Telegram BOTS to EARN cryptocurrencies

Telegram BOTS to EARN cryptocurrencies

Earning cryptocurrencies on Telegram is possible using bots.

In fact, on the Telegram popular network you cánido earn Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash and Bitcoin Cash totally free.

As unlikely as it may seem, there are bots that work in a afín way to PTCs… although they are much more profitable.

And instead of paying in money (dollars or euros) they pay in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

Also, the minimum payment is quite low.

Something that comes in handy for requesting cryptocurrency withdrawals on a regular basis.

Do you like the iniciativa of ​​making money with Telegram? Well, let’s see how these Telegram bots work to earn free cryptocurrencies.

And by the way, how receive payments in DOGE, BTC, LTC, BCH and ZCASH.

How to make money with Telegram bots?

Telegram Messenger is a well-known popular network that works through a chat system.

It was created in 2013 by the Durov brothers, and it is focused on instant messaging, sending archivos and mass communication.

Leaving aside the technicalities, we could say that Telegram serves as a means for its users to communicate with each other.

Among other things, making use of chats.

Both individually and in a group.

Something afín to WhatsApp chats, in which we cánido communicate with one person or with an entire group.

But what are Telegram bots, you may be wondering.

Well, although in practice it is much simpler, these bots come to be chats that “respond automatically” when we “write” to them.

That is, in the same way that in a PTC we have to clic on an ad and stay on the landing page for a certain time.

We will tell the Telegram bot to send us an ad and, upon opening it, it will pay us in various cryptocurrencies.

When viewing the ad page for a few seconds, they will add the corresponding reward.

As we will see later, in Telegram there are many types of bots….

The ones I use are totally reliable, free and pay in cryptocurrencies instantly.

Best Bots to earn money on Telegram

When I found out about the existence of these bots to earn cryptocurrency With Telegram, I started registering with everyone I was seeing.

Little by little I was observing that, as in the PTC world, there are some bots that force you to invest.

Others that make it a condition to invite 10 people before being able to withdraw the profits.

In short, bots that smell like scam for miles.

For this very reason I decided to make a sieve.

And I kept only the bots that met two conditions:

That they were free.

And that they will pay.

Despite being two fairly basic requirements, it caused the list to be reduced to 5 bots.

One bot to earn LTC, another bot to earn DOGE, another to earn BTC, another to earn BCH and another to earn ZEC.

In total, we perro earn five different cryptocurrencies using Telegram.

5 Telegram bots that pay and are 100% reliable

The best bots to make money on Telegram (cryptocurrencies) are the following.

These Telegram bots pay without problems and are totally reliable:

» BTC Clic Bot

» LTC Clic Bot

» ZEC Clic Bot

» DOGE Clic Bot

» BCH Clic Bot

To get cryptocurrencies with Telegram bots it will be essential that we have an account on the popular network.

In my case, what I did was create my account using my mobile.

And since it is more comfortable, working the bots from the web version from Telegram.

Update – At the beginning of May 2021, all users were notified that these bots they would cease their activity on July 1, 2022 and that moment has arrived.

You perro no longer earn cryptocurrencies with these Telegram bots.

Since I don’t know of any other bot that is free and pays in cryptocurrencies, if you want to know more sites that are free and that pay in cryptocurrencies, I perro recommend these sites to earn free bitcoin and/or are you faucets that pay in cryptocurrencies different.

How to earn cryptocurrency with bots on Telegram

Once inside our Telegram account, the process to start the bots is always the same.

In order not to repeat the same information five times, one for each bot, I will do the tutorial using the doge bot as an example.

First of all we will have to register in each of the bots that we are going to work with.

I am working all five.

But depending on the cryptocurrencies that we want to earn, it may be more interesting to choose one or the other.

When clicking on any of the backlinks to the bots, a new window will open with an image and a text that says “Start”.

We clic there and start the bot.

If everything went well, we should see a menu with all the sections that make up the bot.

Bots menu in Telegram

Visit Sites » In this section we cánido see ads and start collecting cryptocurrencies.

Cómputo “ To check the earnings that we have accumulated in the bot.

Message Bots » We will receive notifications from the admin here.

Referral » Our referral backlink and number of friends who have signed up to the bot.

For each friend we will receive a 15% commission on what they generate.

My Ads » If we want, we cánido buy advertising and create an ad.

Join Chats » All our interaction with the bot cannot be read by anyone.

However, we perro chat with other people who use the bot and continue earning cryptocurrencies.

Help » List with all existing commands to give the bot an order.

We will see this point in detail later.

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Watch ads and earn cryptocurrencies on Telegram

To start earning cryptocurrencies we will have to go to the section of “Visit Sites”.

If you look at the Timeline, we have given you the order to send us an announcement.

And he has answered us with a text and the buttons “Go to website” and Skip.

When clicking on the first button, a pop-up window will pop up like the one I espectáculo in the following screenshot.

To go to the ad, clic on “OKAY”.

In Telegram bots there are some ads that have Adfocus and there are others that do not.

To identify them we will look at the timer.

If when opening the ad we see a countdown, we will have to stay in that ad until the count reaches zero.

Since it is with Adfocus.

At the end, they will espectáculo us the amount of cryptocurrencies that we have generated.

We will have already earned our first cryptocurrencies on Telegram!

If the ad does not have Adfocus we perro browse other websites at the same time.

When the countdown ends, the cryptocurrencies will be added directly to the cómputo.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

Withdraw cryptocurrencies in Telegram bots

Requesting a payment of the cryptocurrencies that we have generated with the bots is very fácil.

As we see ads in the different bots, we will add profits to our cómputos.

So that as soon as we reach the minimum payment stipulated by each one, we perro request a withdrawal.

In this sense, there are two factors in relation to payments that I liked a lot.

One is that we perro charge directly using the address of our wallets.

And the other is that the payment minimums are relatively low.

Especially if we compare them with faucets and PTCs.

Dogecoin Telegram Bot » 4 dogs.

This is the most profitable bot by far.

we cánido go out to daily payment if we are active.

Bitcoin Telegram Bot » 3,000 satoshis.

In this case there are several ads every day although it takes several days to reach the minimum payment.

Litecoin Telegram Bot » 40,000 litoshis.

The LTC bot is the second best in my opinion.

We perro earn from 3,000 to 5,000 litoshis per day.

Bitcoin Cash Telegram Bot » 10,000 satoshis.

The least profitable bot of the five, in which we perro earn about 500 satoshis a day.

ZCash Telegram Bot » 35,000 mZEC.

The last Telegram bot that I have discovered and that has started very strong.

With a bit of luck and work, you perro make a payment every fortnight.

Request a payment in cryptocurrency bots

To request a payment in cryptocurrencies in these Telegram bots it will be necessary that we have the addresses of our purses.

In my case, what I have done has been to withdraw the Doges through my wallet in Dogechain.

And Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Zcash and Bitcoin through coinbase.

Now we will only have to give the order to each bot and withdraw the cryptocurrencies in our wallet.

We cánido choose to clic on the tab “Cómputo” and in “Withdraw”.

Or entrar the /Withdraw command.

Next, it will ask us to paste the address of our wallet.

We paste it and send it to the bot.

After, It will ask us to entrar the amount of cryptocurrencies that we want to collect.

So we type the amount and clic on “Confirm”.

The best thing about these Telegram bots is that they pay automatically and instantly.

In fact, we will see the transaction in our wallet history immediately.

The only thing we will have to do to have those funds 100% available will be to wait for at least three confirmations.

Telegram bots apply a small commission on each cryptocurrency withdrawal.

This is due to the fees applied by the miners in each transaction.

How to give orders to Telegram bots

When accessing the Telegram bot, the menu may not appear.

You will see that it happens many times.

In fact, the part where you now see the menu with all the sections will be completely blank.

But don’t worry, the solution is very easy.

The most practical is to entrar a command and send it to the bot.

In this way, he will receive the order first hand and will take us to the section we want.

Telegram bot commands

There are some commands to give orders to each Telegram bot.

Whether it is to see the ads, to withdraw the cryptocurrencies that we have earned, etcétera.

We will find the list of commands that we cánido entrar to give the bot an order in the section «Help».

Below I explain what each one is for:

menu “ With this command we will recover the full view of the bot’s menu.

visit » To see an ad we cánido access from “Visit Sites” or by entering this text.

bots » We cánido earn cryptocurrency by interacting with the bot by sending emoticons, etcétera.

join » If we chat with other people we will also add plus cryptocurrencies.

myads » Ads we have created.

newad » Create an advertisement to promote our sites.

cómputo “ To espectáculo us the cryptocurrencies that we have accumulated in the bot.

deposit » If we want to buy advertising on the bot, we will have to add funds.

withdraw » To order him to pay us the cryptocurrencies we have earned.

history » Full history of our cryptocurrency transactions.

referrals » Number of referrals and the cryptocurrency earnings they have achieved.

help » It takes us to the help section of the bot with the list of commands.

To give the bot an order, we will only have to type a backslash followed by the text in green.

The answer will be automatic.

Opinions make money on Telegram

If you didn’t know these yet Telegram bots to earn cryptocurrencies, you will see that there is a whole world behind.

There are so many different bots.

As I have mentioned before, I started registering in all the ones I saw, but little by little I was discarding those that I knew would not pay me.

And the sieve was such that I kept these five.

With regard to the profits that we perro achieve, minimum payments, the relationship between the time spent and the reward obtained… the truth is that I have been pleasantly surprised with the bots.

Especially with the dogecoin, in which we perro get 3 or 4 doges a day without problems.

If we compare them with bitcoinor with three of the best PTCs out there, such as Coinpayu, adbtc either trafficly.iothe conditions that the bots have are much more conveniente for us.

To finish with today’s articulo, I would close by saying that Telegram bots are an ideal alternative way to get cryptocurrency.

They are free and paid, so why not use them.

I don’t know how you will see it, but for my part, I hope you liked it and you cánido get the most out of these bots.

Until next time and long live cryptocurrencies!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you cánido see more about me.

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 Telegram BOTS to EARN cryptocurrencies
  Telegram BOTS to EARN cryptocurrencies
  Telegram BOTS to EARN cryptocurrencies

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