is earned downloading other aplicacionesplaying games, inviting friends to join, and in addition to PayPal as a payment method, it also includes Alipay and Amazon gift cards.



In this case you will only have to test aplicaciones (mostly games) and nothing else, although it does not offer rewards in money, but only in gift cards for Amazon, Sutterfly or Google plus Play.


Feature Points

Also in English, you will be rewarded for try others aplicaciones that you need to spend between 30 seconds and 1 minute to receive vouchers for Amazon, iTunes and money in PayPal.

If you invite your friends and they sign up, they will give you 50% of what they earn with Feature Points.


aplicación down

Finally, this application will allow you win gift cards on Amazon, iTunes, Google plus Play and money in PayPal downloading games and other recommended aplicaciones.

And the minimum to receive the charge is only $2 (although it is also in English).

Have you tried any of these aplicaciones to earn money with your mobile? What other applications do you know to get money?

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 The 10 best aplicaciones to earn money
  The 10 best aplicaciones to earn money
  The 10 best aplicaciones to earn money

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