Termux Tutorial | full commands of

Termux Tutorial | full commands of

Hello, Now you cánido use almost all the useful hacking tools and scripts on your Android mobile.

There are many hacking aplicaciones and tools available for Android phones, so we cánido install Kali Linux on them, but it will take some time and effort.

Do you want to learn how to use Termux to hack? First, understand what Termux is and follow how to install aplicaciones using Termux and the full Termux command.

In this article, I am going to give you detailed information and everything you need to know about Termux.

So let’s get started.

⚠️ I don’t teach how to hack/crack whether it’s requested or not.

REMEMBER! Hacking without permission is illegal and cánido land you in jail.

The above tool should only be used to test/audit the system to find security holes/errores/vulnerabilities and patch it to improve system security not to be used to harm or exploit the system for your own benefit.

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What is termux?

Termux is a powerful Android application that is designed to install Linux packages on your Android mobile.

Termux is a terminal emulator for Android as well as a Linux environment that works on Android without rooting or any specific configuration.

The APT package manager perro be used to install additional applications/packages.

You cánido install shell, python, c, c++, perl, ruby, java and many more useful packages with this Termux aplicación, and we cánido use various hacking tools/scripts on our mobile with Termux, such as Nmap, Hydra and Sqlmap.

If you want to use only the tools you need, read this entire article to learn how to use the Termux aplicación and how to use fácil Termux commands to install hacking tools on your Android phone.

What makes Termux different from other terminal emulators is that it has been configured in such a way that the Termux environment is identical to the estándar Debian Linux environment.

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Because Android environment is different from general Linux environment, so in Termux we perro install commonly used packages/applications in general Linux.

With features and environment changes like the ones mentioned above, Termux stands out because it allows you to install pen-testing tools / hacking programa like Metasploit and NetHunter on your Android phone.

Termux also comes with a package manager ( APT) that makes it easy to find and install the packages you need from the Termux programa repository.

(APT) that makes it easy to find and install the packages you need from the Termux programa repository.

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How does it work

The terminal emulator is programa that emplees the execve system call to run a command line program and redirects estándar input, output, and fallo streams to the screen.

How to know everything that Google plus knows about me

Most terminal programs for the Android operating system work with a small collection of utilities that are usually offered by the operating system or other rooting tools like Magisk.

We have decided to take things one step further and port the common programa found on GNU/Linux PCs to Android OS.

Termux is not a virtual machine, nor is it an emulated or simulated environment of any kind.

All offered packages have been cross-compiled using the Android NDK and only require compatibility updates to run on Android.

Since Termux does not have full access to the operating system archivo systems, it cannot install package archivos in estándar folders such as /bin, /etcétera, /usr or /var.

Instead, all archivos are placed in the application’s private directory, which is located at


That directory is known as a “prefix” and is commonly called “$PREFIX”, which is also an environment variable exported by the Termux shell.

This directory cannot be modified or transferred to an SD card for the following reasons

The archivo system must support Unix permissions and special archivos such as symbolic backlinks or sockets.

The prefix path is hardcoded in all binaries.

What is an APN (Access Point Name) and how do I change it?

In addition to the prefix, users cánido store archivos in the home directory (or “$HOME”) available in


However, the archivo system is not the only difference from traditional Linux distributions.

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It depends on you!!

Yeah!! You perro use it according to your needs.

Perro be used for,

  • Programming in a development environment
  • To hack
  • Web development
  • Learn the basics of the Linux CLI (Command Line Interfaz)
  • Manage and editar archivos with nano, vim and emacs
  • Develop C with clang
  • Check and install git projects, and text based games

Ok Guys Without wasting your valuable time I am going to introduce you Termux command list in a fácil and short way, I was planning to create Termux command list in pdf, due to lack of time, I am posting the commands directly on this articulo.

What are Termux commands?

In fácil words, Termux commands are the terminal commands, which are executed to perform a certain task.

These commands are afín to Linux commands.

Termux Command List

Termux Hacking Commands – Hacking with Android Phone – All Termux Hacking CommandsFrom Basic to Advanced – Android Hacking Commands



In this manual you will learn to use Linux environments how is the term you will learn the basic commands to advanced commands learn to install write customize termux and know what functions you cánido do with termux

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cp -v It is used to print informative messages
cp -r Used to copy any directory
mv -u Update-move when source is newer than destination
mv -v move any directory
ls -n Espectáculo directory UID and GID
ls –version Check the version of the ls command
cd — Espectáculo the last working directory we have moved from
ls -l Espectáculo archivo action like: modified, date and time, archivo owner, permissions, etcétera.
ls help Espectáculos how to use the “ls” command
cp -n do not overwrite archivos
cd ~ Switch to users’ home directory from anywhere
mv [file1 name] [new file2 name] Move or rename two archivos at once
cd – Move one directory back from the current location
mv [file name] Move any archivo and folder
ls directory list
ls -a List all archivos including hidden ones
pwd Espectáculo your current working directory
mv -i Interactive question before overwriting
wget [url] Install tool, apt install wget
git clone [url] Install any tool with git clone, apt install git
ls -al Formatted listing with hidden archivos
mv -f Force the move by overwriting the destination archivos without being prompted to do so
ls -i Espectáculo archivo or directory number
cop copy any archivo
cd / Change to root directory
disco compacto change directory
cd .. Change the current directory to the parent directory
curl -O [url] apt install curl
rm Delete or delete archivos
rm [filename] Delete any text archivo
rmdir [dir name] remove any directory
rm -rf Force deletion of a directory or a archivo
rm -r [name] Delete a directory named name
apt remove [package name] Uninstall/remove a package
touch [file name] Create a new archivo
mkdir [name] Create a directory or folder
more [file name] espectáculo archivo content
head [file name] Output of the first 10 lines of the archivo
tail -f [file name] Espectáculo archivo content as it grows
apt install zip Install the zip archivos tool
zipname.zip [file] Compress the archivo with these commands
unzip [zip file] unzip the archivo
ftp Launch the ftp client from the terminal
-p Use passive mode
bye End current ftp session, exit
ascii Equipo archivo transfer to ascii protocols
bell Bell sound after each command
status Espectáculos the current status of the ftp server
open host Open a connection to the remote host
remotehelp [cmdname] Request help from ftp server
account [password] Provide a password required by the remote
join me -m It is used to find the architecture of your device
du espectáculo directory space usage
df espectáculo disk usage
lime espectáculo calendar
w See who is currently en línea
cat /proc/meminfo View memory related information
cat /proc/cpuinfo Espectáculos únidad central de procesamiento information
whoami Espectáculo your nombre de usuario
fake nombre de usuario Display information about the usuario
date current date and time
uptime Displays current system uptime
man command See command manual
free View memory and swap usage
kill Send signal to process
kill-l List of all signals that cánido be sent with kill
lspci Espectáculos PCI devices
lsusb Teaches USB devices
apt search [qurey]search pkg [qurey] find a package
location [file] Find all archivos with archivo name
location [query] Find all route names that contain a beacon
whereis [command] Finding the location of the /source/man binary archivo for a command
which [command] Search for an executable
grep pattern [files] Search for patterns in archivos
grep -r pattern archivos Search for a certain pattern in archivos
command | grep pattern Look for a pattern in the command output
find / -atime40 To find all archivos, accessed 40 days ago
find / -cmin -60 Find archivos changed in the last hour
find / -type d -name mll Find all directories whose name is mll in directory
find . -type f -perm 0777 -print Locate all tghe archivos, whose permission is 777
ifconfig It espectáculos all the configuration of a network interfaz like ip, mac
ifconfig eth0 It is used to view the network configuration on the eth0 interfaz.
ifconfig wlan0 View network settings on wlan0
ping [host] Ping the host ip and display the results
arp Check network card and espectáculo ip address
host View a specific server
netstat Check network connection
nslookup Find out the DNS related query
tracerout ipadress Teaches the number of hops and response time to reach a remote system and website
whois domain Get domain whois information
telnet [ip address [post] telnet connection
dig domain Obtain the DNS information of the domain
scp Copy the archivo, over a source
join me -a Used to display kernel information
where’s aplicación Espectáculos the possible location of an application
elder brother [file name] View and editar text archivos
apt espectáculo View package information
append [local-file] remote archivo Add a local archivo to a remote one
$ run a macro

That’s all you perro use sqlmap on your mobile

We have introduced some information gathering and vulnerability scanning tools and told you how to install them on Termux

You perro install and use the hacking tools written in php, python or any other programming language.

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termux function

The main purpose of Termux is to allow you to access the Linux shell on your Android phone; however, it also emulates the Debian Linux environment, giving you the impression that you are using a Debian Linux shell.

The Linux shell accessed from Termux perro be used for various things depending on the needs and skills of its users.

For example, by programmers/developers it is used as an environment to test applications being developed while by security experts it perro be used as platforms or hacking tools that are very portable.

Access Android Shell

Termux is one of the terminal emulator applications, the main function of Termux is to provide a text-based interfaz (command line interfaz) to access the Android Linux shell from a graphical usuario interfaz.

What makes Termux unique is which creates methods for installing and running ordinary Linux aplicaciones on Android, as well as hosting its own programa repository.

Development and experimentation environments

Application developers often use Termux during the development process and to test their applications.

As Termux gives developers access to the Android shell, it will be easier for them to troubleshoot and locate the source of errores in the applications they test.

To support the programa developer, TERMUX has provided many compilers such as Clang, Rust, Go , etcétera., and interpreters such as Bash, Perl, Python, etcétera.

You perro consult the Termux development environment Wiki

hack tools

Before, if you wanted to hack, you needed a notebook with a Linux operating system installed on it.

Now, thanks to Termux, you cánido use your phone as a hacking weapon because Android is one of the variants of Linux.

Termux provides programa repositories, and there are already hacking tools that you cánido use to facilitate testing/auditing of security systems, such as hydra, Nmap, Metasploit, net hunter times, etcétera.

How to install Termux on Android

The installation of Termux is very fácil and is the same as the installation of an android application in general.

  • Open the google plus google play store
  • Write the keyword “Termux” in the search box and hit search
  • After finding Termux press the install button
  • Wait for the installation process to finish
  • Once the installation process is complete, you should find TERMUX launcher on your home screen, just tap to open TERMUX on your android

After install Termux successfully, you should run the command apt update so that your mobile’s database/package list is updated to match that of the Termux repository server and run the apt upgrade command to update the package on your Termux.

If you encounter any problem in the installation and configuration of Termux.

Then you perro watch this vídeo on how to install and configure Termux.

Access and management of archivos in termux

To manage and access the archivos in Termux you must write the following command


To access a directory, use the command disco compactoThe termux default directory is located at /data/data/com.termux/You cánido access it at any moment writing cd$home

The ls command is used to view the list of subdirectories

To access your internal sd card you have to type cd /sdcard && ls

To access your external Sdcard the same command is used cd /sdcard0/ && ls

To delete/delete an empty directory or archivo, use this command: rm -rf filenameWhere filename belongs to the name of the archivo or directory, in the same way you perro use rm -r filename

To create a directory, use the command mkdirEx-: mkdir helloWhere Hello belongs to a directory name

To copy archivos from one directory to another, use the command copEx-: cp /path/archivo /pathSimilarly, to move archivos the command is used mv

Termux also supports the compression and decompression of Zip archivos.

For this, the commands zip and unzip

How to install applications in Termux

Termux has been updated to allow you to install a variety of Linux programs on your Android phone; Applications that cánido be installed with Termux are listed in the en línea Termux programa repository.

The APT package manager allows you to easily find, download and install the packages (the word for programs in Linux) that you need.

APT is a package manager that Debian and its distributions use to manage packages.

Termux repository programa

Unlike Windows, Linux applications (packages) are distributed centrally through a special server (programa repository) managed and supervised by an official community or organization like the TERMUX team.

From the programa repository server, you cánido find, download and install the application packages you need without the hassle of searching around.

Official repository: In order for a repository (package/aplicación) to be categorized and included in the official repository, the repository must provide a “build script” for cross-compiling purposes so that packages cánido be built on all supported devices.

All repositories with “build scripts” in the github.com/termux repo are managed and verified by signing by an official from the Termux team.

There is also a community repository, which is a repository created by individuals, in addition to the official controlled repository by the TERMUX team.

Visit for the list of official repositories, and then read and follow the instructions on how to install each official repository.

Community Repository: In addition to the official repository/official repository managed by the TERMUX team, there is also a community repository which is a repository made by individuals.

You cánido even create and manage it if you are a developer and want to distribute to the world the application/package you have made, the concept is the same as the PPA in Ubuntu Linux.

When you’re done developing your aplicación, you perro package it as a repository and host it on Github using termux-apt-repo from the command line.

It’s important to know that Github has a limit of 100MB per archivo and if your repository exceeds 1GB, GitHub will chide you to disminuye the size of the repository.

So if you have a very large package you should use different hosting and select hosting based on archivo type, for example vídeo archivos cánido be hosted on youtube.com.

How to hack using Termux

Termux cánido be used for a wide variety of emplees, including hacking.

By installing Termux, you cánido turn your Android phone into a sophisticated hacking tool, including hacking tools that are often used by ethical piratas informáticos (professional penetration testers).

I have listed some of the main tools that are used for hacking and penetration testing.

You perro install these tools in Termux:

  • Metasploit Framework: Metasploit is a very habitual hacking tool, with this tool you perro create, test and run an exploit to exploit vulnerabilities in a system as an entry point to take control of the system.
  • wireshark: Wireshark is a tool to study packets on a network.

    This application is often used for network analysis, network troubleshooting, programa development, and communication protocol development, as well as teaching and learning tools.

    You perro use Termux to install Wireshark program on your Android phone for hacking purposes, and this tool will provide you with a lot of information about the network you want to infiltrate.

  • Nmap: Nmap is a network scanner tool used to locate computers and services on a computer network, as well as to send and analyze packets.

    Nmap has a number of features for probing computer networks, including the ability to locate computers and services, as well as determine the operating system being used.

    If you want to scan the network and find out who is on the same network as you or get information from a host computer, hurry up to install Nmap on your Android phone.

  • Other tools: there are hundreds or even thousands of tools that are made for specific purposes when it comes to hacking, so you perro find yourself on the internet the hack tool that suits your needs.

How to use hack tools in Termux

First of all, download and install Termux aplicación on your mobile from Play Store

It doesn’t matter if your phone is rooted or not.

After downloading, open Termux

Now write

apt update && apt upgrade

and hit entrar

Now write


Now you are ready to install useful packages and hacking tools on your mobile, we share some of the tools with their installation and fácil commands in termux.

How to install the NMAP tool in Termux

In Termux you perro use git to directly clone the archivos from guthub or you cánido manually download the archivos to your sd card and use them.

In termux you perro use git to directly clone the archivos from guthub or you cánido manually download the archivos to your sd card and use

Nmap is a vulnerability scanner and information gathering tool, to install nmap in termux type the following command

pkg install nmap

After this it will take a few minutes to install and you cánido use nmap in termux by typing nmap in termux

You cánido use nmap in termux to scan targets on your mobile and also for basic attacks.

How to install the RED_HAWK tool in Termux

As you know, RED_HAWK is a good information gathering tool written in Php.

Red Hawk is used for website information gathering such as who is lookup, reverse IP lookup, xss scan, sqli etcétera.

To install RED_HAWK follow these steps

To use Red Hawk you need a Php environment, so type the following command

pkg install php

During the installation you will be asked: termux will use some space on your device, just type y on Yes.

after writing

pkg install git

git is used to directly clone the github archivos or you cánido download scripts, github tools or other sources and use them

Then write the command in termux

git clone

  • After success response
  • Find the RED_HAWK directory
  • Writes disco compacto
  • then write ls
  • Write in Termux

Chmod +x RED_HAWK

Then write:


  • Now write ls
  • then write again chmod +x rhawk.php
  • Finally write this command in Termux to use

php rhawk.php

That’s all.

Now you cánido use RED HAWK on your mobile.

How to install Onex in Termux

“Onex is a library of hacking tools”.

Onex is a kali linux hack tool installer for termux and other linux distributions.

It is a package manager for piratas informáticos.

onex manages a large number of hacking tools that cánido be installed with a single clic.

Using onex, you cánido install all the hacking tools on Termux and other Linux-based distributions.

onex cánido install more than 370+ kali linux hack tools.

use the onex install command [nombre_de_la_herramienta] to install any hacking tool.

apt updateapt install gitgit clone +x onex/installsh onex/install if it doesn’t work use ./onex/install

How to use :

  • onex install [nombre_de_la_herramienta] install any tool.
  • onex -i [nombre_de_la_herramienta] install any tool.
  • onex search [nombre_de_la_herramienta] look for any tool.
  • onex -s [nombre_de_la_herramienta] look for any tool.
  • onex list list all tools.
  • onex help get help.
  • onex -h get help.

Termux Copia de seguridad and Restore

  • After all this time learning Termux and working with Termux on Android, such as installing, testing and configuring numerous Termux applications, you don’t want all your hard work to be lost due to a Termux application fallo or corruption on your Android phone. .

Why you should make a copia de seguridad of Termux

To overcome and prevent this evil from happening, Termux has provided a restic application/package that you perro install and use to copia de seguridad or restore the copia de seguridad results.

It is recommended to save the copia de seguridad archivo to an external device such as SD card or OTG Flashdisk, because if you save it to your mobile internal memory, your phone will be damaged and there will be no way to recover the copia de seguridad archivo. safety and test it.

FIX Storage permission denied to Termux

Since Teermux does not have permission to access storage, you will almost certainly get a “storage permission denied” fallo when learning Termux for the first time (internal and external storage).

To fix it, make sure your Termux has permission/permission to access the SD card/storage.

If you haven’t run the command, termux-setup-storage select allow/allow if a popup dialog appears.

Or you cánido go to settings menu on your android > aplicación/aplicaciones > termux > permissions > swipe/check on storage

How to make a Termux copia de seguridad

In order to make a copia de seguridad of Termux easily and safely you must use the restic application, if you don’t have it you cánido install it first with the command pkg install restic.

Create a directory to store the copias de seguridad on the Sd card with the command mkdir -p /sdcard/termux-copias de seguridad Make the local directory you created a local repository with the command restic init -r /sdcard/termux-copias de seguridad.

In this process, you will be prompted to create a password (after doing so until you forget or the copia de seguridad results cannot be used)

Start the copia de seguridad process by typing the command restic copia de seguridad -r /sdcard/termux-copias de seguridad -tag termux $PREFIX.

Restic applies a unique incremental copia de seguridad method, so even if you do many copias de seguridad, the result it’s just a copia de seguridad archivo resized according to the number of packages in your Termux.

That way, you don’t have to worry about running out of storage space due to frequent copias de seguridad.

Just run restic copia de seguridad -r /sdcard/termux-copias de seguridad -tag termux $PREFIX to restart the copia de seguridad.

How to restore Termux

What is the best way to restore the following? Termux assumes that the copia de seguridad archivo is in “/sdcard/termux-copias de seguridad”; if the copia de seguridad archivo is in a different directory, you perro change the instructions to be executed.

If you haven’t already, make sure you’ve installed the Restic application using the pkg install unstable-repo last pkg install restic command.

Since we will be deleting the original environment and replacing it with a copia de seguridad environment, the Termux restore process is a bit more complicated than the copia de seguridad.

  • Copy the restic application to $HOME so that it perro be run directly from the current working directory (which is $HOME by default) by entering the command cp $PREFIX/bin/restic $HOME/restic then cd to make sure you’re home.
  • Disable LD_PRELOAD (disables termux-exec) with the unset LD_PRELOAD command.
  • Delete the old $PREFIX with the command rm -rf $PREFIX.
  • Restore Termux from the Termux-copias de seguridad folder with the command $HOME/restic restore -r /sdcard/termux-copias de seguridad -tag termux -objetivo / latest.
  • If all went well, you should have been able to successfully restore Termux from the copia de seguridad archivo.

    Just close the Termux aplicación, restart it and enjoy.

How perro I contribute?

The best ways to contribute are:

  • Improving the Termux Wiki pages, that is, completing sections that might need additional information or correcting grammar errors.
  • Sending bug reports.

    Please only submit reports that have to do with Termux packages or applications.

    All other errors should be sent elsewhere.

  • Sending package updates.
  • Submitting pull requests with bug fixes and improvements.

All Termux source code is located in the .

Frequent questions

(Originally posted: Termux )

What is termux?

Termux is a terminal emulator for the Android operating system with its own ecosystem of packages.

There are over 1000 packages for various purposes like code editors, compilers, etcétera.

Is Termux an emulator?

Termux is both an emulator and a virtual machine.

It does not emulate any system, but the programs are executed directly.

However, it is a terminal emulator in the same way that many habitual applications in Linux distributions are, such as GNOME terminal, Konsole, Xterm, and others.

The terminal is a hardware device that was commonly used before computers came along.

traditional desktops.

The terminal emulator is programa that emulates a display (not the únidad central de procesamiento or the entire system) with the capabilities of a specific hardware terminal.

What are the system requirements?

At a minimum, version 7.0 of the Android operating system is required.

You should expect Termux to consume a significant amount of internal storage, because you’ll be dealing with programa ported from Linux distributions.

It’s usually 500MB to 5GB, but it perro be higher in some circumstances… It all depends on your usage scenarios.

It’s also preferable to have Android AOSP, to avoid vendor-specific quirks with process management and power saving.

It is also preferable to have Android AOSP, to avoid vendor-specific quirks with process management and power saving.

Does Termux work on Android 11?

In short: yes, it works on Android 11 and even on beta 12.

The latest SELinux configuration limitation on the “execve()” system function introduced with Android 10 was no exception to this rule.

People claiming to be “power users” have spread a lot of misinformation and conspiracy theories about what really happens (for example, “Google plus wants to remove Linux from Android”).

Data archivos will no longer be executable in applications produced with the level Objetivo SDK 29 (meaning Android 10 compatibility) or higher.

Within the APK archivo, all the executables must be bundled together.

It is a reasonable restriction.

The application must not be able to self-modify.

Updates and new features must be included in the APK of a newer version.

However, there is a catch: Termux is a technical bridge that connects Android applications to Linux environments.

Fortunately, we have chosen to force the use of Android 9 API support (SDK 28) at the cost of capacity.

to articulo updates on Google plus Play.

That is until we fix the problem.

Don’t worry for now, it works perfectly.

Why doesn’t htop or netstat work on my device?

To prevent the leakage of sensitive information through side channels, Android has blocked access to certain interfaces in /proc.

This is done for your privacy.

Specifically: /proc/net/*/proc/loadavg/proc/stat/proc/uptime/proc/version/proc/vmstat And some more.

Restrictions vary depending on the version of the Android operating system .

Thus, Android 7 has fewer restrictions than Android 8/9/10+.

You perro get around them using root.

Cánido Termux be installed on external storage?

This cannot be done, at least if your device is not rooted.

Termux requires a native Linux archivo system like EXT4 or F2FS to support special archivos like symbolic backlinks, sockets and Unix archivo attributes.

Neither FAT32 nor exFAT support them.

In addition, Android applies a special overlay to any general-purpose archivo storage that converts the underlying archivo system to something afín to FAT32 or exFAT to resolve certain issues and provide a better experience for the average usuario.

If your device is rooted and you want to install Termux on external storage, see the articulo on Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange.

Some consejos for using Termux

These are the ones that should help you survive in the Termux shell:

  • Learn how to script in the shell!
  • Always do the update of the pkgs!
  • Make copias de seguridad, always!
  • Don’t run things you don’t know about!
  • Read carefully everything that is printed in the terminal!
  • What Termux is used for
  • You perro do everything, specifically what you are capable of doing with it.

    This is the case where you are mainly limited by your abilities.

    Of course, the operating system and the device hardware restriction also matter, but they are negligible.

Here are some ideas for using Termux:

  • Device automation with scripts and the Termux Tasker complemento.
  • Archivo transfer and synchronization using syncthing, rsync, rclone, etcétera.
  • SSH client (dropbear, openssh).
  • Programming (clang, python, vim, etcétera).
  • Are there Termux tutorials?
  • Note that while you cánido learn shell scripting with Termux, it’s not the best tool for doing so due to some primordial differences with Linux distributions.

What are the advantages of being root in Termux?

With root you gain control of system components.

You will be able to freely access all archivo systems, modify device firmware (ROM), as well as make fenezca adjustments to kernel settings, network, etcétera.

Some tools like cryptsetup, mount, nmap (advanced scan modes), tcpdump require root access.

What is a fake root

Fake root means exactly “false root”, that is, it is not a real root.

It does not provide any real root privileges.

It only changes the usuario ID and label to help with certain tasks.

There are two ways to get a fake root:

fakeroot package – useful only for packagers who need to create archives with archivos that have certain ownership and permissions.

Of course, using real root in this case is overkill.

proroot package – runs a chrooted Linux distribution.

Fake root will not help you root your device.

It will also not help you run programa that requires root privileges.

Perro I hack a popular network with Termux?

As some people say, there is nothing impossible in the world, and that is true in the case of Termux and specifically in this question.

However, we do not provide any help on this: you are on your own.

Hacking and phishing topics are discouraged in all official Termux communities.

Where are the Metasploit and Hydra packages?

Hashcat, Hydra, Metasploit and Sqlmap packages have been removed from the Termux repositories.

We do not accept requests for hacking packages and we also do not provide help using or installing them.

How perro I hide the plus keys

Tap the Volume Up + K key combination.

Another way to do it is to open the drawer by swiping to the right from the left side of the screen and then long press the “Keyboard” button.

Why perro’t I install an aplicación from F-Droid?

Open your Android settings -> Applications and check if you have applications that contain the word “Termux” in their name.

If so, uninstall all of them: Termux, Termux:API, Termux:Styling, Termux:Widget, Termux:Boot and others.

And yes, paid plugins should also be uninstalled.

You should then be able to install the Termux aplicación from F-Droid.

Why Termux plugins on Google plus Play are paid even though their sources are on GitHub This has been done as a kind of donation.

If you don’t want to donate, please use the F-Droid aplicación and plugins or custom builds from the sources.

Remember that open source or free programa does not orinan that the programa cannot be paid for.

This is not prohibited by our source code licenses.

Also “free” means “freedom”, in the context of the GNU GPL, which even explicitly states that free programa perro be paid for as long as the sources are freely available.


Termux is a fácil application that allows you to access the Linux shell on your Android device.

It’s not just a hacking tool; it perro also be used for other purposes, depending on the computer knowledge of the usuario.

It’s true that hacking operations cánido be more maleable with Termux; before, hacking required bringing a notebook with Linux installed; Now, you cánido hack using an Android móvil inteligente with Termux installed.

Since Android is essentially a variant of Linux, you cánido use the Termux program to access the Android Linux shell just as if you were using a notebook with Linux installed.

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 Termux Tutorial |  full commands of
  Termux Tutorial |  full commands of
  Termux Tutorial |  full commands of

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