swagbucks pays

swagbucks pays

Hello friends!!, I bring you my first swagbucks paymentit was a Amazon voucher worth 5 euros.

It doesn’t seem like much, but little by little, I am adding to my Amazon account.

I suppose that you will remember Swagbucksis a North American page that was implemented in Spain relatively recently. In the rest of the countries it is being operational little by littleTherefore, if you read me from Latin America, you have two options: either a VPN (with the consequent risk of being banned) or wait patiently until you perro work on the page in your countries of origin.

You have the complete articulo that I wrote explaining Swagbucks herebut if you want You perro continue reading me and you will find out about various tricks that I have learned in this time that has passed until I have obtained the amazon voucher.

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Swagbucks is a good page that we perro take advantage of, still without referrals.

For that I have learned throughout this time that the work that you perro earn a little more points if you follow several guidelines:

  • attempt do all the daily chores
  • look at the polls every day what they offer us
  • use your search engine.

    with him cEvery couple of days they will give you some swagcodes with which you cánido add points more quickly

  • play the free games offered to usyou perro earn up to 10 sb every day, something to keep in mind
  • have Patience and perseverance

Following these consejos we will achieve our goals more quickly.

As I told you in the first articulo, on this page it is much better to ask for amazon vouchers, since the number of points (sb) for the same amount of money is less (500) to request an amazon voucher of five euros than to request the five euros by Paypal (899).

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Little more to tell in this articulo friends, now, as always, I will give you the “proof of the crime”.

That is to say, proof that Swagbucks pays.

therefore here I put the dirección de correo electrónico in which Swagbucks sent me the amazon voucher.

It didn’t take more than 48 hours since I asked for the payment.

Speed ​​and efficiency.


The The speed with which Swagbucks pays out has pleasantly surprised me., I was waiting much longer to receive my amazon voucher.

But no, as I tell you, in less than 48 hours I have it in my amazon account.

So I perro only encourage you to register in Swagbucks, registration, as always, totally free.

Greetings and until next time friends!

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 swagbucks pays
  swagbucks pays
  swagbucks pays

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