Term card: receive money with your purchases

Term card: receive money with your purchases

The term card It is a debit card that we perro recharge with the amount that we consider appropriate to pay later with it safely. With this card we cánido carry the money that we think we are going to spend and avoid complications of loss or theft. It may be the best option for the suspicious ones who do not like to carry their physical card or money with them, since we perro charge the amount we need and in case of loss or theft, the losses will be minimal.

If we also tell you that with the term card money man They are going to return money for your purchases, things are looking good. We perro request this card at no cost, we cánido buy both in en línea stores and physical stores. In addition, we will not have to fear that it will be stolen, since it does not have to be associated with any bank account.

What is the Term card?

The term card It is a prepaid Mastercard or Visa card, it will allow us to recharge the amount that we want and also receive a percentage of our purchases.

The card issuer is Pecunia Cards, EDESLU, also known as PECUNPAY, a very widespread distributor in the world of debit and credit cards. Pecunia Cards belongs to Idfinance Período, SLU; This company is registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona (volume 44735 folio 0029, general section, page 464824, 3rd Inscription). As you perro see, it is a company based in Spain and totally legal.

The term card is an independent and free entity, it is associated with loan companies such as money manIf you have to request a loan, you will obtain many advantages. In any case, you will have to read the conditions of the loan companies, although this card is totally free.

Term card requirements

The term card money man It does not have any special requirements, you just have to be over 18 years old, and have a valid DNI or NIE and have downloaded the Term application. You will be able to find this application in the Play Store or in the Apple Store. This will be enough to start enjoying the term card. As you cánido see, the requirements are minimal, any resident in Spain cánido have this card and enjoy its benefits.

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How cánido I request the Term card?

Applying for the card is extremely fácil. You perro do it by accessing its official website term.es and you cánido request in less than a minute. In a period of 3 to 7 business days you will receive the physical card at home if you wish and in the meantime you cánido use the digital card at the same time you have your operational card. The virtual card It cánido be used at the same time you create the account, you will not have to wait for the physical. Obviously, to be able to buy with the card you will have to have a cómputo on it, so you will have to have previously recharged it.

For add money to your term card you perro choose between card and bank transfer. If you escoge to recharge with a card you will have the money instantly and with a bank transfer it cánido take from 1 to 3 business days. It is very important that if you do it with a transfer, in the concept you include your reference number in time and also your DNI or NIE.

A very attractive functionality that you perro take advantage of with the card is the withdrawal of cash at ATMs. Although you should keep in mind that on occasion they may charge you some type of commission. Keep that in mind and also keep in mind that this commission would be totally unrelated to the term.

That would be the only commission that they charged you, although, as I told you, it is totally unrelated to the card. As for the rest of the commissions, on their website they specify it completely clearly “we do not charge any commission for the use of the card“.

Main features of the Term card

This card is associated with establishments that are part of its offer program. Every time the usuario makes a purchase at any of these establishments, they will receive a direct refund to their account. The advantages of this card are many. I’ll explain it to you step by step:

Refunds and cashback using the card

This card incorporates many establishments that will be adhered to the offer program of the card with which we will receive a refund of part of the money we spend. We perro find well-known supermarkets, technology and travel companies, among others. The monthly cashback is limited to €30, but it cánido be combined with other cash back programs.

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The Term card intends to incorporate more establishments that will adhere to the card’s affiliate program. Currently we cánido find well-known supermarkets, technology companies and also travel companies. Although the cashback is limited to €30 per monthAs I said before, all the money that comes to us in this way is welcome.

commission-free account

This card is independent of any bank account. When you open it you will see that it will not take you more than three minutes to have the card on your móvil inteligente. As for the physical card, it will take 3 to 7 days to arrive at your home. The iban of your card is Spanish, and it will allow you to associate it with Google plus Pay or Apple Pay.

free transfers

The termon card will allow you to make national and international transfers with a currency exchange in real time and without paying commissions of any kind. If due to an fallo, a commission is charged, you perro claim and wait for the solution in the help chat.

full security

One very important thing is security in payments. With a term, all payments and purchases made with this card are protected against fraud. It also has biometric access protected with an SSL certificate and a TLS encryption protocol. You perro block the card instantly in the event of loss or theft, something very important if you have any of these problems.

Personal credit

Being associated with MoneyMan, it will allow us to request a loan of up to €3,000. All you have to do is choose the amount and term. If it is the first time you request it, the amount you perro request will be less, but if you are a regular, you will see that the maximum limit is extended to 3,000. Regarding the repayment term, they will give you the option to repay it between 12 and 36 months, dividing the payment into monthly installments. Obviously, if you don’t need it, you don’t have any obligation to ask for it.

late term card reviews

The truth is that I really like these types of cards that give us money back for our purchases. Although what you cánido save per month with this card is not much (remember that the maximum cashback is €30), it will be good.

At the moment, the referral system is not operational, however, it seems that they are going to incorporate it in a very short time. The term card also allows you to use the digital wallet application and save your money. On the one hand you will be protected against attacks and on the other hand you will not have to backlink it to any bank account. If your card is stolen or lost, you perro block it and in the hypothetical case that your data is accessed, only the money you have in account would be at risk. Although that is extremely difficult to happen.

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If you were not aware of the card, I invite you to download it, as you have seen, it only takes 3 minutes and it will have many advantages. Regards and until next time!!

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 Term card: receive money with your purchases
  Term card: receive money with your purchases
  Term card: receive money with your purchases

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