Teaserfast | PTC to EARN RUBLES watching

Teaserfast | PTC to EARN RUBLES watching

Teaser fast is a Russian PTC that allows us to earn rubles by viewing ads and performing a series of tasks. In this blog we have talked about dozens of sites with which to earn money. From dollars or euros to various cryptocurrencies. In this case, thanks to Teaserfast we perro get free rubles using a browser extension.

Teaserfast emplees Russian as its language. I have no iniciativa of ​​Russian, so I work the PTC with Google chrome and I use the automatic translator to see the whole page in Spanish.

What is Teaser Fast?

Teaserfast is, as I mentioned in the introduction, a PTC that pays in rubles. It should be said that earn rubles with PTC pages is nothing new. In fact, Teaserfast has been en línea since May 2018 and has paid out without a problem ever since. So it is 100% reliable. If you like the iniciativa of ​​getting rubles, I invite you to read this tutorial on Teaserfast from cover to cover. In it I will explain how the PTC works, since we register and see the first ads until we we ask for a first payment by Payeer.

Teaserfast Registration

Teaserfast is for users from all countries. Without exception. All we will need to use and collect from this PTC will be to have an internet connection and have an account with the payment processor of payer. The second point is important since, as we will see later, Teaserfast pays only for Payeer. If you still do not have an account in this processor, I recommend creating one as soon as possible. It costs nothing and it will allow us to save the rubles we earn so much in Teaserfast as in the rest of PTC that pay in this currency.

Now that we’ve got the payment processor issue out of the way, it’s time to sign up for Teaserfast. The first thing we will do is go to the PTC website and complete the corresponding form. If you want, you cánido clic on the button below, which will take you directly to the cover page. Once there, we go to the green tab that appears in the upper right margin. Next, we write down our nick, correo electrónico address and write the password in the last two boxes. Finally, we solve the captcha and clic on the green button.

Go to PTC

After a few seconds, we will receive an dirección de correo electrónico from Teaserfast. When we open it, we will see listed the data with which we have just registered with the PTC and a blue backlink. To activate the account, we will only have to follow that backlink and it will redirect us back to the web. Now we perro access Teaserfast and start earning free rubles.

How Teaserfast works

To generate rubles in Teaserfast is It is essential to download an extension in our browser. From the web we will carry out almost all the actions that will allow us to earn rubles. However, we need yes or yes have the extension installed in our browser so that the ads are activated. In this way, as we browse the internet, new notifications will appear when there is an ad available.

If you like, let’s first see all the sections that make up the Teaserfast website. And then we will see how to install the extension in our browser to start earning rubles. The Teaserfast Menu is divided into seven sections:

Advertising ⏩ In this section we perro, if we wish, create a campaign and promote other pages.

Replenish ⏩ From here you perro add funds in Teaserfast. By creating an ad, we will be able to pay for it with the rubles that we have earned in the PTC or making an income.

withdraw ⏩ Section from which we will request that pay us the rubles for Payeer.

winning ⏩ Description of the ad types What’s in Teaserfast?

Missions ⏩ Section in which we perro earn free rubles for watching Youtube vídeos.

References ⏩ Promotional material and referral backlink. Teaserfast has a referral system of up to five levels and will reward us with 10% of what they get.

help ⏩ List with the most repeated questions by PTC users with their corresponding answers.

News ⏩ If there is anything new or they launch a promotion, you will notify us in this section.

Settings ⏩ From here we cánido editar our data, change the password or add our Payeer ID to receive payments successfully.

In the profile section we cánido also add funds, withdraw earnings, buy advertising or editar personal data.

Teaserfast Extension

To start earning free rubles on Teaserfast is must download and install an extension in the browser. Right after creating the account in the PTC, a little sign will appear next to the profile with the text of “Install extension”.

If this text does not appear, you cánido also download the extension from the section «Winning». The extension installation process is the same as we have done on other occasions. For example, with extensions ysense either trafficly, to name a few. In Teaserfast it is as fácil as clicking on that little sign, downloading the extension and installing it in our browser following the instructions. Once installed, we will only have to activate it and, as soon as we clic on the extension icon, it will be displayed as is. Now, now we will be able to start seeing Teaserfast ads.

The Teaserfast Extension it is safe. It is available for Google chrome, Yandex, Mozilla firefox and Trabaja.

How to earn rubles on Teaserfast

At this point, we already have everything ready to start earning rubles in Teaserfast. We have an account in Payeer, where we will receive the earnings, and we have installed the extension in our browser, so let’s see what kind of ads will the PTC send us.

There are several ways to work the Teaserfast PTC, however, I will explain the one that for me is the most productive. And also, if possible, the most comfortable, since it will allow us to browse other pages at the same time. With the extension active, what will happen is that, as we browse the internet, we will see ads to view.

In my opinion, the best way to work Teaserfast is with the active extension and with the PTC website in the background. In this way, every time there is an ad available, we will get a notification on the PTC website and we will be able to see it immediately. And on the other hand, we perro continue using the internet through the browser window that we have in the foreground.

If we have the Teaserfast extension disabled, we will not receive ads.

Teaserfast cánido send us three different types of ads. Depending on the type of ad that reaches us, we will have to proceed by viewing it in one way or another.

habitual ads

Teaser ads, which are the ads most often sent by the PTC, will reach us in this format:

In most PTC pages, to view the ads we have to open them and wait the stipulated time before closing them so that the earnings are assigned to us. But with Teaserfast’s Teaser Ads this process is rather the other way around. First we will receive the ad (as shown in the screenshot above), we will have to wait for the timer to reach zero and finally we will clic on the orange box. As soon as the ad opens in a new window, the winnings will be added to our cómputo. After that, we cánido close it and continue with our things until we receive another announcement.


Another of the ads that Teaserfast perro send us are known as Popups. In this case, the format with which they arrive is the following:

To view them correctly, all you have to do is clic on the tab “Accept” and wait for a new window to open. There are times that a timer will appear at the bottom and other times that it will not.

if he comes out timer, we will have to stay in ad window until the countdown reaches zero. Then, we cánido close it and we will be assigned the rewards on the spot. In the event that the timer does not come out, we cánido close the ad window whenever we want. No waiting.


Finally, we cánido also earn free rubles by watching Youtube vídeos. As soon as a vídeo is available, we will see it in the section of “Missions”. To open that vídeo and get paid, we will clic on the blue backlink. These vídeos have Adfocus and a timer, so we have to see it in close-up and until the countdown reaches zero. When finished, an anti-bot with various images will come out.

In this case we are asked to look for The butterfly. So we will clic on the butterfly that appears in the box with the rest of the images and clic on the green tab to confirm the selection. After this, we will add the corresponding rubles in the Teaserfast cómputo.

If the winnings are not added up after seeing one of these three ads, it will be enough to refresh the browser window or press the F4 key.

teaserfast pays

The minimum payment stipulated by Teaserfast it is 1 ruble. Once we reach this amount in the PTC cómputo, we perro request that get paid by Payeer. It is important, before requesting a first payment, to configure our Payeer ID in the Teaserfast profile. To do this, we will go to the section of «Settings» and later to “Payment details”. In the third box, which is the one that corresponds to Payeer, we will have to entrar our account ID in the payment processor.

The Payeer ID format is a P followed by eight numbers. Take as a sample: P12345678.

How to request a payment on Teaserfast

As soon as we have equipo up the Payeer ID in our Teaserfast profile, we cánido request a payment.

1- The first thing we will do is go to the section of “Backing out”.

2- Immediately afterwards, we will go down to the bottom and We will verify that our ID appears in the Payeer tab. If it is correct, we will entrar the amount of rubles that we want to charge.

3- Finally, we will clic on the “Backing out” and teaserfast will send the money to Payeer.

Teaser fast pay instantly. Seconds after requesting the payment we will already see the rubles in our Payeer account.

Teaserfast Main Features

After seeing how Teaserfast works, it’s time to discuss the most relevant points of the PTC. Let’s see:

» The minimum payout at Teaserfast it is only 1 ruble. In exchange, 1 ruble is equivalent to $0.013 or €0.012. As is evident, nobody is going to cover themselves using this type of pages, but it is a very practical and fácil way of get a different currency completely free. Also, as Teaserfast pay through Payeerwe perro always exchange rubles for cryptocurrencies or even exchange them for dollars or euros.

» Pages like Teaserfast remind me of the old “Auroras”. Those known as “Auroras” were PTC pages that stood out for having lots of low paying ads and setting a very low withdrawal minimum. Something that also happens in PTCs that pay in rubles. There are a lot of ads on Teaserfast, with which we cánido earn approximately 1-2 rubles a day.

» If we have the Teaserfast website open in the background, it is possible that the odd captcha will appear from time to time. To overcome it, we will only have to select the correct number. Afterwards, we cánido continue browsing the internet, waiting for new ads to appear.

Teaserfast Reviews

Teaserfast is a totally reliable page and very easy to use. In addition, it allows us to earn rubles and charge for Payeer instantly, something that cánido come in handy if we are familiar with the cryptocurrency markets and want to take advantage of the high volatility to get a better return. I explain. In Payeer you cánido exchange rubles for cryptocurrencies and vice versa. So if we have rubles stored in the processor and the price of BTC, LTC or ETH drops, we will be interested in making an exchange and exchanging the rubles for some cryptocurrency. And when the price of cryptocurrencies rises, we will do the operation in reverse. Thus making an plus profit from the rubles we initially had.

We cánido also earn free cryptocurrency using faucets, PTC and paid survey panels like Idle Empire.

With Teaserfast We incorporate into the blog another way to earn money without investing. I am working more PTCs afín to this one that also pay in rubles. As soon as I verify that they pay and are completely reliable, I will write the corresponding tutorials explaining how they work.

For now, this is all I wanted to explain today. SIf you want, you cánido start earn rubles working the Teaserfast PTC. And as always, if there is any doubt, you cánido write a comment below asking everything you need. Until next time!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea. All freecompletely reliable and for everyone. Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 Teaserfast |  PTC to EARN RUBLES watching
  Teaserfast |  PTC to EARN RUBLES watching
  Teaserfast |  PTC to EARN RUBLES watching

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