Test.io: earn up to 50 dollars for performing

Test.io: earn up to 50 dollars for performing

Test.io: earn up to 50 dollars for performing fácil tasks, it is a method that you perro apply from any age, from any country and without previous experience.

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Test.io: earn up to 50 dollars for performing fácil tasks, this technique is not miraculous since it does require a little effort and you perro start earning some very good dollars easily.

Crowd testing websites are one great option for part time en línea job.

They are much more interesting to work with, unlike, for example, a internet assessment task .

In addition, they have a very active community feature and it feels much more interactive to work on your tasks.

Next we will see the step by step of how to apply this fácil method and the page that we will use is:

What is Test.io?

Test IO is a functional testing website that pays you to perform various types of testing jobs. For businesses.

You don’t need to be a professional tester or have any kind of testing experience of any kind.

You just need to be a bit computer savvy.

This platform gives us a quick value code to company applications to see if there are any errors or if they are working well before releasing them to the market, giving some recommendations to improve them.

We perro also change the language that is only available in English or German, although you cánido translate it directly into Spanish through Google plus Google chrome.

We will be able to talk to quality control experts and become testers.

How to register as testers in Test.io?

First we will go to the section of “Become a tester”we will get the registration form that we will have to fill out with the data indicated to us, such as:

  • Name
  • Last name
  • Correo electrónico
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Sign up and create a test IO account
  • Password
  • Check in

How does Test.io work?

Once the registration is complete, you will be able to work from anywhere in the world, which is a great opportunity to easily earn money en línea and the dashboard of the main page will open when you log in.

Test IO allows you work according to your schedule and in the projects that interest you.

You sign up to test an aplicación, website, or aplicación, after which you get paid according to the errores you find ranging from $0.5 to $50 depending on how critical it is.

From time to time, you perro also earn a guaranteed payout by reviewing aplicaciones or performing scripted test cases.

The best part of Test IO is that attempt to quickly onboard new evaluators to a projectallowing you to receive paid work as soon as possible

Update: They require you to complete 3 practice test cycles for free.

This helps them make sure that you cánido correctly catch and report a bug.

Scroll down for a complete guide on how to pass those test cycles .

Before we start receiving tests we must complete some tasks such as:

  • Complete a course that is a vídeo that will take us about 30 minutes to watch about the types of errors that perro occur in an application.

We must complete this module so that we cánido receive more tests but it will also depend on the type of device we have, the language in which we perform them and we will have 5 opportunities to test every day.

You will need a PC or a mobile device as well as a Paypal or Bank account, if not a Skrill account.

It is a very fácil method that you perro start since it is available on both Android and iOS depending on the device you prefer, as well as giving us the ability to add various devices that we are using to be able to work from anywhere with them.

You will be able to see the top of the people who are using this site and how many points they have, therefore The more tests you do, the more points you will earn.

How much cánido we earn in Test.io?

The amount that we cánido earn by performing these tests is up to 50 dollars, although it will also depend on the test, and if we do it correctly, it will not be counted, but if you apply it well, this method will be an excellent opportunity to generate large amounts of money per day and the payments are monthly

In section “Bill” You will be able to add your payment method.

How to pass the qualification tests in test io? follow these consejos.

In all the different types of qualifying tests or practice cycles you will take, there will be one thing in common. You will be testing a website for errores/functionality issues.

The tricky part is that most of the test websites you receive will be very well developed and it is quite difficult to find fault with them .

This perro be a very frustrating experience, as it perro take over an hour to find even a single bug.

Now add that will do this for free multiple timess, and you perro guess why people would stop doing it halfway through.

So here are some tricks that perro speed up that process for you.

Important: these tricks are only for quickly finding errors in qualifying tests.

I recommend that you test more deeply when you receive the paid cycles.

Check for 404 errors and broken backlinks:

This is the easiest mistake that you perro find on these websites.

I did this when I couldn’t find any errors on the website that I got after trying it for almost two hours.

This is what you should do:

  1. Go to dead backlink checker or just type “Information Checker” broken backlinks” in Google plus.
  2. Entrar your test website and make sure to select “Full Website Scan”.
  3. check broken backlinks and if any of them fall within the scope of the test, you have an fallo.

In fact, this method is so fácil that it’s almost like cheating .

Therefore, I would personally recommend that you try the methods below before doing so.

Check the functionality of the search bar (search, sort and more)

Most of the websites you receive will have search functions or afín tools.

Please try to research it as many errors perro be found in the search results.

  1. Type various text combinations in the search bar and see the results.

    Use special characters, numbers, etcétera.

    to see if the search function works as expected.

  2. Next, try using the filters and sort functionality .

    Use different combinations and see if the search results have integrity .

  3. Also look for any other tools the website may have (such as a calculator, text input, etcétera.) and try different values/combinations and see if they break somehow.

This method has a 60% success rate.

is the first thing to check with a new website, and many times we perro find those errors.

They are classified as functional errors.

Look for UI errors (visual errors/grammatical errors)

Visual errors are my last complejo turístico.

When all else fails, you have to browse the website to see if there are overlapping images, misaligned text, or other distorted elements in the page.

They are easy to spot and qualify as a bug.

Just open all the menu pages and flick through to see if everything looks right. Also, see the pié de página section .

Be sure to keep this in mind:

  1. be sure that disable your blocker of ads for the test website.

    They disable some scripts and perro genere problems with functionality.

    I ended up reporting a bug once only to have it rejected as it was not reproducible.

  2. You need to provide 3 types of attachments (usually) with an fallo: a screenshot, a screen recording, and a log archivo .

    For screenshots, you perro use anything like snagit.

  3. For screen recordings, use bandicam (since it only has the functionality to display mouse clicks required by all testing websites).

    Agregado, it’s free.

Some general consejos for success on functional test platforms:

I hope that using the methods described above, you will be able to get into the paid trial cycles.

Here are some ways to get more success on marketing websites.

functional testingfor example:

  1. Keep logging in regularly: These sites prefer active users and may ignore you if you haven’t accessed them for a while.
  2. Update and complete your profile: This cannot be said enough.

    Some of the test sites have a wide variety of information that you perro provide them (such as your subscription, Internet provider, game consoles you own, etcétera.).

    The more complete your profile is, the more opportunities you will have.

  3. Participate in community functions: Many of these websites have a section on “Community”, a forum or a live chat section where you perro interact with other testers and TL.

    Participating in them cánido directly or indirectly help you in many ways.

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 Test.io: earn up to 50 dollars for performing
  Test.io: earn up to 50 dollars for performing
  Test.io: earn up to 50 dollars for performing

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