Teaser Fast: Extension that pays rubles in

Teaser Fast: Extension that pays rubles in

Today I bring you a new page to earn money by watching advertising, the web is very easy to use, you just have to be connected to the Internet and let the ads run.

The portal is free, you do not have to pay anything, it is simply an extension that you install in the browser.

Therefore, you should not miss this little guide, to earn money en línea, you cánido read it in less than 5 minutes… Remember, this and the others job pages that I have shown before in JobsVenezuelatogether they perro contribute to improving your economic situation.

What is Teaser Fast?

Teaser Fast is a excellent PTC to earn RUBLESVery afín to Bitter.io which also has its own browser extension, with the difference that Bitter pays in BTC.

These types of portals are ideal for people who are starting out in this world, due to how easy the work is.

The dynamics of work consists of watching advertisingEven though Teaserfast ads only pay pennies, it’s a page that perro make you some good money in the long run if done right.

PTCs and faucets are businesses where little by little progress is made, but they will constantly generate benefits for you, which will grow according to your performance.

How to sign up for Teaser Fast?

to start make money on Payeer With this page, you only have to join the official website, clicking on the backlink that I leave below.

Sign up for Teaser Fast

Sign up for Teaser Fast

As the page is in Russian, first we are going to translate the entire site into Spanish… By right-clicking anywhere and then you will see an option that says translate to Spanish.

Remember that To work on these pages, it is best to use the Google plus Google chrome browserbecause it allows you to translate any web page, regardless of the language it is in.

Once inside the web, we clic on the button that says “To register” and fill out a small form, where we are going to put:

  • Nombre de usuario
  • Correo electrónico
  • Password
  • Repeat password

Finally you solve a captcha, then you hit the green button and that’s it.


1) The password must have a minimum of 8 characters.

2) Check the dirección de correo electrónico because they will send you a confirmation correo electrónico, so you cánido activate your account.

Features of Teaser Fast

Paying from: 2018.

Referral Plus: Yes, 10%.

Supported Countries: All.

Limit of Direct Referrals: unlimited.

Referral levels: 5 levels.

Minimum withdrawal: 1 ruble.

How does Teaser Fast work?

Download and install extension

First of all, what we must do is install the extension, for this we look for the “Earnings” option in the menu on the left and clic on it.

In this section you have to select the browser you have to download the extension.

Subsequently, all that remains is to clic on “Add to Google chrome” and with these fácil steps we will have completed the installation of the extension.

Earn free rubles for viewing ads

You cánido locate the extension at the top and to the right of your browser… Immediately after you have it installed “ads will start to appear”.

If at any time you want to disable ads and notifications, uncheck the two boxes that espectáculo in green.

The operation of Teaser Fast is very fácil, just by having the extension enabled in your browser, you will see some little boxes or notifications that will give you money during the course of the day.

As soon as I installed it, an ad opened automatically and gave me my first Ruble cent.

The finest of all, is that the same website is responsible for opening and closing the ad, you should not do anything!

The ad first appears in orange, but after 5 seconds it turns green and tells you how much money you won.

In this case I earned 0.015 Rubles

Cómputo or Cómputo

At the top of the platform, 2 cómputos in Rubles are displayed (one green and the other blue).

Green is used to buy advertising within the page and blue is the one that we cánido withdraw to our Payeer wallet.

Other types of ad

It should be noted that there are also ads that do need to be clicked so that the rubles perro be credited to your cómputo (this type of ads pays more).

For example, to see this ad you need to solve a captcha.

It’s still very fácil, we just solve it and they pay us… That type of advertising will appear from time to time.

Sometimes you will also see a pop-up window in the middle of the screen, which you will clic accept and then load the ad.

The time that each ad lasts will be reflected in the extension with a counter.

They usually last between 5, 15 and 30 seconds.

Obviously those of 30 seconds are the best paid.


In the recharges section, you cánido entrar a cómputo to buy advertising… Useful if you want to sell a product, service or simply get referrals to another of the sites you work on.

Although if you are going to advertise a business, I recommend you do it better through VisitBox.

You get more referrals with that.


In this section you perro see your referral backlink.

You will find 2 backlinks, but it should be noted that one is to attract advertisers and the other is to attract users who want to work… I personally am interested in the second.

Consejos to take advantage of pages like Teaser Fast


Is Tease Fast a waste of time?

Many will think that PTC sites are not worth it, there are other alternatives, such as in the mini-tasks where the income is much more significant (take a look at SEO Esprint one of my favorites).

Another example would be selling for Amazon, where they will pay you 4-8% of any sale you make for them. Soon I will be teaching how to sell on Amazon from Venezuela! For example, if someone spends $100 on Amazon, after they have clicked on your affiliate backlink, you will get 4%, that would be $4.00 in your pocket on a single sale.

So even though selling on Amazon is much more profitable than clicking on ads, the truth is that it requires a lot more work, at the beginning it is quite hard work to start seeing the results.

Opposite case, in the PTC you practically do nothing and from time to time you manage to charge 5 dollars in one, 2 dollars in another and that’s how you go… That’s why if you ask me, of course it’s worth it and more when you’re a newbie.

Tea I recommend doing mini jobswork with at least some 10 PTCand also a few pages that serve to earn Bitcoins.

Without a doubt, it is the easiest and fastest for anyone who wants to start earning money en línea.


Motivate your direct referrals

When I recommend, for example: The pages to solve captchas!

It’s easy for referrals to be active, because they start seeing results from the first day they sign up.

But when I talk about teaserfast it is difficult, due to the small amount of money they pay per ad, a person who works alone ends up abandoning the days.

It is useless to have hundreds of referrals, if they are not active.

You need to solve the problem, for this you must get new referrals all the time.

Every time you manage to get a payment, take a vídeo, create a articulo or publish it on popular networks, especially in fb groups.

It will not be difficult to get new referrals, since all the members of the group want to earn money and we are always looking for new pages to expand our portfolio

The greater the number of people you attract, there will be a small percentage that completes the task of looking for their own referrals and will not give up when they see the results.

Teaser Fast Does it still pay or is it Scam?

It does pay, I like that the payments are instant and they do not charge any commission.

The money comes net to the Payeer wallet!

How to charge?

To make withdrawals, we have the following alternatives:

  • webmoney (I’ve never actually used it).
  • payer… In the russian pages I’ve always worked with Payeer and it’s pretty good.

To equipo up your Payeer account and be able to receive payments, go to the Settings / payment details tab.

As soon as you entrar your wallet number and hit “save” they will send an correo electrónico to your correo electrónico to validate the changes.

Once this is done, you perro go to the menu option that says “Withdraw” and proceed to collect your winnings.

How much do you earn and in how long?

Earnings without referrals are low, they will make a maximum of 2 rubles a day, I recommend it mainly to people who get referrals.

By teaming up, you perro collect up to 100 rubles a month or even much more (depending on the network you manage to put together), which is not bad at all, taking into account that it is safe money that you will get practically without doing anything, since the page loads ads automatically.

Is it safe?

It’s still relatively new, so I cánido’t classify it as safe… but the time it’s been up and running has remained stable, let’s hope it lasts a long time.


There is nothing more to add, in tease fast you earn money extremely easily, watching ads and nothing else.

In addition, by getting referrals you will significantly increase your earnings, which you will then be able to send from Payeer to your bank account or exchange it for a cryptocurrency that interests you.

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I hope you liked it, obviously it is not the best option of all, but it seems to me a very good page to complement with the other faucets and PTCs that we use, that’s why I work on it… Remember that you cánido ask me any questions! See you at the next entry!

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 Teaser Fast: Extension that pays rubles in
  Teaser Fast: Extension that pays rubles in
  Teaser Fast: Extension that pays rubles in

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