Take advantage of the AI ​​revolution:

Take advantage of the AI ​​revolution:

For a couple of years, we have access to technologies based on Artificial Intelligence [IA] that help us to write texts, programa code, vídeo and voice editing, image creation and more.

Today, these tools are beginning to be widely used by content creators, marketers, and copywriters to streamline the content creation process.

Maybe you’ve been wondering how to maximize your financial benefits from using a tool and AI, in this Gigonway guide we espectáculo you how to put artificial intelligence to work financially for your future.

The best artificial intelligence tools to make money

A number of AI tools available today cánido be used to generate income en línea.

This includes help programs for writing text, vídeo editing, image creation, and even tools for making fakes like deep fake or deep voice.


AI Writing Tools

The AI-powered copywriting programa emplees the GPT-3 model and other natural learning technologies to write prose in a human-like format from text provided to it.

Some of the best AI-based copywriting programa are:

You perro use the above tools to overcome the writer’s block and come up with new concepts for articles, new marketing strategies, generate product descriptions, do homework, write entire libros electrónicos, etcétera.

In this guide, we explain the best AI-assisted copywriting programa as well as different ways you perro earn money with AI-based copywriting.


Computer Generated Art

The text-to-image technology used by AI art generators results in amazing and unimaginable images.

To get the result you want, you just have to provide them with information about the image you have in mind, as detailed as possible.

In this world, that description that you use to generate your image, is known as «prompt«.

More on this in the next point.

Among the platforms that are capable of generating art and images through the most effective artificial intelligence are:

Example of one of MidJourney’s Discord channels where there are hundreds of people generating images by AI


Earn money by selling Prompts or descriptions for AI tools

Well, not only perro you sell the art or images generated with the aforementioned tools, but you cánido also sell your prompts.

The prompt is the detailed description of what you want to generate in the AI ​​tool, like MidJourney, and believe it or not, many people have difficulty or lack of imagination to generate such detailed descriptions.

For example, check out these AI-generated images on Lexica of futuristic robots:

Now look at the description that has generated one of these images, the fifth from left to right:

Here, the prompt, or the detailed description would be:

"robot ninja mask helmet metal gear solid training suit swat commando, aesthetic octane render, 8 k hd resolution, by ilya kuvshinov and cushart krentz and gilleard james, by carl warner and jim woodring, trending on artstation : 1. 5, sweet joy harmony color scheme"

And it is precisely that [si eres imaginativo, o alguien que sabe como describir algo a la perfeccion]which cánido be taken advantage of.

you perro sell these prompts on a platform like Promptbase.

Promtpbase prompts are often applied to MidJourney, DALL-Y también, or Stable Diffusion, but they work for other platforms as well.

Read our guide on how to sell detailed instructions on Promptbase.


Vídeo creators with artificial intelligence

With the help of these AI systems, you perro transform your footage into compelling movies with the help of automatically generated avatars that sound like real people.

que? In other words, you entrar a text, and the bug generates a human-shaped avatar that says it and pronounces it as if it were a human being.

Vídeo creators with artificial intelligence:


Tools for deep voice – the counterpart of the vídeos

As artificial intelligence and speech synthesis have progressed, numerous computer speech generators have appeared on the market.

Thanks to these rapid advances, it is no longer necessary to collect and analyze vast amounts of speech samples or use expensive and specialized machinery.

It is not difficult to create one convincing impression of any voice.

Among the best deep voice generators are:


AI Paraphrasing Tools

These programs automate the process of creating new versions of your material by rewriting the ones you already have using an immense amount of synonyms and many other grammatical constructions, come on, that cánido masterfully turn your text around, without losing meaning or meaning.

Some examples of AI rewrite tools are:

Quillbot Dashboard, without a doubt the best paraphraser out there.

Tutorial on how to make money with AI

Now let’s talk about some of the ways you could monetize this AI and machine learning-based content creation technology and not be left behind for the rest of this decade.

1) Start working as a contract writer

In the past, becoming a copywriter required many years of study, hundreds of hours of case studies, and thousands of rows of “power words«.

Using AI copywriting technologies, even an inexperienced copywriter cánido create highly persuasive and converting sales copy.

Because these programs include pre-made layouts based on tried-and-true copywriting models like QUEST, Features to Benefits, AIDA, Problem—Agitate—Solution (PAS), Before—After—Bridgeetcétera

Experimenting with these templates perro lead to very creative marketing approaches.

2) Create an AI-assisted blog

Jasper or Chat Open AI is AI-based copywriting programa that cánido do the work of five human content writers, five days a week.

One of the best methods to make money with AI tools is to create a blog.

This is because you are laying the foundation for a future source of passive income.

Now, having a blog is much more than just publishing a bunch of great posts every month.

You must have a plan.

To get the most out of your artificial intelligence blog, you should first read up on the subject.

Ideally, choose a blog topic that:

  • have palabras clave or topics with low to medium search volumes and lower levels of competition tend to yield better results.
  • that your agenda is broad enough that automated writing systems cánido genera fairly good articles without the need for specialist knowledge or research.

Remember that you are going to use AI tools to articulo 3-5 blog posts a day for at least a year, so if you choose a topic that is too technical, these tools will not help you much and you will have to do a lot of editing manually. .

Use a keyword analysis program like semrush or Ahrefs, it is a smart investment to carry out keyword research.

You only have to subscribe for the initial month and use that time to carry out all your keyword research.

Find your specialization, then dive into studying topics.

You cánido import potential thematic palabras clave into a list or group and then export the results as a CSV and save it to your computer for later use.

With this method, you cánido continue using your objetivo palabras clave long after you have stopped paying for the Ahrefs or Semrush subscription.

If you want to conduct keyword research without emptying your wallet, we suggest you try platforms like Ubersuggest, MajesticSEO, or SERanking.


Promote your Pinterest description services on Fiverr.

Many bloggers struggle to perfect the art of writing Pinterest pin descriptions.

You perro use this to your advantage as a smart freelancer and earn an plus $50 every day.

The Pinterest description generators like Nichesss are just one of several AI solutions available for use with the platform.

You perro also generate ideas for your clients’ Pinterest titles and descriptions with the help of Jasper AI’s dedicated Pinterest titles and descriptions template, or you perro even simply ask Chat Open AI to generate them for you.

Nichesss Pinterest Description Generator

You cánido charge $10 a day for this service on Fiverr or SeoClerks and receive at least five bookings every day.

Although you may need to prove yourself at first, once you have a few fanes and a solid reputation, orders will start pouring in almost automatically.

Factors worth mentioning:

  • Your pin description should feel like it was written by a native, incorporating relevant palabras clave naturally and not mechanically.
  • Pin descriptions are limited to 500 characters.
  • Be sure to include a call to action.


Earn money for researching palabras clave

Anyone with access to keyword research tools like Semrush and Ahrefs knows how addictive data cánido be.

If you’re a numbers person who’s interested in making money, the AI ​​keyword research industry is a great place to start.

Your clients will pay you a certain fee if you perro help them choose palabras clave that would rank high on major search engines like Google plus, Baidu, Yandex, or Bing.

You perro provide this service using a number of well-known AI keyword research technologies, such as:

  • Writerzen: It’s like Semrush agregado Jasper AI.
  • Semrush: A tool dedicated to keyword research and content analysis
  • AI Phrase: A powerful content research and writing tool with an SEO keyword that is very useful for identifying subtopics to address.


Become a product description writer

Intuitive product description generators are available on a wide variety of AI technologies, and perro be of great help when writing descriptions for products of all kinds.

This service perro be advertised and purchased en línea, either directly or through a trabajo independiente web platform like Fiverr or Upwork.

In our opinion, Open AI Chat and niches They are the best tools for writing product descriptions.


Generate and market digital products with private label rights (PLR)

Private Label Rights Information Products are digital elementos that cánido be used and resold with permission from the creator.

The time and effort required to generate PLR ​​articles has now been cut in half due to advances in artificial intelligence techniques.

Ideas for PLR content types:

  • Articles for weblogs, newspapers or magazines
  • Presentations
  • Electronic books or libros electrónicos
  • vídeo scripts
  • Autoresponder messages
  • lead magnets [Lead Magnets]
  • customizable courses

The price you equipo will be determined by the marketability of the PLR ​​product.

You perro ask $5 for a short articulo, while more than $70 for an ebook or course type white label.

If you sell shorter PLRs, you perro increase the attractiveness of your offer by bundling them with longer ones.

«white label» refers to products or services that are sold without a brand name or under a brand other than that of the original manufacturer.

These products or services are usually produced by one company and sold to another company that resells them under its own brand name.

This allows the resale company to offer a product or service to its customers without having to invest in its production or development.


Create tradable archivos and market them

Today, interchangeable archivos are one of the best-selling digital products.

In the past, you had to spend a lot of time researching, brainstorming, and editing your material until you had enough of it to bundle and sell.

The “swipe archivos» are a group of resources and samples that cánido be used as a starting point for new ideas when creating content [como las plantillas o templates de toda la vida].

You cánido use the examples in these documents as a springboard for your own writing, whether you’re working on a speech, sales letter, advertisement, dirección de correo electrónico, or any other type of material.

In the advertising and marketing industry, swipe archivos they are frequently used to shorten the process of creating new materials.

Today, 50 or more variations of a swipe copy perro easily be developed in a weekend with the help of a powerful AI tool like Jasper.

Some examples of swipe archivo concepts are:

  • LinkedIn Broadcast Templates
  • Dirección de correo electrónico subject lines
  • Texts for popular networks
  • correo electrónico templates
  • Product description swipe archivos
  • Fb Ads
  • blog intros
  • Product launch dirección de correo electrónico swipe archivos

Instead of trying to appeal to everyone, you perro focus on a certain product line or market.


Join the dark side of AI and make money from deep fakes

There are some considerations to take into account if you want to benefit from deep fake tools.

To begin with, keep in mind that fake vídeos cánido be made with a high level of realism with the help of AI.

These vídeos have the potential to be entertaining and educational, but they also carry some serious risks if misused.

Thus, it is vital to be cautious when using these resources.

Deepswap is without a doubt one of the most powerful tools we have tried, who knows what the future will bring us.

The creation of content for popular networks is another way of monetization when deep fake techniques are used.

It is increasingly habitual to publish hoaxes on popular networks, where they perro generate many «I like» and comments to gain more followers.

If you are good at making entertaining and unique fake vídeos, you perro sell them to other people who want to articulo them on their popular media profiles.

Care must be taken to respect the privacy and rights of others when using hacking tools. deep fake to obtain economic benefits.

The most powerful tools for making deep fake vídeos are:

Anyway, make a little mind and see who you perro sell some of your creations to.

Get ready to start generating revenue with AI today!

Artificial intelligence (AI) cánido be a game changer for businesses, freelancers like bloggers, designers, copywriters and more, both in terms of competitive advantage and growth.

However, organizations and individuals need the right strategy, objectives and infrastructure to make the most of all the tools that AI cánido offer.

Taking the time to understand the current state of AI and developing an AI-driven strategy is critical if you are to achieve any level of success and not be stuck in prehistory.

Entrar the new world and learn with these AI resources

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 Take advantage of the AI ​​revolution:
  Take advantage of the AI ​​revolution:
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