Systemic thinking

Systemic thinking

Bertalanffy thinks that for a system to be completely efficient, what has to be done is to take into account the interaction of each one of the elements of the system.

First of all, I have to say that systems thinking requires you to change the perspective you have about a problem or something and in fact, we all have preconceived ideas about problems and solutions.

Often our analysis of a especial system will reflect our perspective rather than the reality of what is happening.

This cánido limit our understanding and ultimately make us less efficient.

Therefore, systemic thinking seeks to change the perspective with which many companies see the organization, that is, they measure the performance and productivity that each functional area has, without seeing the whole panorama.

I give you an example, what would happen if you and I played chess, but you only concentrated on your pieces? The most likely thing is that you would lose because you are not taking my plays into account.

So, in addition to concentrating on each element, you also have to concentrate on the way in which each element is related.

Systems thinking concept

Unlike the traditional approach, which studies systems by breaking them down into their separate elements.

Systems thinking cánido be used in any area of ​​research and has been applied to the study of medical, environmental, economic, human resources, and educational systems, among many others.

Premises on which the general theory of systems is based

  • A system cánido contain other systems, that is, a system perro have subsystems within it.
  • A system is open, that is, leaving aside the highest and lowest level of the system, all the elements of the system share and receive information from other elements.

    For example, the synapse that occurs between neurons.

  • The structure of a system defines the functionality that it will have.

    For example, if an organization has self-directed teams, the functionality of the system will be very different from what it would be with a work team whose hierarchical structure imposes a single team leader instead of distributing all authority and responsibility to each member.

The system parameters are:

Tiques: It is the starting impulse of a system that provides it with energy or matter so that it cánido operate, for example, the raw material or inputs of an organization.

Departures: In short, it is the result of a process, for example, a móvil inteligente or a chocolate donut.

Process: As the name indicates, they are the activities that are carried out to transform the inputs into the outputs.

For example, they are all the activities that are carried out to turn wood into a piece of furniture.

Retroalimentación or retroalimentación: It basically consists of comparing the outputs with a criterion that has already been previously established.

For example, you have 200 daily visits to your web page, but before you had 100, then it means that the SEO tactics you have implemented are beginning to take effect or it may be the other way around and you have to implement a change process that allows you to improve.

Phases of systems thinking in an organization

  1. First of all, you entrar the system, that is, you identify the problems to be solved.
  2. You begin to collect system information (learn the requirements to solve the problem) and give a preliminary diagnosis of the problem.
  3. Carry out a retroalimentación of the preliminary diagnosis to select a strategy that allows to solve the problem.
  4. Now we entrar the implementation stage and yes, it is what you imagine, that is, it consists of executing the activities that are going to eliminate the problem (or at least it is what is estimated).
  5. You evaluate the results and carry out a process to re-evaluate the possible problems with their possible solutions, that is, you cánido carry out the process again.
  6. All the knowledge and experience obtained is collected and reported for its continuous improvement.

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 Systemic thinking
  Systemic thinking
  Systemic thinking

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