TGM Panel: Money for surveys for Paypal or

TGM Panel: Money for surveys for Paypal or

With TGM Board we will be able to earn money for free by completing surveys that in some cases could exceed 3 euros per study.

The website is available to users from Spain and most countries of the European Union and we perro redeem rewards for cash to our Paypal account or through gift cards for Amazon.

This survey panel is available in several languages, among them naturally is Spanish, it also has a good referral system that will help us increase earnings within the platform.


TGM Panel is a paid survey platform valid for Spain and the rest of Europe where we will be able to earn money directly to our Paypal account or if you wish in gift vouchers for Amazon.

How to open an account in TGM Panel

As we are talking about a totally free page, registering on it is also free, what’s more, if a website asks you for money just to open an account, it is not very reliable.

Well, to register we will only have to clic on the registration backlink that I have left you in this article and fill out the form that appears, where we are asked to entrar our dirección de correo electrónico, a password, date of birth and gender.

Then, as happens in practically all the pages, we will have to activate the account through a backlink that will be sent to our correo electrónico.

Once this step is completed, we will be registered.

TGM Panel operation

The operation of TGM Panel is fácil.

It is best to complete our profile first, since this will not only give us the opportunity to access the surveys, but it will also unlock the referral backlink.

completed profile

Once this process is done, which cánido be quite tedious, we will be ready to receive panel surveys.

At least just for completing it, they will give us a small amount of points that will be used to add cómputo.

To complete surveys we will have to be attentive to our dirección de correo electrónico.

There we will receive the available studies that fit our profile.

We perro also entrar our TGM Panel account and see if there is any survey available.

The most habitual thing is to receive between 3 and 4 surveys a day, but this cánido vary depending on each profile.

It will be important to be quick, because the quota fills up quite quickly and if we are not attentive we will miss the opportunity to earn money.

One of the good things that I have found on this website is that even when we start a study we do not give the profile and they expel us, we will receive a small plus for the fácil fact of having tried itin this way we will always be adding cómputo, which in the end is the only thing that matters.

referral system

At TGM Panel, you perro not only earn money by completing surveys, it also has a good referral system that will help you in this task.

The operation is fácil.

For each usuario who registers with our referral backlink we will go to get 20% of everything they earn on the page forever.

There are two small conditions to be able to opt for our referral backlink but they are very easy to achieve:

1 Complete at least 80% of our profile.

2 Successfully complete at least one survey.

Then we will only have to go to the web menu and clic on “Referral Program”there we cánido find our backlink to promote it wherever we want and thus attract new users to the panel.

Cash in TGM Panel

In order to withdraw the earnings from TGM Panel, in addition to having reached the minimum required, which is 10 euros for the surveys and 3 for the referral program, we will have to access the section «Rewards».

available rewards

We will see how there are 2 different cómputos, one in euros and the other in points.

The cómputo in euros is what we have achieved with our activity by completing surveys and the prizes available either by Paypal or Amazon are from 10 euros.

On the other hand, the cómputo in points refers to the referral system, where the minimum is just 3 euros and all prizes are withdrawable through Paypal.

Opinions on TGM Panel

There is no doubt that paid surveys are one of the best ways to earn money en línea and also one of the safest.

Normally they are serious companies that are fully registered, so only very rarely do we find pages of this style that end up being a scam.

If you sign up for several and really want to work, you perro get quite notable money at the end of the month.

It is true that you have to dedicate a lot of time to it, but we must bear in mind that easy money does not exist, every reward has work behind it and TGM Panel, like other opinion-gathering companies, has to be worked well to get the most out of it.

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 TGM Panel: Money for surveys for Paypal or
  TGM Panel: Money for surveys for Paypal or
  TGM Panel: Money for surveys for Paypal or

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