TesterJob: Earn money for Testing Products

TesterJob: Earn money for Testing Products

Receive €5 free for registering on TesterJob with a referral backlink.

Learn how to earn real money and free products by testing Amazon products and doing tasks on TesterJob.

TesterJob is one of the best platforms on the web to earn money testing products for free.

This website offers us a fee in exchange for trying certain Amazon products and leaving a positive review on the product.

The best part of all this is that you perro always keep the products for free, as an additional payment of the money you receive.

In addition, it has a good referral system that offers €5 to all users who register as guests.

His main method of payment is Paypal.

And it has other additional ways to earn money.

Would you like to receive rewards for trying products and keeping them for free? TesterJob is a good alternative.

What is Tester Job?

TesterJob is a platform where we will have to test and evaluate Amazon products in exchange for remuneration.

Currently, it offers different ways to test the products.

But the most frequent is where we will make the purchase and receive a refund along with our payment.

In that sense, earning money on TesterJob is as easy as on Nielsen Panel.

Like many other platforms to earn money, this one has an interesting referral system.

Make your payments through Paypal and bank transfers.

Only users from Spain perro verify themselves and test verified products.

Users from other countries perro register, but for now they will not be able to earn money.

Sign up for TesterJob

Through the main page you cánido register without any problem and it will not take you more than 1 minute.

However, the best way to register is through a referral backlink with which you will receive €5 Gift.

As is evident in the image above, you only have to indicate your name, surname, nombre de usuario, dirección de correo electrónico and some other basic information about your account.

Once this is done, you will be sent to the main panel of the platform where they will explain how the entire page works.

Verify your account

TesterJob has a modality in which it sends you money so that you cánido test and evaluate the products.

Therefore, verification is a primordial process to start testing free products and earn money with this platform.

And it is understandable, since this is a way to avoid scammers.

In “profile” of the side menu is the option to verify your account.

To verify your account you must provide your address, your phone number and a photo of your ID (the most relevant is the name, address and expiration date).

Again, this platform is mainly aimed at Spanish users.

So it is habitual that the address, telephone number and ID must be from this country.

How does TesterJob work?

The TesterJob platform is very intuitive.

Almost all the important actions of the page are located in the left side menu.

All the information regarding your account will appear on the Dashboard.

“My limits” indicates the limit of products that you cánido try in a certain time.

As shown in the screenshot, only Amazon 9 cánido be tested, other tasks are unlimited.

On the left side, you will see your position in the top and the amount of money you have generated to request a payment.

In the “My jobs” option there will be a summary of the status of the orders you have requested.

In addition, from there you cánido request help from the platform’s support team, in case you have any problems.

How to get free products?

In the option “Product tests” you cánido test products for free.

There you will find two options: products for verified users and products for unverified users.

However, the most important thing is in the products for verified users, since there are almost never products for users who have not been verified.

How to get free samples?

Every time you choose a verified product it will espectáculo you in more detail what you must do to get the product.

You will see in more detail the characteristics of the product, the instructions to obtain the evaluation, the terms to receive the refund, and other things.

There are two ways to test products on this platform.

In the first method, also called paid method, you will receive money in advance to make the purchase of the product.

Here you must follow the following steps:

  • Order the product on Amazon.
  • Send Amazon purchase confirmation to TesterJob.
  • Evaluate the product 4 days after receiving it.
  • Receive the reward and keep the product.

The payoff in this method is €2 approximately.

However, the best method of earning free products is the return method.

The steps in the return method are as follows:

  • You buy the product from Amazon with your own money.

  • You send the order confirmation to TesterJob.

  • After receiving the product, you leave a retroalimentación.

  • Receive the refund of the cost of the product, the profit in euros and the points corresponding to the product you chose.

  • You perro keep the product.

The second method has more advantages.

In addition to being the most frequent on the platform, they offer a higher remuneration: from €3 to €5. However, the profit will depend on each product.

Here you cánido find watches, creams, devices, accessories, and more.

And there are products that cánido offer up to €10 for trying them.

In addition, in each case, the product will be free.

How to test teléfonos inteligentes?

It is possible to test teléfonos inteligentes with this platform.

The procedure is practically the same as the previous one.

But you have to be very lucky for these types of products to be available, especially having a good amount of GoldStars.

If you want to earn money from your móvil, see our articulo on the aplicaciones to earn money.

Earn more money on TesterJob

Testing products is not the only way to earn rewards on this platform.

TesterJob offers us other options to increase our earnings.

These are some of them:

Earn money doing tasks

In the easy tasks section, you will find some tasks that will allow you to increase your earnings.

As with the products, these will offer you earnings in euros and GoldStars (which we will talk about later).

In addition to TesterJob, there are other platforms to do paid tasks.

Tester Jobs Affiliate Program

Compared to many reputable platforms, TesterJob has an excellent 1-tier affiliate program.

In this, both you and your guest receive a reward for signing up with your referral backlink.

7 Affiliate Program

The TesterJob referral system offers you €5 both you and your referral, once the invitee verifies their account and completes their first survey.

Become a Power Tester

TesterJob has an additional scoring system called GoldStars (Gold Stars in Spanish).

With these types of points we perro access certain benefits that offer us higher remuneration: more expensive products, VIP tasks and others.

In each task, you will find some points with the icon of a star.

Those are the GoldStars.

In the side menu, you will find all your information about your GoldStars in the “My GoldStars” option.

As seen in the image above, there are three main ways to earn GoldStars: product testing, easy tasks, and inviting friends.

Are there other ways to earn GoldStars on TesterJob?

Yes, the platform offers two more alternatives to earn GoldStars.

The first is through Mega Spin that you will find in «My GoldStars».

To make the wheel work, you have to pay 300 stars.

Here you perro be rewarded with 300 to 66,666 gold stars.

Another way to get more GoldStars is to buy them with cash.

For €10 you will get 10,000 GoldStars and for €20 you will get 20,000 GoldStars.

Before opting for these options read the recommendations and consejos that we give later, so you don’t spend money and stars needlessly.

Does TesterJob pay or is it a scam?

TesterJob is a serious platform that makes your payments on time.

Hundreds of users sign up every year and earn money while trying free products on the platform.

If it was not reliable, the available products would not be sold out so fast by so many users who use it.

In addition, on the web you will find many payment receipts that certify that this is a secure platform.

How long does it take to pay?

You cánido request your payment once you have reached €15.

payment is processed two weeks after you have requested it.

You perro request payments through Paypal or a bank account.

Withdrawals by Paypal charge a commission per transaction, while in bank accounts they do not.

Payment cánido be requested from the Dashboard.

Opinions and advice about Testerjob

TesterJob is a platform with a lot of potential.

Not only does it offer us a good remuneration for each task, but we cánido keep the product we try.

Which considerably increases the value of the rewards that we will obtain.

Reaching the minimum payment is easy.

Much more, because the minimum payment per task is usually €3.

Therefore, with 5 products that you try, it will be enough to make your first withdrawal.

Also, the gold star system is helpful.

But like other platforms, TesterJob has its little tricks to get the most out of it.

First of all, make sure that you have made a purchase from €50 in the last year (12 months to be exact).

Otherwise, you will not be able to review on the platform, and therefore you will not be able to complete the tasks either.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the price of the Amazon product matches the price of the description in the task.

When the price is higher than TesterJob estimates, the platform will not make any payment.

So you must be vigilant.

As for the GoldStars, you we recommend limiting yourself to the stars that the tasks offer you.

The Mega Spin very rarely tends to yield conveniente results.

In general, it does not give you any stars.

So you will lose more than you will gain.

Regarding buying GoldStars, we believe that it is best to use these platforms without having to make a direct investment.

All in all, this method is safer than the Mega Spin.

So it will depend on each usuario.

On the other hand, there are times of the day when there are no products available.

This is habitual considering that there are so many users testing the products on the web.

Do not get discouraged and entrar the platform several times.

Surely you will be lucky at some point of the day and you will find products available.

Finally, consider that TesterJob only pays the price of the product and not the shipping price.

The shipping price is on your own.

There will be times when the price of shipping will be more than the remuneration you will get.

So you should save the shipping cost to the maximum.

One option is to have Amazon Prime so that shipping is free.

Otherwise, you perro request several products at the same time so that they send you a single shipment and thus the cost is lower.

Take advantage of the €5 Welcome

Don’t forget to use a referral backlink to register and receive the €5.

These €5 will be of great help to you and in less than a rooster crows, you will be able to make your first withdrawal.

There are other platforms where you perro receive free rewards just for registering, such as opinion bureau – Earn another €5 in Opinion Bureau.

And here we have come to the end of this articulo.

We wish you luck earning free money and products with TesterJob.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments.

We will help you answer them.

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 TesterJob: Earn money for Testing Products
  TesterJob: Earn money for Testing Products
  TesterJob: Earn money for Testing Products

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