TesterJob: Test Amazon products and earn

TesterJob: Test Amazon products and earn

Testerjob is a digital platform that has been created to be able to give an assessment to Amazon products efficiently.

This consists of people of the world perro register on this platform to try Amazon products and keep them for free, in exchange for their retroalimentación on how well they work and whether or not it will be a good deal for the market.


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  • Registration on this platform is completely free, you just have to entrar the official website select the option “Log in” and register without any problem.

    The data to emit is the common data that are requested in any type of registration, that is, the main information of the person, and it is also important to know that once fully registered, the page grants the amount of 5 euros per welcome.

    What does the work consist of?

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  • After registration the person begins to receive information through your dirección de correo electrónicoand what you must do to earn points is to test and evaluate the different products that are assigned by the same page and that correspond to Amazon, of course.

    To perform the job efficiently, the person should go to the option of “Test of products” and check the options that have been sent to you.

    It is important to know what we are talking about rewards of up to 10 euros per productand that in addition to this, the person perro keep the product if they liked it.

    A digital platform with great movement

    We talked about what Testerjob is a digital platform that offers an excellent jobTherefore, it is in great demand in the virtual jobs market, so since the number of registered users is so large, those who have access to the products are those who constantly check their account in this place.

    We orinan that although there are several publications a day of the productsthere are so many people that these are agitated, so for some users this may orinan that they never get opportunities to try products because they have all sold out.

    To change this it is necessary that the person be pay attention to the page most of the dayso that you perro find deals and use them before someone else does.

    Earn money by recommending

    This page it also offers the possibility for the person to earn money by means of the invitation code, that is, recommending and getting new people to register for the job.

    For each person invited the profit is 5 euros for the one who made the invitation, so in this aspect everything is valid.

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  • power tester

    This is a platform option where the person works in a VIP mannerthat is, it works through a system of exclusive points called GoldStars that allow the person to perform VIP tasks and handle products of higher monetary value.

    This option perro be obtained by performing “Easy Tasks” on the page and through the option “referrals” which is precisely the part where the person earns money through the invitation code.

    How to request the money?

    To request payment, the person must have a minimum of 15 euros registered and go to the option “Payment request” and where it will be assigned if you want to receive the money by PayPal or directly to the bank account.

    Payment by PayPal It is done immediately but carries with it the collection of a 2% commission.

    It is important to take into account that this page pays safely and effectivelythere are many opinions of people who have worked through this means that justify what we are saying, considering that we are talking about a virtual platform that is quite committed to its work and that allows people who work in it to obtain their earnings safely and effective.

    Important data

    Clarified everything about the operation of tester jobIt is important to note that there are some relevant data that we must appreciate, for example, that we perro only make product evaluations, or rather, work by this means, if an amount of money has been invested. 50 euros in the last 12 months on Amazon.

    For users who have Amazon Primethe shipping of the products is completely free, but for those who are not, it is important that they understand that although we are talking about receiving free products, the shipping must be canceled.

    We should not worry if we entrar several times a day product catalog and we did not find anything, remember that we are talking about a work platform that has many users, and that therefore, the products are sold out immediately when they are published.

    Faced with this situation, we only have to take action on the matter, that is, be constant when visiting the catalog to be able to view the offers once they are publishedor if not, equipo the alarm at 3:50 in the morning every day so that at 4 you are attentive and visit the catalog, at dawn is the ideal time since it happens to be the first stage of the day where they are published the offers.

    This is how it works tester joba page that allows users to find Amazon products completely free, in exchange for their evaluation and approval, that is, we are talking about earning money and free products through the Internet, just by registering and being attentive to the new posts.

    The payment is completely safe and the work toobecoming one of the most conveniente options to generate income through the web. Getting free products from Amazon is entirely possibleand this is done through the platform tester joba virtual page that allows its users to work on checking the quality of products.

    Opinions about TesterJob from the users themselves

    We like to be completely neutral with any information that comes to us, since our duty is to help everyone as much as possible.

    Several people have sent us correos electrónicos, questioning the reliability of TesterJob.

    According to what they tell us, they are having some problems lately in terms of receiving payments. Our recommendation is that you always act with caution.

    Other elementos we recommend:

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     TesterJob: Test Amazon products and earn
  TesterJob: Test Amazon products and earn
  TesterJob: Test Amazon products and earn

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