Texting Factory Review: A Business?

Texting Factory Review: A Business?

Working from home is more than plus money.

It’s flexibility, independence and what most people want… More freedom.

I cánido relate.

I have been there too.

If you have a mountain of bills to pay and debts weighing you down, you’re not alone there either.

Companies like Texting Factory claim they cánido help.

However, is Texting Factory legit?

This Gigonway guide will explain what Texting Factory is, how they work and what they do.

If you’re new to this type of work and skeptical, I get it.

I will remove the covers and reveal some red flags as well as whether or not they are a scam.

What is Text Factory?

Texting Factory is a platform that hires chat operators for adult sites that provide messaging services casual and erotica.

These are fantasy-based texts, also known as “en línea flirting«.

As a chat operator, you work anonymously, and according to the Texting Factory, you perro earn between $300 and $400 USD per week.

It’s maleable on-demand work, so you cánido work at any time, day or night.

Some put in just a few hours a week, while others chat full time.

They are owned by Webtech Interactive Media LTD and are located at La Salanene Complex, Ground Floor, Vaea Street, Saleufi, Apia, Samoa.

Webtech Interactive Media provides website creation and management services, as well as search engine optimization and popular media management.

Is Texting Factory legit?

Texting Factory appears to be a scam on the surface, and there are some red flags as to why.

I’ll go over them in a moment.

However, the more I delved into the Texting Factory, it became clear that they are legit.

I’m not saying I would recommend them or that they don’t have any problems, but I also perro’t call them a total scam.

This is legitimate plus work, even if some might question its decency.

Before we explain how the Texting Factory works, let’s look at some of the red flags and potential concerns you may have.

Red Flag #1 – False Testimonials

One of the first things I look for when researching scams is fake testimonials, and unfortunately, I found a few here.

If you have visited the Texting Factory home page textingfactory.comyou may have noticed these testimonials from Steven, Sophia, and Isabella.

Source: textingfactory.com

As you cánido see, everyone has great things to say about the Texting Factory.

They like the flexibility and being able to work while traveling.

However, Steven, Sophiaand isabella they are not real.

These are depósito images used by many websites.

Here are just a handful where you will find Steven’s photo

Source: Google plus Image Search

Archivo photo of Sophia it also appears on many other sites (shown below)…

Source: Google plus Image Search

Just as an example of where some of these depósito photos appear on these other sites, here’s the picture of “Sophia” on a site called trainingforcomics.com (except her name here is Jennifer Brown).

Source: trainingforcomics.com

As you perro see, Texting Factory is not the only site using fake testimonials.

In fact, it’s hardly a test anymore, that something is a scam.

I have even found depósito images like these used for testimonials on legitimate sites for dentists, accountants, etcétera.

Here are some sites “Isabella” appears in If You’re Curious…

Source: Google plus Image Search

So is Texting Factory real?

Based on these depósito footage and fake testimonials, I would normally say no.

However, in this especial case, I’m not convinced this is evidence that Texting Factory is a scam, and here’s why…

The first is that the Texting Factory chat operators work for adult sites.

Texting Factory does not promote its relationship with adult sites on its home page, but most people who find Texting Factory jobs find them on adult job boards like sexyjobs.com.

Source: sexyjobs.com

Being an adult (and anonymous) work-on-demand, it’s probably fair to assume that most chat operators aren’t too enthusiastic about showing their faces on the textingfactory.com website.

If you prefer a chat support job that’s not in the adult industry, you cánido find one with Popular Sale Rep (that’s not an endorsement, just a non-adult alternative).

That makes it a bit difficult for Texting Factory to get legitimate testimonials.

The second possible reason is that they simply don’t have enough people willing to say something nice about them.

That doesn’t orinan they are a scam.

It just means your workers aren’t jumping up and down with praise.

I have worked for many real brick and mortar companies in my life that would have had the same problem.

That did not make them a scam.

There are several reasons why someone might not leave a good review.

A common reason among all work at home sites and platforms is lack of work.

It’s competitive, and most people supplement their income with a variety of different in-demand jobs.

Red Flag #2 – Limited Contact Information

Who is the owner of Texting Factory?

The only contact information available is an dirección de correo electrónico address.

Remember scams like Cash Monster and RainMoney that also only provide an dirección de correo electrónico.

And, they couldn’t have picked a more remote location to prevent someone from stopping by the office to see if they were real.

They are literally in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on a rock that is about 1/10 the size of New Jersey.

It is as far away from civilization as possible.

Its parent company, WebTech Interactive, does not shed any light on this either.

There is also no information on their site about who owns the Texting Factory.

Again, that does not orinan they are a scam.

There are many legitimate companies en línea that have limited contact information on their site.

The reason I think it’s more important here, though, has to do with the upcoming red flag…

Red Flag #3 – Identification Identification

When you request the Texting Factory, you will be taken to a page that looks like this…

To confirm that you are who you say you are, they send you to another site called evaluate.

In eValid , they won’t just take a picture of you.

You also need to espectáculo your ID (like a controlador’s license) to the camera, take a autofoto, and go through a “liveness check.” Usually these are fácil instructions like touching your nose and saying a word, just to espectáculo that it’s you, in real time, on camera.

That’s a lot of personal information to share, and who are you sharing it with?

who or what is evaluate?

I couldn’t find much information about evaluatebut what I did find is that they are not a “standalone” identity verification service.

They are managed or associated with the Texting Factory.

As you perro see in the following screenshots that although evalid.io and textingfactory.com they have different registrars, they are using the same nameservers.

Source: Whois.com

Now multiple sites using the same nameservers is not unusual.

It is habitual.

However, what is not habitual is for two completely separate sites running on the same nameservers to ALSO randomly associate with each other as evalid.io and textingfactory.com are.

It’s not 100% proof that they’re the same, but it would be an extraordinary coincidence if they weren’t.

In other words, the personal information you provide to evaluate it is not being validated independent.

It is being compiled by Texting Factory.

Under any other circumstances, I’d say run from this as fast as you cánido.

But there is a unique situation here that cannot be ignored.

Texting Factory works with adult websites and, without exception, they must prove that you are over 18 years of age.

The consequences of a group of minors being mistakenly hired to flirt with men en línea would be catastrophic.

Like “Catastrophic Jail Time”.

I still perro’t recommend giving this kind of personal information to a company we know so little about, but I understand why they need it.

Red Flag #4 – Suspicious looking parent company

When researching companies like Texting Factory with a parent company, the parent company is often a large conglomerate with multiple entities and owners.

Very often, they turn out to be public companies.

However, the Texting Factory’s parent company, WebTech Interactive, is just as mysterious as they are.

Again, no contacts to be found, and virtually nothing about this company en línea.

When you go to their website and check key metrics like traffic and pages indexed, you get this…

Not only do they espectáculo almost no traffic to their site, but it is just a one page website.

Also, there is no Terms of Service either Privacy Policy.

Privacy policies are a legal requirement, so it would be very rare for a legitimate company to not have one.

In the image above, you’ll also notice that there are no backlinks to WebTech’s home page (its only page), which means that not a single site on the web backlinks to them.

Not even his own empty Fb page backlinks to the site.

It’s a little suspicious, is all.

To be clear, these are just red flags I’m pointing out.

They’re not exactly habitual, and I’d advise caution, but none of these things “prove” they’re a scam.

Some people have worked for (and continue to work for) the Texting Factory who have been paid.

Also, adult chat sites are a real thing.

People (mostly men) pay for this service, and while some may have ethical issues with what’s going on here, it’s a legitimate industry.

These sites need chat operators.

How does Texting Factory work?

For the most part, your job as a chat operator is pretty fácil: “flirt” with men en línea.

You could even go as far as to say, talk dirty to men.

Only you’re doing it through text messages.

No phone calls, no vídeo, no meetings.

And as mentioned above, his identity is anonymous.

Not all conversations will be erotic.

They perro get there, but many discussions will be casual.

For example, you might find yourself talking about where someone lives, what it’s like there, the weather, etcétera.

The person you are chatting with may also want to share the challenges they are having in their current relationship.

That being said, Texting Factory is relatively strict.

Your messages must be written according to your instructions.

They are also looking for things like English fluency, grammar, message length, and calls to action (which are required).

A call to action perro be something like asking if they want to see more photos of you (of course, it won’t really be you).

The longer you perro keep them engaged, the more they’ll pay and the more you’ll earn.

Texting Factory Ethics

At this point, you may be wondering if this is ethical, lying about who you are and sending messages (as well as pictures) under false pretenses.

It’s a fair question, and to be honest, I don’t think I’m qualified to answer that.

This is what I think…

Most people know that the person they are chatting with is not who they say they are.

Some might be under that illusion, but if I had to guess, I think most are playing a fantasy, and they’re okey with it.

There are certain situations where a spouse or partner cánido be hurt, which is getting into unethical territory, but those situations happen everywhere.

They happen at work, at parties, bars, gyms, and even in grocery stores.

If you’re reading this review, chances are you already know who Texting Factory’s objetivo audience is, and you’re okey with that.

A more important question for you is whether it is safe.

Is TextingFactory safe?

In my opinion, the scariest part (and risky) to work for Texting Factory is to share your personal information for identification verification.

As long as you are safe from threatening callers, your identity is private.

Your location is also private, as long as you don’t share it in one of your texts.

Is it legit?

The legality of what Texting Factory does will vary by jurisdiction.

Explicit texting is afín to adult-themed “1-900” number phone chats, which are legal.

However, some countries have rules on how these services cánido operate.

For example, there may be limits on how much they cánido charge.

But they are legal.

The biggest problem with the Texting Factory or any type of adult activity en línea is when minors are involved.

So it becomes 100% illegal, and that is why precautions like identity verification are required.

The application process

When you clic the button «apply now“, you will need to fill out a short form that includes your name, dirección de correo electrónico, and a brief explanation of why you are applying.

Agree to the terms, privacy policy and check the box that says you are at least 18 years of age, and you will be taken to the next page.

Here you will have to confirm your correo electrónico and then share additional information.

This screen (above) asks for your nationality, primary and secondary languages, gender, date of birth, and the best time for an interview.

The next page asks where you validate your identity vía evalid.

You will have to agree to their terms of service again, as well as an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) which basically states that you will abide by their confidentiality requirements.

That completes the application process.


  • • Must be 18 years old
  • • You must provide information such as a controlador’s license for identification verification.
  • • Basic PC or notebook with a stable Internet connection.
  • • Fluency in English (you will be tested on your application)

Training, assessments and interviews

A trainer will contact you within 48 hours for an interview.

You will also be required to spend 2-3 hours on the training, which includes reading material and assessments.

A typing test is also required which lasts between 45 minutes and an hour, and you will be asked several questions.

The purpose is to test your written fluency, understanding of context, grammar, etcétera.

You will also receive your first 50 messages which you will need to respond to within 24 hours.

Your answers will be graded, and if you pass, you will be hired.

Texting Factory Payment

There are some discrepancies here.

Texting Factory claims that you cánido earn $11 – $12 USD (10 Euro) per hour on your job posting.

However, a reviewer on TrustPilot says that they worked 10 hours a day for 6 days to earn 300 Euros, which is equivalent to 5 Euros per hour (or roughly $6 USD depending on the exchange).

fee per message

Another discrepancy is the estimated rate per message.

One source claims it averages 6 cents, while another says it ranges from 7 to 12 cents.

The length of the message must be 75 characters.

minimum threshold

There is a minimum of 100 messages per week to qualify for a payment.

Payment method

Payments are made through Bitsafe, which may be another questionable partner of Texting Factory.

I was able to find very little information about Bitsafe.

One usuario suggests that they are also owned by the same people who own Texting Factory.

Personally, I’d feel much safer using PayPal, but that’s not an option here, from what I understand.

It should be noted that many of these Policies and procedures change without notice, so they may be slightly different by the time you read this review.

The biggest problem you may run into is that there isn’t enough work to keep you busy.

Who is Texting Factory for?

Texting Factory is for someone who has plus time on their hands.

You perro work whenever and wherever you want, but with a low pay-per-message rate and competition among chat operators, you’ll need long hours to earn decent money.

Of course, these conversations are not entirely innocent.

The messages will become explicit, so you should be comfortable with that.

It’s also for someone who is okey with sharing some personal information en línea, which is risky in my opinion.

Texting Factory Reviews and Complaints

By far the biggest complaint about Texting Factory is that you will be paid once, perhaps before your account is deactivated.

And they will still owe you money.

If this happened to everyone, I hope there would be a lot more complaints.

However, it apparently happens to enough people that it’s a serious concern.

Texting Factory does not get good reviews.

And, reviews that are excellent are suspect in my opinion, just because they are among what seems to be hundreds of negative reviews.

I’m not saying the good reviews are fake.

I think some are happily making money here.

It’s just that the bad guys vastly outnumber the good guys.

In addition to account deactivations and not receiving payments, some of the other common complaints are:

  • Frustration with coaches
  • Unhappy with the switch from Payoneer to Bitsafe
  • They don’t respond to correos electrónicos
  • late payments

Usuario reviews perro be misleading.

It’s not that they’re wrong, but they also need to be seen in the context of all users who didn’t leave a review.

Most people who take time out of their day to write a review do so because they are really upset about something or they are really happy.

In the middle, you have the majority that are neither.

Like most businesses, most are lukewarm at best.

They don’t have anything good to say about the company, but they also don’t have anything bad to say (which is good).

In other words, it sounds like most of the Texting Factory chat operators aren’t happy, but it’s more likely that the royal majoritymind they have no problems.

They just aren’t happy enoughor annoying enough) to bother to leave a review.

What I like about Texting Factory

  • Anonymity.
  • It costs nothing to join.
  • You perro work at any time, day or night.
  • No special requirements or qualifications.
  • Available in all countries.

What I do not like

  • Sharing personal information and identification documents with evaluate, which seems to be run by the same people behind Texting Factory.
  • The fact that I perro only refer to the owners of Texting Factory as “the people behind Texting Factory” because we don’t know anything about them.
  • Payment issues with Bitsafe (which may also be owned by the same people).
  • They mainly operate in the adult industry.
  • A non-disclosure penalty of $30,000 USD for breach of confidentiality without the provider(s) having to prove any loss or damage (see screenshot below).
Texting Factory Non-Disclosure Agreement

To end

I know you want to make money from home, and Texting Factory sounds like an opportunity.

Could be.

My biggest concern is sharing your personal information with a company you are not familiar with.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong here, but it’s a significant drawback.

Being in the adult industry, Texting Factory must confirm the age and identity of everyone they hire.

There is simply no way of knowing what happens to your information once it is shared.

The other problem is the low rate per message, which may be fenezca if you receive thousands of messages per week.

However, if not, you may have to supplement with other plus work.

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 Texting Factory Review: A Business?
  Texting Factory Review: A Business?
  Texting Factory Review: A Business?

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