That’s how I asked for a salary increase and I won my

That’s how I asked for a salary increase and I won my

When you have a job, what you always try is to do your best so that your effort is recognized.

And one of the best rewards you perro get for it is get a pay rise.

However, that sometimes It is not so fácil, although it is not impossible.

Do you think that they pay you less than they should for the work you do? Then you should ask for a raise without being embarrassed.

There are times that the work you do is too much for the salary you get, so it’s alright want to earn a little more money.

During my years as an English teacher, i started with a little low salary since I only worked during the mornings for about 4 hours from Monday to Friday.

But when I started doing 8 hours a day, even though they raised my salary a bit, I realized that the work was much greater than beforeand with the weeks it began to seem very little to me.

So after enduring for months without saying anything because I was somewhat afraid and ashamed at the same time, I told myself that I had to change something because I was making them earn a lot of money, but they didn’t compensate me in the same way.

And it is that the emotional salary is also important.

And are you one of those who cares more about the monetary or emotional salary?

that’s why one day I decided to ask him for a raise to my boss; however, I didn’t think about it much and I didn’t know how to express well why I wanted it.

So you cánido imagine the answer he gave me: NO.

I was frustrated because he didn’t want to give me that plus money that I wanted.

But over time, I realized that I was the one who didn’t ask for it the right way.

So I searched for information and advice, and once I I learned how to do it properlyI tried my luck again and guess what?

I succeeded.

My boss told me yes and raised my salary.

I know that if you have come this far, it is because you want to ask for a raise, you have wanted to do it many times and when you did, you probably didn’t get it.

That’s why in this article I’m going to teach you everything you need to know about how to ask for a raiseand I am going to share my personal tricks to achieve it.

What will you find in this article?

When do you have to ask increase Of salary?

There are times when we think we deserve a raise But there are times when we are wrong.

That’s why you have to be careful when you ask for it.

The best time to do it is when your work has borne fruit and benefited on a scale for whom you work or your job is very demanding and requires better pay than you’re getting.

Those would be two good times to ask for a raise.

The mistake that many people make (and it is possible that even you have made it) is that they ask for a raise because they just want it.

It is very different love him to need it and deserve it so if you escoge to ask for one, you must be aware and be honest about whether you really deserve one.

The moment to ask for it is so important because if you ask for it when you shouldn’t, it is most likely that miss the opportunity to get it.

When you are a great employee, your work has paid off and constantly help the person or company you work for, in itself, you are efficient and give great results, so you do deserve a raise.

There’s a good reason behind why you want a raise, so if it’s because you think you deserve more because of work and results that you are giving, then go for it!

The same thing happens as in my experience that I told you about before.

It is the typical case of “too much work for little pay”.

A job perro be easy or the opposite, difficult and stressful but regardless of what it is, it deserves a good compensation.

So if you find yourself in a case like the one I was in, do not worry to ask for a raise.

Although remember, to ask for a raise you should always have good arguments and a valid justification; If you believe that you do not receive enough for work, then express the reasons well.

If you are not in any of the above situations and you just think that it is time to earn a little more money and also because you deserve it, then I recommend you Do it a few months before the end of the year.

Something I see very often, are people newly hired asking for a raise a few months when his salary is relatively good for the moment.

If you are a newcomer, you cánido’t aspire that’s why so easy.

Age has a lot to do with it. at the time of receiving higher pay.

So if you’ve already been with your company for more than a year or two, you perro ask for a raise, especially if you do a good job.

I recommend you do some two or three months before the anniversary from when you started working in the place.

When you want a raise, your work, effort and efficiency they are always evaluated to see if you deserve it or not, so you also have to be honest about whether you really should have it.

As negotiate a raise of salary?

To negotiate a salary increase, the first thing you need to know is your value as an employee and that of your work as such.

Also, contrary to what many believe, you should not ask for a specific amount first, wait to see what your boss’s offer is.

Regardless, be open to options and to more than just money.

Before negotiating for a raise or even thinking about asking for one, you must have an estimate and a notion how much your work is worth and your price as an employee.

If someone suddenly came and asked you, usually you will answer less than what you are really worth, That is why you must be informed at all times and know your value almost exactly.

For example, if you are an insurance adviser, try to find out how much do they pay him to other workers who do the same tasks as you.

It’s all about informing you and not just let yourself be carried away by your feelings and the value that you believe you should receive simply because that is your belief.

You need proof valid arguments.

Just as you look for another job that pays you better for your work, you should do the same if what you want is ask for a raise in current salary.

Search en línea for other people occupy the same position than you or job offers of the same occupation or profession that you have and do.

Thus you will know an approximate value that you deserve and you will be able to negotiate in amounts close to those and that look higher and fairer than what you are receiving.

Under any circumstances, don’t be the first to say an amount Or even a number.

Wait to see what your boss or manager says first.

You may know the value of your work, but you don’t know how willing they are to turn off the people you are asking for a raise.

It is ineludible that at the time of negotiation, the question of “how much do you want?” comes up in the conversation, but you should try to deflect it cleverly.

This action is not fácil at all and if you are someone like me who always it has cost him divert a conversation or question, I recommend you give a figure a little higher than the amount you really want.

They will almost always offer you less, Therefore, the objective is to try to get as close as possible to the value that you seek.

If they give you a figure even less than the minimum you had planned, don’t think so much about it and don’t give upThis usually happens when they are also looking for an amount with which they feel comfortable and with that, you perro also look for it.

I know we’re talking about a raise and money itself, but sometimes benefits and better raises They are not given based on a number.

For example, if you find it difficult to increase the salary in your current position, you perro ask for other types of benefitssuch as working fewer hours.

Of course, it will not be the same salary that you have been maintaining but it will not be what you are asking for, you will still be earning a little more with fewer hours of work.

keep your mind open And don’t just keep the goal at a number or salary if there is the possibility of an option that offers something more than just that.

How to ask for a raise successfully

If you want to successfully ask for a raise, the most important thing is to know how to ask for it and be careful when doing it. Arm yourself with facts and justifications why you deserve to earn more money, and the increase will be yours.

The reason why I focused so much on explaining to you the when should you ask for a raise It’s because as I told you, if you don’t do it at the right time, the most likely thing is that you won’t get it and you will lose the opportunity to order it for a while.

If you go through some of the situations that I showed you before or one that compares and you think you deserve the increase, then those would be perfect moments.

However, you must also take external factors into account. as the economic situation of the company the person you work for.

If you’re not feeling well, You cánido be in any of the above situations, but this is not the time to ask for your raise.

One, because that would espectáculo that you don’t care about the situation from your workplace and you just want more money.

Two, most likely they don’t have to pay you with so they will neither consider nor try to negotiate with you when you request it.

This could also affect you beyond a fácil “no” when you ask for the raise, especially in the business world since you would send a signal that you are not aware of finances and in addition to more salary, you perro take with you the opportunity for a promotion.

Or even worse: they may think you’re a little inconsiderate, and directly say goodbye. So check this well always.

I love the phrase “It’s not what you say but how you say it” and besides saying it quite often, I follow it to the letter in everything I say or at least I always try to.

Something you should never forget no matter the situation, is always to be kind And don’t stop using your good manners.

I know you are at work, but I have already seen many people who they do not treat their superiors properly and they go and ask for a raise without any manners or respect.

So choose your words well and don’t be so direct.

Of course, don’t “waste” your boss’s time but don’t be so “let’s go for it” when it’s time to ask for it.

start with highlight your work a bit in the company and in letting your superior know that you are informed about it.

Sample why do you think deserve that raise and make even them think so, always saying and putting everything in a nice and concise way.

Do not use hostile words or words that make them feel like a “You have to give me my raise”, when it should be “this is why I think I deserve one.”

Arm yourself with the facts and reasons and you’ll be good to go, but, omit your needs and family situations.

As harsh as it may sound, It’s not your boss’s problem that you need money for your children, an increase in your basic expenses, because in the end he or she does not care about any of that, even if you see it as a good justification.

They don’t need to know what you need it for, so focus all the time on what you have done in your work and the performance you have in it.

Some superiors are soft-hearted but in general, it’s none of their business even if it sounds a bit rough and strong.

Following all these steps, will you be ready to order your raise and you will get it.

How to ask for a raise in writing: 6 steps

1. Start with a greeting

Normally when you want to ask for a salary increase no need to write a letter for it.

However, in large companies or when your superiors are too busy to see you in person, there is no other option than submit an official request and do so in writing.

If you ask me, I think it’s much simpler request a raise in writing since you cánido make or undo the request to your liking before sending it and make it look as good as possible.

Asking for a raise in writing is not very different to do it in personbut I know that many people do not know how or what to write on the application.

First of all, you should always keep the formalities from the beginning and don’t forget the typical place and date format, who you are addressing, their position in the company and the name of the company.

After that, the letter formats and the how do you start in development is highly variable.

Typical formal phrases such as “Of my consideration” are used as the beginning or a kind of title, but what should never be missing at the beginning, it is a cordial greeting.

You perro place it in the place of “Of my consideration” or simply start development with one.

Although not mentioned at the beginning, make sure you know well to whom should you address the letter since that will avoid misunderstandings and that they think that you are going on the authority of the person who makes the salary adjustments.

2. Go straight to the point

When requesting something in writing, the fact that don’t be so direct with it, it loses its meaning.

Unlike doing it in person or negotiating it, here you should start at the beginning of your letter that you write in order to ask for a salary increase.

Of course, never leaving your formal tone and choosing well words.

This part is not complicated since you simply have to keep directing you formally and express that you write that request or letter with only that purpose.

I know that being so direct cánido scare you a bit, but when reading an application the last thing your superiors want to read is all the words you use to redound on the topic.

3. Include your justifications

The development of the letter is very fácil, always you should focus on why You are requesting a raise.

Throughout the article I have pointed out quite a bit in which the only thing that will help you get a salary increase it will be your job and what you have done in all this time in it.

Therefore, just like ordering it in person, omit your needs and jump right into what you’ve accomplished all this time at the company.

For example, you perro start with the time you have been working for them followed by the major efforts you have made to benefit the workplace and its prosperity.

Point out some facts and encourages who the letter is addressed to to verify your work record and that your track record has been good or even better enough to apply for the increase.

4. Mention a number

I always recommend not placing a figure, even name a random number, but when it’s a written request, that changes a bit.

As I was saying, no superior or boss wants to read a lot of words nonsense in the letter, so asking for a figure is one of the most direct things and that would save you and them time.

But It is a double-edged sword.

One of the disadvantages of having to ask for a raise in writing is that the trading option is pretty much nil.

It is very unlikely that the answer they send you is another offer or another number instead of a “no” or “yes”.

If you escoge to order a certain quantity, I suggest you delve even more in the value of your work and how much other people receive for the same.

Also, instead of putting a number of several zeros, I recommend you Put it by percentage.

You don’t need to dedicate a whole paragraph to it, in the paragraph of the previous step you perro add it near the end.

5. Name your duties and what you have achieved with them

Take your time and space in the letter to mention what you have to do and what you have achieved with each of those things.

For example, if you are in charge of training the beginners, point out that because of this You have managed to disminuye the rate of resignations and the productivity of these increases, if that has been the case.

This part is so that you stand out and don’t feel sorry for it.

So don’t just think that your job does not give good results for the company or your workplace.

In the world and above all, in a company, each worker puts his grain of sand And when they do a good job, it saves the company money and more profit.

If you have been responsible, you never have faults or they are minimal and for trivial things, You’ve never asked for a raise more responsibilities were added to you that you perform perfectly.

Highlight all of that.

6. End the letter the same way you started

Maintaining the formalities as in the whole process, also remember that a good farewell is just as important as a good greeting.

So don’t skip the latter.

Something that you possibly think I skipped or forgot to put, is the part of the identification and say who you are

Normally this is used to be placed at the end of the letter but if you escoge to do it at the beginning, it’s not bad either.

Personally, I prefer to place it at the end of this to do not overload the first paragraphs of information and concentrate on what I want and who I am talking to.

The end of the request is very variable, you cánido indicate the sources where you saw the salary from other people and that you think is what you deserve or you perro simply say thank you and conclude it without delving further into the issue of numbers and figures, it is your preference.

Just remember to say goodbye and if you escoge to add something else, make sure you do it with words and the respect correspondent.

Asking for a raise is a challenge, everyone it scares us just to think about asking the question and much more start the conversation.

I was feeling just like you must be feeling right now about ordering one, but don’t be afraid. It’s much simpler than you think and the worst answer you cánido get is no.

You just have to do it the right way with the proper justification and at the right time.

I have received a no many times, but since I changed my way of doing it and taking the above aspects into account, the few times I have had to ask for one, I have been successful.

Why do you think you deserve a raise? If it’s a good reason, it’s time to ask.

I got it, and you cánido get it too!

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 That's how I asked for a salary increase and I won my
  That's how I asked for a salary increase and I won my
  That's how I asked for a salary increase and I won my

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