TextMaster: Employment for Translators and

TextMaster: Employment for Translators and

If you are one of those who are interested in earning money by translating, then you came to the right place, since you cánido earn money with TextMaster translating texts and also as an en línea writer on this platform.

Textmaster is a platform dedicated to the creation, translation and correction of texts by professionals where you perro find good job opportunities, whether you are a translator or editor. So I invite you to continue reading to learn everything you need to know about this company to earn money.

What is Textmaster and how does it work?

Textmaster is an en línea platform that was born in 2011, offering translation services, content writing in different languages ​​and also text corrections aimed at companies of all kinds of services.

Thanks to the fact that it has a network of Qualified trabajo independiente translatorsthe company has the ability to offer such services through its platform.

What languages ​​perro be translated in Textmaster?

The platform has a wide variety of languages at all the European continentin addition to opportunities for bilingual or polyglot translators and writers who comprise a number of more than 50 languagesAmong the most prominent we have the following:

  • English (US, Canada, UK, Australia)
  • Spanish (Latin America, Spain)
  • French (France, Canada)
  • Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil)
  • German
  • Italian
  • Swedish
  • Polish
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Indonesian
  • African languages
  • Greek
  • Turkish
  • Arab
  • Russian
  • Hindi
  • Thai

Type of translations that perro be done in Textmaster

In Textmaster you will find a list of specialized translation categories, which you have available to offer your services. Here are some categories:

  1. En línea translation format (websites, SEO, y también-commerce, and others.).
  2. Translation specialized in marketing.
  3. Specialized translation in the financial area.
  4. Technical translation format.
  5. Specialized translation in the legal area.
  6. Specialized translation in the area of ​​luxury industries.

Requirements to work at Textmaster

Like other text translation platforms such as GengoAlso here at Textmaster you must meet some requirements in order to be accepted and belong to the Textmaster community of translators.

How to register with Textmaster to get a trabajo independiente job as a text translator?

Registration in Textmaster It’s very easy, you just have to go to the Textmaster official page and start with registrationyou will only need the type of registration, if it is as a client or translator/editor, in this case you will do it as a translator/editor, you will entrar an correo electrónico, your name, surname and a password.

You will then be asked to select a few categories in which you are good at performing as finance, art and culture, beauty, fashionamong others.

After you have finished with the registration, a writing test will be sent to your correo electrónico based on your skills that you previously selected, the test must be completed faithfully according to the required indications, in order to determine if you meet the criteria of a professional profile and be accepted on the platform.

Consejos for finding more projects on Textmaster as a translator

The first thing is that you must do things well, you must be very specific with your skills and not want to cover areas that you do not master well or handle adequately,

Practice is a determining aspecto if you want to be successful, both translating and comparing texts that have been previously translated, remember that practice is what makes perfect.

Always respect the needs of the client, what do I orinan by this, not all projects will demand the same demands, it is for this reason that you must study each especial case and agree with the client on every detail, so you perro make sure that everything is clear on both sides and in the end there will be no misunderstandings.

It is very important to avoid grammatical errors as much as possible, since grammatical errors of this type only create a bad impression about your work, so always take care to review your work before submitting it.

Frequently asked questions about Textmaster payments, withdrawals and payment methods

One of the most important information that you should have on hand and know when you are going to work on any platform is payment issues, below we will see the most common questions related to this issue.

How much does Textmaster pay?

The company textmaster pays depending on the amount and level of complexity of each jobthat is, the translation and writing projects that you have commissioned, so there may be a fixed fee that we perro specify in relation to how much Textmaster will pay us for our work.

This is the price that the client pays for requesting the translation and writing services on the platform, but the writer or translator is paid about 60% of the rate charged to the client, from there you cánido get an iniciativa of Textmaster how much do you pay.

How does Textmaster pay? payment methods

The company textmaster pays through PayPal and Payoneerthese are the Textmaster payment methods at the moment, since they are the most common on the internet.

Textmaster Withdrawal Minimum

He minimum charge on this platform is 50 eurosyou have to take into account that you should not have any unfinished project in progress at the time of making your withdrawal.

Textmaster Opinions and suggestions

As in any platform there will always be people with good and bad experiences, in this case there are both ways, there are people who have spoken well of the Textmaster company, however there are other users who have not done well at all.

There are users who have said that the income is very low, that they have almost no offers to translate, and that they have no control over anything, there are even users who have said that their account has been closed for no reason.

But as I said at the beginning, there are also people who have given their approval, but we have to try and see how it goes for us in a especial way and thus have our own experience in this translation and text writing platform.

My recommendation is that before ruling out a company for having heard a negative comment, try it, and then we will have more solid arguments for not wanting to know about it, since it has happened to me myself, I have worked on platforms for which I have heard bad rumors and I have done well.

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 TextMaster: Employment for Translators and
  TextMaster: Employment for Translators and
  TextMaster: Employment for Translators and

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