Sweatcoin Opinions: Is it legit and does it pay for

Sweatcoin Opinions: Is it legit and does it pay for

Earning money from your mobile device is possible, but Cánido you imagine making a profit just by taking a few steps or while you go for a walk? This happens thanks to Sweatcoin, a mobile aplicación that pays by your steps, that is, you cánido accumulate money while you do your daily activities like walking to work or footing.

Its main objective is encourage people to have a healthy life, and for this, it has a built-in digital pedometer that measures each step you take through the GPS of your equipment.

Has become one of the most downloaded currently and then we tell you everything.

What is sweatcoin and how does it work?

sweatcoin is one of the aplicaciones that pay to walk that is fashionable, for this, it has added a digital pedometer that, in conjunction with the device’s GPS, allows you to count the steps you take daily.

You just have to go out and walk.

So, if it is configured correctly, you will see how the steps begin to accumulate.

On the other hand, thanks to its GPS tracking system and Sweatcoin programa, the aplicación cánido detect when you are walking or moving.

That is, use the technology of smart watches and fitness applications to know what you are doing.

In summary, the application does not require many activities or waste of time, all you have to do is turn it on and start walking.

As fácil as that!

Payment of $40 received by Paypal

Sweatcoin Features

The main features What you should know about this application are:

  • Sweatcoin is a legal and secure platform that allows you to earn money en línea easily.
  • have more than 600 partners and works with the UK public health service.
  • The application works in the background, therefore, it does not use the battery of your equipment.
  • It counts the steps you take and converts them into points that you perro use to get your digital currency.
  • It has integrated missions and tasks that will help you get coupons, gifts and rewards.
  • Have a Influencers and referrals program to invite all your friends.
  • Your digital currency allows you to purchase paid products in games and applications.
  • It gives you the option to share your income or health goals with friends and family.
  • You cánido challenge yourself by setting daily, weekly, or monthly goals.
  • Use state-of-the-art technology to count steps and protect your data or transaction information.
  • it’s possible download it for freealthough it also has premium and paid functions that require your digital currency.
  • It is available in Spanish and English, in addition, you perro download it on your Android and iOS device.

How to get started in Sweatcoin? It’s as fácil as: download the aplicacióngive permissions to the pedometer and start walking.

Where does Sweatcoin get the money to pay?

Obviously, most of the revenue that the aplicación earns come from payments made by brands and advertisers for placing your advertisement.

Due to this fact, the actions that allow you to obtain sweatcoins or digital money within the platform, have as a counterpart that you view small ads.

How you pay, payment methods and rewards on Sweatcoin

It is important to mention that for every 1,052 steps you take from the starting point you get 1 sweatcoin.

However, since the aplicación is powered by GPS, it will not count steps taken on a treadmill.

On the other hand, the count only registers when the person runs or walks, therefore, if you are on a bicycle or vehicle you will not accumulate points.

There are two ways to receive payments: gifts and paypal.

Gifts and cards are available daily, however, the Paypal payment method is activated a limited number of times a month, which is why you have to be attentive and entrar daily.

The gift catalog is constantly changing and will espectáculo you a variety of rewards including Netflix subscription coupons, Amazon gift card, audiobooks, among other options.

On the other hand, you will also find the option to donate your sweatcoins to different popular causes worldwide.

Sweatcoin Opinions: Is It Legit And Pay Or A Scam?

There are many opinions sweatcoin that their users have left regarding their reliability, however, the vast majority have stated that it works perfectly and that it complies with its payments.

But, it should have some improvements regarding its tools and functionalities.

Besides, has received ratings of 4.5 on both the Aplicación Store and Google plus Playwhich are quite high and thousands of opinions were taken to improve it.

Payment received by Paypal

How to get started in Sweatcoin? It’s as fácil as: download the aplicacióngive permissions to the pedometer and start walking.

Another fact is that the information obtained within the application is used for statistical purposes, and it is not sold to third parties For commercial purposes.

So, having this clear, the best thing would be to try it yourself.

In addition, you must take into account the following aspects that we believe are essential:

  • The equipment’s battery cánido be consumed quickly.
  • There are thousands of steps you must take to accumulate enough points to redeem.
  • The collected coins perro only be exchanged in the stores indicated by the application

In any case, this application is really interesting and its main purpose besides getting money easily, seeks to encourage you to walk to improve your health.

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 Sweatcoin Opinions: Is it legit and does it pay for
  Sweatcoin Opinions: Is it legit and does it pay for
  Sweatcoin Opinions: Is it legit and does it pay for

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